Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updated....Three little kittens.....in my shower

Point proven....again. Golf sucks.

Oh my God....cats. Ya see, it happen like this.....me an' Frank was sit'n here talk'n yesterday. The motorhome started shak'n....you know, like it does in a high wind storm. But the wind weren't blow'n. Investigat'n time, go find why "da house" don't sit still. Sadie Mae is got her head stuck in a hole....smaller than her head. She was stuck, an' I do mean stuck. But this morn'n she is free.

In the sewer connection compartment is three little cat puppies cry'n "mama, mama, mama...I'm hungry". Now I don't know bout cats in south Texas, but most places I been, mama cats have more than three kittens. I moved them from that compartment to my shower. They don't know how to eat.
"Put 'em in a box outside Billy Bob. Mama cat will find 'em an' move 'em to a new home". That's what I'm gonna do. Box???....where's a box?
Anyhows, I'm glad that three cats are no longer hide'n up under "da house".

IDC....ILT, I'm gonna talk bout golf. When I arrived at the golf ball swak'n place, I wasn't feel'n all too good. I pared the first hole....now I feel better. Three pars an' two birdies, I was feel'n like a hunnert dollar bill. But that didn't last long.....downhill from then on. I lost it on the 9th hole an' never recovered.

And I hurted by the time we finished up a very decent round for old folks on canes an' walkers. God, get'n old really sucks. Then we went to eat a bite. At Whataburger. Never gonna ever go there again. My samich look an' taste like it was cooked yesterday, or the day before, an' just throwed in a microwave for me. The bun was whole wheat. I hate whole wheat. God invented flour for a good reason....hamburger buns. But the chocolate malt was wonderful.

Back at "da house", I take me up two aspirin, an' lay myself down. That's when Frank show up for coffee an' talk a bit. That's also the time we found the kittens. So, no rest for the Billy Bob. This morn'n I feel like I been run over by that bulldozer my neighbor bought a while back....remember? 

My phone ringed. It was my son over in Georgia. He says...."Hey, when ya gonna get here"? I didn't have a good answer 'cause I got some things I got to get done before I can hit the road. Just little things, but they are important. Robert offered to come get me, do those little chores, but I ain't quite ready for that yet. Have ya ever see Robert drive a motorhome? My god, he scare hell out me.

Ya see, the weather in Georgia is much worst than the weather here in south Texas. Rain that is. I don't like rain. I know, I know, rain make grass grow. But then ya gotta spend a full day mow'n the dad burn lawn. Brown lawns are beautiful.

So.....today's agenda is to mess with them cats. I know they hungry, so I may try to feed 'em some milk.....by syringe. But don't turn me in to the FBI for hav'n a syringe....that's drug stuff ya know. I could go to jail an' then the cats would starve to death.....an' it would be all your fault for turn'n me in.

Ok...out of here. See ya tomorrow.

Oh wait, I'm back.......
Fount me a box for these damn cats....they so freak'n cute. But the box is a little too small. Not enough room for the mama cat to stretch out an' feed her babies. *bigger box in mind*
Here is the pic I took yesterday in the shower.....
An' here's a pic I took of 'em in the box......

I broke out that syringe an' I fed them cats. Not very much 'cause I don't know how much to give 'em. Yes a cow made the milk. I've raised many new born kittens on cow milk....they was all fine. Each kitten received 6 cc's......corrected to 6ml. One even chewed on the syringe....like a mama nipple.

Then along come Sadie Mae. First thing she do is reach in the box an' pick up a cat. Not one time, but bout 6 times. Not know'n what she would do with the kittens, I give her a talk'n to....."put that damn cat down...NOW". For the past hour, Sadie Mae is sit'n in front that box. What she think'n I don't know. Could it be "mama" instinct in her or is it the pit bull in her?  "Sadie Mae, get out that box". Crazy dog.

Now I got to Google how much to feed cats at a early age. Guess'n 4 to 5 weeks. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

HUH???? I don't remember

Sometimes how you feel will determine what ya think. This morn'n is a non-think'n day.

I enjoyed writ'n bout my relatives yesterday, but when I went back in my blog, I got all hung up on read'n stuff I wrote long ago. Now that was some kind of fun. Then I plumb forgot what I was writ'n bout. Today I don't have time to continue the story.

Had a surprise visit yesterday. The OFM Barney dropped by to see if'n I was still kick'n. Barely I was. I enjoy sit'n down with Barney talk'n bout "stuff". Stuff being "damn I hurt", "what I gonna do", "where I gonna go".....stuff like that. We both enjoyed our talk yesterday an' I look forward to many more. Oh by the way.....me an' Barney gonna meet up at the golf ball swak'n place this morn'n. Swak a few ya know.

Ain't no use try'n to write no more this morn'n. Dad gum brain is in "don't remember shit" mode. In fact, me an' Frank was sit'n here talk'n bout something....."what was ya talk'n bout Billy Bob"? There was one (1) word I was try'n to say. Just one freak'n word. What the hell was the word? Ya ever do that?

Ok, I got golf'n clubs to clean an' polish. "6 iron Billy Bob, don't forget yer 6 iron".


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ranch'n an' farm'n.....gone, poooof, just like that

Well shoot, I been sit'n here for hours an' I still don't know what direction we gonna go in this morn'n.

If'n my kids an' grandkids read my blog, there are stories in it all bout their daddy an' papaw all the ways back to bout 2008 when I started this blog thingy. At that time, my mind was clear an' I 'membered stuff from when I was bout 5 or 6 year old. But in 2014, those memories an' that clearness of mind is bout gone.

Last night, after I turn the TV off an' sit there on the couch think'n, I recalled the times me an' my grandpa Victor would sit around an' he tell me stories. But I was only 10 years old, so he told me no "juicy" stories. You know, wimmins an' stuff like that. He did tell me many stories bout Pancho Villa though. About when my aunt Ruby Evenln, aged bout 4 or 5 year old, fell in a dug well an' great grandpa saved her. Well, maybe not that many stories, 'cause he often repeated himself. My favorite was bout the time Pancho Villa an' his crew rescued grandpa out of the corn field. *I've tole this story a few times already*

Ya see, my relations, on both sides, grandpa Piepmeier, his daddy John Piepmeier, his sister Ada Piepmeier had homesteaded property south of the Florida (pronounced Flo-ree-da (or ta depend'n where ya was rasied)) mountains, just south of Deming, NM. Next door was one of the many Birchfield ranches that raised cattle an' did a little prospecting in the mountains. Grandpa married one of the Birchfield girls.

This was my grandma, Clara Ann Birchfield, I never got to meet. She died early 1918 ( Born March 21, 1891 and died April 9, 1918) shortly after giv'n birth to my Uncle Luke at the young age of 27.

Ha....I went back in my old blogs to find the story of Pancho Villa rescue'n my grandpa from the corn field. Two hours later....I am back. Man that was fun....(in the blogger search thingy, type in "corn field"). Good read'n.

Now where the hell was I go'n with this blog post? Sheesh!!!!

Ok, bout the weather....88 degs accord'n to my Walmart temp thingy. The AC is go'n full bore, the wind is blow'n, an' there ain't no sunshine. Sadie Mae is up under "da house". Damn cats.

Sept in this morn'n. Watched boxing until bout 1:30 or so. Bammm, knock 'em out John. Well actually, the guys name was Juan....that's John right? Anyhows, I hurted like hell this morn'n. I ain't do'n nuttin.

Ok, happy Easter to all of ya. Save me a couple them boiled an' colored eggs. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Plastic Easter eggs......Huh?

Ok, I suppose today is Saturday or something like that.....I don't keep track. Well, I try to keep track, but somewheres dur'n the week, a day comes up miss'n. One of the many downfalls of be'n retired.

I don't know bout nobody else, but I don't like plastic Easter eggs. On all the TV commercials, all ya see is plastic eggs....produced by oil an' chemicals. Is this some kind of a conspiracy or something? To take out the egg farmers of America? Just a thought for ya to ponder on today...the day before Easter. Now don't be leav'n no comment bout plastic is healthier than colored chicken eggs.

Speak'n of Easter......many many years ago, Easter was a time ya looked forward to. Ya spended hour after hour in the kitchen boil'n an' color dye'n them eggs all different colors an' designs. Think'n of strange places to hide them for tomorrow morn'n before ya let the kids loose. Hand decorated baskets for each of the kiddo's. Well, the old Billy Bob did his egg preparation a little different. Not all were boiled. It was tradition back then that the kids were to crack their eggs in their heads before peel'n an' eat'n them. Ya git the picture, right? Yuk, what a mess. But it brought the biggest smiles an' laughter ya ever see.

Holy crap, I got me a little energy yesterday afternoon. But it didn't last very long. I even shaved.  Laundry still not done. Thanks a lot Frank.

What the hell is that smell??? I open the refrigerator door yesterday to get me a hot dog.....whoooo-yeeee, that stinks. Today, I will attempt to clean the refrigerator....an' I'm sure the trash will have to be took out. See what I'm talk'n bout? Always something  to do.

Did me a nail trim on my hands an' feet last night. Maybe that will help my golf game. Then I soaked my feet in warm/hot water, dried 'em off an' applied a gob of pain reliever stuff from Walmart. Did it help? IDK, IDC, ILT....translated to I don't know, I don't care, I like tacos. Dang I like tacos. Especially Taco Bell tacos. With lettuce, maters, a little cheese an' a couple packs of that Taco Bell hot sauce. There ain't no Taco Bell in Sinton, Texas...dad gum it.

Ok, now for some my inner thoughts. They ain't too good at this time. I got to get some stuff fixed, but you already know that. I read a blog, not every day, but I do read it....of a lady that is dying a slow death. She don't hold nuttin back....tells it like it is. That got me to think'n bout the stuff I write on my blog, I tell it like it is, bout my aches an' pains. Well, I don't tell ya bout everthing what ails me, but I do talk bout this dad gum back that is kill'n me an' hav'n to wear sandals instead of shoes. Ya might say to me "a bad back cain't kill ya", but let me set ya straight....Oh yes it can. It takes time an' yes it can. Ya see, when ya got a bad back that makes ya sit most the day, other things go haywire with your systems. Blood circulation to the legs is hindered by the swell'n of yer big ol' butt cheeks. Internal problems occur.....pee'n an' poop'n problems. Food digestion slows down. Ya eat less 'cause it hurts to stand in front of the stove cook'n a healthy meal. And ya get lazy as hell.....no energy. Sit'n sucks.

An' then this other fear hit me last night. I need to be around people....just in case ya know. What if'n I fall an' need help get'n up? What if'n I need to go to the hospital? Not that I'm at that point yet, but I can see it in the near future if'n things don't change. An' that skeers me. "Hook up the "billy jeep" an' take a trip Billy Bob". That sounds easy, but even that skeers me.....what if?

My trip to Georgia is a 1,000 mile trip. That takes me 4 to 5 days (200 to 250 miles a day). An' that's mostly interstate I-20 from Shreveport, La. to Douglasville, Ga. Anybody wanna ride along? I'll teach ya how to drive a big ol' motorhome. Oh wait....let's just forget that for a minute.

Again, I am sorry I ain't got nuttin excit'n to write about like I used to, but hang in there, the old Billy Bob we used to know, may be back.

Friday, April 18, 2014

What is a el número tres

What is a el número tres (#3)? Well, it could be anything depend'n on which Mexican restaurant ya eat at. At the one me an' OFM Barney eat at, after a grueling round of golf, a el número tres (#3) consists of a fat cheese enchilada with the best enchilada sauce ya ever eat. A great big ol' crispy shell taco filled with bout a pound of ground beef seasoned just right, a hand full of lettuce, chunks of maters an' topped off with more cheese. Of course I put a good dose of red salsa on it. On the other side the platter sits a delicious look'n tostada with refried beans, lettuce an' maters an' some more that cheese. I red salsa that sucker up too. A big ol' pile of refried beans an' another pile of spanish rice, ya got yourself a wonderful meal.

Dang, that made me hungry.....

My one day (1) of "back don't feel too bad" is a great memory. It didn't last. Although, I am better off than I was a week or so ago when I was all bend over every morn'n try'n not to pee on the floor an' brew'n me up my first pot of coffee. If'n ya ain't got a bad back, ya don't know what I'm talk'n bout. It sucks the life right out of ya. Mentally an' physically. I suppose if'n you was on a walker or in a wheelchair, that would do it too. An, that thought skeers the hell out me. Think'n get'n in a walker fight with MsB from Del Rio.

Now if'n these 500mg aspirins will do their job.....Ha, flat chance of that, I'll get some more stuff done today. Just sit'n here look'n at it, it don't look so bad....a few items what need stowed, sweep goat poop out the door.....actually grass an' dirt from Sadie Mae in an' out all day long. Clean the stove, take the trash out. Basket all the dirty clothes up what lay'n on the floor. Ya see, I cain't do very much at a time. I got to go sit down....take me a break. Not much gets done, but it's a plus.

An' then I sit over there on the couch think'n.....I'm gonna be a new man. When I get this back fixed.

I used to do stuff ya know......

Bout 2003....or 04. Me an' my old school buddy Gerry in Ridgecrest, Ca.

US Hwy 90, somewhere's in Texas on a trip to Ga....New Orleans included. I park "Alice" right downtown the French Quarter. No ticket.

This was when I was tam'n the west back in the 1800's....or something like that.

Dang, I knows how to catch me up some pretty good fish

A day in the life of a sailing boat captain......bout 1996

Who says I cain't row a boat????

After a year of construction, this was the result....under power go'n a hunnert mile a hour

 Yup, I was a dirt digg'n fool......thars gold in them there hills....

Have ya ever ride in  Billy Bob golf'n cart???

An' then....I got old.....


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another ugly day.....in paradise...Ha!

Another week coming to an end.....what's with that? This should be spring, not dad gum cold fronts hit'n south Texas. And cold fronts make ya sit inside. Ya don't go outside to do nuttin. The days pass ya by, an' "walla", another week gone....poooof, just like that. An' that's what happened at Billy Bob's house.

Yesterday was a success. Not a total success, but one I'll remember for bout 4 or 5 days. The wind picked up an' costed me a few strokes, an' that dad gum putter????....dang, I need a new putter. I feeled good all the way up to bout the 14th hole an' then my back start it's hurt'n shit. Not that it affects my game or nuttin like that, I just get all uncomfortable.....cain't stand up straight, hurts to sit down in the golf cart....stuff like that.

No sense this morn'n mention'n anything bout our, me an' Barney's, great dinner (afternoon meal). It was excellent as usual. I had my usual.....el número tres (#3). You are allowed to correct me on my spelling if'n ya want to.

Today is nothing like yesterday. Today it's all cloudy, a bit chilly with a very slight breeze of bout 10 or 15 mile a hour....an' it's try'n to rain. Another perfect day for "do'n nuttin" outside. Do'n nuttin outside means work involved stuff. Like chang'n the thermostat in the "billy jeep". I ain't do'n that. Now that I think bout that thermostat, it can wait till I get to Georgia to do that. It ain't like I'm gonna be driv'n the "billy jeep" to Georgia. I'm gonna be towing it to Georgia....with the engine turn slap off.

When ya buy a used car, there's a reason behind why to previous owner sold it. Well, a couple of them reasons have showed up in the "billy jeep". You already know bout the rear axle seal what leaked an' the parking brake shoes what was replaced. Ajustments an' stuff. Well, there's a noise. I mentioned it before, but it's still do'n it. Not talk'n bout that continuous whin'n noise, but in a slow turn, there's a noise like a tire is rub'n on something. Only does it when ya turn....an' slowly. Haven't been able to find it yet, but still look'n. Why the hell didn't I buy the 2007 Jeep instead of this old one? It sure were purr-dy.

 Ain't been much talk to the kids bout my arrival in Georgia. Got me a good place to stay, but I still ain't called "yo mama" on the phone yet. My nurse daughter, the one what is supposed to make my doctor appointments, feed me breakfast in bed, warsh my clothes an' all that good stuff, I ain't hear a word from her. I just ain't all excitis bout hav'n to do all that stuff by myself. But I am all excitis bout play'n golf with my son Robert.....an' go'n camp'n, stuff like that. He's a good boy. An' the dad gum gas prices keep go'n up.....$3.45, or something like that. Dang, gonna cost me right at $500 for this trip. Plus what I spend at Walmart RV resorts along the way. 

Ok, I'm done for the day. Got a few inside things I need to do....housework, yuk, I hate housework.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new day has arrived....a good 'un

Holy smokes......I don't believe it.

Because I was totally bored with TV programming last night, I went to bed early. And I went slap to sleep. Weren't none that toss'n an' turn'n I get every other night, I was sound asleep, off in another world. I thought that was rather cool.

Well it was cool up until I got cold somewheres bout 4 am or somewheres round there. "Where the hell is my blankie"? But what was really cool, when I got up this morn'n, my back feel like a hunnert dollar bill (.20 to .30 cent worth). But it was cold in "da house". Turned me on some heat. My god, my Walmart special temp thingy says it got down to 34. There ain't no way that can be right. I'm think'n I need a new Walmart special temp thingy.

Ok, enough bout the weather. "What ya gonna do today Billy Bob"? Well I suppose I'll run up to the golf ball swak'n place an' hit me a few golf'n balls. That's always excit'n. Gonna use a brand new swing technique today as I attempt to get my ball on the green in 3 or 4 strokes. Then I can putt that sucker bout 3 or 4 times into that little hole. That's the way ya play golf.

Made that trip to Walmart yesterday. All I did was pick up my meds an' then go back home. Frank says...."I smell antifreeze". I says...."I smell it too". Dang I hate crawl'n up under the "billy jeep". Thermostat needs changed ASAP. But I ain't gonna do it today.

Look'n at my "to do" list. Dang, I got lots of stuff to do. Some the stuff I did a week ago needs done again. That is not progress.

Ok, I'm out of here. Wish me a successful day at the golf course. Maybe I'll beat the OFM Barney today. Fat chance of that happening. These young kids just hit a golf ball toooo far.