Friday, December 19, 2014

You talk bout bored....today I'm slap bored

Holy crap, is that rain??? Yup, it sure is, but it ain't no thunderstorm like the weather guy was talk'n bout. Temps dropped last night (57 degs right now) an' the frick'n door was wide open this morn'n. Heater go'n full bore. It was chilly in "da house".

We was on the 14th hole. I had a 7 iron shot to the green. Baaaabam....I should'a use a 8 iron. I over shot the green an' my ball go over there to that other tee box. Climb'n through high brush, sticker burrs, fire ant hills, I swak my ball one more time. I'm on the green....bout a hunnert feet from the hole. That when I feel this bad ass pain in my back. I done pull something.

Speak'n of yesterdays golf'n game, I was watch'n the weather.....chance of rain showers. I take chances ya know, so's me an' the old OFM Barney went golf ball swak'n. For those that don't know it, Barney had hurt his back the day before. We are now equally handicapped. I stomp Barney so bad he teared up the score card an' throw it in the dumpster at the end of our game. Well, I didn't really stomp him THAT bad, but that's only the second time I beat Barney in our bout 4 years of play'n golf together. If'n ya can ever beat Barney, that's something to brag about.

Sit'n here think'n bout what I'm gonna do today. Shoot, I'm think'n I ain't gonna do nuttin. I don't drive in the rain 'cause when I get out the car, I get sop'n wet. I got 3 places to go where I have to get out the car.
I ain't got no projects to work on....I like projects ya know. Not in a mood to work on the tug boat. Probly break something. But, there is something I can do toady...brew me up a big ol' pot of chicken tater soup. Turn on some cajun music an' sit back.....listen to that soup boil'n over there on the stove. Is your life as boring as the old Billy Bob's life is? 

Damn, it's hard being a retired person with nuttin to do. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A day in the life of Billy Bob....uncensored

Ok, I only got a hour. Very important appointment at 10:30am.

Boy howdy I had me some good think'n times last night. I was go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour in "Sally da house", the "billy jeep" sway'n in the breeze an' the "bubba boat" an' fish'n poles hang'n out the back winder. Hmmmmm, that sounds more like a nightmare than a good time. But anyhows, thoughts of travel have returned to my mind. But not very far. Have ya ever been to Alaska???

No I ain't think'n bout no trip to Alaska. It gets cold up there ya know. A trip to Alaska an' back to south Texas would take me right at a year or so. An' I'm skeered of big ass bears that eat retired people.

On top of that, I'm get'n the hobby urge again. It's been two weeks ya know since I worked on that tug boat. So, you may be hear'n all bout tug boats for the next few weeks....or until I sink it.

Then I also been think'n bout swak'n up some golf'n balls. I get all excitis when my mind turns that way.
Oh, speak'n of golf ball swak'n, me an' the OFM Barney will be at the Sinton golf course in bout 45 minutes. With his hurt back from pick'n up dirty clothes, I'll have a much better chance of beat'n him today. Think'n we'll be pretty much equal handicapped today.

Ok, I wrote enough today to set yer minds ablaze with my every day activities. Enjoy....hee hee hee.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hip don't hurt....this cain't be true

Yikes, I over sleeped this morn'n. But that's Ok with me, I ain't got nuttin planned for the day.

The water leak repair yesterday was a piece of cake. Not find'n the correct water leak connecters for the water lines in "Sally da house", I went with a plastic hose connecter an' a couple hose clamps. It don't leak, so it must be a job well done. So how much does it cost to fix a water leak. If'n you live in a house, let's say bout $300 or so. But, if' ya live in a RV, somewheres bout $3.79 to $6. People what live in RV's don't call plumbers ya know.

Yesterday also turned out to be a excellent day for pain levels an' stomach rumbles. I hurted a bit when I first rolled out of bed, but a couple hours later I was in great shape. An' it lasted all the ways up till 1:45am when I went to bed. But, that right hip hurt like hell this morn'n.....before my dose of Advil. I'm think'n I need to do some inspection of that bed.

I was look'n under my desktop this morn'n. That's where I keep all my hobby stuff. My god, what a disaster. There's ignition switch tools lay'n up under there, a pair of old dirty socks, screwdrivers an' a box of screws an' a moldy pig ear Sadie Mae been chew'n on....a skill saw an' a big ol'
 hammer.....duck tape an' WD-40. I need to do some clean up under there.

I'm almost bout ready to get back to work'n on that tug boat. It's been a while ya know an' I got a ton of stuff yet to be done to it. Installing radio gear out of the airplane means I'm gonna have a airplane inside the house for a few days. Hmmmm, one day I would love to put that airplane in the air. But that's another project somewheres down the road a piece.

With my hobbies, I should never be bored. I got a couple guns to shoot (.357 magnum old timey western revolver, .410 Snake Charmer shotgun with pistol grip, .22 Henery lever action rifle an' a gifted .40 cal automatic (midnight special). I got a ton of fish'n poles an' lures. I got a blow up boat fish'n boat ("bubba boat"). I got two remote control boats (Mississippi river boat an' that tug boat). A airplane to modify to electric powered. Shoot, I'm good for the next 3 or 4 years. I am not short on hobby projects.

Now what I would really like to have is a remote control bulldozer. Priced the plastic models on the internet. Anywheres from $200 to $500. But, I ain't want'n plastic. The metal ones costs are in the thousands. An' they weigh more than I can pick up......bout a hunnert pounds. "Billy Bob, let's just forget bulldozers an' finish what we got". I think that's a good idea....just forget it.

I've been look'n round for another project to make my life easier. Ha, lookie here, let's put a homemade wheel on the swivel base for that chair. Make it much easier to pull away from an' back to the wall.

 Just something to do when I ain't got nuttin to do.

We gonna get us some rain for the next few days accord'n to the weather forecasters. This would be a perfect time to hit up Walmart (need refills on meds) an' a few groceries, Lowes for some vinyl floor'n an' oak trim, pick up mail in Port Aransas an' get me some smokes. Don't be throw'n no rocks at me 'cause I mentioned smokes. I'll pick them rocks back up an' throw 'em right back at ya. I've said it once an' I'll say it again....smokes don't make a person "scum of the earth". At this point, I could say something bout "Twinkies".

Ok, let's do something......maybe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Water on the floor.....Oh no!!!

Holy crap, I've been back to south Texas for a week an' all I got done was to replace a ignition switch an' play a couple rounds of golf ball swak'n with the OFM Barney. I'm get'n "Sally da house" back into liveable condition little by little.

On today's agenda is to repair a leak'n water line up under the sink. Ya see, there was water on the floor. There ain't supposed to be water on the floor. Sadie Mae was immediately accused of slop'n her drink'n water all over the place. It weren't Sadie Mae. Did you know, living in a RV is the same as living in a sticks an' bricks house? Stuff breaks, an' when stuff breaks, you got to fix it. Bet ya a dollar the old Billy Bob ain't gonna be call'n no dad gum high dollar plumber.

Just a short note bout that golf'n game yesterday. I ain't swaked a golf ball like that in a hunnert years. In case you're wonder'n, a score of 91 is a wonderful score for a 73 year old amateur golfer. Think'n I ain't cuss one time for the entire game.

Me an' Barney was hungry. But my stomach was in bad shape. Two doses of Alka Seltzer weren't much help. "Let's try the Greasy Churn Barney, I need a big ol' salad". They was closed on Monday. Have ya ever eat a #3 at the Mexican food eat'n place? That's what I end up with. Two more doses of Alka Seltzer when I return to "da house". Hmmmmm, how comes my stomach is giv'n me these problems all a sudden? Nobody takes Alka Seltzer 4 times in one day.  

Some people are pissed.

They was talk'n bout a cold front in south Texas. Well I rekon this is it. It's a chilling 64 degs outside.

Ok, this is it, I'm done for the day. I got a water line to fix.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Swak'n golf balls

I rekon if'n I'm gonna get anything done, I need to stay out of that chair. After dinner naps are fine, but a two hour sleep dur'n the day....you ain't worth a poop. But....dishes are put up, tools are put up, desktop is cleaned off, camp chairs are in place, the Weber Q is clean....shoot, yesterday was a successful day.

In case ya didn't know it, today is a golf ball swak'n day. I got a score to beat. Hit'n under 95 is today's challenge. Look out OFM Barney, here come the old Billy Bob. Gonna show ya some stuff. BaBaaam!!!....right down the middle the fairway.

I don't think like most people think. I don't do things like most people do stuff neither. But in the end run, we end up at the same destination. Destination mean'n "job well done". Although, my stress levels are probly much higher than most. Yes I'm still kick'n myself in the ass for driv'n "Sally da house" 500 miles not know'n where we would break down the next day. I don't think I want to do that again. Damn I was skeered.

Now bout where do I want to camp. It ain't like I'm gonna go out every day an' get involved with a hunnert excit'n adventures...or nuttin like that. I've got to find the place where I'm comfortable an' content. I'm not necessarily at that place here at "El Rancho Abraham", but my only complaint at present is "My god, it's a hunnert miles to town". I don't even have a freak'n fish'n license yet this year.

Find'n a perfect camp'n spot depends on many factors. Comfort with your surroundings is my main concern. "My god, another drug bust at the neighbors 1975 camper trailer". Husband an' wife out in the yard hav'n a fist fight...scream'n bloody murder at 2am. Dogs bark'n all night long. Stuff like that ain't comfort. So, where I am located is just fine with me right now. Although a little inconvenient at times....depend'n on what I want to do.

Back to todays golf'n game.....I'm almost ready. Took my morn'n breath'n medication, swaller up a couple Advils, coffee go'n down just fine, an' that dad gum hip feel pretty good....I'm all excitis. I like swak'n golf'n balls.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Clean up day.....I hate housework

Man boy howdy, I'm at a loss again this morn'n bout what to write about. We finished that ignition switch installation/replecement, got everthing all put back together....tools lay'n all over the floor. I hope I never have to go through this again.

This morn'n I feel some of the results of a old man do'n a young mans job. Damn that hip hurts. Just above my hip, I got me a muscle pull up so tight like the first string on a guitar. Don't nobody go tell'n me what that string is....it don't make no matter. I massaged an' pressure pointed that tight sucker. Put me some pain cream on it. Then I stick my finger in my eye. YIKES, that shit burns like hell. Muscle still tight this morn'n.

"On the road again"......no, that thought ain't even entered my mind. In fack, there ain't nuttin enter my mind. I feel good to be back in south Texas, but now what the hell am I gonna do??? Location has soooo much to do with how the mind reacts. Sinton, Texas is NOT the best place in the world for a retiree to set up camp. Fifty miles to the big city of Corpus Christi. 35 mile just to wet a fish'n lure. Sidewalks roll up at 6pm. Vacant businesses in every block. Closest hospital is right across the street (35 mile) from the fish'n lure wet'n place. Walmarts bout the same distance.

Speak'n of Walmart, I need to go to Lowes.....located right across the street from Walmart (35 mile). The carpet under the desk/hobby workbench needs to be pull slap out an' replace with some vinyl floor'n....to match. Trim it out with beautiful oak. It's a 1 day job if'n I can find my table saw to cut the oak trim. It don't really have to be done, but I put it on my list. An' if'n it's on my list, at some point an' time, it's gonna be done. Ha ha....just not today.  

I ain't got no other projects, other than the tug boat....but that's a hobby. Oh wait, my wonderful nephew Joseph broke a drawer guide on my tool cabinet in one the under "da house" compartments. Just off track I'm think'n. Then there's a ton of housework that piled up. Dishes, desktop cluttered, full trash bag, sweep an' mop the floors....tools lay'n all over the place. Dang, I could use me another "yo mama".

What the hell??? I done forget to publish this stuff.
The drawer is fixed. 2/3rds the tools are stowed. Dishes are soak'n in super hot water. Half the desktop is back in decent order. "Damn Billy Bob, you hot today".

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quick Update.....New part installation day has arrived

I have absolutely nuttin to write about this morn'n.

Well, I could mention a wonderful round of golf yesterday with the OFM Barney. There was very little time spent in the woods look'n for golf balls. We was hit'n 'em right down the middle of the fairways....unfamiliar territory for me an' Barney. Many mishits was made, but we didn't care, it's "only a game" ya know. Our putt'n skills ain't improved none since out last game bout 6 months ago, but it ain't got no worst neither. It was a two putt day. Final 18 hole scores were right up there with other experienced amateur golfers.

I've waited for the last couple three days to tackle the chore of install'n that new ignition switch. But today, I will tackle that chore with both feet. Will inform you later how this project (fix it) turns out. I have all the confidence in the world, but there's always that "what if" float'n round in my mind. I've found that the older ya get, the more "what if's" enter your mind. Git'n old sucks.

The weather in south Texas is absolutely beautiful. This next front on the horizon is supposed bring some rain showers an' drop the temps a couple three degs. Shoot, I can live with upper 60's lower 70's daytime with no problems at all. Sure as hell beats freez'n slap to death.

Sadie Mae does not bathe on a regular basis. This means she gonna get that chair all dirty in nuttin flat. Ya see, the upholstery on that thing is a velvety cloth....everthing stick to it like glue.....super glue. I did tell ya she took over MY chair, right? Anyhows, I'm in the market for a "that chair" cover, or what ever ya call it. Have yet to apply Scottsguard. Where the hell does Walmart put the Scottsguard?

So far so good with the back pains. Biggest deal right now is that right hip what hurts all the time. Not as serious as a couple months ago in Georgia, but serious enough that I know it's still there. Had I knowed when I first arrived in Georgia bout this nerve kill''n thing, I would have had it done right then an' there. But then it got too close to freez'n cold weather to get it done (bout 4 to 6 week procedure)....I had to get back to warmer temps in south Texas. In Corpus Christi, there are a couple places that do this procedure. Maybe down the road a piece I will do it. Just not today.

Boy howdy, I ain't been think'n bout that tug boat for a while. It could use some attention. Got lots to do yet.
Now, think'n bout these two remote control boats, the Mississippi sternwheeler an' this tug boat....I got a remote control airplane. It has radio gear in it an' a 4 channel transmitter sit'n back there on a shelf. The airplane is scheduled for "modification". That remote control stuff in the airplane will work on the boats. Hobbywise, I'm set for the next couple three years. Think'n, with all the remote control stuff I got, I could build me a automatic knitt'n machine for my later years.

Ok, I got things to do. You should see my Walmart list. My god, I gonna be tote'n a ton of stuff. But I'll eat'n good. "No Walmart today Billy Bob, you got a switch to install".

Not much later....the switch is installed, wire connectors plug in an' other components mounted.

 See, didn't I tole you....I can do it. The ignition switch operates just like a brand spank'n new one....after one minor adjustment. Starter engage an' engine crank right up.....Yeeee Haaaa!!!! Now if'n the hi beam low beam light switch works right, it's adjustable too, we ready to button this thing up an' call it a successful day.