Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Boy howdy, what a day.

Ok, I'm back. Sooner than I was expect'n too. I'm gonna rekon this post will be quite short after do'n mostly nuttin today.

But I had me a excuse to do nuttin. Ya see, last night was a total disaster. From skeeter bites, arthuritis in my toe, forward an' backards leg cramps, terrible hips pains....I didn't get me no sleep last night. Well, I did get me a few hours, something bout 4 to 6 sleep'n with my head lay'n on the desktop while sit'n in my chair. Not the best sleep'n position, but it worked better than the couch or the bed.

Today, a health care feller showed up at my door with a device to check my oxygen level while I'm sleep'n. Ha Ha....good luck with that. After I tell him my sleep'n habits, he assured me the device would know when I'm awake an' when I'm asleep....technology at it's best....or something like that. My awake oxygen levels are just fine....96-97.

I was sit'n outside on the deck sip'n up a cup an' try'n to come alive when the thought hit me...."let's go see how the gnome house front porch fits". This is the porch when I glue the decking on it. Forget to take a pick of the porch in place.

 What the hell, it's backards....the left side is on the right side an' the right side is on the left. But, never fear, the old Billy Bob make it fit just fine. Nobody will ever know.

While I was back on the deck sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n...."let's go to the shop an build some winders". Bout 3 to 4 hours later....I got winders.

 Hey, I see a "billy jeep". Winders come out almost perfect. Too good pretty for a gnome house. Curtains. We got to have curtains. Oh boy, Billy Bob gonna be a seamstress build'n curtains. The winders are 3 1/2 inches by 5 3/8 inches. Them gonna be some small curtains. Silk, I need some bright red silk panties.

That's all I was able to do today. Took me a nap out on the porch sit'n in my chair. Long bout 6:30 or so, here come grandson Tim with a big ol' bag full of Krystal burgers an' fries. We also fix the fence where the dogs are get'n out. They climb up on the dog house an' over the fence they go. Increased the height to bout 6 foots high. Climb that you sucker dogs....

Tomorrow if'n I feel up to it, I'm gonna go out to the tree stump an' install 3 winders. Then I'll sit there on the ground wait'n for somebody to help me get up off'n the ground. It's a chore get'n up by myself.  

Ok, today is done, tomorrow is a new day. See ya laters....

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UPDATE: couple more pics...."Gnome Home" progress'n little at a time.

Gonna have to try something different today. Since there were very few comments on the gnome condo, let's talk bout health issues.

First off, by freak'n back is kill'n me....an' it keeps my up most the night with dad gum "hurt'n" pains, leg cramps. backards leg cramps an' I gotta go pee. Aspirin seems to help, but it also thins my blood an' just scratch'n a skeeter bite on my arms, I get me a bruise. Seems like the bruises take a lot more time to go away than a few months ago. You would think a guy like me would wear arm protectors. Yeah I got me some, two pair, but I feel like a little sissy ever time I put 'em on. Then when I go out in public, people look at me like "who the hell beat the crap out of you"? I betcha a dollar them nasty skeeters cain't bite through arm protectors.

Breathing is get'n back to being a issue again. Not so much breathing, but shortness of breath walk'n out to the ngome house tree stump. An' bout a hunnert trips out to the shop to cut some sticks on the table saw. For all the people what been tell'n me I got to rinse my mouth after us'n them breathalyzer dohickys, I been do'n that. But mostly with coffee....an' I spits it out.

Just for Louie.....a freak'n cat.....Leonard.

Sorry but I couldn't get a pic of the "freak'n bark'n dogs", but I did get a pic of "lay freak'n dogs".

Now....back to the gnome house.
Yesterday I had to remove the add on kitchen stump from the hole I chain sawed an' chiseled for hours in the in ground stump. There's an old say'n, "ya got to build on a solid foundation". I was in such a hurry....an' all excitis bout install'n the kitchen that I plumb disregarded the old say'n. But I fix in in nuttin flat....bout 2 hours. Even put me some long screws in it to hold it in place. Screwed the roof in place an' shingled the last row. Looks good from my house.

This morn'n I made a chain saw cut for the door an' porch to fit in. Put a few screws in some loose bark that bout to hit the ground if'n I touch it. This tree stump is VERY rotten....fall'n apart. But I'll proceed the best I can. I have me a bucket full of confidence an' lots of free time.

Ok, I builded a porch framework. Cut an' chiseled the hole for the door to fit into. Yup it fits. Took right at a hour or so for a perfect fit.
Ok, I chain sawed hell out that tree stump an' now we got a straight roof.....see I tole you!!!

 Before an' after. I hold cameras crookit....out of level.

You will also notice the porch framework....what fall slap apart. Super glue don't hold too good on this kind of wood.....treated deck decking. The last 2 hours or so have been spent reglue'n with that good ol' "monkey glue" (Gorilla Glue). Damn thing better not fall apart again....I be pissed if'n it do.
Three more winders go in the front....one on each side the door an' one centered in the second story. Damn, them gnomes is gonna love their house. Think'n call'n it "Gnome Home". 

Looks like I need to do a angle change on the roof. Wonder if'n my electric chain saw will fix that.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's Gnome Condo time....

Boy howdy when you're work'n on a project, blog'n take a second place. I been one busy sum-a-gun....build'n stuff.....sip'n a cup, do'n a little think'n an' a few cuss'n words when stuff don't fit.

Ha Ha, I been work'n on a gnome condo....with a great view of "yo mama's" driveway an' some freak'n trees. The condo will be fac'n the driveway an' not the road. A lot of sip'n up an' thought went into the direction it would face. If'n people want to see the gnome condo, they pull into the driveway.

Betcha a dollar none ya thought I were a rooofer did ya? I builded 3 rooofs. Didn't do it in 1 day neither. Man boy howdy, that were a job. NOTE: Silicone will NOT stick to cedar shingles. Shoot, I was think'n silicone would stick to anything. No fear, Billy Bob can fix most anything. 

I can also build wood doors.
That ain't where the door will be located, I just wanted to show ya what it look like.

Winders, yup, I can build kitchen winders too....annnd, I can also install 'em in a tree stump

Took the 2 rooof pieces out to the stump in the yard. Holy cows, them suckers fit pretty dad gum good. Opppps, I forgit to take a photo. 

Gnome condo construction on the porch deck is finished. Tomorrow will be way the hell out there in the yard tak'n a chain saw to the stump. The above photo of the add on kitchen will slide into a groove cut by chainsaw.....it's gonna be awesome. Maybe even a photo if'n I remember. 
Granson Tim put me up a big ol' canopy over the stump so's I don't have to slave in the blaz'n sunshine. Still hot in Georgia....use'n electric fans outside to evaporate gallons of sweat. 

Just a short note on my back issues. DAMN I hurt. Aspirin....aspirin....aspirin, in that order. 

Oh, I forget to tell ya...."yo mama" an' HIL Harry went to Texas on some urgent deal'ns. Don't know how long they gonna be gone. Could be a month or more, hell I don't know. And....Robert an' DIL Mandi went on a week vacation to the beach. Think'n Florida. Tim is stay'n here to kind of sorta watch over me....and take care of Roberts freak'n  bark'n dogs. 
Speak'n of dogs, the dogs love their new dawg house.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I goes camp'n....somewheres...???

Ok, I'm gonna give a try on writ'n something. It's been rough folks, really rough.

I did make the family camp'n trip. There will be more on that later. It was rough.

Have ya ever had a doctor kill a bunch of your nerves an' then them suckers come back to full life an' says to ya...."Hey, do you remember me....can ya feel this"? This is what I been go'n through for the last few weeks. No, I didn't get me a appointment yet....but I will, I promise.

MsB, you been know'n me long enough to know when I jump into a project, I jump in with both my feets. Breath'n is still work'n. But I do have ups an' downs with that too.

Ha Ha Louie, that dad gum hurricana storm missed us by a couple hunnert mile. Well, maybe a hunnert is more like it. A few drops of rain, but that was it. Dog house roof was asbestos shingles left over from the shed.

em, I'm think'n there are some homeless gnomes camped out at Hobby Lobby. Almost certain I see some there. By the way em, the landscaping rose bushes was already there. I just had to do some trim'n on 'em.
This specially for you em.....this is my plan.

Caddie, yes I'm for hire, but NOT to build seven dawg houses.

Ok, I'm gonna start on the camp'n trip, but it's gonna take a while. First off, I feeled like crap the entire trip. To ease my pains, Robert loaded up the old office chair an' we took it along. I have such a wonderful son.
We loaded up Roberts pop up camper an' hit the road long bout 1pm Friday. Only a short drive to somewheres in norteast Ga. Was set'n up our camp at bout 4pm or so.

Others showed up till we had 5 filled camp sites.

Girls was danc'n....don't even ask.

Lay'n back do'n nuttin....restacat'n...eat'n...stuff like that.

The best I could do....sit'n round my own campfire enjoy'n life
With family.....

Grankids says....."come on Papaw, let's play some football". That didn't work out too well....they tackled me. No really, ya see, my office chair turn over on the way to the football play'n place....I was done play'n football. But I did attempt to play the corn hole game (Google is your best friend). Me an' my son Ronny teamed up against Robert an' my son Jesse. Ha, we skunked 'em an' then they refused to play anymore. Poor losers.

Everbody had a wonderful time. Me, I just sit in my chair an' take it all in. Glad I went. I musta eat up bout a hunnert hot dogs.....my favorite camp'n food.

That's all for now. Next post may have more photos an' more fun things to talk bout.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Updated with pics....One down, bout 3 to go. Projects that is.

Well here goes nuttin. I'm gonna take a few minutes an' see what I can write to get your attention.

Ok, the dog house project is finished. Well as finished as it's gonna be. Pic in a few minutes when I get me up enough energy to go outside an' take a pic. Maybe I'll just wait till HIL Harry put's the dogs in the back yard.

Well poop, Blogger won't allow me to post any photos right now. Maybe later.

Yesterday all 4 dogs used their new condo as though they had paid high dollar rent on it. Well, all except for the smallest dog Levi. He decides it's much cooler UNDER the deck than lay'n on the deck. He digged a hole. Now I got a hole to fix.

I breaked out my Walmart special hatchet, my Walmart special electric chain saw an' I started my new project...the gnome house. Holy crap, this oak stump piece is rotten. 

This is the add on kitchen what will be attached to the stump in the ground. Gnomes do cook....right? 

Boy howdy let me tell ya. When a man over do's his abilities, he has a price to pay. And the old Billy Bob over do'ed it an' I been pay'n the price for the last 4 5 days. Have ya ever go to bed way more earlier than usual an' you're still wide awake at 3.....4 oclock in the morn'n? You know, your brain filled with so much weird stuff ya just can't go to sleep. Or ya falls a sleep only to be waked up bout 14 times throughout the night with backards leg cramps?

Ya see, I been intend'n to make a appointment with my back pain doctor, but my God, I just been too busy that I plumb forget. My nerves what was killed a while back, have come back to life. An' they says...."Do ya feel this Billy Bob"?
With that said, I now have a problem. The family camp'n trip is this weekend. "Yo Mama" an' HIL Harry is go'n on a trip to Texas in a few days for don't know how long they gonna be gone. Robert an' DIL Mandi are go'n on vacation next week for something like 10 days....????, hell I don't know. I can't drive the "billy jeep" 'cause I ain't been to the DMV to change it over to Georgia to be legal. I have no ride to the doctor. Wll I do, but the last time my daughter Doris Lynn drived me to a doctor, she abandoned me an' my son Billy at the IHOP bout 30 miles from home. Anyhows, I need attention on my backside again. 

I been do'n great on my breath'n. The one an' only piece of equipment in my body what don't repair itself, an' I got it. My lungs will never be good as new, so don't even suggest it. I rekon I'm stuck at 37% until things get worser. But by God, I can breath again. An' I feel soooo much better. Eat'n up a storm.
Swiched over to a new med this morn'n. Symbicort 160/4.5 for all my internet nurses out there. It has side effects.....I hate side effects. An' for all you "rinse yer mouth" people out there, the instructions highly stress...in bold black letters....RINSE YER MOUTH.  

Family camp'n trip. Dang, I don't want to go. When my kids said "let's go camp'n" I was think'n a camp'n trip, not a dad gum super planned out high dollar trip to the orient with bookings to the Taj Mahaw with chefs an' servants at your bekon call. Menues are planned. Excursions are planned. Seating arrangements are planned. Games are planned. They are bring'n CD players with big speakers. Most conversation will be done by text messaging....I hate cell phones. 
"Damn Billy Bob....ya old fart, let's go camp'n".

Well shoot, "yo mama's" car done run out of air cond freon an' she ain't got no a/c. Hope I can find the leak....but not today. 

Ok, that's it for this time. See's ya laters....

Friday, August 26, 2016

Project mode.....Hot damn, ride 'em cowboy!!!

This post will contain very litte "talk'n bout stuff".

Ya see, sit'n round sip'n up cups an' do'n some think'n, projects come to mind.
A couple months ago while read'n drama on Face Book, some dude posted a photo of a really cool dog house. Robert has 4 dogs that will stand out in the rain until somebody comes to rescue them. They need a dog house.

Ok, this is nice, but for only one big dog. Modifications are in order.

 Night #1 Deck is finished 48" wide x  9 foots long (dog house 48 x 42)
 Night #2 Dog house framed
Afternoon #3 Holy cows, I got ever thing trimmed out an' half the roof in place.

Having to take a break 'cause I done over did it again. "Ya ain't supposed to be work'n that hard Billy Bob....I'm gonna tell yer "another new" doctor an' she gonna tell ya a thing or two".

Three days ago, me, Robert an' one my other sons Billy takes off to my doctor appointment for lung function tests. All went good but lung function is NOT good. With the meds, I've increased fron 32% to 37.5% (stage 3 COPD). Oh yeah, afore I fergit, a new lady come in an' give me the good news an' also the bad. Very nice people work at this place. Next appointment is 4 months from today. I'm hope'n for additional improvement, but the nice lady don't think that will happen. We'll see. 

Did I post a pic of the gnome house I found on the internet? 

This is just a idea. I've already made me a bunch of modifications....a add on kitchen, inset door an' windows. Should look much better than this one. Oh yeah, Billy bringed his chain saw over yesterday an' we cut the roof slopes. Will post pics as we progress. But first I got a dog house to finish....an' paint.

Laters.....see ya.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Alive an' breath'n, but I feel dead...I need a rest

Ok, I'm gonna try this an' see if'n I can catch ya up on thee abuse an' shit I been put'n myself through.
I'm think'n I'm almost dead.

Ok, let's start off with the radiator flush on the "billy jeep". I think I left off on Robert removing the thermostat and flush'n out the cooling system with water. Think'n it may have been 4 fills, run the motor and drain, until we had clear water. That's called a dilution flush. An' I'm gonna do it again.

Two days ago I goes out there an' pour a bottle of cooling system chemical flush in the radiator. Runned the engine on full hot for 30 minutes. Not onest, but three times.....think'n the chemical flush would break loose stuff between engine running. I betcha a dollar I was right. Ok, let the water cool down enough to drain it an' do another dilution flush. For the next couple hours I done that. I got clear water. "Good job Billy Bob".
Before we get too far, I'm a tickler for the installation of the engine thermostat. "PUT IT IN RIGHT". I sit's on the deck look'n at the thermostat a hunnert time to make sure the gasket is on the correct way an' I goes under the car an' install the thermostat. Pour in the correct amount of expensive antifreeze an' cranks up the engine. In less than 10 minutes the engine is get'n too hot. WTH, that means what the hell?, do I have a air lock or......is the thermostat in backards.

Yesterday morn'n, I'm out there drain'n antizreeze into a big ol' pan. I yanks the two bolt hold'n the thermostat housing....the freak'n tstat is backards. I swear, this is the first time in my life I have ever made this mistake. Reinstalled it correctly this time, bolt it back together an' fill up with antifreeze. Crank engine....Yeeee Haa, engine temp is perfect. Heater is put'n out heat.

Oh shit, let's back up to a couple days ago. When I push the ac button on the dash, I ain't got no ac. WTH, there's a little tiny hole in the rubber discharge line off the compressor. Somehows, I have destroyed a perfectly good hose. Auto Zone just down the street has one. No they didn't, but they said the Auto Zone a few more miles down the street has one. Nope they don't, but they said they have 2 in Douglasville.....25 mile down the street the other way. Pick one up the next day, installed the sucker.....by removing the front of the car. Evacuated an' recharged. We got ac.

Ok, where were we....Oh yeah....the "billy jeep is done". 

In just 3 days of expert automotive repairs, my arms are covered with big ass purple, red, violet an' a shade of girly pink. My hips, my lower back, backside my thighs an' bottom leg muscles feels like I been pounded with sledge hammers. I over did the entire process.

But I didn't stop there. "Yo mama, pull yer car up right here". I'm gonna start fix'n her a/c. Put some pag oil an' dye in the system. Add 2 cans of R-134a, crank it up an' let 'er run for a bit....hour or so. It'a got to be a rather good size leak cause a week or so ago Robert put some freon in it an' it's all gone. You ain't never gonna believe where the compressor is located. Ha Ha, if'n you guessed under the engine, you win. Anyhows, when it got darker outside I breaks out my ultraviolet light thingy an' searched for leaked out dye. It shows up florescent yeller. Very easy to see. Ha, Ain't fount no leak yet. I'm stunned. Leaks do NOT hide from the old Billy Bob. 
So here what we gonna do. Button everthing back up an' see how long the charge lasts....then check again for the leak. "Yo mama, ya need to drive yer car".

That's all I done, what was way way too much for a 3 day period. I'm suffer'n something terrible. 

Hey, did I mention my feet ain't swolled up no more? I'm think'n the magnesium did the trick. Still ain't drink'n no water, so it ain't that. Got to be the magnesium. 
Breathing is stil do'n good. In fact, I got one them suck in air breath'n thingys that tell ya how much ml's your lungs hold. In the last week I am up 500+ mls to 2250ml. I'm think'n that's a great increase from a month ago. I think I love my new doctor.