Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Forgotten dreams an' a 4 hour spare tire cover....just for starters

Bet ya a dollar ya ain't never gonna guess what we gonna talk bout today. Nope, you lost that dollar, we ain't gonna talk bout world events or politics.

But....I will touch on the subject of "what Billy Bob does ever day". And in some cases "why". Ya see, when ya ain't got nobody to talk to, the damn dog just sits there staring at ya, you begin to talk to yourself. An' ya answer back. All the while, your mind is aglow with weird shit to discuss.

RV shelter came to mind again last night. We talked bout it for a good hour. Me an' me was do'n the talk'n, while Sadie Mae sit over there staring at me. Now I was think'n I had given up on the construction of a RV shelter, but it seems it is still alive back there in the deteriorating brain cells. Dreams are amazing ain't they? This IS a 10 year dream ya know. Now where the hell does a retired old fart build a RV shelter? By the way, don't be bet'n your entire check on it.

For those that are new to Billy Bob's Place, here's what I'm talk'n bout.

Wouldn't that look good sit'n on 5 acres with a little stream run'n through an' a pond full of fishes.

Ha, you talk bout build'n stuff.....I do that ya know, I spended a good 4 hours build'n a spare tire cover an' mak'n that bumper fit.
We at the point of a fresh coat of primer on that rear cap....what ya think? Damn, I'm already get'n all excitis.
"Tail lights Billy Bob, ya gotta have tail lights". 

On top of that 4 hours, much time was spent on try'n to hold this thing together while I'm build'n stuff. I was cuss'n 3 different kinds of tape....in 3 different languages, all of which don't hold. Duck tape is supposed to hold anything. Ha ha, guess again. The reason behind not glue'n this sucker together, is that there is paneling an' cabinets yet to be installed inside. The sides need to be painted before the winder glass, paneling an' cabinets can be installed. Completed, the roof will be removable so's I can play house in there.

Oh, did I mention....carpeting has been installed. Used a old khaki (spell checker) colored shirt material. Looks pretty good if'n I do say so myself.    

I ain't gonna tell ya how many times I reverted to a "full out" cuss'n cession cut'n an' sand'n this thing. Cuss'n fixes stuff ya know. In my book, anybody what don't know how to cuss....needs some therapy. An' that statement reminds me the time....my son Ronnie, in a heated discussion, said a "BIG" cuss'n word to DIL Gina. She calls the doctor office an' set up a therapy appointment for for her an' Ronnie the next day.  She left the office all piss off an' "cuss'n" after the doctor was finished with her. Ronnie grin'n ear to ear. So ya see, by doctors orders, ya gotta cuss a bit.

I don't know how warm it was at your house yesterday, but the old Billy Bob had to crank up a air conditioner. It was frick'n hot in "da house". Outside temp on my Walmart special showed 87 degs.

Then later in the even'n, I was sit'n here an' got to think'n...."it's close to 1am, let's go to bed". Well it weren't 1am like I was think'n. It was go'n on to 4am. Dad gum television an' PBS!!! Why they wait till after midnight to show the good stuff? Sheesh!!!!...two hours of Thomas Edison an' his light bub.

Have ya ever mix spinach an' maters together? I invented that many years ago. It's delicious. We gonna eat fried balony from the deli, cut 1/4 inches thick. The spinach mater concoction. A'n a big ol pile of half fried taters. I dreamed bout that meal all day long....droplets of spit run'n down my chin. Oh my god, somebody breaked into my house. They stealed my last can of spinach....it ain't nowheres to be found. Well hell, let's use french cut green beans instead. Now green beans don't taste anything nuttin like spinach, but let me tell ya right now, I'll be use'n green beans again. My supper last night was [this] close to perfect. Just ask Sadie Mae, she'll tell ya. Sadie Mae always gets a sample of what ever I am eat'n.
Hmmmmm.....fried balony an' egg omelet sure do sound good for lunch.  

Ok, I rekon todays "short" post is turned into another long one. That's a sign of a active mind....or something like that.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alice is mak'n progress. My mind is go'n down hill. The weather is beautiful.

Well shoot folks, here it is another day an' we ain't got nuttin new to talk bout. When this happens, what is quite often these days, I "git to think'n".

For quite some time now, I been think'n bout....what is in store for the old Billy Bob in his later years? Well, ya all know what I been do'n to "Sally da house" to make myself more comfortable. A very comfortable number bed with a 2 1/2 inches memory topper, the addition of "that chair" (recliner) sit'n over there. Can goods moved to a reasonable height in a closet off'n the floor, easy to get to (used to be under the discarded uncomfortable couch). The removal of a house full of carpeting. God I hate vacuum cleaners. A new desktop that serves as a computer station, a coffee table (sip up a cup ya know) a place to store paperwork, my meds  an' every day stuff (toss it here). A hobby table, an' a reachable area to place tools what need put up....stuff like that. My god, you wouldn't believe the stuff I got on my desktop.
I find it rather hard to find any more comfort than what I got right now. Although, I would love to be the owner of a electric awning. Just push a button.....pooof, it's out. Push it again....pooof, it's in. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.....that's comfort.  

 Photo posted just so's ya don't think I was tell'n ya a little white lie bout this desktop. An' I had just cleaned that sucker off yesterday morn'n.
But anyhows, I'm think'n there's a great possibility my travel days are com'n to a close. It ain't that I don't like to travel, what I do like very much. In my 12 years of liv'n in a motorhome an' scoot''n back an' forth across the US....something like bout 80,000 to 100,000 miles, I've seen just bout all I want to see. The desire is slowly fad'n away. Hmmmmm, maybe I should retire an' "do nuttin".
But....it's winter time, right? Everbody thinks like this in the winter. Come back in a few months an' see what I think then.

Now.....who says the the old Billy Bob cain't build end caps an' bumpers. Take a lookie here.
Man boy howdy, you talk bout a task, this was one. And this is just the rear end cap. Spended a whole bunch of hours on that sucker. Wait till I start on the front end cap. Yikes, that gonna be a chore. Probly gonna cuss a couple times.
Take a look see at that bumper I builded. I'm think'n that bumper is [this] close to perfect....look's just like a real bumper. Note: New motorhomes don't have bumpers. Ya run into something, it gonna cost ya way more than a hunnert doller bill. The rear cap an' bumper are not finished yet, but get'n close. Much more measures, cut'n, grind'n, fit'n an' sand'n.

Nothing is git'n glued together at this point. All I can do is build parts an' set 'em off to the side for later installation. Ya see, I got to do some exterior paint'n to do before I install some items. Like winders, interior walls, dash board, seats.....a kitchen sink an' work'n commode. Yes there will be a A/C on the roof. An' vents....stuff like that. My god, I gonna be on this project for the next two or three years......more like 6 to 8 months at this rate.  
Ok, back to that Weber grill I mentioned yesterday. It's a wonderful grill an' every camper should invest in one. If'n ya ain't a camper, get one anyhows. But, I have a problem with temp control on mine. The temp don't go low enough. My low setting runs right at 325 to 350 degs.....way too hot to grill chicken. I took me a close look see at the regulator. There is no adjustment. Now, be'n that I'm the old Billy Bob fix it guy, I got me a bright idea. A adjustable burner orifice like the old cook stoves in the kitchen. Will it fit?? Hell, I don't know. Will it work?? Well yeah....if'n it will fit.

As much as I hate it, I got to make me a trip to Walmart. Meds ya know an' pick up a few needed/wanted items. Shoot over to Hobby Lobby an' pick me up some hobby stuff. A trip to the auto parts to match some tan paint for Alice. Oh, while I think of it, does anybody know how to remove the gloss from gloss paint. "Alice" didn't shine like a brand spank'n new motorhome. She was dull....like most motorhomes are.

Ok, I done went too far with todays post....talk too much. I got things to do.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Well shoot, it's another Monday. Back when I worked for a liv', I weren't all too happy to see a new week start up after a excit'n weekend. But, for the last 12 years of retirement, a new week starts every day.

Yesterdays mention of of my son Robert didn't come out the way I was expect'n. I sure don't like to get all beat up 'cause I kind of sorta like my #1 son. He's the oldest of my 7 kids, so that makes him first (#1)....no mention of "favorite". We got that straight now.....OK?
 But.....could Robert be my favorite out of a whole pile of kids? Well yeah, there's that possibility. Same thing goes with grankids. I have a couple favorites, but I ain't gonna tell ya who they are....or why they are.

I ain't gonna say a bunch bout this "Alice" motorhome project, but I'm gonna tell ya right now, this is gonna be one drawed out project. An' then when it's done, it has absolutely no use at all.

My god, I work on this thing a whole bunch of hours yesterday an' this is all I got.

Ya may notice I am install'n interior walls. See the built in refrigerator in that not yet completed wall?
The entire interior will receive panel'n the same as that little wall. Carpet on the floor? You betcha. I like that. Just like the real Alice.
Ha, doll houses come to mind. 

Much thought has gone into how I'm gonna construct the front end an' the back end. In motorhome talk, they are called front an' back caps. Made out of fiberglass in a mold. Well, I ain't got no mold an' ya know what that means...I got me some intricate work ahead of me.

 This is what I'm talk'n bout. Have ya ever build a set of chrome bumpers out of wood??

Holy crap, I waked up to a hot "inside Sally da house" this morn'n. Ya see, when I finally got out "that chair" at right bout 3am last night, I forgot to turn the heaters down when I headed off to bed. I swear, I love this weather.

Now, bout supper last night. Me an' this Weber grill is gonna have a go around. Ya see, I defrosted a couple pork steaks for supper....an' a baked tater. I fire up the grill on high so's I can get me some char. Ya gotta love char. Anyhows, the pork steaks was over cooked (dry). An' that baked tater.....it was like mush. But the corn I heated up on the stove was perfect. A very good meal if'n I do say so myself.
Speak'n of the Weber grill. George grills his chicken bout two hours "low an' slow" an' it comes out perfect. I grill my chicken bout 30 minutes an' it come out "on fire"....black. 

Ok, gonna cut this short.....I got things to do. Ha ha....warsh some dishes. Sweep the floor. Take the trash out before I git maggots.    


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alice don't look right

See what I tole you? Yesterday sucked.

It all started off with a bunch of  "cry'n in yer beer" stuff. Then it turned into a bunch of weird back, chest, shoulder, leg cramp, right foot, cain't breath pains. I'm tell'n ya, I was think'n "this is it Margaret". A second mug of strong coffee fix all that stuff up in nuttin flat. Along with a couple Advils, Spiriva, pain'n reliev'n cream....an' a lay down for a bit.

Ok, let's build that motorhome this morn'n. Sheesh, nuttin is fit'n right. I got to make some changes. The thought of "dumpster" entered my mind.

You all know that I had cut the sides out before I knowed what size to cut 'em....right? Something bout these sides just don't look right from what I remember Alice look'n like. Four hours was spent go'n through old photos an' copyed to a folder on the desktop (computer desktop) for easy access. What the hell??? The windshield is the wrong size. The liv'n room winder is the wrong size. (They ain't no more, all fixed.) The length don't look right. The height don't look right. Measurements are took. It's right. So why the hell don't it look right. Oh wait, not it ain't right. Modifications are in order for the height.  Just that 3/16th inch is gonna take over a hour to fix.

The engine has been assembled an' painted black. The frame was painted black at the same time. Damn, it looks just like a Peterbuilt 18 wheeler. The floor has been added to the frame with super glue......unpainted. "It's got to be painted Billy Bob". It needs to come back off for a paint job. Grrrrrrrr.....to super glue. I cutted my dad gum thumb ya know....tak'n super glued parts apart. Grrrrrrrr...to super sharp cut'n instruments.

I attempted to sleep in "that chair" (recliner) last night. Ya see, at this point in my life, I hate sleep'n in that dad gum bed. Ain't say'n it ain't comfortable or nuttin like that. It's just ever time I go to bed, my mind goes off to a wondering world of total BS. That could be one more reason I stay up so late ever night. That an' the damn TV.

Today's post was gonna be a letter to my son Robert. But....after think'n on it for a hour or so, it would take me a week to write him a letter. Of my 7 kids, Robert is #1. #1 in be'n he was my first born. Any time his daddy has a problem, he is there. Any time I need assistance fix'n stuff, he is there. Any time I am down, the sound of his voice lifts me up. That's my son. I love you Robert. Now all you other kids, I'm gonna take ya out behind the barn an' we gonna have a talk.

My goodness, two days in a row of perfect weather. I know there is still more to come of that dad gum freez'n cold weather, but I'm gonna enjoy all this warmth that I can. I ain't no freak'n Eskimo from Alaska ya know. Do Eskimos live in Alaska????

Oh, before I forgit, I was prepar'n to warsh dishes at 2:30am last night. Loaded up the dish pan, put me some Dawn in there an' fill 'er up with hot water. Piss on them dishes.

Ok, I got things to do. Laters.....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's a build....we gonna build a motorhome

Man boy howdy, what the hell is go'n on? It was 5:30 this morn'n before I headed off to bed. Then I couldn't go to sleep. I'm think'n today is gonna be a very depressing day.

If you are uninterested in hear'n bout "how to build a motorhome", I suggest you stop read'n right now. This is what I'm do'n an' I'm gonna talk bout it. 

It was cold when I jump in the "billy jeep". I'm go'n to Hobbly Lobby. Go take a look see ya know. I spend $57 on stuff. Stuff to build a model, from scratch, of my first motorhome "Alice". Named by "first mate" Vickie Lynn. Man boy howdy, I could tell ya some stories bout this girl.
Anyways, I bought a truck. The wheels an' tires will determine the scale I will use for the Alice build. It turns out to be 1:25 scale....give or take. Just a tad under the original thought of "18 inches would be a perfect length" (17 1/2 inches)....give or take.

Now build'n the sides for a motorhome ain't so bad. Ya see, motorhomes have flat sides. With the new construction material, the two sides have been....calculated, measured an' cut out. Wheels an' tires were assembled, the truck frame modified for motorhome use an' I'm happy like a lark with the results. "Ya gotta paint the frame Billy Bob". Pics later of a painted frame.

Now, we have some problems. Us'n a 18 wheeler truck in this construction project, some items will not be the same as what was on Alice. Like the motor. Alice had a Chevy 454 V-8 motor an' a Peterbuilt has a 6 cylinder diesel engine. The only reason I'm gonna install a diesel engine in this project is so's I can hook up the drive shaft. But, you will never see that it's not a Chevy 454 V-8. Shoot, I've always wanted a diesel powered motorhome anyhows....now I gonna have one. Pics of the engine later.

Now, there is the possibility I will drop off of the Alice project today an' warsh some dishes an' sweep the dad gum floor again. But I ain't gonna bet a weeks salary on that silly idea. The tug boat is sit'n over there want'n the rigging replaced with string what looks more like rope.  That's a possibility too. Be'n retired, I have many many choices to make myself happy.

Oh my god, let me tell ya bout some smoke. I grill cook my pizza ya know, an' ya gotta watch it very closely so's it don't catch afire. Anyhows, I was sit'n here work'n on the above mentioned project, an' I says....."Oh crap, that pizza been on the grill for 45 minutes. I open the door an' "my god, my Weber grill is on fire"....smok'n like a sun-a-gun. The other half of that pizza was removed from the freezer an' placed on the grill. For no more than 15 minutes. It come out perfect (Eat yer heart out Pizza Hut). Sadie Mae just loves slap burned up pizza.

It's a beautiful day here in south Texas. The cold front has passed an' we look'n at some nice temps for bout a week. I mean, what's not to like bout 70 deg tamps, sunshine an' slight breezes? I got me some winders slid open an' the door latched wide open. Cain't beat this with a stik.
I'm think'n I can smell a golf'n game right around the corner.  


Friday, January 23, 2015

Update: We have wheels an' tires.......It's a motorhome.....yeee ha!!!

Well shoot, another week shot to hell an' gone. I ain't talk'n bout fun things, I'm talk'n bout clean'n this damn house to look like somebody actually lives in it. 

Just to give ya a idea, the other day, I grabs holt to the broom. I'm gonna sweep an' mop these dad gum dirty floors (mud an' little bitty pieces of grass....Sadie Mae hairs). Do ya know how big a hallway is in a motorhome? That was it, that's what I sweeped.
An' them dishes in the sink. I turn the water heater on, we gonna warsh dishes. Squirt some soap in there an' fill up the dish pan. It's still sit'n there this morn'n.
My desktop....I cain't find it. I know it's there 'cause all this stuff ain't lay'n on the floor.

Ok, I'm up to bout 25 hours of research try'n to find me some wheels an' tires. Now if'n you was to consider how much a big corporation pays some dude to do this, I am up to bout $800 hunnert dollars. There are no wheels an' tires on the internet that will match the wheels an' tires "Alice" had. We look'n at great big ol' 18 wheeler wheels an' tires.

The entire build of the "Alice" project will depend on the diameter of the wheels an' tires I find. So I'm sit'n here twiddl'n my dad gum fingers an' toes.....wait'n. Ya see, I was think'n 18 inches would be a perfect length for a motorhome. That figgers out to a 1:18th scale (1 foot equals 18 feet). Ok, we got that straight...right? That works out to a set of 1 5/8 inches diameter tires just to be close.
Ok, let's forget them tires right now. A couple places in Corpus Christi may have just what I'm look'n for. But I ain't go'n to Corpus Christi today. It's too damn cold outside.....sheesh!!!

I breaked out the printer yesterday an' printed bout a gazillion prints of Alice photos. I ended up with a 1:20 scale print for a template. That's right at 16 inch in length. Measurements was took an' redrawed....I cut that sucker out. "Hey, that looks like "Alice"". As a trial, to see if'n this foam board is gonna work for walls, I cut out the passenger side.

 Well shoot, that ain't right. The back end needs to be extended a bit. I'm think'n I can do that.
I also noticed the back winder is not the correct size. Gotta fix that too.

Ok, we git'n close. That blob ya see up there on the dashboard is a sleep'n Sadie Mae. She's such a good girl. Worthless, but a good girl.

Not much discussion on the freak'n weather this morn'n....it sucks. I 'member a time, I lived in Galveston, Texas. In the winter time, we wore shorts an' tees most all the time. Well, it did get a bit nippy in Jan an' Feb.
This was before global warming, so how comes it was perfect weather? An' Galveston is NOT south Texas. Shit'n ass people make stuff up just so's they can reap the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Boy howdy I betcha a dollar them people was shit'n in their pants when the ice burgs melted up there in north Texas.
Ok, that should cause a stir amungest the believers. "The old Billy Bob has lost his mind". I'm grin'n ya know.

Ok, it's afternoon already. I got to do something even if'n it ain't right. Now where the hell did I leave the broom? Laters....

Update....ha ha ha, I am the owner of wheels an' tires.

I was sit'n here an' I got to think'n, maybe Hobby Lobby has some them big trucks they got on their website. So's I jumps in the "billy jeep" an' head down the road a piece, bout half ways to Corpus Christi. "MY GOD, Hobby Lobby has got everthing". More construction materials was placed in the cart. Some new hobby blades. An' a 1:25th scale Perterbuilt 359 18 wheeler tractor.

It were but a couple minutes after return'n to "da house", I breaked out them wheels an' tires. Hope they fit.

I'm think'n they gonna work put just fine. But....what do I know bout build a motorhome?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Billy Bob's house is closed today.....reopen tomorrow

There will be no post today from Billy Bob's house. Ya see, I don't feel like talk'n, an' when I don't feel like talk'n, I ain't gonna talk. Simple as that.

Yesterday, me an' the OFM Barney did us some awesome golf ball swak'n. Well, it weren't really all that awesome, but we was swak'n hell out them golf'n balls.

I cain't find no tires an' wheels on the internet. I done spent $2.35 on the "Alice" project, so I need tires an' wheels. An' I don't feel like driv'n all the way to Corpus Christi to Toys R Us.