Friday, August 26, 2016

Project mode.....Hot damn, ride 'em cowboy!!!

This post will contain very litte "talk'n bout stuff".

Ya see, sit'n round sip'n up cups an' do'n some think'n, projects come to mind.
A couple months ago while read'n drama on Face Book, some dude posted a photo of a really cool dog house. Robert has 4 dogs that will stand out in the rain until somebody comes to rescue them. They need a dog house.

Ok, this is nice, but for only one big dog. Modifications are in order.

 Night #1 Deck is finished 48" wide x  9 foots long (dog house 48 x 42)
 Night #2 Dog house framed
Afternoon #3 Holy cows, I got ever thing trimmed out an' half the roof in place.

Having to take a break 'cause I done over did it again. "Ya ain't supposed to be work'n that hard Billy Bob....I'm gonna tell yer "another new" doctor an' she gonna tell ya a thing or two".

Three days ago, me, Robert an' one my other sons Billy takes off to my doctor appointment for lung function tests. All went good but lung function is NOT good. With the meds, I've increased fron 32% to 37.5% (stage 3 COPD). Oh yeah, afore I fergit, a new lady come in an' give me the good news an' also the bad. Very nice people work at this place. Next appointment is 4 months from today. I'm hope'n for additional improvement, but the nice lady don't think that will happen. We'll see. 

Did I post a pic of the gnome house I found on the internet? 

This is just a idea. I've already made me a bunch of modifications....a add on kitchen, inset door an' windows. Should look much better than this one. Oh yeah, Billy bringed his chain saw over yesterday an' we cut the roof slopes. Will post pics as we progress. But first I got a dog house to finish....an' paint.

Laters.....see ya.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Alive an' breath'n, but I feel dead...I need a rest

Ok, I'm gonna try this an' see if'n I can catch ya up on thee abuse an' shit I been put'n myself through.
I'm think'n I'm almost dead.

Ok, let's start off with the radiator flush on the "billy jeep". I think I left off on Robert removing the thermostat and flush'n out the cooling system with water. Think'n it may have been 4 fills, run the motor and drain, until we had clear water. That's called a dilution flush. An' I'm gonna do it again.

Two days ago I goes out there an' pour a bottle of cooling system chemical flush in the radiator. Runned the engine on full hot for 30 minutes. Not onest, but three times.....think'n the chemical flush would break loose stuff between engine running. I betcha a dollar I was right. Ok, let the water cool down enough to drain it an' do another dilution flush. For the next couple hours I done that. I got clear water. "Good job Billy Bob".
Before we get too far, I'm a tickler for the installation of the engine thermostat. "PUT IT IN RIGHT". I sit's on the deck look'n at the thermostat a hunnert time to make sure the gasket is on the correct way an' I goes under the car an' install the thermostat. Pour in the correct amount of expensive antifreeze an' cranks up the engine. In less than 10 minutes the engine is get'n too hot. WTH, that means what the hell?, do I have a air lock or......is the thermostat in backards.

Yesterday morn'n, I'm out there drain'n antizreeze into a big ol' pan. I yanks the two bolt hold'n the thermostat housing....the freak'n tstat is backards. I swear, this is the first time in my life I have ever made this mistake. Reinstalled it correctly this time, bolt it back together an' fill up with antifreeze. Crank engine....Yeeee Haa, engine temp is perfect. Heater is put'n out heat.

Oh shit, let's back up to a couple days ago. When I push the ac button on the dash, I ain't got no ac. WTH, there's a little tiny hole in the rubber discharge line off the compressor. Somehows, I have destroyed a perfectly good hose. Auto Zone just down the street has one. No they didn't, but they said the Auto Zone a few more miles down the street has one. Nope they don't, but they said they have 2 in Douglasville.....25 mile down the street the other way. Pick one up the next day, installed the sucker.....by removing the front of the car. Evacuated an' recharged. We got ac.

Ok, where were we....Oh yeah....the "billy jeep is done". 

In just 3 days of expert automotive repairs, my arms are covered with big ass purple, red, violet an' a shade of girly pink. My hips, my lower back, backside my thighs an' bottom leg muscles feels like I been pounded with sledge hammers. I over did the entire process.

But I didn't stop there. "Yo mama, pull yer car up right here". I'm gonna start fix'n her a/c. Put some pag oil an' dye in the system. Add 2 cans of R-134a, crank it up an' let 'er run for a bit....hour or so. It'a got to be a rather good size leak cause a week or so ago Robert put some freon in it an' it's all gone. You ain't never gonna believe where the compressor is located. Ha Ha, if'n you guessed under the engine, you win. Anyhows, when it got darker outside I breaks out my ultraviolet light thingy an' searched for leaked out dye. It shows up florescent yeller. Very easy to see. Ha, Ain't fount no leak yet. I'm stunned. Leaks do NOT hide from the old Billy Bob. 
So here what we gonna do. Button everthing back up an' see how long the charge lasts....then check again for the leak. "Yo mama, ya need to drive yer car".

That's all I done, what was way way too much for a 3 day period. I'm suffer'n something terrible. 

Hey, did I mention my feet ain't swolled up no more? I'm think'n the magnesium did the trick. Still ain't drink'n no water, so it ain't that. Got to be the magnesium. 
Breathing is stil do'n good. In fact, I got one them suck in air breath'n thingys that tell ya how much ml's your lungs hold. In the last week I am up 500+ mls to 2250ml. I'm think'n that's a great increase from a month ago. I think I love my new doctor.     

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What a wonderful day....Yeee Haa

I weren't gonna do it but yes I am. I had no plan to make a blog post today, but today was just too wonderful for me not to share....before I forgit why it was so wonderful.

With the problems I been having with my blog posts not showing up on other blogs for hours after I publish 'em, I'm posting tonight.....at 11pm. So, when you get up tomorrow morn'n, I should be there.

Before I tell ya bout my wonderful day, I might as well tell ya bout yesterday first. The days started slow, no energy and not want'n to do absolutely nuttin, I went outside bout 1pm an' sit on the deck sip'n up a cup. I always got me a sip'n up ya know.
"Hey Billy Bob, let's go hook them heater hoses back up".
I jumps slap out my comfortable old office deck chair an' go take me a look at the heater hoses. Note: I got me a brand spank'n new office chair an' put the old one on the deck. Very good choice.
Robert had moved the serpentine belt out the way the night before, so's I had more room to get my hands in there an' push them hoses back in place. Them suckers slip right on and the hose clamps in place too. Then I went look'n for the radiator drain plug thingy. Off to Google look'n for it. Nope!

But while still on Google, because it was hot outside, I researched old thin wimp skin issues. "Well Billy Bob, you're stuck with cuts an' purple bruises for rest your life. There is a skin cream I'm gonna try out, Avalon COQ10 firming body lotion. I ain't got a thing to lose. If it helps, I'm ahead of the game. A little more Google an' some guy tell me how to make arm protectors. Ya see, ya take a pair of crew socks an' ya cut the toes off'n them. Slide the suckers up your arms, toe first an' you got some protection an' it only costed a pair of socks.

Last night Robert climbs under the "billy jeep" an' removes he thermostat an' reinstalls the housing thingy. Then he find the radiator drain thingy. Then we did a water flush 4 times till the water come clear. Running the engine between each flush. That was it for yesterday....a very good day.

Now we gonna talk a wonderful day. "Yo mama" come down from the house an' wakes me up. Put me on a brew of coffee while I'm get'n a eye open. We drink a cup together an' decide that at 11am, we head'n to town for the 5 places I got to go. By 11am, I done took all my lung meds an' stuff an' I was feel'n pretty dad gum good. I feeled good all over. We jump in her NON-air conditioned car an' away we go. VaaRoooom, a hunnert mile a hour.

Showed up at the hospital in Carrollton for me to get them xrays took care of. All went well. Me an' "yo mama" joke'n bout the valet parking. First time I ever see that at a hospital. Then off to the auto parts store to pick up some a/c system dye an' R-134a for "yo mama's" car. Didn't have the kind of antifreeze I wanted. I'm still feel'n great an' talk'n up a storm. Throwed a few silly comments to the Auto Zone worker. He just smile an' I was think'n he was think'n...."What the hell"? Off to Villa Rica, we gonna go to Walmart an' get the antifreeze. "Whoa stop, pull it in right there". A Napa auto parts sell'n place. Got me some more radiator leak fix'n stuff, 3 gallon Napa antifreeze an' a jug of radiator flush. All is good.....no need to stop at Walmart now.

Then we hungry, Off the Waffle House an' we order up a big breakfast lunch. It was absolutely wonderful. My stuff cook just like I like it....over easy, hashbrowns, bacon, toast an' a well done crisp waffle. This was the biggest meal I have eat in bout 3 or 4 weeks an' let me tell ya, I almost eat it all. We sit an' talk, past, present an' future. Oh what memories an' quality time. All was perfect.

Then off to my new bank. This stop ruined my day. Well, it didn't rune all of it, just the time spent in the bank. Dad gum arrogant girl piss me slap off. All I wanted was to order checks an' see if'n my deposit check had cleared. The bank is changing names an' checks with the new name won't be available till the 29th. 

Now we off to Edward Jones for me to make a deposit to my account....money market debit card. Poor lady didn't know how, but she got on the phone an' did it....in 20 minutes. Met the broker an' he seem like he may be Ok. Will be changing brokers in the near future.

All this time spent on the roads an' shop'n with "yo mama" was such a wonderful day. One I will remember well. By the way, today was the best I've felt in months. 

Ok, to make a long story short....LOL, I place the radiator flush in the radiator. Crank up the engine for 30 minutes. Ok, now is the time you supposed to drain it out. But I didn't. I let it sit for 15-20 minutes to maybe soften something in there. Did this 3 times. Boy howdy, sure hope everthing comes out clean. Will know tomorrow. 

Repairs to "yo mama's" air cond will be done when the "billy jeep' is finished. Maybe start tomorrow. 

Remind me to tell ya bout the Gnome house I'm gonna build out of a tree stump in "yo mama's" front yard.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"To make a long story short"....Ha Ha guess again.

Ok, here's the deal, I weren't gonna post for another couple days 'cause I ain't got hardly nuttin to talk about. But I commed over here to the computer 'cause there ain't a damn thing worth watch'n on the T/V. I DO watch T/V ya know. I mean like, what else is a guy got to do after the sun goes down (11pm as I type)?

First we gonna talk "billy jeep". Everybody know I like to tear shit apart an' attempt to put it back together. Shoot, now I forget if I tole you bout cleaning the a/c coil under the dashboard. Air flow is still not right. Blow good out 1 vent an' low air out 4 others. Googled for hours. It sid clean the damn dirty a/c coil....what I did. This was with the dashboard still in the car. Only way to get to the coils was to remover the blower fan and reach up through this little hole bout as big as my grandaughters hand. On the back side of the coil, I could get to it through the little hole I cut in the HVAC housing....not much room, but there it was, the a/c coils Squirted my secret formula cleaner on the back side till it got damp on the other side. Then I took the garden hose to it....shined a light through it.....by placing a mirror up the blower wheel hole to see light shined from the back side. Put it all back together and said to hell with it. Damn, that was long....sorry.

Then me an' Robert figger out we need to flush out the heater coil. We also discussed flushing out the entire cooling system, heater, engine an' radiator. Heater hoses is got to be disconnected to flush the heater. Where they go in at the firewall, my grandaughters hand, there is no way she could do it. The hoses need to be disconnected at the water pump. Oh boy, tight fit....now how the hell?

This afternoon I was sit'n out there on  the deck sip'n up a cup an' goes take me a look. Well hell, I betcha a dollar I can do it. The lower hose was from under the car. A few choice words and a couple slips of the channel lock and the clam slid back. Barely enough room to get my stroung hand around the hose to slide it off.....thank ya channel locks, the hose is off.
A short break to regain my composure an' sip up a cup, I tackled the top hose. Holy cows, there a serpentine belt right in my way, but I betcha a dollar I can do it with the belt in place. Channel locks did a wonderful job of sliding the hose clamp back, but now the hose won't move. Not much room. Channel locks to the rescue to break loose a stuck hose. It turns, but don't slide off. Ha, I betcha a dollar if I take my big screwdriver I can faniggle that hose right off that pipe. What it did.

That's when I see blood. All over the top of the radiator an, fan shroud. My freak'n arm is bleeding an' I got me 3 brand spank'n new "old folks" bruises. big ol' ones. Will have to wear a long sleeve shirt for a week so's folks don't see my injuries. I don't that before, so it ain't no biggie.
At 6pm, Robert shows up from work. We hooks up a warter hose to the outlet heater an' turns on the water. We are back flushing the heater core. Then we front flushes it.....the whole procedure 3 times, or was it 4?
That was it for the day, there is always tomorrow.

Damn this is a long post.

Good news an' a little bad news. Yesterday I didn't feel like do'n nuttin, so's I didn't. That was the bad news. Today started out the same, but that changed after a couple 3 hours. I'm do'n great with my breathing. Ain't cough'n up much that flem stuff no more. I got one them capacity breath'n thingys an, I've increased my capacity by 500 ml from 1500 to 2000 ml since I met that cute little breath'n doctor. The puff meds are do'n their thing an' I rekon maybe the nebulizer is too. Finished 1 set of antibiotics an' still got 10 days to go on another. Oh yeah, I got to go get me a xray before the 22nd. Maybe tomorrow.

My feet swell'n is so much better after taking magnesium for almost a week. Google is your best friend. my stomach issues are also much better. I can eat almost a full meal an' not be bloated an' plugged up. Man boy howdy, I sure were worried bout that.

Ok, I'm gonna leave it at that. Shit, this ended up a book....sorry. 

After i published this I thought of something else very important to tell ya. So's I click edit. I have not the faintest what I was gonna say......see ya laters.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

"billy jeeps" piss me off....answers to comments.

Ok, I'm gonna try something new today. Even though it's way too soon to be writ'n another blog post, I just gonna do it anyhows no matter who it pisses off.
"So what are we gonna do that's new Billy Bob"?

I seldom answer comments because most times the person making the comment never returns. So here is what today's blog is all about, I'm gonna answer some comments.

Linda Sand, I don't use "scrap" paper. I throws scrap paper in the dumpster because it's scrap. I either write stuff in a notebook and in the case of keeping track of when I take my new meds, I put the date and how many I take each day on the med box. Works great so far, but there sure ain't very much room.

George, when I had my open heart surgery, they put me on Advair and tole me to make sure you rinse your mouth. I took Advair for 6 years and never rinsed my mouth. I ain't never got no yeller fever from it.

Louie Frost, this is gonna take some time answering all you comments. Here goes an' don't get too excitis. Well Louie, I ain't thought too much about the camp'n trip, but if I continue to feel [this] good, I may go. Ha ha, when I catches a fish, it ain't to feed the whole family. They want fish, they go catch their own. Simple trip to Walmart an' I got me a lifetime fish'n license.
That's right Louie, I know you no nuttin bout no golf....so why the hell were you watch'n it? 58 is a great great score for 18 holes.
Tha holy grail for amature (how the hell do ya spell amature?) is to break 80. To break 80, you have to score 79. Only one time was I think'n I would break 80 an' that was play'n with "pesky neighbor" Wayne. I got a bogie on the 18 hole to give me a score of 80. Bogie is 1 stroke over par. Bogies suck when you're go'n for the HOLY GRAIL.

Judy, no the sweet little cute look'n doc didn't say nuttin bout wait'n between puffs or nuttin like that. But Judy, because you said so, this afternoon I waited 5 minutes. She said nuttin bout bathing my mouth an' throat. But because you an' George says so, I been do'n it all day. Coffee IS a good mouth warsh ain't it?

Driving MsDaisy You got a good point there bout trout an'n a few fried eggs for breakfast. That's a breakfast of champians....like Tony da Tiger or something like that. Buy, my favorite breakfast fish is a pan fried bluegill. You do know ya eat the tail, the fins an' the skin, right? Of course, that's if'n it's cooked right.

Last but not least....Dizzy Dick. Well now Dizzy, if what you say bout fish'n cure'n ills, the only ills I remember cure'n for me was a hangover an' a migraine headache, while lay'n on the bank under a tree an' listen'n to Cajun music....with danc'n girls twirl'n round to the Hoochi Choochi Cajun style. Ha ha, that will cure what ails ya.

OK, hope that covers everbody. I only added  herbs an' spices 1 time. Can you find where?

The "billy jeep" a/c system has a weird air flow problem. There are 5 vents in the dash. only 1 blows a bunch of air, while the other 4 act like the blower is set on low speed. I never ever seen it before in my life, but the air ducts are built into the dashboard. No hoses. I did a few hours research on Google. "Warsh out the evaporator coil Billy Bob". My special clean'n solution Mean Green I call it (Simple Green) was sprayed on both surfaces of the coil. Then 2 shop vacs was set up, one suck'n an' one blow'n. Got some muk out of there, but guess what, more air, but still not even air flow. I'm done with that sucker as far as air flow. As long as I AM cool in the summer, I'm fine with that.
Now why the hell does the heater not put out HOT air? Google is your best friend. A engine, radiator and heater core flush is on the agenda. The heater core will be disconnected and back flushed, front flushed and back flushed again. Maybe even another front flush. Maybe there will be HOT air when this is completed....but not today. That's all I'm gonna say bout the "billy jeep" today, but stay tuned.

Holy cows, it sure is good to feel good. Someone said in a comment that when you can breath, you'll feel good all over. That's pretty much a true statement. Today is 3 days in a row I feel pretty dad gum good. I ain't never in my life had to take this many meds in my life. How bout 10 a day. That includes two inhalers an' a nebulizer thingy. Oh yeah, that Proair inhaler....ha ha, I ain't supposed to take that stuff unless I go to town for a couple days an' don't have the nebulizer with me. Then I take it with me. Same medication.

Brewed me up another pot of soup today. It was, I say was, gonna be pork noodle soup with taters. Only had enough pork for half a pot, so's I now got me a pot of pork an' chicken noodle soup....with taters. Ain't the best soup in the world, but at least I can get it down. Hope the hell it stays down.

Ok, that's bout all I can think of right now. See's ya laters.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Blend door replacement an' fried eggs

I'm gonna take me a few minutes here before I fry me up 3 or 4 over easys.  I ain't eat no fried eggs in I don't know when. Hope the damn things ain't rotten again. Did ya ever eat a rotten fried egg? Ya really don't know it's rotten until bout 4th or 5th bite.

Robert come back from Walmart with a great big ol' bag full of medications. Had I not had meds insurance, he would have charged $865 to my credit/debit card. This is how pharmaceuticals get rich....gouge the old folks what ain't got no insurance. My cost was $125.

I got me some two different antibiotics, 5 boxes of nebulizer (SP) stuff, but I ain't got no nebulizer (SP).....an' I ain't gonna look it up how to spell nebulizer. I got a 3rd inhaler thingy....don't ask me why or what it for....Proair HFA. I got the new Spiriva what has a med in it for something....it's a mist spray inhaler....Spiriva Respimat. And Symbicort, another mist inhaler. Now how in hell am I gonna keep track of what ones I took a day?

Ok, remember the other night I was tell'n ya that I did a couple them inhaler thingys and was feel'n much better? The next morn'n I did it again, an' boy howdy let me tell ya....I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill all day long. I feeled so good I decided to work on the "billy jeep". After I finally found that damn cat Leonard. What does he do an' where does he hang out all day long? An' all night long. 

I was sit'n on the deck sip'n up a cup an' breath'n good. "Let's install the blend doors I ordered 4 months ago". Ok, blend doors. I ain't even gonna try to 'splain what blend doors are, but the are part of the a/c system....left an' right control. I goes out an' cranks up the "billy jeep" to move it closed to my chair an' coffee mug on the deck. Run a extention cord to operate my Dremel tool an' a light. Removed the glove box an' fires up the Dremel. Cut a hole right through the plastic enclosure an' yank out the old blend doors. Very very close quarters an' I got me the bruises to prove it. The new doors were installed an' actuator motor reinstalled....Yeee haas, it works. I quit for the day.

Yesterday I was finish up the blend door project, but I didn't feel good. Maybe today. Ya see, that new inhaler thingy (Proair) did a number on me. It dried out my throat an' air tube. Flem would not come up. Breathing was kind of hard. But I got over it an' I ain't took no more of it since. But I will later today just to see if it does the same thing. 

There's another family camp'n trip planned for Labor day....or something like that. Will I go this time? A good possibility, but don't get your hopes up. It all depends on how good I feel. Or how bad I feel. I think Robert tell me it's gonna be up in the north Georgia mountains. I like the hell out of it up there, but the ride to get there....my God it's a hunnert an' some miles. Shoot, I could do me some rainbow trout fish'n. Speak'n of fish'n, in Georgia I can get me a old folks never expire lifetime fish'n license for free. Fish anywheres I want salt or fresh water. One of the advantages of being old as a rock.

Other news.....nuttin. So's I'm gonna go fry up them eggs. Laters....

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lung doctor....what a good look'n crew

Ok, it's something like 12:53am here in Carrollton Ga. an' I ain't a bit sleepy. But hell. that's normal at my house. Don't have no idea where I'm gonna go with this, but I'll give ya a update of today's activities.

I had two things on my agenda. Open a checking account at the bank and go see the good look'n lady doctor. Actually I didn't have no idea how pretty she was till she walked into the room.
But first, me an' "yo mama" jump in her truck an' head for Villa Rica to the bank. This is when the fun starts, the nice older lady is a full fledged Georgia redneck. Well according to her speech she was. For the net hour of her get'n all my information an' stuff like that....an' me ask'n her a hunnert time "what did you say"? I now have a bank account in Georgia. Now all I got to do is transfer a zillion dollar so's I can pay off what I owe on "Sally da house". That's gonna take a bit of time cause for one thing, the bank was bought by another bank an' they gonna change stuff. They put a 1 week hold on my account. But that's Ok 'cause it takes bout that long for the funds transfer. I writ a check. But it's a done deal.

Me an' "yo mama" jumps back in the truck an' heads south to Carrollton to the pulmonary doctor place. I had to fill out all the usual stuff on one them computer look'n thingys. They was ask'n stupit questions....like, did your father drink beer? Ha ha, just joke'n. I refused to answer any questions bout family history. That's none their business. The nice assistant girl calls my name. Jump on the scales....138.4. WTH, I ain't lost 4 pounds in 4 days. Somebody needs to have their scales recalculated. In Texas, I think it's a law once a year. But maybe that's for weigh'n illegal drugs. Blood pressure was up a bit, but I got "white coat syndrome", so no problemo. Another little girl comes in. Holy cows, what a good look'n girl. I don't even remember what she did I was so impressed. 

Then  the doctor come in. I weren't think'n I was gonna deal with a lady doctor an' I say to myself...."Oh shit". But....she was also a very good look'n young lady, so I went along with the program. She done me a short walk'n test to check my oxygen level walk'n. I was great with a 97-98. Then I had me breath volume test...take bout 5 minute. Then she start bring'n out the bad news. "A little longer an' you would have been in the hospital". Whoa...what? I knowed I was in bad shape, but not that bad shape. Anyhows, this is get'n too long....she prescribe me some new meds an' give me a couple samples. For al my nurses, Spriva Respimat two puffs a day once a day. And Dulera/Symbicort, two puffs two times a day. 

Then the other girl comes back in with a freak'n big ass needle an' my sample drugs. Splains everthing to me an' reaches over an' grab holt to that needle. I raised up my sleeve an' leans my arm in her direction. She says...."drop yer drawers". And then she jabs that needle in my buttocks she shoots some steroids in my ass cheek. Damn that stuff stings. A nebulizer (SP) is on order an' I got to da a oxygen sleep test with a monitor attached....at home. A chest xray is scheduled an' on 2 weeks I go in for the BIG lung function tests. Those will tell if'n I need to be on oxygen. AND, if I need oxygen, my insurance will pay for the portable machine. No bottles to lug around. 

Dang this is get'n long, an' I ain't even finish yet.

Ha ha, me an' "yo mama" jump in the truck again an' head back to "da house".
While sit'n out on the deck, I decide I'm gonna try these new drugs. I puffs them up.' I ain't coughed one time since 3pm. Well, let me take that back....I had me a chocolate cough bout a hour ago eat'n up some chocolate ice cream.  

I'll tell ya bout the soup later on. It's 1:40am an' I'm get'n a bit sleepy. Oh wait, what's that on the TV? 
Ok, see's ya laters.