Friday, October 24, 2014

Another break down....Grrrrrrrr

Robert holler at me from under there....."daddy, give it a try". I hollers back..."HUH, what ya say"?
At this point, I could add all the detail, spice an' herbs, but I ain't gonna do that. The auto parking brake is work'n just like brand spank'n new. Scratch that sucker off'n the list.

What starts off as a little "project" job....to reblue the barrel on my Henery .22 lever action rifle, turns into a disaster. A few tools are rounded up an' out come some screws. It weren't nuttin flat, an I got me a pile of parts lay'n on my desktop.

But....the barrel won't come out of the receiver thingy. Hee hee hee, Google is your best friend....."how to remove a barrel from a Henery rifle".

And this is when the disaster hit. My Toshiba laptop has Windows 8.0 on it, an' ever one of ya know how much I HATE Windows 8.0. Every time I boot up the computer, a little screen pops up say'n "Upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free". Only 3.5 gigs or something like that. You have a option...."remind me later". I hit that button bout a gazillion time now since I own this computer. They can stick their Windows 8.1 far as I'm concerned.

I push the on/off button to fire up my computer....gotta Google ya know. Up pops that dad gum free upgrade window thingy. I hit the options button. The "remind me later" is no longer there. Only options are "Start download"...Now, 1 hour, 2 hour, or 4 hour. That's it, no other options. I clicks 4 hour an' hits the OK button, just to get rid of that winder. From this point on, I don't know what happen inside my computer.....but it don't work no more. I am SUPER HIGHLY pissed off. Microsoft put the screws to the old Billy Bob an' the old Billy Bob don't know how to fix it.

Me an' Robert head up the street to Best Buy to get this thing fixed. Nice little girl tell me right off the bat...$200....and 4 days to a week. I don't like this little girl. She says I'm gonna lose everthing I got saved....my 3000 or so photos gone.....poooof, just like that. I have bout 9 years of them photos saved on my external hard drive....all I would lose from the computer is the last 2 or 3 years.

Up the street is a computer repair shop. When I tell the nice guy bout the Windows free upgrade thingy, he knowed. $129 an' 3 to 4 days repair. An' he would save my photos. For a extra $50, he would do a rush job (front of line) repair. I took that option. Fingers an' toes crossed again. Maybe today or tomorrow I will have my computer back all repaired.

As I type, I am in possession of a super high speed laptop borried to me by my wonderful son Robert.  
Now....what the hell is go'n on? All this stuff break'n down at one time....this ain't right. Sit'n here look'n at my "fix it" list, I've had way too much stuff break in a very short time. Is this some kind of test to see what I will do....go ape shit, or is it just a quincedents ( I love my spell'n) ???? Anybody 'member a few years back when that rain cloud follow me all over the country everwhere I would go? Rain like hell where ever I would camp. Boy howdy, I sure don't miss that.

So, how do I feel this morn'n after work'n all day yesterday an' the computer break down stress? Still hang'n in there with my Advil 3 to 5 pain levels.....bearable. In fack, I sleeped a full 8 1/2 hour last night. I don't do that often. The human body don't need that much sleep time.....except in the case of a hangover or something like that. That's just the way I look at things, so don't get all excitis.

That was my day yesterday. Today is a new day.....here come the old Billy Bob.

Oh wait, the barrel has been removed by use of a big ol' hammer.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Update.....yee haw....We work'n on stuff....

Up a bit early this morn'n. My god, it's 40 degs outside. But that ain't why I got up early.

Ya see, I had me a good week, or a somewhat good week. But this morn'n, I had this terrible pain shoot'n across my hip an' buttocks....down my right leg. Man, I ain't had one them things in a long time. Just in case ya don't know, that's called sciatica.

Sadie Mae is stand'n at the door.....wimper'n...."I gotta pee". Sheesh, damn dog. Anyhows, I decided I would stay up, drink me up some coffee an' sit'n back an' wait for my wonderful son Robert to show up. We got stuff to do ya know.

Yesterday, we took that dad gum "billy jeep" slap apart. Jack that sucker up, remove the wheel an' do some inspections. Now we get into some technical talk what most wimmins know nuttin about....the differential. Inside the rear end of any vehicle is this gear set up so's the back wheels will turn in the right direction. Anyhows, me an' Robert have determined, possibly, that the spider gears are eat slap up.....only makes a noise when in a turn. "That's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP. 

Ok, we get'n ready to head down to the brake parts sell'n place to see if'n they ordered the correct brake shoes. I got fingers an' toes crossed. Will attempt to update this post later in the day.

YEEE HARRR.....we got back with ever thing on our shop'n list. The brake shoes off'n a 1993 Chevrolet 3500 pick up are a exact match for the ones off'n "Sally da house". A savings of right at $108 an' some change. This is why the old Billy Bob fix's stuff instead of go'n to a hunnert dollar a hour RV repair place. Robert is under there put'n it all back together in 63 degs, while I am sit'n inside where it's nice an' warm. Me an' Sadie Mae.....hee hee hee.

Some of the stuff I mention from time to time what needs repair, really don't need repair. It's like...."Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if'n I fiddle faddle around with this"? I could make it work better an' give me something to do. Mainly the something to do.

Now when it comes to "it's gotta be repaired", I jump in there with both feet....an' I tell ya bout it. With only two "must fix" items on my list, all them "project fix it's" can wait. After this auto park brake thingy is finished, the next item will be the "billy jeep". I could probly drive it another hunnert year like it is, but Robert says no.....we gonna fix it. But, before we can fix it, we have to determine what parts it needs. That's bout a 3 hour job. After the parts are buyed up, it's another 3 hour or so to "fix" it.

Ok, no more talk bout fix'n stuff. Although I do love to fix stuff. I 'member one time I rebuilded the engine in my shrimp'n boat. Did it right there on the back deck. Sum a gun run like a brand spank'n new motor. Catch me up tons of great big ol' shrimps.



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Itty bitty Update....Fix'n broke stuff.....

Ok folks, this may be a long drawed out conversation this morn'n. I got lots of stuff on my mind.

Let's take for instance my back issues. Since I switxhed to Advil from 500mg aspirins, my back an' hip pain levels have dropped by bout 2 or 3 bulldozer points. I can live much better at 3 to 5 versus 7 to 8. I am still debat'n on if'n I'm gonna get some nerves killed or not. By doing so, I may be pain free (there ain't no such thing) for a short period of time (6 to 8 months accord'n to the doctor). But...after that time, I will be hurt'n like a sum-a-gun again an' end up in a ton of unwanted STRESS. Stress from set'n up a new appointment somewheres in Alaska or some place like that. Then the wait time to kill nerves again. Stress in one hand equals pain levels in the other hand. Soooo, as of today, there will be no nerve murder in my foreseeable future. But....there is a possibility, I may just change my mind.

Ok, Robert showed up to help with the auto brake system. OH NO....the brake shoes are burn slap up. But not to the rivets. The drum should be ok. Oh my god, melted plastic close to the drum...that sucker was hot.

Found a set of brake shoes just down the road a piece. Gonna go check 'em out. Be back laters.

Man boy howdy, that was a trip. Went to bout a hunnert auto parts sell'n places an' nobody know nuttin. UNTIL....we stop at Napa. Young boy waits on us. I tell Robert we got the wrong guy to help us...we need old people. The boy is lost....punch'n keys on the computer parts thingy, don't come up with nuttin. A old feller walks up...."that looks like a old school Chevy brake shoe". Measures the old part an' walla, there's a pic of my brake shoe on the screen. Will be here tomorrow to compare.

Now, back to pain level for just sec. Usually when I ride in a car, or a truck, my back goes haywire....hurt like hell. I'm sit'n on a nice 4 right now.

Robert is work'n on the "billy jeep". Try'n to find the cause of a little rumble com'n from the back end. To me, I can live with it. But Robert don't think like I do. Oh well.

Ok, that's it. Got company an' things to do. See ya laters.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy happy Update......Not much go'n on......yet

Ok....it works. Well, it don't work perfectly, but it works. Advil.

I didn't want to mention it, but I'm gonna cancel my CT scan for next month. I'm run'n out of time an' ain't gonna waste no more of my precious time on doctor appointment an' tests. I'm done with doctors.

Well shoot, it looks like the old Billy Bob is the one that's gonna be crawl'n up under "da house" put'n that stuff back together. The weather is beautiful an' it needs to be done NOW.....not after the first freeze. I've been abandoned. My helper son has done flew the coop.

Boy howdy, I got "yo mama" clean'n up a storm. An' I didn't even ask her. She do'n it on her own.....say's she's broke. My god....how much this gonna cost me???  I really don't care.....clean them winders "yo mama".

Speak'n of clean'n, detail clean'n, this is the first time in almost 2 years when I fired my last clean'n lady. Cut'n corners don't cut it. When I says clean, I mean clean, not half ass. As ya know, detail clean'n ain't nuttin like every day "wipe it off an' say, what the hell, good enough". That what the old Billy Bob do. Shoot, a little dust, dirt an' grime ain't never hurt nobody. A house should look like somebody lives in it.

Ok, I was gonna post a hunnert pics of the old Billy Bob this morn'n, but it would take me hours to find that many. So's I'll just post one, one of my better pics. Enjoy!!!

Bad hair day......

I have nuttin excit'n to say today....soooo, I'm gonna git off my ass. Climb up under "da house"? Well hell, why not. 71 degs out there.

Ha, an' you people was think'n the old Billy Bob was gonna sit on his ass all day long....WRONG.
First thing I done was break out some tools. Climbed up under "da house" an' I installed the repaired actuator part. Come back out from under there an' I take me a little break....sip up some coffee an' pat myself on the back a couple three times.

Now the system has to be flushed of the 10 year old tranny fluid. I cuts an' hook up a piece of old water hose, just the right size an' length. A empty milk carton is used to to catch the fluid when it come fly'n out that hose. The pressure pump reservoir is filled with transmission fluid. Turn the key on, place tranny in nuetral, an' the pump go "whiiiirrrr".....pump'n fluid. A quart is pumped through the system.....we good to go.
Then I climbs back under there an' hook up the hose fitt'n thingy an' I'm ready to test the pump. Fill the reservoir again, turn the key on an' put 'er in neutral. Pump come on with a different "whiiiirrr" sound. Pumps up to 1600 pound of pressure an' shut off.....just like it suppose to do. I just saved right at close to $1200 for a new pump assembly.

Now, bout drop'n the driveline an' inspect'n an' adjust'n the emergency brake shoes....this will be another day.   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bak'n a cake......yum yum eat 'em up

Hee hee hee, it seems ever time I use a little "spices an' herbs" in my stories, I get bombed. Well, maybe not bombed, but....read carefully, "Billy Bob, you need to replace "Sally da house" with a brand spank'n new motorhome". So this morn'n, I'm gonna set the story straight.

Ya see, when ya buy something, motorhomes included, things are gonna break. It could be a flat tire, what with a dose of "spices an' herbs", I could turn it into a total "high dollar" disaster. But it ain't a disaster. It's just a simple flat tire. The red light on my water heater. I added some spice an' turn it into a terrible sounding situation. It ain't. Even if I had to replace the water heater, it is a simple, and cheap, replacement. I do NOT need to replace my entire house because a little "red" light came on to remind me that something is wrong.

Shoot, while we on the subject....."Sally da house" has cost me very little in repairs in the last 10 years. Some expenses were added when I upgraded to "comfort". Think'n a hardwood floor here an' a stiffer butt cushion on "that couch" due to lower back issues. Floor cost....less than a thousand dollar. Couch modification....right at $300. Actual repair costs probly not over $2000....in 10 freak'n years. That's not bad for a great big ol' "truck" with a fully furnished house sit'n on it's frame....with hot an' cold runn'n water, a sewer system, it's own electric generating system (Onan generator), all the comforts of a "stick house"....well shoot, you know what I'm talk'n bout, "Sally da house" is more than fully contained. An' she is in very good condition.

Now there are some repair issues that MUST be fixed. Like the parking brake issue. At this point, my cost is right at a hunnert dollar an' a few hours labor (bout 4 at this point)...for the repair of a $4000 system.

I been notice, when I write a long blog post...an' I do the same thing, we tend to ask the question...."why is this blog post soooo loooong"? Some writers like to give details. Some of us add a little spice. Ha ha....some of us write stuff what don't make sense. Then there are some of us that just write to be writ'n. But, somewheres in that long post is the reason we write the blog in the first place. Ya just got to look for it.

By the comments I receive, I attempt to change my writing style, try'n to please each reader. You may have noticed, my "redneck" writ'n style is becom'n a thing of the past. That don't mean I ain't still a redneck of sorts, it's just try'n to be more plain what I say. So's people don't have to look in a dictionary to see what some them words mean.

Oh, 'fore I fergit....me an' grandaughter Rainee baked a cake. Went up to "yo mama's" kitchen an' baked it there. Wanna see???

 Sorry for all the photos, but it was a very special day for the old Billy Bob.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

I don't know, it's Sunday

It's Sunday, a day for do'n nuttin. An' there's a slim possibility I may not do nuttin.

The cake bak'n didn't happen yesterday. Ya see, when "yo mama" goes shop'n, she goes for a loooong time. Too long gone an' too late in the day to be cook'n a cake when she returned.

Somewhere's in my post yesterday I gave somebody the impression I am giv'n up on all the things I like to do an' ain't gonna never leave Georgia. I hope I can clear this up today.

The only thing I can figger is when I said "if'n I had had surgery" I would remain in Georgia for the winter for the recovery period. I didn't have surgery an' I ain't gonna have surgery. There's a possibility I may have a couple nerves killed, but that's it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ok, it was freak'n cold last night.....46 freez'n degrees.

Water heater RED lighted on me again yesterday. That means the old Billy Bob didn't fix it. Now, there's only one reason that red light will come on. No flame.....light comes on if burner fails to light/stay lit after three attempts. And what makes the flame? Well ya got a circuit board what tells the gas valve to open up an' let some propane out to the pilot an' burner. An' it also tells the spark igniter thingy to make some sparks to ignite the gas. That's it.....nuttin else. Well there is a possibility of the thermostat not tell'n the circuit board to shut the gas valve off when the water reaches set temp. I'm think'n it's the circuit board. But then again, I'm think'n it could be the gas valve. Now how the hell do ya check a circuit board an' a gas valve??? Add this sucker back to the "fix it" list.

Advil??? Have to place it on the 50/50 list this morn'n. I love experiments. If'n I owned me a chemistry set, I would probly blow something slap up.

Ok, that couch over there. We ain't gonna get along. I sit over there for two days....as a experiment. I tryed tak'n a nap on that sucker. The naps was fine, but when I get up.....Oh shit, gotta take a Advil. An' just sit'n on it, I don't like that neither. Back to square one on the couch. 

Speak'n of blow'n stuff up, I got to take my Henry rifle apart an' reblue the barrel. Dad gun rust. It only takes a couple minutes to rub some oil on that sucker, but do you think the old Billy Bob done that in the last 2 years? Nope, he didn't. He just let that thing hang on the wall an' RUST.....in bold letters. But, I ain't gonna do it today. Think'n tools lay'n all over the place, rifle parts here an' there, spill blue'n stuff on the floor an' "that couch". No, this is a job for south Texas sit'n outside.

Ok, I done said too much again. I'm out of here. See ya tomorrow.    



Saturday, October 18, 2014

Update...Cherry Chocolate Cake......Another week gone....pooof, just like that

The Advil experiment ain't work'n so well. Dag nab it!!!!

I ain't removing that passenger seat. Just moving it forward bout 8 inches. There will still be plenty of foot room if'n I ever go on a trip with a passenger. Sadie Mae don't give a care where the seat is located. She's a good, understanding that I need the extra room, dog. 

Dang, I hope Louie ain't right bout me be'n stuck in a snow storm here in Georgia. That would suck. If I had had the back surgery, plans were made to stay nice an' warm here while I recovered. Big ol' propane bottles, extra blankets, full length thermal undergarments....stuff like that. But, with no surgery, I am free to depart Georgia any time I get a hanker'n. Of course, that won't happen until the important repairs are made to "Sally da house".....and I make "that" decision (kill some nerves).

Been a bit chilly at night here in Ga.....lower 50's. But it's beautiful during the day time.....mid 70's to lower 80's with a ton of warm yer body sunshine.

Back to Texas. Now that's a problem. Ya see, I'm get'n pretty used to be'n around people (family). When I return to Texas, I'm gonna be all alone again. Just me an' Sadie Mae. That's gonna be hard.

I remember a few years back, something like bout 10 or 15 years, I would'a been happy to be a dad gum hermit.....liv'n in a cave or something like that. But, like everthing else, grow'n older, changes things. I now stay clear of caves, forests an' mountain tops. Shoot, I got to do me some serious think'n bout this situation.

Don't know where I'm gonna go when I get back, but I'm think'n somewheres in south Texas. It don't get cold in south Texas ya know. "Google is your best friend Billy Bob, do some research". Then there's always the possibility I may need to be close to a big city. Health issues ya know. I ain't got much choice. Did I mention, get'n older, things change?

Now, bout that boat. I chose #2 'cause it will fit (with 2 inch to spare) after mov'n the passenger seat forward. The #1 boat will not fit. That right there is good reason enough to choose a shorter boat.

That dad gum pot of chili is half gone. Dang it's good....*this* close to perfect. When I brewed up my "hobo" chili in chili cook off competition, this is better. "Dad gum it Billy Bob, ya got half a can too much tomato sauce". Did ya know if'n ya put beans in chili it ain't chili no more? But it taste pretty good if'n ya use Bushs pinto beans. Butter beans don't work. Yes, I put beans in my chili. One can to a gallon chili. With this cooler weather, we gonna be brew'n up a pot of real cajun gumbo pretty soon fore ya know it. Knock yer socks off kind of eat'n.

"Yo mama" did a pretty good job of clean'n woodwork yesterday. But dad gum it, she quit. Drink too much coffee an' beat her gums too much. I make good coffee an' I'm a good listener.

Oh my god, grandaughter Rainee an' me is gonna brew up a Billy Bob Cherry Chocolate cake this afternoon. Will try to remember to take some pics before, during an' after. Ha Ha...."yo mama" is at Walmart pick'n up some much needed ingredients. No I didn't send her, she was go'n anyhows.