Friday, October 31, 2014

Things go'n pretty darn good......yeee haw!!!

I rekon I could try to pick up where I left off yesterday, but shoot, it ain't really that important.
But, just in case ya want to know.....me an' Robert went run'n round town to pick up a few needed items.

Not find'n a much needed fitting for my water filter thingy, I will remove that sucker. Take me a big ol' hammer an' smash it to smithereens. Then off it goes to the nearest dumpster. See how simple water filter repairs can be?

By the time we arrived back at "da house", the mail lady had dropped off my Texas mail. In that mail was my brand spank'n new credit/debit card. I calls to activate it. The nice lady asks me bout a hunnert "security" questions an' walla, my card is activated. I git online to Amazon an' PayPal an' edit my card information. I'm good to go for order'n stuff online. This was very important 'cause I need some tug boat parts.

Speak'n of tug boats, I did a little more work. In the even'ns when there ain't nuttin on the TV worth watch'n, I work on "da boat". You're look'n at right bout 6 hours work on just the deck an' rub rails.

 The deck is hand layed up wooden strips over a ABS plastic thingy....what ever you want to call it. Sanded down to a *this* close to a perfect scratch free surface. Ready for stain an' a couple coats of polyurethane. On the sides of the hull, the tedious job of install'n rub rails has been completed. Still in need of a little sand'n. Paint scheme yet to be determined. "What color do ya paint a tug boat"???

Oh....did I mention that my new desktop makes a perfect hobby table??? 

Now, accord'n to the instructions, the deck is to be glued in place NOW......never to move again. But....wait a minute, I have some work to do UNDER the deck....and...the deck will be finished before I permanently glue that sucker down inside the hull. Parts will be ordered TODAY for that under deck construction. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Ok, don't know if'n I mentioned it or not, but I went out there an' adjusted the air on my water heater. Boy howdy, that sounds soooo much better. This sucker ain't never gonna red light on me again. So I thought. It was red lighted again this morn'n when I needed hot water to warsh my face. The water was freez'n cold....wake me up in half a second. "Back to the draw'n board Billy Bob".

The cold front has hit at Billy Bob's house. Got down to only 43 degs last night......but, it's supposed to hit the 32 deg mark tonight. My god....what is the temps in south Texas???

Now that winter is here....kind of sorta, I've been think'n of only one thing...."GIT OUT OF GEORGIA" before it gets REALLY cold. You know.....lower 20's an' into the teens. I got to protect Billy Bob from freez'n to death, along with protect'n "Sally da house" from water line freeze ups. This sucks.

Some thought has gone into "kill'n" nerves. This is a one month procedure. You know...get'n an' appointment, shots to temporary deaden the suspected nerves, then go'n back after two weeks to kill them. By that time, there will be 3 foots of snow on the ground an' I'll be stuck right here in "yo mama's" yard.....freez'n my ass off.

Bout kill'n them nerves. My experiment with Advil is work'n pretty good. I don't need to kill no stink'n nerves right now. I'm sure there is a doctor in Texas that can do it if'n things get worse again.
But, for the last two morn'ns, I have jump out of bed with some back pain (6 or so). Not all bended over though an' a couple Advil fix that right up (3 to 4). I'm think'n I could probly make it through 18 holes of golf ball swak'n.

Speak'n of cold weather, the "fix it" to the "billy jeep" is put on hold till next week when it's gonna warm up a bit. I checked at the local auto parts stores....spider gears are located in Atlanta. Can be there the next day.

Ok, I'm done for the day. Look'n at that tug boat sit'n over there. Heee hee, guess what the old Billy Bob is gonna do?

If'n I think of anything else to write about, I'll be back.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well shoot......too late in the day.

Holy cows, today has been a hectic day so far.....but it's look'n better this afternoon.

To start off my day, I sleeped in till 9:30 this morn'n. Don't rekon I need to say no more bout that. I'm think'n I was need'n me some extra sleep after the two nights before.

The keel has been added an' I want you lookie here, we have a perfectly smooth sanded wooden deck. Ready for stain an' maybe some polyurethane to protect it from water.....in case the boat sinks.
Speak'n of sink'n, the Lackawanna was built in 1901 an' in 1915, while tow'n 3 coal barges, had a smack up collision with another barge. Glug glug glug, down she went. To the junk yard she went.

Well shoot....company drop by....too late to post my wonderful day now.
See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stress really sucks

I'm gonna start todays post with a....."what the hell ya do'n up at this hour Billy Bob"?
Dang, this is two nights in a row that I couldn't get sleep. Then get up waaaay too early. Stress, stress an' a case of depression.....that what it are.
I'm a 6 or 7 hour a night type person. That's all I need an' much over that, I get up all cranky grouchy an' stuff.

I'm hav'n a tough time try'n to decide what to do with these dad gum nerves in my back. Do I kill 'em, or just go on with my life? That's just one thing I been think'n bout. With winter com'n on.....today, I want to get out of Georgia ASAP. But that seems to be "down the road a piece". This credit/debit card thingy has me up in the air at bout 10,000 feet. "Look out great big ol' airliner, this is Billy Bob's air space". An' then, there's this dad gum Windows 8.1 that is eat'n me alive. Did I mention a "black cloud" hang'n over my head?  

That cold front I was tell'n ya bout, well the rain has arrived an' cold temps right behind it. I won't be outside plant'n no cabbage today. I planted cabbage on time. Tennis ball size cabbage is not a good grow'n season. Have ya ever plant 4 rows of okra? Nobody tole me them suckers would turn into trees. Like to never get them out my garden. Also, we ain't gonna be work'n on no "billy jeep" today.

 Ha....dishes are done. Floors are sweeped an' mopped. Trash bag is in the dumpster. Desktop WAS cleaned. Part of my camp'n site yard was manicured. Dang, I need new camp chairs. Went right through that sucker when I sit down.

I don't EVEN care if'n ya wanna hear bout it or not....I worked on the tug boat last night. Did some more Bondo work, sand'n, install'n deck mount do-hickys....glued two fingers together. The hull is look'n like a Tackawana Tug Boat hull. Ha....I look up prices for the stuff'n box kit (prop an' shaft), motor, motor speed control, servos an' radio gear. Holy crap, right at a bit over $300. An' still need a battery.

I fount a pic from another "ship builder" that changed the color on his build.

 Now, in my book, that looks like a tug boat. Yeller stacks? I think not. Black....yeah black. I have all the options in the world. I can paint it any color I want. I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That black cloud....will it ever go away

Well shoot boy howdy, that dad gum black cloud is sit'n in my yard. I mentioned that sucker a couple three weeks ago, an' here it is again. Mess'n with me.

Yesterday I was gonna mention that my credit/debit card didn't work at Walmart. I figgered it was just a glitch in the Walmart system an' didn't think no more bout it. I had a few spare minutes yesterday, so's I call my card people. "Your card has been closed/cancelled". Now how the hell can I make a trip to Texas without my credit card? I ain't got enough cash just lay'n round ya know. We talk'n somewheres bout $400 in gasoline alone.

Anyhows....the credit card company tole me what happen. It seems some dude or  gang related organization hack into Home Depot steal'n credit card numbers.....something like that. The nice lady tell me a new card was issued an' sent to me on the 23rd....to Port Aransas. Ok, I'll just order my mail to be sent to Georgia. Three day wait.

But I have me some concerns. I have bout 5 things that are deducted from my card every month....automatically. Important things. Will I have to call all these places to give new card numbers??? Grrrrrrrr to some dude.

Now, this credit card issue causes me another problem. Fix'n the "billy jeep". I need funds to pay for parts. Possibly $500 depend'n on how much damage there is back there in the rear end. Repairs have been placed on hold.  

Did me a little "tug boat" work yesterday. Did my modifications on the stand. It fits sooo close to perfect. Put a strip of fiberglass down the seam of the hull so's it don't fall apart. Make it "strong like bull".

Then I break out my trusty Dremal tool. Cut an' sand off all that extra plastic. Opps....gonna have to fix that. Break out some Bondo an' fix a few gouges from the Dremal tool....it's almost ready to install the keel piece. Maybe today.

Back to the computer an' miss'n photos. It's 9 months of miss'n photos, not 7 like I said yesterday. Searches were done on the hard drive....they ain't there. Fortunately, I had backed up my photo files on a external hard drive last March....2013. Yesterday, I did another, up to date, photo file back up on the external hard drive.....we good to go. But I sure would like to have them miss'n photos back. I have a total of 7872 photos located in 144 folders. That's a lot of pics.

Well shoot, I got a pile of dishes what need some attention. Water heater red lighted on me again. I got to fix that. Floor needs sweeped an' mopped. Desktop needs cleaned off of tools an' hobby supplies. Bathroom is in dire need of a complete detail'n. Sadie Mae needs a bath....she stink just like a dog. Dang I hate housework.....an' warsh'n dogs.

Oh, did I tell a bout the cold front??? It will be here tomorrow afternoon. Low 40's at night an' low 60's day time. Yikes, it's winter in Georgia.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I hate Windows 8.1

Rant for the day......Windows 8.1. Ok, all said an' done.....I hate Windows 8.1.

I've corrected, or got my computer back to the way it was, but Windows 8.1 done a gazillion upgrades without my knowledge....in the background, no options, no little "upgrade" screens. I get a email from Verizon...."you have used 90% of your monthly broadband allotment". Grrrrrrr.......this piss me off.
That has all been corrected from control panel. They gonna ask before they use up my bandwidth for upgrades from now on. 

On the brighter side, I fount most of my pictures. Now I'm talk'n a BUNCH of pictures, bout 3 years worth. All photos have been placed in one folder. Seven months of 2013 are still missing. That would be Sinton Texas camp'n.....not many pics was taken. That's no big loss. But...."what is mine, is mine", I would like to have them back.

Tug boat news. It was so beautiful outside yesterday that I went to the garage an' fire up the table saw, chop saw an' gig saw. I love my Dremal tool. Builded me a display stand for the tug boat by instructions an' templates. I modified the templates. The stand don't fit. More modification is on the agenda. I like build'n stuff, but I truely love modify'n stuff.

Other projects yesterday included clean'n up my camp site. You know, put'n stuff back where it belongs....some in the dumpster. But I did that for only ONE reason. I need my camp'n table to work on the tug boat.

Ok, I have decided I will NOT be install'n 4 110 pound each batteries in "Sally da house". It's not that I don't like the batteries an' would make my life a bit easier, it's just that I don't trust that the battery structure would hold them.Sure don't want to be go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour an' your batteries fall out into uncom'n traffic.

Ok, Robert, "yo mama" an' nephew Tim is visit'n. I got to go. Do something.

That's all I'm writ'n today....no pictures.

Hmmmmmm....today's post did not publish

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dang, I got some stuff done.....Yeeee Haaaa

Ok, here we go with a new day following yesterdays totally wonderful day.

As I sitted here in my awesome comfortable office chair, I look across the room at that tug boat. I says...."NO Billy Bob, we ain't work'n on no tug boat". On my left lays my .22 lever action Henry rifle....in parts. My repaired computer lays over there on the couch. A Walmart bag full of "tug boat" construction stuff lays at my feet. $80 freak'n dollars worth. Well wait a minute, $13 of that was for a great big ol' bottle of Advil.

All the tug boat construction stuff is stowed on the "hobby" shelf. 

Ok, the Henery rifle is hang'n back up on the wall. All blueing has been accomplished. Billy Bob ain't no gunsmith....but ain't nobody gonna see it but me.

I'm typ'n on my own (repaired) computer this morn'n. I spent close to 4 hours yesterday look'n for my photo files, install'n Firefox, mov'n stuff around. I'm think'n in another month, it will be back to the way it was before. Three years of photos are miss'n. But I'll keep look'n. God I hate Windows 8.1.....upgraded from Windows 8.0.

Of course, I just had to mess with that tug boat. Cut some extra PVC plastic off'n the two hull sides. Did a little sand'n so's the fiberglass will have something to bite to. Clamped it up an' applied super glue.

A question was asked in yesterdays comments...."what about "El Rancho Abraham"? Well, it's like this. Sinton, Texas is a very boring place to camp. Golf course an' the Mexican food eat'n place are the only two excit'n places to go. It's a long trip (bout 30 mile) to any action such as fish'n, shop'n or any kind of adventure. Sides that, me an' nephew had us a little run-a-round when nephew Frank's camper trailer was placed in MY camp'n site. Cost wise, space rental in a RV park in Aransas Pass is NOT much more than what I was pay'n nephew Joseph. An' much closer, in miles, to the finer things in life.

Ok, why the hell do my back hurt this morn'n (6 to 7)? Well, it could be one of two things.....or both. Last even'n, I decided I would try another experiment.....not take any Advil. Then I adjusted the pressure in my Number bed to stiffer. Note to self....make only ONE experiment at a time. 
Two Advil down the hatch, back to a nice 4....or so.

Well shoot, it's a absolutely beautiful day, I need to do something. 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Billy Bob is excitis.....yee haw

Well shoot, I got out of bed way too early....for nuttin.
Did my daily morn'n routine an' here it is a hour later. How bout them apples?

Ya see, the reason I got out of bed so early this morn'n was to call the computer repair guy. Maybe go pick up my wonderful computer. He, the nice guy, don't got MY phone number to call me when it's ready. He has Roberts. An' my wonderful son Robert went to the hunt'n camp....or so I been informed. An' as I understand, there is no cell signal there.
Anyhows, my computer is no biggie as long as I have Roberts computer sit'n in front of me. Shoot, it does the same thing mine does.

Excitis???? Is the old Billy Bob excitis? You betcha he is. Ya see, I was sit'n here yesterday, all comfortable an' stuff, an' here come "yo mama" carry'n a big ol' box that was delivered. Yeee haa, my tug boat has arrived.

Now, you know what this means don't ya? You gonna be watch'n the construction of a dad gum tug boat for the next year. Bookmark my page so's ya don't miss nuttin.

But, as much as I would like to begin construction, I have a Henry rifle lay'n in parts on my desktop. I got to attempt to reblue the barrel an' that bullet holder thingy under the barrel. A long tube what hols bout 16 .22 long rifle bullets. Well....I read the instructions for a change. I usually don't do that. As a test of my blue'n abilities, I started with the "tube" thingy. A hour or so later I'm think'n...."my god, that thing looks factory perfect". But then, my eyes ain't like they used to be. The barrel is next. An' it better come out as good as that tube thingy. Then I got to put all that stuff back together. Oil 'er up an hang it back on the wall.

Ha, I just call the computer place (9:30am). Be ready in a hour....so they say. I'll wait 2 or 3 before I make that long trip (25 mile). You know how a hour works at a repair place....it ain't never ready.

Now, while I'm out to pick up that computer, there are a hunnert places I can stop an' buy some much needed "stuff" for the construction of a model tug boat. You know, super glue, sand paper, clamps, fiberglass resin, Bondo....stuff like that. Hmmmmm....does that sound like Walmart an' Home Depot?
By the way....it's 60 degs outside an' got down to 44 last night. With one electric heater run'n on low to keep the inside temp in the lower 50's at night, an' then fire up the Mr Heater in the morn'n to break the chill, you cain't beat that with a stik. Ya don't need a ton of heat when ya got a ton of covers on the bed. By removing the propane furnace from "Sally da house", I save 40% on propane costs. On each fill up, 23 gallons average, I save something like $25....an' some change. Plus the savings by not run'n the Mr Heater at night. Shoot, that gas money.

Speak'n of gas money, I been Google RV parks in Aransas Pass, Texas. If'n I end up in that area, it gonna cost me right at $275 to $325 a month plus electric. Winter electric use averages somewheres between $60 all the ways up to $125, depend'n on how cold it gets an' how many electric heaters I use. My current set up, 2 is the limit. Shoot, that's over 10,000 btu's. More than enough to stay moderately comfortable in a motorhome.....in south Texas.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I got my 36 Mirado pencils. That should last me at least another 5 or 8 years. Now I can throw these 2 inch ones I been us'n in the dumpster.

Shoot, I guess that bout it for today. Pain levels still hold'n in the 3 to 4 or 5 range. I can live with that.
See ya laters.