Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Construction go'n fine

Due to the fack that I don't feel worth a shit today, I will attempt to write something. I assumed yesterday's photos would draw me some attention......I was wrong....dag nab it.

Construction of "da shed" is com'n along just fine, although Robert is do'n most the work. We are down to get'n ready to install a roof. Trusses are up.

See what I was tole you?

In the lifting of the first wall, me an' Robert, I seem to have created a hernia. At least that's what I hope it is an' not something more drastic.
"Billy Bob, 73 years old handicapped men do NOT lift walls....Sheesh, think".

On top of that, I again have swolled up feet. An attempt to sleep in my bed last night, in hopes of reliev'n the swell'n, proved a failure. Had them damn leg cramps 30 minutes after hit'n the sack. Added extra elevation to the foot rest thingy on the recliner an' went to sleep. No leg cramps. Do this mean I can remove the bed from "da house" an' throw it in the dumpster?

Now, bout this damn cat. It seems he don't like his name....Leonard. He completely ignores it. But I say "kitty kitty" an' here he comes a run'n. Want'n food of course. Or to chew on me....or Sadie Mae. So, Leonard is no longer the damn cat's name. Well, maybe. Back to square 1.....how bout plain ol' "Cat"?
A fix'n job, neutering, an' two shots is gonna cost $165. I'm think'n that's a bit high for a "damn cat".
Sadie Mae: "I tole you Leonard, LEAVE  ME  BE".
Leonard: I'm sorry Sadie, but I love you sooo much".
Sorry for the photo quality. Damn, I need to fix my pocket camera. 

The slide out project is almost complete. Only a couple minor adjustments an' it's done. Oh wait, the lower wiper gasket has to be purchased an' installed. A fine job was done with all the repairs an' adjustments. Hope the damn thing works!!!


  1. Construction coming along pretty good. and nice that ya got the slide out working again, we hope.

  2. Looking good billy bob, you should watch out for hernia's they hurt a lot and can jam you up..That sweet kitty cat sure is cuteeeeee and your dog even cuterrrrrr....Take good care of yourself & rest up while you can, no use in getting jammed up doing this construction or anything..ciao

  3. hi BB. it's always so good to see you are still kicking ! good job so far on the big shed that your building for your wonderful son robert , you are such a wonderful daddy BB. . having said that ,there is no good sense in getting yourself hernias over it ! i like those roof trusses , did you build them yourself from scratch ? you never purchased them all ready built ,did you ? how far is the shed from sally da house ? keep up the good work BB. .