Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm grouchy

Ok, so I'm grouchy this morn'n. I get that way when I hurt like hell an' don't get a absolutely wonderful restful sound sleep. Boy howdy, I don't want much do I?

Ya see, last night I dreamed I was all set up for surgery. The damn nurse was push'n this toothbrush look'n thingy down my throat. Said it was to roughen up my throat so the medications would stick. Then she start cram'n big ol' pills down there. I'm gag'n. The doctor says..."not his throat....his butt".
Damn I'm glad I waked up when I did.

You might think that's funny, but I thought bout that for a freak'n hour. Waked up think'n bout that. Then I got think'n bout the doctor. Then I got to think'n bout the wheelchair an' walkers. Then I got to think'n bout never walk'n again. All negative thoughts an' not one positive. Now ya see why I'm grouchy this morn'n.

Ha, ya think I didn't do nuttin yesterday? Well let me tell ya, I spend a good 3 hours back there in the bedroom go'n through stuff, throw'n stuff out an' put'n other stuff on the shelves. But I'm a long ways from finished.

Books, what do I do with my books? I tole ya before that I got bout 300 western paperback books. Probly read all of 'em an' some a second time. Now what the hell am I gonna do with them? If I save 'em, I got to find a place to stow 'em. If'n I give 'em away, I don't got nuttin to read no more. Decisions decisions.
"Ok Billy Bob, when was the last time ya readed a book"? Ahh, bout a year ago when I was boondock'n. Hmmmmm....when will I ever boondock again?

Seems my life is hang'n on to what the doctor gonna say next week (Tuesday). And what he can do for me to get rid of some this daily pains I got. If nuttin can be done, I'm screwed. I looked at them MRIs again. Now if'n I was a doctor, I would cut me open an' take them smashed disks out.

Oh nevermind. I got things to do. Laters.

Poor "yo mama" is all down an' out over her foot surgery tomorrow. I know how she feels. An' she all grumpy too. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There went a 10 dollar bill.....poooof, gone just like that

Holy crap, I should'a listen to Gypsy.

Ya see, it's like this.....yesterday I feeled better than I have for weeks. I'm gonna do something. An' boy howdy do I got some stuff what needs attention.  I jump in with both feet.

I spent a whole dad gum hour clean'n the desk top. Throwed a ton of crap in the dumpster. Sorted them plastic Walmart special container thingys. Throwed more stuff in the dumpster. My desk top looks brand spank'n new. Well, it did for a little while. Ya see, the next item on my list required some heavy duty tools....drills, drill bits, screws...stuff like that. They are sit'n on my desk top this morn'n. Then I went through the same kind of containers in my desk cabinet. More stuff to the dumpster. Yeee ha, I ain't got nuttin left....an' I know damn well I'm gonna need it sometime in the next years time. God I hate throw'n stuff in the dumpster.

The floor....let's sweep an' mop the floor. My god, where all this dog hair come from? "Sadie Mae, you next". Now sweep'n a floor ain't so bad. But I did have to take me a couple "sip up a cup" an' "light one up" breaks. The floor is sweeped. I look at my mop. Ha, there ain't no way this is gonna work. POS Walmart special. It's hands an' knees time. An' let me tell ya, that was a freak'n chore. The floors are mopped.

Dirty dishes pile is get'n bigger.

I breaks out the hair cut'n stuff. Gotta fix Sadie Mae's crookit hair. Thank ya son Billy....sheesh!!! Did I mention Sadie Mae don't like haircuts? But surprisingly, she just lay there an' let me do my thing. For over a damn hour. "Sadie Mae, you so purdy with a new haircut". Still a long ways from a professional groom'n, but she's good to go for another couple three months. Spray her down with the Frontline spray stuff for fleas, ticks an' what ever else she gets into. Check Sadie Mae off the list.

That spud gun. No further tests was done yesterday. I ate the damn tater I was gonna use for the test. Now there is a slim possibility I may go outside an' see if'n I can blow that sucker up. Well, not really blow it up, but see if'n I can make it work......BOOOOM....Phooof....fire come out the barrel. I also need to fabricate some parts to make it look like a "spud gun from hell" an' not just a plain ol' spud gun. Pistol grip with trigger. Ammo clip. An' a long range hunters scope. Paint that sucker up to a flat black finish. Yeee ha, I can hardly wait. Come on Mack, come visit papaw.

Sissy....click right here...http://musingbythecreekside.blogspot.com/ . That's your blog. Notice there is no "s" after musing. "That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

Now....I went to bed way way more early last night. Right at bout 10:15pm. I was think'n maybe I would get a good night sleep an' get up early this morn'n an' feel like a hunnert dollar bill. Well let me tell ya right now....don't go to bed think'n that kind of shit is gonna work. My god, I cain't walk. Well I can, but it hurt like hell. Damn bulldozers. Aspirin to the rescue....one or two?

Get'n back to how good I feel yesterday, while I was go'n through stuff, I fount a old draw'n I did a few years back. Some of ya know it as my last dream, an' then there's some of ya that ain't never seen it before. This is my RV shelter/patio.

When I look at this draw'n yesterday....damn, I git'n myself all excitis again. Even though I had given up on this dream bout a year ago.....due to old age an' not being able to "do nuttin" no more, I'm think'n there may still be a possibility to live my dream. This would make a perfect "Sally da house" homebase don't ya think? Git too cold, ya go somewheres where it's warm. Git to hot, ya go somewhere's where it's cool. Damn, I'm gonna need me a bulldozer, a dump truck an' a backhoe. An' a bunch of cheap labor. Come on stock market, do yer thing.

Ok, I'm done for the day. Cain't think of anything else to write about.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A brand spank'n new $10 dollar bill

Man boy howdy. I feel terrible when I talk bout my own back issues, while at the same time there is other people in much worser shape than I am.....by far. I ain't gonna mention no names, but you know who you are. I don't rekon I'll ever meet ya, but it sure would be nice to go for a walk, sit down on a park bench sip'n up a cup an' talk bout our dreams an' expectations. I'm think'n you know what I'm talk'n bout.

The phone ringed. It was Robert. "I'm bring'n you that piece of pipe daddy". I can see it now, we gonna be work'n on a "spud gun from hell". An' that's exactly what we did. Gimme some glue Robert. Cut this piece of pipe Robert. Hand me that big hammer Robert. We piddled with them pieces of pipe for the next 2 hours. Installed all the necessary parts an' "walla", we got a spud gun.

Now this is what a regular spud gun looks like. It's ready to send chunks of taters into the neighbors yards. All we gotta do is make it work. We spray all kind of crap in there an' the damn thing don't ignite the high octane "blow something up" propellants. What the hell???

As you can plainly see by the following photo, this above photo IS NOT a "spud gun from hell".

THIS is the "spud gun from hell".

As usual, when something don't work as designed, Google is your best friend. The chamber must be completely sealed....a tater down the barrel, an' a good dose of oxygen inside the chamber before ya spray in the propellant. If'n ya ain't got no oxygen, regular ol' air will work. That's where we went wrong. We was try'n to shoot a spud gun with no ammo in it an' no oxygen....just to be on the safe side ya know. Futher tests will be made later in the day....after I get my other eye wide open an' can see. In case you're wonder'n, this is NOT the first spud gun I ever built. But it IS the first spud gun I built that didn't work. "Hey yo mama, ya got any taters I can borry"?

Grandson Mack's interest has floundered. ?????.....what do I do now? This was "our" project, to be worked on together. Not papaw do all the work an' grandson Mack to receive all the praise an' glory.

 Speak'n of "yo mama", she is scheduled for surgery this Friday. Some kind of foot surgery. Then at a later date, knee surgery. Poor girl gonna spend the rest of her life lay'n on the couch watch'n soaps an' Judge Judy. Robert has been tak'n measurements for a handicap ramp. He's such a good boy.

Ok, got up this morn'n feel'n like a crisp 10 dollar bill. Shoot, I can do anything this morn'n. Well, maybe not anything, but I sure as hell feel better than I have for the last few weeks. How bout a 3 pain level? Hip don't hurt too bad. Got plenty sleep last night. Even got up a hour early this morn'n. "You da man Billy Bob.....yeee har".

I got tools to be put up. I got floors to sweep. I got a desk top to be cleaned. I got a bedroom what needs cleaned. Dishes gonna be fine just like they are. Trash is out. "Sadie Mae....cut Sadie Mae's hair".
Man, I got to slow down. Just think'n bout all that stuff, I may need me a nap in a bit.

Oh wait, my frick'n refrigerator is fall'n out the hole. The fridge sits on a platform in the wall.bout 15 inches off'n the floor. Well....the platform is fall'n apart an' in need to be rebuilt. I can do that. While I'm do'n that, I will remove the furnace what lives under the refrigerator an' put me in a great big ol' drawer. The furnace is unused (vents covered with walnut flooring) an' another kitchen drawer sure would be nice in it's place.

See what I'm talk'n bout, the old Billy Bob never has a dull moment. Always gotta fix stuff.



Monday, July 28, 2014

Acceptable blog matteral

Got to think'n last night bout what to post on a blog. Or should I say, what is acceptable to post on a blog. Some the stuff I post is probly right on the edge of.....holy crap, what is that word I'm look'n for?

Ya see, my blog tells ya bout everthing I do from the time I get up till the time I finally hit the sack somewheres past the midnight hours......an' then some. Now I ain't say'n I tell ya everthing, but I do paint ya a picture of my life. There ain't many bloggers what do that. They hide behind....."don't say it Billy Bob, somebody gonna git pissed". But there are a select few....an' them are my favorites. For those of ya that been read'n my blog for a hunnert year or so, know all there is to know bout me. Shoot....YOU could write a book....sell bout 14 copies.

But I wouldn't have my blog content any different. I mean like....if'n I'm gonna tell ya a story, let's put some facks in there too. Facks what led up to the story. Like when I was just a tyke, liv'n on the farm, I was a rambunctious little bastard what did stuff no normal kid would think of do'n. When ya know that little piece of fact, the story has more mean'n. Do I like mean'n in my stories? You betcha I do. And I like a bunch of spices too. Kind a sorta makes ya forget the down times a bit.

But......maybe it's time for a change. *sit'n here think'n* What should I change? Ok, forget all that stuff I just said......I ain't chang'n nuttin.

Now bout last night. "My god Billy Bob, nobody is still awake at 5am in the morn'n". Well, I was. My mind was in high gear....think'n bout stuff that ain't got no mean'n what so ever. My pet chicken. My dogs. My cats. Run'n a red light in Kansas. Swim'n in a creek an' I cain't swim. Mountain lion hunt'n. Swak'n a rattlesnake with a brand spank'n new fish pole. Health issues came to mind. Broke stuff came to mind. See what I'm talk'n bout.....I think weird stuff when I should be sound asleep.

Only 8 more days. That's my appointment with the surgeon doctor ya know. Now while I'm sit'n here think'n bout it, too many people think there ain't "nuttin to it" get'n my back fixed. Well, let me tell ya right now, there IS something to it. I got the MRI ya know an' what I see in that thing is a beat up old pick'em up truck with a bent frame, ball joints wore slap out....bunch of whiskey dents, broke winders....an' a dead battery. Get'n this close to my appointment, do'n further research....look'n at that pick'em up truck, I get'n them negative feel'ns again. It keeps me awake at night....see above.

I had so much company yesterday I didn't do a damn thing. But, I didn't make no plans to do nuttin anyhows. Well I did, but it will still be there tomorrow....or the next day. I don't believe in rush'n in to anything ya know, especially work. Hmmmmmm....is in to the same as into?


Sunday, July 27, 2014

One more project job checked off

Today has started out "one of them days". But I suppose we could talk bout that later on.

Yup, I did it. Hope some of ya won some bucks. The cabinet doors were cut to size an' them modified hinges are installed an' the doors installed on the awaiting cabinet.

 As you can plainly see....it's perfect. Now...perfect can be interpreted by many as a wonderful piece of art. But if'n you're a libra, there are no imperfections that go unnoticed. I'm a libra ya know an' I strive to build "perfect" every time. I'll buy this job as almost perfect. 1/32 of a inch does make a difference. "Scratch it off the list Billy Bob, nobody will ever know".

Now, get'n back to go'n places. I was serious when I said I ain't all excitis no more bout hook'n up "billy jeep" an' head'n down the road a thousand miles. But that don't mean I don't want to be somewheres else. Even cruis'n down the highway a hunnert mile a hour don't excite me no more. I rekon I'm just a worry wart that something ain't gonna work out right. Like stranded along some hunnert mile stretch of gravel road an' no other traffic. Or the damn generator won't crank up for a fresh pot of coffee. By the way....Onan generator is fixed. "Wait a minute Billy Bob, ya only tested it 1 time".

Anyhows, all my hopes an' dreams bout "go'n down the road a piece" is hang'n on the results of my next doctor appointment. My back issues is what has me in this mood I talk bout so much. More in this after Aug 5th.

I been lay'n back not do'n nuttin for too long now. All them new shelves I builded are still empty. Stuff is still lay'n all over the place. The floor needs sweeped again. I suppose it could be mopped too. My desk top is a total conglomeration of "stuff" that don't belong there. Walk in my "da house", you would call me a slob. An' Sadie Mae, I need to try to fix her haircut. Thanks wonderful son Billy.

Let's face it....I need to git off'n my ass a do something.

Went out to supper last night with "yo mama" an' HIL (husband in law) Harry. Chinese. In all the Chinese eat'n places I ever been, this one has to be the best. Bookooos of great tast'n food. I eat way too much. I need a nap. But that didn't happen, I got the squirts.....for 4 hours. Ha ha, you didn't think I would say that did ya? Then this morn'n, I waked up at 6:30.....wide freak'n awake. My god, I need some sleep.  

What else ya wanna talk bout today? The weather? A bit on the warm side...94 degs, no breeze all sunshiny. Damn, I should be on the golf course.

Speak'n of golf course, I went outside, grab holt my pitch'n wedge an' hit some balls. But only for a few minutes. My back side says...."that's it, ya gonna sit down". See, this is what I been talk'n bout....I cain't do nuttin no more an' that pisses me off.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wrong kind of PVC pipe

Ok, let's try this one more time. I didn't do too well yesterday when I corrected a couple followers. Ha....I still ain't learnt to talk English right yet. Sorry guys.

Yesterday weren't a very good day. Ya see, me an' Mack jump in the "billy jeep" an' heads for town. When we got to town, I'm slap lost....done go the wrong way. Mack ain't no help, he's lost too. We finally get all straighten out an' pull into Home Depot. We gonna buy us a 3 inch piece of PVC pipe. "Nope, no ya ain't Billy Bob". All they got is PVC DWV pipe. DWV is for drain, waste an' vent. We ain't build'n no dad gum drain or nuttin like that ya know. Went off to Lowes. Same damn story. Ain't go nuttin but DWV. Long story short, we ain't got no high pressure PVC pipe. Hmmmmm.....can pvc pipe made out of foam hurt ya if'n it blows up? An' who's idea was it to make pipe out of foam anyhows??? See what ya can find Ed......I need help here.

As requested, Sadie Mae is do'n fine. Damn dog don't do nuttin but get under my feet an' bark at the grandkids. Then she lays on her back an' says...."scratch my belly". Billy give her a bath the other day an' attempted to cut her hair. More work for the old Billy Bob to try to fix it. But not today.

Been have'n me some more them depressing thoughts bout the rest of my life. I don't like think'n bout that kind of stuff.....but somebody gotta do it. It ain't really so much bout this winter, but bout the rest my life in general. I just cain't get excitis bout nuttin.....summer or winter. I got me a whole bucket full of "dreads". Have ya ever dreaded driv'n down the road a piece? But it goes further than that. Camp site set ups. Get'n gas. Dump'n tanks. Look'n for my damn dog. Well, with Sadie Mae, that ain't a problem. All I gotta do is look under my camp chair.....there she are.

Now....if'n I had me some excit'n places to go, it would be a different story. Well (for Dizzy Dick), if'n I could do something other than sit on my ass, maybe I could get a little bit excitis. I don't do that no more. Only thing what goes through my mind is ..."you gonna work yer ass off Billy Bob".

I'm sit'n here look'n at them pieces of plexiglass. An' them new "modified" hinges. I can do that I betcha a dollar. For ya bet'n people, don't bet too much. Shoot, I may decide to take a nap.

Speak'n of nap. Last night I ate me up the other half of my Subway sammich....with ranch dress'n on it. Yum boy howdy. An a bowl of cucumber, onion an' maters....with ranch dress'n on it. Yum boy howdy. Then I got sleepy. Not for just a couple minutes, but a couple hours. That's why I was still wide awake at 2am this morn'n. I either gotta quit eat'n or I gotta quit nap'n. How ya quit nap'n when you're asleep? Figger that one out.....

Ok, nuttin excit'n go'n on. It's already afternoon an' I ain't done a damn thing. Let me see what I can do bout that.



Friday, July 25, 2014

Booooom.....it works

Well shoot, here it is Friday already.....where the hell did the week go? Ha....an' I got out of bed way too early.

Ya see, it was like this.....I had to pee, had a leg cramp an' my mind went to work too early. Toss an' turn for bout two hours before I said to hell with it an' scrambled down the hallway to the coffee pot. Ahhhh, nuttin like a fresh cup of strong coffee to start your day.

It's a beautiful day out there....what will I do today?

Back to that "spud gun from hell". I git'n all excitis. So excitis that I went outside an' slip some parts together, spray some flamable propellant in it, pushes the igniter button, an'.....booom.....fire come out the back that thing. Burn my whiskers. Ya see, I was check'n the location I installed the igniter thingy...look'n in the back end to make sure it would spark an' set off the explosive stuff I sprayed in there. Yup, it did. But.....

Sit'n there look'n at the 3 inch PVC high pressure gas chamber, I notice something I didn't see before. "NOT FOR PRESSURE" wrote all over that piece of 3 inch PVC pipe. Spud guns create pressure. High pressure. This will NOT work. Well, maybe it will, but Mack is only 13 years old an' his mama would be highly pissed if'n that thing blowed up while he was shoot'n taters at the neighbors cat. Don't git excitis....Mack ain't gonna shoot no cats. The gas chamber will have to be replaced. 

Been kind of lay'n aside all my whinn'n, bitch'n an' moan'n bout this back issue. One day I'm fine. The next day I hurt like hell. Yesterday was good. Today I have no complaints. In 11 days I will know something....or I hope I will know something. Good news would be a plus.

I got a email to answer.....so don't think I forgot ya. Some emails are easy to answer. Some is hard. Hang in there, watch for the mailman, a letter may be com'n yer way. Good thing it weren't a dad gum phone call. I hate phones.

Mayo Clinic. A few years ago I contacted Mayo for another serious issue I have. "We no longer accept Medicare".
*Google, google google*
It seems they have changed their policy. But right now, I'm not in need to go to Mayo. The organization I am go'n to for my back is a very big corporation....or something like that. Resurgens Orthopaedics if'n ya wanna check em' out. Got great big ol' buildings all over the state of Georgia. A ton of doctors an' staff. So far, I have no complaints....other than talk'n to a damn "needle" doctor an' time between appointments.

I just seen Ed's most recent comment on yesterdays blog. I never said Medicare pays my medical bills 100 %. I said I am covered 100% of what the doctors charge....don't never cost me a cent. What Medicare don't pay, my secondary insurance pays.....BCBS. My BCBS is paid by The University of Texas through my retirement from them. I do pay a "cheap" sum quarterly ($124) for extra coverage UT does not pay for....dental an' vision care. 

Ok, Mack showed up this morn'n. We got to go shop'n for a piece of PVC pipe.....an' a 10 pound bag of taters.