Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blood pressure on the rise

I won't be writ'n no dad gum stories today.

I need this for a record......
Oh boy, last night was a "skeer hell out me" night. I ate me up some supper (salmon patties an' fried taters), took my pills, drinked some milk....damn, I don't feel so good. I straps on my blood pressure checker thingy an' "Oh shit, 169/89". I wait a bit....151/85. A bit later....165/92. Then I got to think'n bout what Dr. Frokerinsteen told me...."I hope to see you again next year". What's the number for 911???

I went an' lay down in the bed. Damn, I don't feel worth a poop. 170/83 at 2am. I ain't dizzy or nuttin like that, but I got this funny feel'n all over my body....tingly feel'n. I got to think'n back to how I feeled when I had my heart attacks. This is something like that.....but with no pains. I sit on the couch till 5:30am....this ain't right. I takes me a Alka Seltzer.....100mg aspirin in it.  Maybe I need a nap. Three hours later I gets up....caffeine is needed.  It's now 11am with a slight little change.....145/79. Heart rate, 80-85, was my normal on all readings. I normally run 130/70-75/80....or there bouts.

Now I got to think'n bout the time Dr. Fronk put me on a pill. My blood pressure went to something like 200/100....damn I cain't remember. Took the whole weekend for it to come back down. Could this be from the Lipitor I was just prescribed? Could it be from the salmon an' milk? Could it be from the anticipation of tomorrows stress test? Anyhows, I feel Ok right now.
Record complete.....

Been rather nice here in Georgia. Lows in the mid to low 60's at night an' perfect low to mid 80's day time. Bout a 10 deg change in day temps from a couple weeks ago. I could live with this kind of weather the whole upcom'n winter. God I hate winter. Be cool though if'n I had me a snowman. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oppps....in the water

Before I sit down to write every morn'n, I read all the blogs I missed the night before. I read the news. I read the "drama" on Facebook. By that time, I am all pissed off with the world affairs, everyday drama an' local events (shoot'ns, steal'n, drug deals an' gang activities). No freak'n wonder I'm in a foul mood every morn'n.

Did ya watch "cops reloaded" last night? Boy howdy was I ever pissed at that "thug" cop. You don't grab a sweet little girl by her hair an' slam her face down into the pavement. Not onest, but twicest. All the poor little girl was do'n was sit'n in a car mak'n a drug deal to a undercover cop. Sheesh.....just "ask" her nice like to get out the car. Like she's some kind of dangerous an' gonna shoot three cops. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.

I don't usually post stuff like that on my blog, by this is 2014 an' there are WAY too many thug cops out there beat'n up on people for the simple reason of "I can". Pepper spray. Stun guns....for a simple traffic violation. These few thug cops give the "good" cops a bad name. Did I say few??? Let me take that back. The numbers are much higher than "few". Try call'n a cop a ass hole. See how fast he turns into a "thug".....throw yer ass on the ground. Grrrrrrrrr.....let's move on to something else.

Ok, dishes are still in the sink soak'n. Takes time ya know, to loosen that dried out stuff. God I hate dishes.

So what do ya get when ya cook up a meal without any season'n? You know, spices an' herbs. All ya gonna be eat'n tonight is a pot of plain, watery, tasteless soup. You ain't gonna remember it for any reason. Yesterdays blog post contained seasoning. If'n I had left out the flavors, the entire thing could have been just a couple lines.....plain, watery an' tasteless. Like the first episode, I could have said..."The switchboard catched on fire so I jumped in the water". The second...."We was string'n lights I fell in the water". See what I'm talk'n bout....ya cook with spices an' herbs.

I got many many stories bout the days I was serv'n our country in the Navy. But too many of them involve "wimmins". We ain't go'n there. But........

We was in Italy sit'n in a roadside drink 'em up place. Talk'n to a couple really nice look'n Italian wimmins. On the other side the road is a bumper car set up with a bunch of people go'n round an' round, be'n careful not to have any wrecks. Ha, these people ain't never seen no US Naval guys ride no bumper cars. The four of us head across the street. Give the guy some change an' jump in them bumper cars. The bumpers on these cars are there for only one reason an' one reason alone......so's in a head on collision go'n a hunnert mile a hour, there is no body damage to the car. Nuttin else.

The poor guy what was run'n the place is go'n out his mind scream'n "go the other way", "don't crash my cars", "look out"...."Oh my god".....in Italian. Within 30 minutes, all the available cars are filled with more Navy guys an' a few daring Italians. People are cheering an' clap'n at every wreck. Kids are scream'n "I wanna ride". The bumper car guy is grin'n from ear to ear with fists full of dollars an' pockets full of loose change. Now let's git back to the rest of the story bout them two really nice look'n wimmins.......

Speak'n of wimmins....she fell in the drink. Ya see, me an' my "at the time" girlfriend was stand'n on the dock talk'n to some other "live aboards". It was dark out, cain't see very far in the dark. I don't hear girlfriend talk'n no more.....I hear a kersplash....she's in the water. Ok, no problem, just reach down an' retrieve her. Oh Oh, where is girlfriend. She's wear'n a dark green coat. The water is dark green. She had a seizure an' she ain't got the slightest idea where she at.

A 14 year old boy spots a movement in the water an' in he go....drag'n her limp torso to where we can reach her. My god....."is she dead"???

Another time, another girlfriend ride her damn bicycle off in the water. She was drunk as a skunk when she make it to the boat. Wakes me up an' says her bicycle is in the water an' I need to get up an' fetch her bicycle 'cause she needs to ride it to work in the morn'n. 

A little 5 year old fell in the drink, climb'n aboard my neighbors boat. I'm sit'n in the cockpit of my sail'n boat, sip'n up on a "Coyote cooler", enjoy'n some loud ass music. I looks over at my neighbors boat. I don't see the little girl no more. But I can hear some splish splash'n in the water. Lickity split I runs over there an' see nuttin but blond hair float'n in the water. I reaches down an' grab hold to that hair an' brings up this beautiful little 5 year old girl on the other end that hair. I were a hero for the next two days. After that it was back to...."Who's that guy?" "Oh that's just Barnacle Bill, an' ornery old cuss".

She opens up a eye (girlfriend we talk'n bout), spit's out a mouth full of nasty salt water an' says...."What happened, I'm soaked".  See what I'm do'n here....chang'n stuff around to create a little suspense. I  'splained to her that a gust of wind had picked her up from the dock, an' had gently deposited her in the water.....an' we didn't know it for a bit. Hav'n a siezure, she has no way to doubt my story. A couple hugs an' she was tole to change out them wet clothes so's we don't miss our reservation at the seafood restaurant.

Ok, I got a few things I "might" attend to today. God I hate warsh'n dirty dishes".


Monday, September 15, 2014

Tread'n water

I'll feebably try my darndest to write something of interest this morn'n.....but I ain't mak'n no guarantees. In other words, don't bet no more than a quarter.

I rekon I got to do something interest'n before I can write bout it. Well shoot, I ain't did nuttin. But dad gum it, I want to write. In the last 4, 5, or 6 years, I done told all there is bout my life all the ways from 5 years old liv'n on the farm all the ways up to right now. So what do I write bout today.

Ah ha, did I ever tell ya bout the time....we tied up in some foreign country, think'n it was Spain. I was on the forward generator do'n my thing to make sure we had plenty of electric power throughout the ship. I was relieved by a rookie electrician so's I could go change into my "whites" an' hit the beach for a day of fun. Sailors do that ya know.

A alarm goes off. Through the loud speakers comes a scream'n message...."FIRE, FIRE....Fire in #2 switchboard". #2 generator had already been shut down an' both switchboards were operating off #1 generator. Down the ladder I go.....into a darkened engine room filled with steam, smoke an' heat. No lights, I can hardly see (emergency lighting was on). I hit that switchboard in a flash, isolating the section what was on fire from the main circuit boards.

There was no ventilation in the engine room. Temps were right on the edge of bout 130 degs. Sweat was roll'n off my skinny body. The fire is out.

I climbs back up the ladder to fresh "cool" air. I staggers to the fantail (back of ships) wipe'n sweat out my eyes. I see water. The beautiful blue cooling Mediterranean Sea. What the hell....over the side I goes. *now where the hell is that picture* I'm gonna look for it.

It was quite a drop off from ship to water, but I made it like a pro...feet first. When I comes up to the top, I still got my Navy cap on. I'm slap'n at the water.....holy crap, I don't know how to swim. Alls well that ends well.....I didn't drown.

Back on deck, with the assistance of a 4 man rescue team, I'm confronted by some rookie officer. He chew me up one side an' down the other for "jump'n ship".  Before I was wrote up by this officer an' restricted to the ship for the duration of our stay in port, here come the engineering officer an' the ships captain. They light into the "rookie" officer. Chew him up one side an' down the other. I was wrote up in my records a commendation for my bravery to tackle a switchboard fire...an' skeer off any attacks from rambunctious man eat'n sharks in the waters.

I guess while we're talk'n bout jump'n ship, I could mention another adventurous episode in the life of Billy Bob. I was no longer stationed on that little Naval destroyer, I was on a freak'n WWII heavy cruiser. The USS Canberra. *now where's that picture* The Canberra was a "flag" ship.  We carried high ranking officers...admirals an' shit like that. When we tied up in a foreign port, lights were strung from bow to stern....up over the masts, around the smoke stacks, all hand rails. There was a gazillion lights.

We was stand'n on top of a 5 inch gun pull'n ropes an' electric wires....boxes of light bubs.

My partner says to me...."I dare ya to jump in the water" That is me dressed in red..... That's all it took.....kersplash, I was tread'n water. There's no ladder to "git out of the water". There's no ropes to climb up. "Man overboard" was signaled over the loud speakers. Oh man, I'm in a heap of trouble now. See that boat on the side of the ship? That was my rescue boat. Now you talk bout get'n a ass chew'n.....man boy howdy. The "I slipped an' fell overboard" is still questioned to this day.

And you ask why I was still a E-4 when I finished my tour of duty? Three times, three freak'n times I was demoted from a E-5. But I was a fun guy to hang out with.  A E-4 with one hashmark. A hashmark is for over 4 years of dedicated no nonsense service. Hee hee hee.....right.

Ok, back to today. Got up feel'n sorta on the good side this morn'n. But sleep??? Oh hell no, "Billy Bob, I'm gonna keep ya up all night long". Mind related git's ya every time.

Yo Mama brings me her vacuum cleaner. "Here, fix this". Now I are a vacuum cleaner fix it person....but I had no doubts. Anybody can fix a vacuum cleaner.....sheesh!!!

Made me up some sopapillas last night. I was crav'n 'em. But...the tortillas was over 2 months old an' I didn't use enough cinnamon. I ate 'em anyhows.
The floor are sweeped. Trash is took out. Dishes are soak'n. It's been a good day....so far.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not a good day at Billy Bob's house

Really ain't no use try'n to write something today. I hurt like hell an' I'm pissed. Best I just keep my mouth shut until this pain passes.

Ok, took me a aspirin....I feel a little bit on the better side.

This trip to Georgia has put a hurt'n on me in more ways than just my back. My mind is sooo screwed up I don't even want to get up in the morn'n. I want to take me loooong naps. I don't even want to think. Today is one of them days. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

It's rather hard to think on the positive side when nuttin is go'n to plan. Yeah I know, all this is necessary to make sure I'm fit enough an' all that, but....this ain't what I was expect'n. I'm think'n I have every right in the world to bitch an' moan....maybe even whine a little bit. So this is what ya get today.....bitch'n, moan'n an' a little whin'n.

On a positive side.......Thursday is my "stress test" day. This should make Dr. Fronkerstine over there in Deming happy. He's been after me for the last 4 years to have a stress test. I'm think'n I'll pass with fly'n colors. That will be one more scratched off'n the long list of tests an' appointments.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Computer bug....a live one

This will definitely be a slow day. Shoot, I didn't git up till almost 10:30 this morn'n. That was a total of 5 1/2 hours of toss an' turn sleep.

Ya see, yesterday I took me a couple naps. Long naps. At bed time, 1am, I weren't at all sleepy. All the ways up to 4:30 oclock I weren't sleepy. I fills the coffee maker, but I don't push the button. I lays down.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kick in. Not the best Zzzzzzz's, but they was Zzzzzz's.

Ok, I got a bug in my computer. Before somebody says "debug it" let me tell ya what I'm talk'n bout. I was sit'n here "surf'n". An' I see this little bug crawl'n across my screen. Bout 1/8th inches x 1/32nd inches. It's crawl'n all over the place. But, it's not on the outside the screen, it's INSIDE. At first I was think'n the web page I was look'n at had installed this little bug to blow peoples minds. I change web pages. That damn bug is still there. I turns off my browser. That bug is still there. I reboots my computer. Bug is still there. Now how the hell do ya get a bug off'n your screen. Ya Google, that's what ya do.

Let me start this part all over. Ok....it's over. I done deleted all that stuff.

Now, what were we talk'n bout? Oh yeah, golf ball swak'n, ride'n in the "bubba boat", catch'n big ol' fish....go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour on the "billy bike". Bo howdy them were some good times.
Speak'n of good times, do any of ya remember this.....

Ok, I don't know what happen that this runs automatic. How do ya fix that????
This was way back in 2011 at S.F. Austin State Park just left of Houston, Texas. Daughter Angela an' grandkids come to see me as I was "just pass'n through". Played me some golf ball swak'n there too.

It's hard to go back an' remember the good times when ya cain't do much no more. Maybe next year I will be back in tip top shape. Do stuff again. I like that idea. Are ya listen'n doctor????

Ok....this is enough for today. It's not too good a day, so I'll just shut up.....sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yesterday sucked...news not so good

I've put this off as long as I could.....yesterday sucked.

Let me start from the begin'n so's everbody can see MY side of the story......*breaks out a few spices an' herbs*.

It was 6:00 in the am, my 'larm clock scream'n at me...."git out of bed Billy Bob, we gotta go". I swak that clock a few times an' 15 minutes later I'm stand'n at the coffee pot brew'n me up some coffee strong enough to open both eyes of a fire breath'n dinosaur. Leg cramps from the night before, them back pains....an' bulldozer tracks all over the bed, I got up all crookit like. An' I got to be able to walk in less than 2 hours if'n I'm gonna have a good day. Coffee an' 2 aspirin helped in that situation.

Nurse Robert will not show up to do his duty of driv'n his daddy all over town. My wonderful daughter Doris Lynn took that responsibility. Son Billy show up to just ride along. Doris did a great job. Well kind of a great job. Text'n an' read'n "love stories" on her cell device while the doctor is try'n to talk to me. An' talk he did. "Doris Lynn, what did the doc say"??? She says, "Oh, I'm sorry, what did you say"?

Half ways through our little talk, my heart fall slap to the seat I as sit'n on....."Houston, we have a problem". He listen to my heart an' lungs with that listen'n device. Just looks me in the eye an' he say nuttin. Then he listen to my belly an' neck. Something not right. I could have a stroke for blockages of them two arteries. He orders blood work an' a ultrasound. Then he wishes me a "happy birthday".  He's gone.....pooof, just like that. Huh? It ain't my birthday yet.

Ok, I go to the lab an' let the nice little lady stick one them dad gum needles in my hand to draw out bout half a gallon of blood (4 tube thingys). Now if'n it was me, I would give that girl a raise in pay.....her was gooood. Then I go lay on this very uncomfortable table while another nice lady fires up that ultrasound machine an' gives me the work over from head to toe. Stomach, neck, thighs, legs, ankles an' my freak'n feet.

When it was all over, I ask that nice lady...."well, how bad is it"? Ya see, I already knowed I had some blockage in my neck arteries from Dr. Fronkersteen, back in 2007. She says it's not bad, but then I'll bet ya a dollar she's paid to say that. Blood results in a week. Ultrasound results will be sent to my surgery doctor. I'm in limbo an' from all what the nice doctor tole me, I'm skeered the blockages will have to be removed before back surgery. I researched the procedures after return'n home. Damn, they gonna cut my throat.  An' there are risks.

Well wait, I'm git'n ahead of myself. I don't even know the numbers of the blockages. I may need nuttin. But I wouldn't make no bets on it.

We went to I-Hop for dinner (lunch) an' eat up a whole bunch of gooood stuff. Had me a double BLT, big pile of french fries, a pan cake an' some hashbrowns.....an' 4 cups of "girlie" coffee.  Man I stuffed myself. Be 4pm, I'm sit'n at "da house" with sciatica in both legs. It was a long day an' I'm hurt'n like hell. I'm downhearted....I was sit'n on it, remember? It was NOT a good day.

Now this morn'n, I ain't feel'n so bad. I ain't straight, but I'm close to it. Not think'n too much bout yesterdays bad news. I rekon I'll do what ever needs to be done to get rid of these back pains.

Let me see.....I got me a appointment on the 18th for the stress test. A appointment on the 23rd for a CT cancer screen'n. Don't know what day I'll see the surgeon again, but it's not too far off. The end of September ain't too far off neither. When I think bout what the end result will be, I'm think'n the possibility my back don't hurt no more. Maybe I will be "golf ball swak'n" ready. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Holy crap, I have a appointment this morn'n. An' I got to go in bout 15 or 30 minutes. I ain't got no time to be sit'n here writ'n no blog stuff.  
But.....there's a possibility I may return later in the day with something excit'n to write about. Ha ha...slim chance of that.