Sunday, November 23, 2014

My god, life is good

Man boy howdy, that dad gum George an' Suzie has got me all fired up. Go head, click it, you'll be glad ya did.
Ya see, he's over there in Louisiana, one my favorite states, hav'n the time of his life, an' he's tell'n the whole world bout it. The old Billy Bob is sit'n here with spit run'n down his chin (drool). Some of ya may remember bout a year an' a half ago, I was mak'n me plans on a trip to Louisiana. Eat me up some cajun food an' listen to cajun music. Two of my favorite things to do. Spend a couple weeks at Betty's RV Resort. That's where George is at an' that what HE is do'n.

Yup, yesterday was another excellent day. Did me up a few little chores to finish the desktop an' put me a pivot point on that chair (recliner). That's so I can push it up to the wall for travel, or I can pull it out for a wonderful reclined nap. That's the best I can do to 'splain it.

Later in the day, I decided that dad gum tug boat need a little attention. Let's start mak'n a couple smoke stacks. My god, how long does it take to make a couple simple smoke stacks??? Measure, cut, sand, glue an' paint (paint scheme can easily be changed....in bout two hours or so).

Ya wanna see 'em on the boat? Ok, here ya go.

There is still a ton of stuff to be added to the stacks. This was the easy part. Due to outside weather conditions, rain an' chilly, there's a slight possibility I may be work'n on a tug boat today.

Oh poot. I was outside yesterday an' I smell propane. I start inspect'n all the connections at the 10 gallon external tank what is hooked to "da house". Well shoot, I want you lookie here, the 20# regulator is got a leak. I'm think'n moisture got in it while it was unhooked for bout 6 months. Then when we hook it up, an' the temps got below freez'n, that moisture freeze up an' break my regulator. Just a thought.
Now I got me a decision, do I replace the regulator, or throw that sucker in the dumpster? The hose is a medium pressure hose (reason for regulator), but I'm think'n it can handle the high tank pressure just fine. If not, THEN I got me a new hose AND a regulator to replace.

Now, let me tell ya bout the last three days. Comfort does make a difference. I ain't had not one negative thought. Not even this morn'n with some back pain an' rain'n like hell outside. As soon as I clean up all this mess, I'll take a picture so's you'll know why I feel so good. My god, life is good.....sometimes.

Think'n I'll leave it at that. See ya all tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another good day....slow but good

Before we get into talk'n bout all the stuff I did yesterday....let me tell ya bout that chair (recliner).
Ya see, I was sit'n over here at the revamped desktop look'n at an' do'n stuff on the computer. I was comfortable sit'n in my office chair. That's when I says....."let's go sit in the recliner". I get it set just like I like it, an' in 10 minutes, I'm sound asleep. Sleep is NOT the reason I bought this thing.
Anyhows, I thought that was funny.

I was work'n with Google maps yesterday. Map'n out the south Texas trip....put'n markers at bout every 200 miles or so for overnight stays. As with all of Google products, Google maps is screwed up. I switch to the earth view, I get a black screen....with my route show'n. Ain't no trees, houses, grass....there ain't nuttin. Now, is it Google, or is it the Windows 8.1 I got on this computer???
Anyhows, after a couple hours, I have a 4 day route all the ways to Victoria, Texas with 4 overnight stops along the way.

Have ya ever modified a piece of wood?? Well I did. Ya see, I need something to keep them office trays up there on the desk shelf from fall'n off go'n a hunnert mile a hour round a corner. On a boat it's called a fiddle. A raised edge....kind of like a wooden fence to keep neighbor dogs from shit'n in your yard. Today there is a possibility I may pull the desktop, paint the piece of 1x4 on the back of the desktop flat black an' paint the fiddle gloss white to match the shelf. Put a good coat of poly on the two runner thingys an' I'll have me a completed desktop.

There's also a possibility, depend'n on how I feel after while, I may locate the pivot point for the swivel on the recliner. This is a engineering skill what most people know nuttin about. So I ain't gonna try to 'splain it. From yesterdays measurements, it looks like that pivit point will be exactly 42.5 degs off center. (I just said that to get the engineers all excitis)

Boy howdy, it's so freak'n hard to slow down after a lifetime of "go go go". I spent the entire day yesterday "do'n stuff" an' there ain't a damn thing done. Three little chores. But a ton of think'n, take'n breaks, sip'n up a cup an' puff'n a few smokes.

Just in case you're think'n there won't be no more tug boat talk, pictures an' stuff, git that out your mind right now. It's been three days since I work on that thing, but don't go think'n I'm gonna put it in a closet. I just don't have the extra time to indulge in one my favorite hobbies with all this other back break'n work I been do'n.

Speak'n of back break'n work....yes, my friggin back hurts. Ever morn'n I get up out of bed with some back pain. Enough to remind me to take a couple Advils. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good....consider'n all that ails me.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Project done, finished, complete...well, almost

In case you missed yesterdays update, the desktop is finished, the kitchen table has been modified an' placed in the corner. The electrical circuit has been installed. Actually, one them plug in thingys plugged into the microwave receptacle. Pieces of scrap wood toss out in the yard, tools picked up....an' sweeped the floor. Me an' my wonderful son Robert work on that shit for bout 5 hours just to get it *this* close to perfect as possible. A few choice words was spoke as things didn't line up.

These photos reposted just in case ya miss them yesterday.

There is still lots to do after this project. Where in the hell am I gonna put all them can goods what was stored under the couch? It looks like a trip to Walmart is on the agenda to buy up some plastic containers to fit on the shelves in the hall closet. That's why I built them shelves for, right?

Now, bout that chair. I'm think'n that thing ain't gonna work out as I planned. Ya see, I sit in it bout 4 times now, watch'n TV ya know, an' each time I sit in it, I fall slap to sleep. Yes, it's that comfortable. I still need to place a swivel point on the floor for the swivel chair base. This will allow me to grab holt to that chair an' slide it out from the wall, but still be in the same position when I push it back in. An' it won't be roam'n round the living room while go'n down the road. One lag screw placed in the correct position will take care of that.

Then....Robert grab holt to Sadie Mae an' give her a bath, toenail clip'n an' took to her with his dog hair clippers.

 Surprisingly, she only bited him one time. Well, it weren't really a bite. It were just a little "nip" to remind him to be very very careful. She's happy.
But......."Robert, that's not the way ya cut hair".

Ok, all the talk I done for the last couple years bout comfort in my latter years. I'm think'n that project is finished. I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in. I have a very comfortable recliner to kick back in. Got rid of all that carpet so's I can clean the entire floor in less than 10 minutes (sweep an' damp mop). I got me the best computer desk in the world.....an' a very comfortable office chair. That table over there in the corner can be used either to eat on or prepare home cook'n meals. Shoot, I got it made in the shade.

Say'n good bye ain't one my favorite past times. Everbody is on their way to Florida to git on the dad gum cruise ship. It's just me an' Sadie Mae. Yesterdays an' last nights good bye's was short an' sweet.....the Billy Bob way. Hugs, I love ya's an' hope to see you down the road a piece.   

Ok, one more photo of the finished project.

See ya tomorrow......

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Update....Continuation of comfot zone

This is just for you Max.
Yes I looked at the wall huggers, but wall huggers can not have the swivel attachment attached. Due to the location of my TV, I need to swivel as I recline into a "nap'n" situation.
Bout the Mr Heater. You will be soooo happy to purchase one. The savings from 100% efficiency versus 60% efficiency from a furnace will pay for it's self in nuttin flat.
When I purchased mine, I also bought the hook up hose with it, bout 8 feet long. Come with a regulator...what I throwed in the trash. Bought a few fit'ns at Home Depot an' hook that hose up after the house regulator.
I also have another hose installed to hook up an' external propane tank to "da house". If'n my house tank runs dry, I can hook up my BBQ tank.....5 gallon, last bout a week in cold weather.

Ok, due to the opinion of OFM Barney (thank ya Barney), I now have a wonderful comfort zone. I sit at that desk last night....did me a little cuss'n. The office chair don't get close enough to the desktop for "comfort". But guess what??? The old Billy Bob figger out a way to fix that too. A slide out desktop. That what I'm gonna do. But anyhows, I am satisfied with the new location. Kind of sorta.

Then I went an' sit in the recliner...watch'n TV an' sip'n up a cup an' burn'n some smokes. My god, I like this. Look'n at the floor plan, I have lost very little space. Ya wanna dance???

The old kichen chair has been delivered by HIL Harry. It looks, with a little modification, it will fit perfectly. The modification tools are still lay'n on the floor.

Ok, it's time to "do something". Later in the day I'll update.

Ok, I an't got much time for talk'n....I got stuff to clean up.

The desktop is complete. I did exactly what I said I was gonna do, the desktop slides out to 33 inches from the wall. But, it took more than the 30 minutes I was talk'n bout. Try bout 3 or 4 hours work by two conscientious desk builders. The electric thingy hang'n on the wall is supplied by way of the microwave receptacle in a cabinet. We good to go.

Oh, just  in case ya want to comment on that filthy carpet, it will be replaced at a later date.

Then when that project was completed, the table was modified for a perfect fit in the corner.

  Well shoot, we done. Now I can get back to "do'n nuttin".

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A workable plan for "that chair"

The old Billy Bob ain't a happy camper this morn'n. I like to freeze plumb to death last night. Had to throw another blanket on the bed. Got down in the neighborhood of bout 17 or 18 degs last night. That folks, is NOT camp'n weather. Ok, so I'm not camp'n. But, I'm in "da house" though, an' "da house" do get cold.

Now....bout that damn chair. Beautiful comfortable big ass "damn chair".
Start'n with the original idea to replace the uncomfortable couch, the chair was gonna sit on the slide out floor. I mean....like where else can you put a recliner in a motorhome. Slide out floor is 28 inches deep. The chair is 35 inches deep. In order for the chair to do anything it's designed to do, it needs to be pulled a foot from the wall. With modification (two office chair rollers), this can be done. But, it's plumb ass ugly sit'n up there. I say "up there" cause the slide out floor is 2 1/2 inch higher than the main floor. This is option #1. It's workable.

Now, we can move the desk to where the couch used to sit an' place that chair on that side of the room. This is a more workable option....an' it won't be near as ugly. The chair will be at the correct height an' everbody will be happy. With very little modification. But this has drawbacks too. A new electrical circuit installed. Modify the cabinet I builded (cut 3 inches off'n the top).
God I hate the thought of the desk on the other side the room. 

"What the hell, that's not even close to scale".

I'm think'n this would be the better option. What ya think????
Ok, that's all I have to say bout that.....(Gump).

I may be back later with a update. Right now I got a desk to tear apart. Photo in a little bit.

Just a quick update on acid reflux. I was prescribed Ranitidine, a acid blocker, back in 2007. It has worked wonders for me. $4 at Walmart for 65 tabs. One a day. Now, some the nasty stuff I eat, it don't matter how many tabs ya take, it's gonna come up. I don't eat like normal people ya know.

See, I tole you I would be back.

Ha, everthing fits like a glove. I been measure stuff, cut'n to fit.....I'm almost done. The desktop has a new location. But, I'm gonna lower the thing bout 2 inches or so. Take bout 30 minutes or so.

Now I got a ton of tools to pick up off the floor. Project is not finished yet, but it's gonna work out just fine.

The old oak kitchen table will be installed behind the chair (recliner). Mr. Heater will live somewhere's back there.

Speak'n of measure stuff to fit, you cain't do that in a motorhome. Motorhomes are builded out of square an' nuttin is plumb.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfort Update.....Wrong Billy Bob....it's too freak'n big

Today we will be talk'n bout "the mistakes we make" at an older age. I try very hard to NOT make mistakes, but in the last few years, the numbers have added up. I probly made a few in my younger years, but I don't dwell on them. Like the time I stick my hand in a fish's mouth to retrieve my hook. An' the fish has teeth. Have ya ever hear Billy Bob scream?

Ok, on with my terrible, not life threatening, mistake of the day. We went shop'n. Chair shop'n. For hours. Drive a gazillion miles. An' it was freez'n cold. We looked at a gob of chairs in bout 4 or 5 furniture sell'n places. Two of my favorite ones was at the Lazy Boy store, both very comfortable an' both good look'n mama's. We returned to "da house" to do some think'n. To this point, it's been a good day.

Long story short, I bought a Lazy Boy swivel, rocker, recliner with all the comfort you could ever dream possible.

It takes 20 minutes to remove, an' toss in the dumpster ( the back of Robert's pick 'em up), a couch from a motorhome. Plastic containers of can foods will be find'n a new home (storage area). I sit in that "chair" sit'n in the middle the room. Rock back a forth, swivel that sucker a 360 a couple time an' throws it in recline. Holy crap, I love this chair.

Then we throws it up on the slide out floor. It don't fit. No way in hell it will ever fit.

  Well shoot, I can modify that an' have me the most comfortable sit'n place in the world. Long story short.....no ya can't. Draw'ns are drawed, measurements made, swivel removed an' different positions tryed....it won't work. No way in hell it will ever work.

I call Robert this morn'n..."do you still have the couch in your truck"? Twenty minutes an' we can install that sucker in "da house". Now, who in my family would like a brand spank'n new swivel rocker recliner for Christmas?

Just for fun, I worked on that tug boat last night....while I'm beat'n my head against the walls.
The top pilot house railings have been installed an' that little ladder was constructed. Man boy howdy, you talk bout some time....bout 4 hours bend'n wire, solder'n, paint'n an' glue'n. This boat is gonna take years to finish.

Yes it was cold last night.....bout 24 degs. But I managed to get a good nights sleep. Except for another episode of acid reflex. Come slap out my nose....burn like hell.

I know it's late to make a update, but....I'm all excitis. I found a way to make the recliner work an' not lose much "dance floor" area. But, it's a major modification to my liv'n room. I'll tell ya all bout it in the morn'n. I still have to make a drawing to make sure my excitement ain't for nuttin. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pilot house look'n good

Oh boy, you talk bout some cold weather headed this way. Temps are supposed to fall into the 30's by 5pm today. An' expected to fall another 10 degs. to 24 degs, by tomorrow (Tuesday) morn'n. I'm think'n there will be no golf ball swak'n for at least the next 10 days.

Ok, so it's a little cold outside an' the old Billy Bob is sit'n on his ass in "da house". I can do that ya know....I'm a retired person. An' retired persons know how to (professionally) do that. It ain't like we got to go chop down some trees an' cut 'em in little pieces for firewood....or go mow the lawn. All we need is some warmth an' a comfortable place to sit down.

Now, bout this trip to south Texas. Does it really matter when I get on the road? Nope, it sure don't. Ya see, when I arrive in south Texas....I'm gonna sit on my ass. An occasional round of golf ball swak'n an' maybe catch me up a couple fish once in a while. In other words, I'm gonna be do'n the same thing I am here in Georgia. If'n it snows, no biggie....snow melts. Frozed up water lines....ice melts. But, I like south Texas an' a couple weeks of winter versus months of winter in Georgia. See ya down the road a piece, when ever that will be.

Ha, me an' Robert work on that tug boat yesterday. We was make'n steps an' railing for the pilot house. My god, 4 hours down the drain.

After Robert headed home, I builded the railings for the back of the pilot house. You talk bout some cuss'n....I knows how to cuss I betcha. Bet ya didn't notice I painted the mast flat black. May change that.

Robert show up this morn'n. He says...."daddy, let's go look at chairs (swivel rocker) at the Lazy Boy store. I can do that. *But my main concern is to go buy some more paint for the tug boat.* Need a can of sandable primer an' another can of white. More on the chair later.

Speak'n of hit'n the road...everbody wants me to remain at "yo mama's" until they return from the Caribbean. A family get together to see their daddy an' papaw off. Tons of home cooked food. Danc'n girls....stuff like that.

Ok, time to go look at chairs. See ya laters.