Monday, August 3, 2015

Days fly by when you're hav'n fun....Fun???...HAHAHAHAHA!!

"Oh my God Billy Bob, don't ya know what time it is an' what day it is....were the hell ya been"?
Yeah I knows what time it is, it's 10:30pm. If'n you're in the military, that's 2230 aclock. An' yeah, I knows what day it is....monday, right?

Ok, with that out the way, I been very sick for the last few days. My energy level has falled to zilch....nada....zero with a capitol -O-. That's why we made this doctor appointment ya know. Oh, you didn't know??? That an' my swolled up feet, what when we go to see the doc, they was back to almost normal. Just a bit of swell'n in the ankles. 

Doctors appointment went just fine today. As far as I know, they gonna drain some blood out me tomorrow morn'n an' replace it with some "piss an' vinegar".  Shoot, I'll be back to my old self in nuttin flat.

Oh wait, let me start from the begin'n. After bout 4 hour sleep last night, I get up out of the 'bed' at 4:30am. I gotta go pee again. I feel one them backards leg cramps com'n on, so's I brew me up a pot an' stay up watch'n "stupit crap" on the TV an' read'n "stupit news" on the computer. Appointment is at 8:15. We get there on time an' in nuttin flat, here come the doc ask'n me all kinds of questions. "DO YA SMOKE"? "Do ya drink"? "Do ya do drugs"? How many meals ya eat a day"? "Are your feet always this cold"? How long this lump been on your back". "Does this hurt"? He check all kinds of stuff an' all the while, he's writ'n stuff in a book (computer). Nuttin was done today other than what I just say. After the lab results from all that blood they gonna drain out me, the doc will have a better picture. Maybe even fix sump'n...."something" for those that don't own a redneck dictionary.

It looks like my stay in Georgia will definitely be extended. There ain't no way in hell I can drive all the way to Texas in my present condition. One commenter ask'd bout driv'n a Texas registered motorhome pull'n a Georgia registered "billy jeep". Well, I done it before, for 2 years, when "that jeep" was registered in New Mexico. Cops never say a word. They know better than to mess with the old Billy Bob.....maybe.

Let me tell ya bout my trip to Walmart. Robert an' DIL Mandi drive me an' help me shop. My God, I spended $275. Would yu believe???...Walmart had Advantage II for Leonard, the "damn cat". Put some on him an' he ain't got a flea one. Not that I can find anyhows. Thank ya kindly Mr. Google for the review results on flea medication for cats. Frontline Plus, you in the dumpster.

Speak'n of damn cat....last night I brewed me up a big ol' bowl of Mini Wheats an' ice cold milk. I'm sit'n here at the desktop eat'n away. Leonard jump up, stick his paw in the bowl an' it come tumbl'n down, right in my lap. Yes I called him "DAMN CAT"....loudly!!! Ya see, ever time I eat a bowl of cereal, I allow Leonard to sip up on the milk while I'm eat'n. So I cain't blame the cat. That what I gonna do here in a few minutes.

Ok, Me an' Robert go to Home Depot today to pick up some 1 x sticks for the homemade shed doors. A spool of 6/3 wire was added to the list. I'm gonna have me some full voltage in nuttin flat. A 110 foots run from the breaker panel. Confusion says...."Wire is cheaper than a brand spank'n new air conditioner". Take my word for it.

As of today, I have 10 more days till I receive the radio-frequency ablation to my lower back nerves. Three locations. They gonna kill them suckers. Wished it was yesterday. The hip pains, I don't know what we gonna do bout that.

  Ok, I'm gonna fix me a bowl an' eat it up. Watch some "stupit crap" on the TV an' read some "stupit news" on the computer. How bout that Trump guy, The Donald??? He's mak'n headlines. "That's all I got to say bout that".....Gump.

Friday, July 31, 2015

A little 'splain'n to do

Oh wait, I didn't 'splain what I was talk'n bout when I say I might sell the 'billy jeep". Ya see, if'n I was to sell it to my wonderful son Robert for a $....or a $ an' a quarter, it would still be mine an' I wouldn't have to be in Texas for a state inspection. I know all bout Texas regulation...."if'n you're out of state, you can still git yer registration" without a inspection. Shoot, you didn't think I would sell my only means of mak'n a Walmart trip did ya?

Speak'n of a Walmart trip...."my God, I ain't got no groceries". Poured me a bowl full of cereal for supper last night. Fill it up with ice cold milk. Grab holt to a big ol' spoon an' take me a bite. "HOLY COWS, this milk is full of little curdle thingys an' tastes like crap". Ha, sour milk is NOT good for the system. Checks out some lunch meat. Damn, it's green. Checks out the head of lettuce. Gonna make me a lettuce an' mater sammich. Have ya ever take a bite out a chunk of lettuce what taste just like a dill pickle? Oh never mind....I eat me up a peanut butter sammich an' go to sleep.
I was gonna make a Walmart trip this morn'n. That didn't happen. Damn, I got to get feel'n better.

The damn Leonard cat has been scratch'n up a storm. Full of fleas again. I just give him a deflea bath the other day an' they back already. Fleas here in Georgia are everwhere. I flea combed out a hunnert fleas from that poor cat last night. You DO know there's a doo-hicky called a flea comb....right? He sleeped like a baby last night. Ha, he's back outside today collect'n more fleas. Gotta go pick me up some Advantage II for the poor baby. This other stuff just ain't work'n to keep them blood suck'n critters off him.

Robert won't be back from vacation for another couple days. "Yo mama" took off to visit her sister. It's just me an HIL Harry...an' 7 dogs an' 2 cats to hold down the fort. An' HIL Harry don't cook me nuttin to eat....damn!!! (HIL Harry stayed home in case I needed medical attention or something like that) I would say that makes him a pretty good man.

Ha...a cold front went through yesterday. Drop the temp right at 2 degs cooler. Big deal. Yes it's been hot here at Yo Mama's". Daily temps up to bout 95 degs ever day....with high humidity (106 feels like yesterday). With the high heat, I been watch'n the a/c an' check'n the voltage. So far so good, but still 106 volt in afternoons. #1 priority when Robert gets back. From where I plug in "da house", it's a hunnert feet to the main breaker panel. Ok, just went outside an'n check the wires. 50 feet of 8/3 an' 50 feet of 10/3....an' the plug at my end is hot. Not hot enough to catch afire though. It'n no wonder my a/c is scream'n "give me some electricity".

Ok, I get me a Mississippi river boat I got to put back together. Maybe this even'n I'll fill up the kiddie pool an' see if'n it will still float....balance it out an' check how the remote control works. May have to lower the drive wheel further into the water after I added a half inch to the hull. Don't no body but me like remote control boats???

Hope I find something for tomorrow to write about.

Oh wait, I forgot.....bout my blog. My thoughts bout drop'n my blog ain't got nuttin to do with you. It's all ME. I didn't start this blog to do nuttin but complain bout my health an' that's bout all it is any more. I don't like that....an' I know most of you don't like it neither. It gets old. But, if'n I do ever decide to quit the blog'n, don't fear, the blog will still be here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

More trash from the old Billy Bob

There have been many times in my life that I didn't know what road to take. One my favorite say'ns is "every road goes to the same place". Well, some them roads are washboard roads, full of little bumps, blind turns, up an' down hills an' a gazillion big ol' potholes. But when you reach the destination, at the crossroads, there's that other road you could have took. I'm at that crossroad this morn'n. Which road do I take?

Many of my blog readers have left me 'cause I don't write all the funny stuff no more. This blog has been a very important part of my life. To drop it would be the same as hav'n to hang up my fish'n poles an' my golf ball swak'n clubs. Both of which has been my "bread an' butter" for many many years. Both the fish'n poles an' the golf'n clubs are still stowed in the "billy jeep" just in case, in hopes I will again be able to use them. Now where the hell is my tackle boxes an' my damn golf balls?  The "bubba boat" has been stowed in a compartment under "da house".....just in case ya know.

Those 3 items was my life. Oh, I still have my boat building hobbies I can rely on to keep me go'n.....but damn!! There ain't nuttin like blow'n up a "bubba boat", grab'n holt to a fish'n pole an' reel'n in a 14 pounds bass fish from some great big ol' lake. Or get'n up early, grab'n holt to a golf bag full of golf clubs an' go swak a few. It's been a while in both cases. I dearly miss that part of my life.

With only a few more days for my doctor appointment to check out where all my energy an' "git up an' go" went, I find myself in a depressed mood. They ain't gonna find out in one day an' I ain't got a whole bunch of days left for them to poke an' probe to their hearts content. Winter is just around the corner an' you know what that means.....the old Billy Bob don't do cold.

Now I do have me some options. I can sell the "billy jeep" so's I don't have to be in Texas for a state safety inspection in January. That would make me the owner of only one Texas registered vehicle, "Sally da house", that would require a trip to Texas (for safety inspection) some time before September next year. This is the option I been think'n bout. Can I endure a winter in Georgia?
Damn health issues sure do mess up a person's life.

Speak'n of Texas.....I love Texas. But....Texas DMV sucks. Bastards!! Then on top that, my Texas driver license expires next year....damn.

Man boy howdy, you wouldn't believe how big Leonard is get'n. He ain't no full blown cat yet, but he's well on his way. Him an' Sadie Mae is get'n along just fine....unless he trys to steal Sadie Mae's chair. Or jumps in the middle her back want'n to "rassle". Or sticks his nose in Sadie Mae's eat'n dish while she's gobbl'n up some scramble eggs. Shoot, maybe they AIN'T get'n along. 

This new computer is do'n just fine for what I use it for. Just the other night I took the screen part outside an' got online. It's a touch screen, so no keyboard was needed. How bout them apples? Oh wait, you cain't type without the keyboard. I get a free upgrade to Windows 10 sometime in the next few days. ANYthing is better than this damn Window 8.1.  

I ate me up a mater off'n my mater plants yesterday. The damn thing sure was little for a "big boy" mater. The skin was tuff, but it tasted just like a home growed mater. Well, kind of sorta. I got what I was look'n for from these plants....watch 'em grow. You do know that Walmart sells big ol' maters don't ya? Both mater plants are full of little green maters.

Ok, that's it for another day. Sorry I ain't got nuttin else to write about, but "that's life".

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yesterday was better than the day before an' today is better than yesterday

As of two days ago, the old Billy Bob is alive again. Well, kind of sorta.

After I made my last post a couple days ago, I began to feel much better. But not better enough to make the trip to Walmart. The swelling in my feet has subsided back to normal look'n feet. I been drink'n that awful tast'n stuff called water an' been prop'n my feet up as I sit an' ponder "what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? My eat'n abilities have improved to "My God, I'm starv'n". I think I'm gonna live!!! Back issues have NOT improved. Well they do if'n I take me up a couple them aspirin pills or a couple them Tylenol III's.

After my last attempt to sleep in the bed, with leg cramps, I said I would never ever sleep in that thing again. After two uncomfortable nights in the recliner, I say "what the hell?", I climb in the bed....two times. Not the first sign of a leg cramp. But....holy cows, it's that crookit old man again. "Aspirin please"!!!

I ain't hardly done nuttin in bout a week. Well, that changed yesterday. I did a bunch of rewiring in the Mississippi river boat. Batteries was moved from the second deck to the lower deck for center of gravity purposes. Ain't no way this sucker gonna turn upside down no more. Batteries was charged an' tests were performed. Yeeee Ha.....it works. A kiddie pool water test will be performed before I stick the boat in the lake. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday afternoon it was very very hot outside....."Stay in "da house" advisory by weather forecasters". It was a mite warm in "da house" also....84 degs. My a/c start make these weird sounds..."errrr, errrrrr, ERRRRR". Oh Oh, I turn off the t-stat an' break out my trusty volt meter. Low voltage....106.7 volts. How comes the voltage is low? Well, it's like this, my wonderful son had run some conduit for electric service to "Sally da house". That conduit ain't got no wires in it. I'm hooked up to a long ass electric cord what ain't big enough to handle the load when the a/c is run'n....(10/3 w/ ground....115 volt). Plans two months ago was to install some #8 wires in that conduit an' hook up a 50 amp plug (230) volts.  Good for 40 amps with very little voltage drop. "Sally da house" has a 50 amp 230 volt plug. I suppose "daddy" has to go buy up some wires before I burn up a perfectly good a/c with low voltage.

Oh Oh, I falled asleep while I was writ'n this. Ya see, I got up at 5am after bout 4 hours sleep an' I was still sleepy when I started this. Now I'm all grumpy like.
"Don't wake up papaw. He's grumpy when he wakes up".


Monday, July 27, 2015

Damn this sucks.....

Hey!!! The old Billy Bob is gonna say something this morn'n.

*wait'n patiently*
"Ok Billy Bob, whatcha gonna say"?

Hell, I don't know.

I've quit writ'n stories 'cause I cain't bring myself to think bout the past these days. All I can think bout is 'today' an' "what the hell ya gonna do tomorrow"?

I got many choices I could make bout tomorrow...an' a few that have to be made. At this point, I am wrapped up in doctor appointments for the next few months. I got stuff to check out ya know. But, I'm think'n I don't have a few months before the cold ass winter sets in again. I don't want to be "stuck in Georgia" when this happens. I also dread be'n "stuck in south Texas"......with no help.

Some of my fondest memories is when I would sit around at night an' get me a wild hair to go somewheres. The next morn'n I was hook'n up....go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. As I age an' have all these issues hold'n me down, I don't do that no more. This is not what I had planned for the rest my life. Shoot, I was think'n, when I reach 89 year old, I might just sell my golf'n clubs an' sit back for a while. Or restring my fish'n poles an' go catch me up a 14 pounds bass fish. But it kind of looks like I ain't gonna quite see that 89 year old birthday. Not with the way things are right now anyhows. It kind of caught up with me way before I was ready.

I'm tell'n ya right now, this damn cat has got to change his ways. Don't get me wrong, I like the hell out this cat, but shoot...."git yer nose out of mine Leonard". Just like last night, I was beg'n for a good nights sleep....here come the cat. Stick'n his face in mine....nose to nose. Then he knocks stuff on the floor....BaBooom....wakes me up with a holler "damn cat". Then he wants food. It's 3:30 in the morn'n an' I'm feed'n a damn cat. Speak'n of feed'n a cat, I've had to ration Leonard's food consumption. Ain't gonna be no "fat cats" in "my" house. Know what I'm talk'n bout?

Sadie Mae's last vet visit, in my book, was a flop. Vet doctor say she may not get no better than she is now. One ear hang down. One eye don't close an' she slobber out her lip. But she's a very happy dog. She has lost some of her big belly an' on occasion, she will play with Leonard. Most times, it's "leave me be Leonard...ya damn cat". Time will tell.

Ok, I need to make me a trip to Walmart. I'm almost slap out of coffee, I ain't got no sugar an' I ain't got nuttin to eat. I also got to make a trip to Home Depot to pick up some 1 x sticks. I got a couple doors to build for "da shed" ya know. But that ain't gonna happen today. As long as my feet are swelled up an' hurt like hell, I ain't go'n nowheres (on the long list of things to check out at the doctors.....one more week). Been like this for bout a week now. Swell'n down in the morn'n, swell dur'n the day. I been flush'n my systems with as much water as I can drink for the last couple days. Don't seem to help. Damn I don't like water. Have ya ever pee every hour on the hour?

Ok, I'm gonna leave it at what I just said. Maybe things will get better in the next couple days an' I can do something to write about. In the mean time, I'm still here.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Nuttin excit'n, just a normal Billy Bob day

Another boring post for today. I ain't done a thing.

I'm find'n it much easier to not make a daily post like I used to do. With health issues an' not be'n able to do nuttin excit'n, why write?

A doctor appointment has been made to check out why I have no energy an' find out bout these swolled up feet. My own prognosis on the energy thing is that I need to eat foods with more nutrients an' a much higher fat content. The old Billy Bob has got to gain back some the weight he lost. More on that after I make me a tip to Walmart. Buy me some donuts.

News on "da shed". Me an' Robert made us a decision on the roofing materials. A metal roof will not be installed. The roof has been plywooded an' covered with 30# felt. Shingles will be installed at a later date. Two 36 inch doors are yet to be fabricated an' installed. This will be a easy job for the old Billy Bob while Robert is off on a week vacation...at the beaches in Florida.

Speak'n of beaches, does anybody remember back in the late 80's an' early 90's when $$$$$$$ (hunnert dollar bills) was wash'n up on the beaches in south Texas? I'm think'n drug money tossed overboard. Anyhows, I only fount me bout 2 of them hunnert dollar bills, but I fount me right bout $1500 to $2000 in $1, $5, $10 an' $20 dollar bills. A few $50's. My best day was right bout $400. Ha, anybody wanna go to the beach with Billy bob? Do ya remember the triple motor high speed DEA cigar/cigarette boats? Something like 1200 horsepower an' go bout 80 knots. That's haul'n.

Holy crap, I been feed'n this damn cat too much. He's just bout doubled in size But I think he's gonna be a smaller cat than my last 2......both weighed in at a whopp'n 11 1/2 to 12 pounds. I been hold'n my stress level with this cat, but I've call him "damn cat" on numerous occasions. Damn cat!!! Hmmmm. wonder what he gonna do when I crank up "Sally da house" an' pull out in the street. Maybe I should train him to "ride" in the "billy jeep" first.

Flea infestations are still a problem at "yo mama's". I give Sadie Mae an' the cat a Dawn bath bout 2 times a week an' they get fleas on their first trip to the yard. Both have flea stuff on them. Will switch the cat to Advantage II in bout 2 more weeks. Bomb "da house" too.

Ok, I have no important news to tell, so I rekon I'll shut down for the day. Sure do wished I could go play me a round of golf ball swak'n.   

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Construction go'n fine

Due to the fack that I don't feel worth a shit today, I will attempt to write something. I assumed yesterday's photos would draw me some attention......I was wrong....dag nab it.

Construction of "da shed" is com'n along just fine, although Robert is do'n most the work. We are down to get'n ready to install a roof. Trusses are up.

See what I was tole you?

In the lifting of the first wall, me an' Robert, I seem to have created a hernia. At least that's what I hope it is an' not something more drastic.
"Billy Bob, 73 years old handicapped men do NOT lift walls....Sheesh, think".

On top of that, I again have swolled up feet. An attempt to sleep in my bed last night, in hopes of reliev'n the swell'n, proved a failure. Had them damn leg cramps 30 minutes after hit'n the sack. Added extra elevation to the foot rest thingy on the recliner an' went to sleep. No leg cramps. Do this mean I can remove the bed from "da house" an' throw it in the dumpster?

Now, bout this damn cat. It seems he don't like his name....Leonard. He completely ignores it. But I say "kitty kitty" an' here he comes a run'n. Want'n food of course. Or to chew on me....or Sadie Mae. So, Leonard is no longer the damn cat's name. Well, maybe. Back to square 1.....how bout plain ol' "Cat"?
A fix'n job, neutering, an' two shots is gonna cost $165. I'm think'n that's a bit high for a "damn cat".
Sadie Mae: "I tole you Leonard, LEAVE  ME  BE".
Leonard: I'm sorry Sadie, but I love you sooo much".
Sorry for the photo quality. Damn, I need to fix my pocket camera. 

The slide out project is almost complete. Only a couple minor adjustments an' it's done. Oh wait, the lower wiper gasket has to be purchased an' installed. A fine job was done with all the repairs an' adjustments. Hope the damn thing works!!!