Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy merry Labor day...

Brisket has been in the smoker since 7:30 this morn'n. Robert is such a good boy.

Robert is experimenting today with "Texas recipe" brisket. Not a recipe from all of Texas mind you, 'cause up north, they do it different than they do in south Texas. But we won't get into that.

Everbody grills differently. Take for instance now, I grill my pork ribs on a open pit wood fired grill. I install a good dose of brushed on "modified" bbq sauce throughout the entire cook'n process (cooked in flavor). Fires are promptly extinguished with a water hose. Now that I have the propane fired Weber grill, I no longer "open pit" cook. An' the fun of put'n out fires is gone. The taste is bout the same, but the process is much different. And twice as fast. In beer time, it would be 4 beers versus bout 8 or 10.

I ain't got nuttin to do this morn'n....bored, so's I measured my coffee grinds into a measur'n cup. One level scoop an' one overflow'n scoop. Then I measure from a tablespoon. Two heap'n spoons per scoop. Now we come to the question, is one table spoon a level spoon full or a heap'n spoon full? Ok, ya don't want to talk bout coffee? What else can we talk bout this morn'n?

The batteries in "Sally da house" was thirsty. I give 'em a drink. My god, right at a gallon an' a half. That's 4 deep cycle golf'n cart batteries....16 cells to fill up.

Then I worked on a little yard clean up. My god, where all this stuff come from? Ya see, I had this big trash bag out there filled up with a bunch of trash stuff. A huge wind come by an' blow that stuff all over the place.....or the neighbor dogs got in it. Did a little glue job on the "spud gun from hell" so's that sucker don't blow apart when we fire a tater with it. Removed, fixed an' cleaned a bedside light. Boy howdy, that thing was full of dead bugs. Looks like a brand spank'n new one now. Two items were checked off'n the "fix it" list. Ha, that leaves only 14 to go.

Was bad when I got up this morn'n. Barely make it to the coffee pot. I cain't stand up. I swear, this old back is get'n worster every day. Then I got to think'n bout the appointment for 8am. How the hell am I gonna handle that if'n I cain't walk that early? But then I got to think'n bout a couple "good" days I had. I rekon for the condition of my back, all this is normal.

Did you know, that when I removed the furnace from "da house" I also removed the only heat source to my water tanks an' water lines? Them suckers could freeze when the temps get into the teens. I'm gonna be in Georgia in cold weather. I'm think'n a couple 150 watt light bubs. One for the fresh water tank compartment an' one for the water pump. Home Depot, here come the Billy Bob. The water hose lay'n on the ground will surely freeze up. Dang I hate snow.

Speak'n of water hose an' stuff like that...I think I have contamination. When I last had my water tank filled, the hose was not properly stowed (it's hooked up full time now). Not completely emptied an' open to air. Do ya know how to sanitize water hoses? Ya throws them in your neighbors swim pool over night. The house water lines have not been sanitized in bout 2 or 3 years. My coffee sucks. Something needs to be done. But not today.  


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holy crap, give me a break

All a gonna hear today is bad news. "Who the hell turn my electric off"???

It all started yesterday morn'n when I got up not feel'n so hot. This is get'n to be a too frequent position to be in. An' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it.

I had made me some plans for yesterday. Clean out from under the bed. Did ya make a bet? I ain't did a thing with that bed clean'n project. I sit in my chair most the day feel'n sorry for myself. So I took me a nap.

Hot damn, I can hardly wait....this was yesterday. Golf comes on in bout 3 minutes. Channel 46-1.....what ever that is. What the hell, there's people hit'n little yeller balls back an' forth....a tennis game. I don't watch tennis. I sit in my chair some more.

I cain't go outside 'cause it was rain'n out there. And the rains continue into the night. Thunder boom'n all over the place, lightning light'n up the sky. Right in my yard. Skeer the liv'n hell slap out me. Sadie Mae skeered too....lay'n right at my feet. There ain't nuttin on the TV, so's I just sit here in my chair.....think'n.

My hamburger meat has "that" smell. We will not be eat'n no hamburger tonight. By the way, HIL Harry did not fire up his grill. I'm hungry. "Eat ya up a cold hot dog Billy Bob". There's some little ants in my bread. I'm out of Spam an' my taters have eyes. At 10pm I cain't take it no longer, I got to eat "something". I got some breaded fish in the freezer. Fires up a pan an' toss me a chunk in there. My god, where all this smoke come from? That was supper.

Yesterday was not a good day at Billy Bob's house. Then for the start of a new day, I'm all bended over like that old crookit man. I make it to the coffee pot. Spill grounds all over the place again. I push the brew button. No lights come on. How comes I don't got no electricity for my coffee pot? I checks the breakers. None are tripped. The kitchen counter plugs are dead. I need my coffee.

I did me some check'n.......15 minutes.
If'n you remember bout a week back, I had to charge the battery in the "billy jeep". I left the charger sit'n out in the weather, along with a Walmart special wind up extension cord. It's plugged into the outside 115 volt receptacle, what is hook up to the "ground fault" receptacle in the bathroom. It rained. The ground fault tripped. What took out the kitchen receptacles an' my coffee pot receptacle.

So you see, Billy Bob ain't do'n too good today. Plus me an' my mind had us a little conversation last night. I got plumb tired of listen'n an' went to sleep, but my mind is still harp'n on the same subject early this morn'n. Don't he ever shut up???


Saturday, August 30, 2014

I work tooo hard

Well it was good while it lasted. I got up hurt'n like a sum-a-gun this morn'n.

I was back there in the bedroom yesterday....see, I tole ya I was gonna work back there. You ain;'t never gonna guess what I fount. A freak'n Logitech surround sound system. Not sure if'n I remember buy'n it or not. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout, carry'n stuff around for years an', in this case, not even know'n it's there. Think'n Robert may have a use for it in his travel trailer (RV).

Ha...you call that a surround sound system?

 This is a surround sound system.
 500 watts of romp'n stomp'n winder shak'n power......yeee har!!

The bed room is get'n close to be'n completed. Still have to jump my ass under the bed an' sort all that stuff out. Ok, I'm not say'n I have to get on the floor to get under my bed. It has a hinged lid on it an' all I got to do is raise it....an' there is under my bed star'n me in the face. Work'n under theret will take a good hour or two or so....I got me a ton of junk under there. One more "big" drawer to clean out. That's where I put all the extra kitchen stuff. Rusty knives, set of dishes (Correl plates an' saucers)....shoot, I don't know what all I put in there....but it's got to go. The way I see it, if'n ya put it in a drawer, you ain't gonna never use it again. God I hate throw'n stuff away. Shoot, I don't like clean'n neither.

By the way....I have some empty drawers. Nuttin to put in 'em. Now I got to think'n. If'n I was to put some that stuff under the bed in them drawers, wouldn't I have enough room under there to stow my cowboy (western) books out of sight? 

I spent a good 3 hours back there. Throw'n stuff out, sort'n an' restow'n. I sweeped the floor. I mopped the floor. I took me some breaks. I warshed the dishes. I took the trash out. Yesterday can be considered a successful day.

Computer time. This has been talked bout before. We all seem to spend tooo much time sit'n at a computer. My computer time is morn'n right after I get up. That's when I have to take me a couple hours to get that other eye open an' my joints loosen up a bit. I read the blogs. I read the news. I even check out Facebook. Then I sit an' write my daily blog. Most afternoons an' evenings the computer just sit here....do'n nuttin.

Respond'n to the comments left after I shut down the computer is a chore. Sometimes I never see them until it's too late in the day to comment back. If I comment back in the morn'n, there ain't nobody gonna see it. I know, I should write my blog at a different time every day....like evenings. In the mean time, I try my best to leave a few answers to your questions. I'll work on this. Frustrating ain't it???

Ok, "yo mama" dropped by for a visit. It's now time to get up an' do something. HIL (husband in law) Harry is gonna grill up some hot dogs an' hamburgers later in the day. Yum Yum!!!!
"Crawl under the bed Billy Bob".

Oh wait, this is for MsB. The hospital did not "give" me aspirin. I had to get it "contrabanded" in when nobody was look'n an' then "stash" it out of sight. The aspirin was my do'n.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Where the hell is my internet????

Hmmmmm, I got internet problems. Yes I paid Verizon for what is supposed to be super fast service. Ha, yesterday it was like "dial BR-549 an' wait for operator". Then on top of that, blogger was giv'n me hell. Yahoo just sit there do'n nuttin. My mail said, "try again later". Weren't much I could do.

Speak'n of "weren't much I could do", yesterday I did nuttin. It weren't that I couldn't do nuttin, it was I just didn't WANT to do nuttin. Ate me up my last bowl of Billy Bob beef stew soup an' lay don't on the couch. Lay'n on the couch was just a "test" ya know.....see if'n it relax's me. Boy howdy did it ever. I waked up 3 hour later.

While my internet was down, I got to think'n....is the end of the world com'n? My god, what would we do if'n the internet shut down for good? An' then, there's that dad gum TV I watch every night. There ain't a damn thing on there worth a flip. I flips the channels. Well crap, I done seen that a couple days ago.

Did I break 80????.....LOLOLOL hahahaha, you got to be kidding Barney. The way I see it, it's gonna be a while before I ever see the 80's again. If'n I ever do. The course we played the other day, I played from the "old farts" tees, 5370 yards. Only had me 2 pars an' enough double bogies for 2 rounds.
Ha, speak'n of double bogies....we was on a par 4. I hit a excellent driver right down the middle. My next shot I could reach the green. With my trusty 5 wood I rared back an' swak that ball....right at the green. Up there close to the green was one them sprinkler thingys. My ball hit that sucker an' takes off to the left. Right into the sand trap. It was wet in there, an' in Georgia, sand traps have 50/50 mix of red Georgia clay an' river sand. Four strokes later I'm still in the sand trap....cuss'n. You git the picture, right?

Now, bout that Lipitor. Back in 07....that's when I was *this* close to a stroke, a doctor put me on Lipitor to lower my cholesterol. I was up in the 250 range. It did an' I had no side effects.

Bout that "*this* close" to a stroke". Most of ya already know all bout it but there are some that don't. Ya see, it was get'n on to winter time in Deming, Nm. an' I had just buy a old golf cart. It was cold when we met up at the golf course (upper 30's). The golf cart needed a cover. Well shoot, I can build one of them things.

With a old $15 sew machine, a bunch of thread an' yards of heavy canvas look'n stuff I proceeded to sew. My god, I got to go to Walmart an' buy me up some more needles....bout a dozen of 'em. My blood pressure began to rise....cuss'n word flowed from my lips. Poor ol' Lug Nut an' Sadie Mae hit the door any time I would sit down to that sew machine. By the time I finished the cover for MY golf'n cart, "pesky neighbor" Wayne wanted one for his. By the time I finally reached a doctor what would see me "right now", my blood pressure had reached 210/110. An' that was sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin.

Speak'n of blood pressures...and weight. My appointment Wednesday, the nice little girl weighed me an' took my blood pressure. 142 pounds....I lost 5 or 6 since I last seen Dr. Frokersteen last year.  Now ya got to remember, I put myself on a diet bout 6 months or so ago. 145/70 on the blood pressure. Then on Thursday, this really cute little girl (bout 5 foots 8) weighs me in at 137 pounds an' 177/70 blood pressure. I don't care none bout the blood pressure, that's called "white coat syndrome", but there ain't no way a person can lose 5 pounds over night. The first scale was a mechanical scale an' the other was a digital scale. Figger that one out.

Boy howdy did I enjoy the link sent me in the comments. I spended a good hour read'n bout them electric bicycles. But that led me to read'n other "travel" blogs. It was 3:45am when I turn the computer off last night. Yes, the internet was up an' run'n full bore.

I'm kind of run'n round in circles with our little talk this morn'n. It's 'cause I don't want to touch too much on what my mind is think'n. It does this stuff every morn'n. An' then by bed time, it's off in another direction on the finer things in life..

Since aspirin was brung up, I'll put my two cents in. Back in 1980 when I was in the VA hospital (back injury), they had me on super heavy duty pain pills. But I found the only thing that killed the pain was aspirin. 5000 plus mg's a day on a good day an' right at 10,000 on a bad day. An' no stomach problems. With the 1500mg's I take now, I have no problems....that I know of. My back surgeon will put me on pain pills what will take me off aspirin, but I'll still take the one itty bitty 81mg every day.

A hour or so later.....
Now that was a nice visit. Yo Mama come down from the house an' we sit here sip'n up a cup an' talk'n bout all kind of stuff. Mainly our aches an' pains. Her foot surgery is not heal'n as expected. An' she has knee surgery in January. Poor girl.

Today....I'm gonna git off'n my ass an' do something. Hmmmmm......"finish the bedroom Billy Bob". God I don't want to go back there. But somebody got to do it.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doc #2 done with....almost

Late? The old Billy Bob ain't never late. Ya see, I didn't have much time this morn'n to spend writ'n a blog post. Doctor appointment #2 ya know.

Before I get into what I did yesterday, I sure would like to know what I did or said to piss so many of my followers off. Pooof, they gone....just like that.

Ok, we showed up at the "blood draw'n" doctors office yesterday. It was a "blood clot" doctor. I ain't got no freak'n blod clots.  Not that I know of anyhows. Me an' him sit down an have us a little chat. Answer a few questions, give some medical history....an' he says...."we ain't gonna draw no blood, you're good to go". That relieved a lot of stress, what was mak'n my back hurt like a sum-a-gun. I was so relieved I wanted to do something special for my wonderful son Robert.

Robert said a golf'n game would be special to him. I'm think'n...."can I do this"? "Be very very careful Billy Bob". We played 18 holes. I hit some beautiful shots....an' I hit some not so beautiful shots. I had no control over my lower body. I look like a drunk stand'n at the tee box.

By the 10th hole, I was start'n to hurt. Took me up a big ol' aspirin an' continued the game. By the time we reached the 16th hole I was say'n...."damn this hurts". Then I got to think'n bout what my night would be like. Two doses of ice packs helped that situation an' I got up straight this morn'n.
So YES, I can still play golf. But not every day.

We arrived at my second appointment right on schedule. This is a cardiologist doctor. Check my heart an' stuff. EKG was performed. ???????.....shoot, I don't know. Then he check my heart through one the testiscope thingys. Listen to my back an, front side. Says it sounds pretty good an' I should have no "risks" with the back surgery. But.....a stress test was ordered for the 18th of Sept. That's as close to today as they could come. A intravenous (needle) stress test an' a intravenous (needle) nuclear stress test, where they take pictures an' all that stuff. Go through a machine like I did for the MRI.

The nice doctor takes me slap off of Plavix. He says it's nuttin more than a blood thinner. Ok, I'll take his word for that.....(Google is your best friend). But he put me on Lipitor for cholesterol in place of the Plavix. He also renewed my other meds for another year. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell the nice doctor I'm on Advair....what my insurance no longer pays for. But, next week, my 3rd appointment is with a lung doctor (pulmonary)....or what ever he is. I can get him to prescribe a replacement for Advair that my insurance DOES pay for. Hot damn, I'm good to go.

Have ya ever sit down an' have a serious talk with yerself? Well I been do'n that for the last two months or so. I've had me some good thoughts (no more pain) an' I've had me some bad thoughts (live in pain the rest of my life). Ok....so what? Either way, I still have a life to live an' adjustments will have to be made. I rekon I'll have a choice of buy'n a brand spank'n new bicycle, or buy me up a fancy device to make walk'n an' get'n round a bit easier. I'm think'n ELECTRIC bicycle here.

As far as lifestyle changes, I'm ready for that. I knew this day would come some time down the road a piece, but I didn't want to do much think'n bout it. I don't want it to happen right now. There is still hope that my next bicycle will be a good'un.
Do not try to read something into my thoughts that I'm not think'n.

That's it....two days rolled into one. Hmmmmmm.....maybe something excit'n will happen this afternoon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor an' lab appointment

I went to bed early so's I could get up early this morn'n. Oh wait a minute, I got to watch this last program on TV......it's 1:30am.

This is day 3 of not feel'n too bad. I ain't say'n that I ain't feel'n, it's just that I ain't hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. Now I question "why". When I feel like this I get to think'n, can I live the rest my life like this? "Well hell no ya cain't Billy Bob, you cain't do nuttin".

Back to the state safety inspections an' registrations. Texas has a new rule, what I stated yesterday. YOU CAN NOT re-register your vehicle without a yearly safety inspection. This goes into effect March of 2015. As it is now, you can re-register, drive your vehicle....go anywheres you want without a safety inspection. I'm living proof of that fact. Mine expired bout 4 years ago. Let's just say, I've been very lucky to not have been pulled over.

Now, here's what I'm get'n at......if'n I am travel'n in another state, let's say I'm in Alaska, an' my registration becomes due. Are ya with me? Under the new rules, you got to make a quick trip back to the state of Texas an' get you a safety inspection before you can re-register. I'm sure somewheres in their rule books they will address this problem. It's just that I ain't found the answer yet. I would suggest that all Texas Rv'ers look into this. Let me know what ya find.

Well, today is the day. My first "test'n" appointment. They gonna draw blood.....bout a half gallon. Now I ain't say'n that I cain't stand pain or nuttin like that, but they gonna use one them big ass needles what skeers hell out me. Shoot, I could pass out right then an' there an' they have to revive me....an' start all over again. Man boy howdy I gonna be soooo glad when this day is done.

Second thoughts have been run'n through my mind. I suppose this is a normal reaction when the odds of a great recovery are lower than what you would expect (75/25). Then when ya got a hunnert other things go'n on, those odds decrease. That's what these tests are for, so's the doctor can decide on my chances to live another day. I have some doubts an' fears on that subject. I'm only human ya know.

Ok, I may as well shut this down. My mind is on only one thing an' that is "today". Maybe tomorrow I'll have a great story to tell ya bout the "needle from hell". 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Important Update.....Registration time

Well shoot, here it is another day an' I ain't got nuttin excit'n to say. But.....I'll say something.

Hot damn, I was sit here last night an' I says....."HEY, I'm *this* close to pain free". Not quite all the way but I was close. How comes? Well, here's what I'm think'n....hehehehe, I didn't do nuttin. Well wait a minute, yes I did. I sweeped all the grass clip'n out the door. I'm a hard work'n sum-a-gun.

The beard has been trimmed. I don't like it. Dang, I cut it too short. I'm yet to have a shave....I can do that some time either today or tomorrow. No rush. I'll let ya see when I tackle that job.

"Dang Billy Bob, you git'n too old".

While I was look'n at the "fix it" list, I added bout 4 more little chores I don't want to forget about. Sheesh, if'n I don't write stuff down, I forget all bout it an' it will never get done. 

Today....maybe, I'll fill out all these dad gum papers for my next doctor appointment. What bothers me is that I done fill all that information in already on my first visit to the "needle" doctor. It's all in the computer. Why fill it out again? Grrrrrr....that gonna take a good hour to fill out all that stuff.

Oh no, it's time to re-register "Sally da house". Since I'm no wheres close to Texas, it will have to be done online.....just like the last time. In Texas, I have the option to register for 1, 2 or 3 years. I'm go'n for 3 this year.

Now read this....Texas will no longer place a inspection sticker on your windshield.....after March 2015.
Texas drivers will enjoy a little better windshield view starting in March 2015 when safety inspections become tied to vehicle registration.
Texas’ inspection sticker — a front-glass fixture for more than half a century — will go away in the process.
The inspection itself is still required. Vehicle owners will have to get one within 90 days before renewing their registration. They will have to provide proof the inspection was passed, just as they now provide proof of insurance.

Now how this will effect RV's that travel all over the US, I ain't found no information for when you are out of state. You can only get a Texas safety inspection in Texas ya know.

Ok, that's enough read'n for one day. See ya laters.
Important Update:
Ha....the great state of Texas no longer accepts multi year registrations. Dang, that pisses me slap off.
But anyhows, "Sally da house" is registered for another year....just one.