Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blue blazes boat build'n....an' doctor appointments

Ok, it's late Thursday even'n an' guess what....I'm gonna write something. An' just you wait till I get to the hobby section.....my god, it looks like a boat an' trailer.

Just the other day, me an' "yo mama" jumps in her truck an' we go see a stomach doctor. Nice lady...an' she is "hot". Anyhows, the doc come in an' start ask'n me questions. Then this other nice lady come in an' say..."you got the wrong patient". Got all that straighten out an' I'm scheduled for a endoscopy an' a colonoscopy on the 29th. For the next 3 weeks I got to live with my stomach issues.
Oh, did ya ever have a case of internal hemorrhoids? There is a new, to me, method of get'n rid of 'em. Instead of surgical removal (with weeks of extreme pain), they place rubber bands on 'em an' they just fall off. Man boy howdy, I sure would like to get rid them things.
Ha, am I go'n too far talk'n bout "butt" things?

Today, me an' "yo mama" head off to see my back doctor. My God, that woman skeer shit out me with her driv'n. "Mary, slow down, roll the winder down an' git some fresh air....wake up".
It was a long wait in the wait'n room afore they call my name....got 3 ahead of me. The procedure went well ( steroid injection in SI). Oh wait, that cute little nurse girl done hurt the old BIlly Bob with a needle. I tole her before she stick me...."you hurt me an' we gonna have a discussion". I let her slide since she was so dad gum cute. I like cute ya know. Nov. 5th is the follow up.

The last two day has been perfect weather. Mid 60's night time, upper to lower 80's day time....with tons of wonderful sunshine. Yesterday I sit'ed outside for a good 6 hours soak'n up the great weather work'n on the boat. But guess what......weather changes. I'm  think'n tomorrow, we got some "this sucks" weather headed this way. More rain an' way lower temps.

I been spend'n lots of time think'n bout "what ya gonna do with the rest your life Billy Bob"? I know I sure am miss'n Texas an' "go'n down the road a piece". I wish it was just a matter of jump'n behind the wheel an' tak'n off....west. I don't think I would make it past the first day....two hunnert miles. I'm all set up for the winter here at "yo mamas". Welcomed to stay as long as I want. Robert is here in the downstairs apartment. Don't have to look very far for assistance if an' when needed. An' I get free food too. In fact, HIL Harry just bringed me a big ol' country fried balony, cheese, mater an' egg sammich.

Did I mention...." I MISS TEXAS"?

All the folks that insisted I post my boat building project on the blog....where the hell did you all go? I know there ain't a whole lot of people interested in hobbies such as mine, but damn, you could drop by "da house' an' say "Hi Billy Bob".

Ok, here we go with some more boat building stuff. The trailer has been completed. The boat has been sanded again an' a coat of polyurethane applied. Holy shit, you ain't gonna believe it.
Final coat of ivory paint applied.

 "Walk boards...step boards", or what ever the hell ya call 'em, fitted before 4 coats of polyurethane applied.

 See there, I tole ya, I builded a boat winch.

 Completed Chris Craft boat trailer......Yeee haa!!!

This is what I have to sand off the entire boat...make it smooth as a baby's butt.

 Before polyurethane.....all sanded an' just sit'n there.

 Oh yeah, we look'n good now.
But before we go any further, did you know polyurethane tends to run. Yup, I got me some runs to sand out.

 I got me a helper...."whats for dinner daddy"?

What can I say???

Holy cows, this post edited 8 times just to correct any misspelled words......dang!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

" Oh where have you been Billy Boy....Billy Boy...Oh where have you been charming Billy"

Well shoot....let's write something. It's been a while ya know.

I been hav'n me some good days an' I been hav'n me some bad days. The weather sucks with no sunshine an' rain ever day. Ain't complain'n too much bout the temps thought....lower 60's night time an' upper 60's to lower 70's day time. Shoot, I could live with this for a spell.

Still cain't work on the boat project due to the high humidity an' cool temps. It's not that I ain't capable in these conditions, but it's the material, epoxy resin, what ain't do'n what it supposed to do. But I DID install the drive shaft an' prop.....hook it up to the motor. Damn, the prop looks too small.....1 inch diameter.

Work has continued daily on the building of the beautiful Chris Craft custom boat trailer. One coat of ivory paint has been applied. Damn, it's look'n super good. Tires an' wheels have been completed except for the installation of the makeshift VW hubcaps. Hubcaps will be temporarily installed just in case I find what I'm look'n for. Wheels have been "monkey" glued to the gloss black axles.....taped to the frame while look'n for itty bitty screws. Now where the hell is my itty bitty screw stash located? Fenders have been adjusted an' installed. Have ya ever builded a miniature boat winch? I'm gonna give it a try, but no guarantees. Mahogany planks have been glued together, shaped an' fitted to the trailer.

 Health issues....Ha, don't even wanna talk bout 'em. My stomach issues have got to change. This shit sucks. That new back pain ain't get'n no better. This is why I don't like go'n to no dad gum chiroquackers. Maybe my visit to the back doctor will give me some relief. Git'n a shot ya know. Ha, no coffee that morn'n.

Ok, I got sand'n to do, polyurethan'n to do, hubcaps to install, construction of a miniature boat winch....shoot, I got boat trailer build'n to do. By the way, them hubcaps look sharp as shit on the wheels.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh my God, it's a boat trailer

Ok, here it is way over half a day already gone....I'm gonna write something.

Speak'n of 3:30pm, I just now finish puff'n up on my second smoke for the day. Seven to seven an' a quarter has been my average for bout over a week now. Still have received no rewards.....you know, like a little gold star or something like that.  What the hell, I promised myself a huge Chinese dinner after I hit 8 for a day. Be'n I'm up an' about 18 hours a day, I'm think'n 7 smokes dur'n that 18 hour period is super great for a 60 year smoker. If'n I know anything bout calculators, that's a 77% decrease in the inhalation of nicotine an' a gazillion other death defy'n substances. I git a "WooHoo Billy Bob".

I had to grin at some the suggestions for "baby moon" hubcaps. I'm not build'n a 24th scale boat an' trailer. This sucker is 1/8th scale. 28 1/2 inches long boat x 9 inches wide. The correct diameter for the hubcaps comes out to exactly 1 inch in diameter. Have ya ever see a 1 inch diameter thumb tack (Louie).

After close inspection of the hubcaps in the photo, "what the hell"....them ain't baby moons. The look a whole bunch like the hubcaps on my 1984 VW camper bus.
 See what I'm talk'n bout....VW???

As some ya may recall, I builded a model of my first motorhome Alice. In order to have the correct scale tires for it, I had to purchase a Peterbuilt truck model. In the kit, there were two chrome round gas tanks. Exactly 1 inch in diameter. The ends of the tanks look just like VW hubcaps. With my Dremil tool, I carefully cut the ends off them chrome tanks. Oh oh, they got a glue seam right down the middle. That won't do. I sands them super smooth an' stick some shiny aluminum tape on 'em. This is where the screw ups come into play.  Two look good enough for government work, but not good enough for the old Billy Bob. More on this laters.
See what I'm talk'n bout.....major screw ups.

Ok, I got way head myself with the hubcaps. The trailer is com'n along just fine.
The side doo-hickies what will have mahogany on top 'em have been constructed, sanded an' primed...ready to be installed on the trailer.
These are installed as in the photo above....front an' behind the fenders.

Then I questioned how to build fenders with rounded edges. Ya cain't bend wood around corners....but ya can bend #8 electrical wire around corners. Perfect size. On a flat surface, the fronts an' backs were super glued to the bended wire. The the tops of the fenders were glued on. My God, that's *this* close to perfect. Opps, no it weren't. But ONLY I will know. Fenders were filled an' sanded, filled an' sanded, one more time, primed a couple times an' two thin coats of gloss ivory paint applied. Still not sure of final color.
Man boy howdy, you talk bout some serious cuss'n.

Oh, did I mention the sand'n of the wheels, prim'n an' apply'n 2 coats of paint?
"Ha Billy Bob, just wait till you attempt to paint the white walls an' the black tread section". I can do it....so's just shut the hell up.

That's what I been do'n in this miserable weather. Sit'n in "da house" build'n a Chris Craft boat trailer.

Now let me tell ya bout how screwed up a doctor office can be. My GP doctor renewed all the meds I take for the next year. When I went to Walmart to pick up meds, one was missing. My last doc visit I reminded the doc of this. They were called in again....along with some new shit he wants me to take. Only received one, an' that one was not the one I need. Calls to the office.....they called in ALL my meds. I now have 3 months supply of some just sit'n there...an' a couple meds I no longer take. Surprisingly, my insurance paid for 'em. This is what happens when you are just a number in a computer system an' they have no clue to who you are. It'll all work out in the long run....just don't buy no duplicated meds for a couple three months.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How do ya build baby moon hubcaps???

Ok, I got to take me a minute or two to write something. I been a busy man ya know....an' somebody may be interested in what I'm do'n.

Yesterdays appointment. It went well. Fill out a gazillion papers an' go sit in the doctors office....wait'n. It weren't a long wait an' in come the doctor assistant. He say "howdy, what the hell you here for"? Well, not them exact words, but they sound good. Check all my stuff, blood pressure, temp.....that kind of stuff. Starts lay'n out needles, big ol' knifes, bandage materials....needle an' thread.....some welder gloves an' a band aid. Then the doc come in. Look at the thing on my shoulder..."hain't nuttin to it". Do you take any blood thinner medications. "Yup I do, up to 2000mg of aspirin some days". My minor surgery has been postponed due to the fack I could bleed slap to death. October 19th. 20 minute procedure.

Yesterday an' again today, I ain't had to take my normal dose of them aspirins. Back feel pretty dad gum good for a change. That all I got to say bout that.

Busy busy busy. I'm gonna build a custom boat trailer. I'm gonna say custom 'cause I have to make it fit my Chris Craft boat.....what is longer than this one.

Ain't that one snazzy look'n trailer? Posted xtra large so's you can see the beauty of it.

I went to Hobby Lobby to look for other parts. I fount me some exact size wooden wheels. Then I went an' pick out some wooden sticks to build the trailer framework. I'm think'n it's bout the right size. Some measurements was made an' I start glue'n them sticks together. Damn, it looks just like a boat trailer.

 Ha ha, posted this size so's you cain't see the mistakes. Yes, there are 2. The wheels an' tires will be painted exactly like the photos above. Anybody know how to make mini "baby moons"?

Ok, one more photo without the boat.

Work on the boat has been put on hold until the humidity an' temps are back to "apply epoxy resin" conditions. Weather has been terrible in Georgia for build'n a boat....rain an' too chilly (lower 70's, 80+ humidity). Every freak'n day.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Doctors an' more doctors.....Grrrrrrrr..

Well I want you lookie here....I'm off to another doctor appointment. This shit is get'n old.
This appointment is with a surgeon...or something like that. To remove a growth on my left shoulder....or somewheres back there. It's not a health issue, but it does cause me some discomfort from time to time. "That" doctor say he think it's a ingrowed hair. Ok....I don't have hair on my back. Next!!!

Can hardly wait to see my back doctor again. An' get me a shot down there in the S1. Maybe that will help me feel a bit better. But....I have my doubts. Ya see, bout 2 month ago I was shot in that S1 an' it didn't help my hip pain at all. By the way, this is the doc what walked out on me 'cause he got pissed when I tell him where I hurt an' he say I don't hurt there.

Since them 2 visits to the chiropractor, I got me a brand spank'n new pain in my lower back. But I still ain't gonna blame him. It's got to be from something I ate.....ha ha ha.

Oh oh!!! The great big propane tank can not be filled. Too freak'n old. The second 10 gallon (8 gal) tank has been filled. I can purchase a 100 pound bottle what will hold 19 gallons from Home Depot. Once it get cold...upper 30's an' lower 40's, 19 gallons will last me (Mr Heater) right at 3 weeks with the help of a couple electric heaters. Too bad I cain't find me a propane place that will come to "da house" an' fill my needs....my 32 gallon house tank, the 100 pound tank an' the 2 10 gallon tanks. Top off the 2 1/2 gallon Weber grill tank.

Now let me tell ya something really really weird. My insurance company. I needed to make a payment. So's I clickity click. Enter my name an' all that stuff. Make my payment. Then I try to get back to my insurance to email me my insurance card. Name not in system....what the hell??? But I did receive a email confirmation that payment has been received. Go figger!!! Gonna have to make a phone call an' do me some ass chew'n....git this shit straighten out.

Ok...time to go.....see ya laters.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy birthday Billy Bob......yeee haa, I made 74

Oh my God, you don't even want to hear what I did to that boat. Ha ha, but I'm gonna tell ya anyhows.

But first.....I made it.  I've had my doubts along the way this last year, if'n it was possible or not. But guess what....the old Billy Bob just completed 73 years walk'n barefooted upon solid ground, not so solid ground, water an' a bit of quicksand. I been through forests full of big ol' trees, go through brier bushes full of big ol' needle stickers, climbed mountains where man has never trudged, waded streams an' rivers chin deep, trudged across burning desert sands with only a half pint of water....an' I never flinched once. That ain't quite a accurate description, but it ain't off by a whole lot in a few instances. Seasonings, spices an' herbs ya know.

As I sit here an' look back on my life, I git to think'n...."Billy Bob, you should have been dead years ago some the stuff you done". Or....."Billy Bob, you had a rather excit'n life". Well, it weren't ALL excit'n....I had my share of bad times too. But we don't talk much bout them times.....bad memories.

My blog, up to this point, has been a recap of my life. Mostly the good times an' weird shit I done as a younger adventurer. I wrote many many stories of them events. An' as I was writ'n 'em, I relived them events. There are times, like when I'm root'n round in the dump (depressed), I'll go back in my blog an' relive them events again. There ain't a whole lot of my life what I ain't wrote about....other than the bad times. It was a good 73 years. Pick'n up smoke butts off'n the streets, beg'n a neighbor for a tater, a pet chicken turn into a pot of soup, skeeters as big as horse flies, cain't swim an' almost drown....yup, I had me a good life.

Speak'n of good life, that doctor I was talk'n bout that I ain't never gonna see again...well, I have me 2 appointments. One the stomach doctor an' the other to remove a growth thingy on my back....ingrowed hair or something like that.

Still ain't decided what to do bout the "billy jeep". State inspection is due in January....registration due in February. To place the Jeep in my sons name will cost almost $400 an' the insurance will increase. It would be much cheaper for me to take a bout 700 mile ride down the road a piece to Texas an' get the sucker inspected myself. Decisions decisions.

Ok, here's what you all been wait'n to hear. I screw up on the boat build'n project again....two times. Ya see, when ya put epoxy resin on something, the weather has to comply to the rules. Hot an' low humidity. Well, I didn't even give that a thought when I applied a coat of resin in 70 degree weather. It curdled just like cottage cheese.....orange peeled. Had to sand all that shit off.
So's I builded a heated spray booth. Installed a heater an' applied a coat of resin to the same side again. It curtled...orange peeled. Hmmmmm, what's the humidity outside? 80+%. For the next 3 days we will have rain an' low temps. No resin will be applied.

A trip is planned for this afternoon. Me an' "yo mama" is go'n to Douglasville. That's where Ace hardware is at. I need me some Colonial Red paint for the seat repairs an' the engine compartment. I also need me a piece of 7/32 brass tubing for the shaft stuffing box.....sailor talk.  Motor, brass prop an' piano hinge has been shipped from Dumas in Arizona.

Now, for anybody attempting to build a 1949 Chris Craft Runabout Racer, take heed. Are ya listen'n JB? This project is expensive. I'm up to right at close to $500 smackers as of today. The radio gear has NOT been ordered yet. At least one or two more cans of urethane spray will be needed....at $10 a can. The spray does a much better job than brushed on polyurethane. No bubbles an' much less sand'n. Depend'n on the surface quality you want. I'm go'n for mirror finish. Ha....only to sit on my desktop an' draw dust an' dirt. Did you know, flies shit on model boats. Bastards!!!

Well, I rekon that's it for another excit'n day. Maybe next post I'll have something to bring a smile to yer faces.     

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nuttin much today....this sucks

Well....here I am again....dag nab it. Today's post will contain NO photos of that boat. It looks the same today as it did a couple days ago...'cause I didn't work on it....'cause I didn't want to. But don't be jump'n up an' down 'cause I ain't got nuttin to say bout that boat.....I will shortly.

In fact, I got something to say bout it right now while I'm think'n bout it. The motor has been ordered. Along with some mini piano hinge for the engine compartment 2 piece hatch. In the kit, I received a POS plastic propeller (prop). That won't do, so's I ordered a 3 blade 1 inches brass propeller (prop). This boat will go a hunnert mile a hour with these hi dollar parts...or I'll eat me up a big ol' balony an' mater sammich.

I didn't mention that Robert has returned to work last week. He's a union (yuk) electrician, so he make boo-koos the $$$$$$. Work'n at a power plant shut down not far from "da house". They do that every year....maintenance or something like that. This leaves me with Yo Mama an' HIL Harry to look after me during the day. Do a pretty darn good job too.

Still no word from the doctors office I was referred to for my stomach issues. I don't like no water hose poked down my throat (endoscopy), but if'n that's what it takes to fix stuff, I'll do it. Damn, another one them big ass needles stuck in my hand. Just "when"?....I don't know.

If'n I goes out to the shed, I'll take a couple pics, an' post 'em' of the finished steer'n wheel, the Igloo cooler an' the almost finished trolling motor I builded. You'll be proud when ya see "em.
Hold on, I'll be right back.....

"Shoot Billy Bob, when you take pics, you take pics".