Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dizzy an' cain't walk.....for a while

I'll attempt to write something today. I was in no condition yesterday to even push a key on the keyboard.

Ya see, it was like this.....I got a notice pop up in my screen what said I need to install some upgrades. So I went to look see what them upgrades was. Most were security upgrades, but there was a whole bunch of other stuff. I got to think'n....maybe that other stuff might fix my ailing computer. So's I decided I would give it a try. (As of this morn'n, my curser is do'n what its supposed to do...no jump'n all over the screen)

It was 9:20pm when I hit the upgrade button....shit started download'n. 870 some megs of shit. I'm watch'n TV an' punch'n keys on the computer while all that stuff downloads. It's now 11:30pm an' the sucker just now starts install'n all that stuff. I dose off in my office chair. Slouched over with my chin on my chest, I'm in LaLa land for the rest the night.

When I wake up the next morn'n, I see two computers sit'n on my desk. My eyes is crossed an' I'm dizzy like a sum-a-gun. Computer screen is black.....it had done went to sleep too. I bring it to life an' push a button to restart an' it start do'n it's thing. "Do not turn off computer"....stuff like that....for another almost a hour

I need coffee an' I got to pee really bad. I cain't stand up. I ain't got no feel'n in my feet. I'm wobbly as hell, but I make it to the Mr Coffee to brew me up 8 cups of extra strong coffee. I need it. Do my pee thing, warsh my teeths an' brush my hair....coffee is done. I ain't sleep'n in THAT chair no more. For the next two hours, I see two of everthing....but it's get'n better. I scramble up 3 great big eggs. By 12:30 I'm ready to go outside an' sit an' jaw with Robert, "Yo Mama", HIL Harry an' Chewey.

I start do'n things. Hobby related, I peel some the paint off'n the bottom of the stern wheeler boat. I was in hopes that the paint had just buckled up an' all I had to do was repaint it. Nope, the little wood strip planking is warped. I'm think'n from expansion an' contraction. Ain't no way water got in the hull 'cause it is water tight. Now I'm to the point where I may just put it on the shelf an' never put it in the water again. I bought an' spent a year build'n this boat for remote control, not to sit on a shelf for the rest it's life. Decisions decisions.

This morn'n I waked up at 9:15. What the hell, this ain't right for Georgia....I git up here somewheres between 7am an' 8am. This leads me to my new pills the good doctor ordered for my feet. Been tak'n 'em four days now. I'll try 'em a few more days an' see what happen.

Have ya ever make legs for a Weber Q??? The legs in Weber are a perfect height if'n you are a "stand up" griller. But the old Billy Bob ain't one of them. I sit beside my grill. But that means ever time I want to chek my stuff, I got to stand up. Shorter legs....yeah, that what I need. Google....there are no replacement legs to cut off an' I still want to keep the longer "stand up" legs. "Robert, go to Home Depot an' pick me up some 3/4 inches PVC conduit". Do ya know how to bend PVC pipe without screw'n it up? I do. Ya see, ya fire up the grill on low an' let the temp come up to bout 300 to 350 degs. Place the area ya want to bend in the grill. Make sure it ain't lay'n on the super hot grate. It will soften to a bendable state in bout 5 minutes. But ya gotta watch it so's it don't get too soft. Carefully do your bends an' let it cool. Ya may want to wear a pair of gloves.

 Walla, ya got a leg for a Weber Q120.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yes I'm excitis

Well shoot, I should'a wrote yesterday. I done forgot what I was all excitis bout.

Ha ha ha....I ain't forgot, I was just mess'n with ya. Speak'n of mess'n, there's some people ya cain't mess with. I ain't got none of them on my blog. Ha, they all over there in Mr. Jone's swim pool. But I did encounter a few on Facebook when I was mess'n with Tracey. That's nephew Frank's wife. Some dad gum lady got all wadded up in her panties....or something like that, just 'cause I said a size 4 was perfect for a five foots tall woman.

Tuesday morn'n me an' Robert took off to the little town of Dallas. You can leave Texas out of the conversation at this time. The doctor was in a good mood....smile, shake hands, look at my MRI on the computer screen an' says...."Oh, I remember you". We discuss the procedure again an' I asks the two questions that I wanted to ask. Important questions. "Will I still have feeling in my right leg after he kills the nerves". He says well sure you will. Ya see, back when I was in the VA hospital, they was gonna shoot alcohol in my back to kill the nerves. That VA doctor said I would have no feeling in my leg. Well shoot, if'n I drilled a hole on my leg, I wouldn't even know it. If'n a pit bull was chew'n on my leg, I wouldn't feel a thing. With all the drill'n, saw'n, hammers an' chisels I work with on my lap, I want to know when I tear into that leg. That took care of question #1.

Question #2 deals with my deadly fear of needles. Ha, my second marriage was postponed 3 1/2 years all over a blood test. "Will I be sedated when he sticks them needles in my back"? Just in case ya don't know, the old Billy Bob don't like pain neither. He says yes you can if'n ya want it. Think'n needle, I ask him bout swaller'n a pill to sedate me. He said yes.....but he don't recommend that method 'cause of complications. That's all he had to say, I'll be look'n at a butterfly needle crammed into one my poor ol' innocent "hands up don't shoot" blood veins. He better have him a nice nurse that has compassion for us old folks. 

Next Wednesday is my next appointment. Gonna do phase #1, what is a test procedure. Shoot some stuff in there an' see if'n he shoots it in the right places.....three places. I'll go back home an' see what my pain levels are...write 'em down ever day. Ya see, he wants to know for sure he has the correct nerves before he kills 'em. Ain't no sense kill'n a nerve that ain't caus'n no pain.

I'm think'n, two weeks after that, I'll be back for the kill'n procedure. But the good doctor quickly changed my think'n on that idea. He says...."we gonna see how long it gonna last". Two weeks, a month, 3 months or maybe a year. After that, there's procedure #2. Don't even ask 'cause I don't know. Something like the first procedure an' "see how long it lasts". Last resort, procedure #3, radiofrequency ablation, is to kill the nerves.

Anyhows, I like this doctor a whole bunch. He's a human, although he a young human an' he's at the bottom of the list for whats left to fix my back. I'll just leave it up to him an' see what happens. Dang, next Thursday I may be able to walk around the yard pain free. But I ain't gonna bet more than a dollar on it. An' I don't mind los'n a dollar.

Tug boat is all put back together. Batteries are all charged up an' ready for the first test run at the lake just up the road a piece, bout 10 mile.

While I was sit'n outside at the hobby table nephew Frank give me, I got up an' yank the Mississippi stern wheeler slap off'n the wall. I start yank'n stuff out that boat, parts everwheres....we gonna redo all the electronics an' wiring. I'm think'n a trip to the hobby shop an' spend me some pocket change. Sure would be cool to have both boats at the lake at the same time. I'll also take the "bubba boat" along just in case a boat gets stranded out on the lake. Paddle out an' git that sucker. Hmmmmm, wonder if'n that tug boat can pull the "bubba boat"?

Ok, that was my excitement for the last couple days. Now I got to go outside an' give the Mississippi river boat a bath. See ya at the lake.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dad gum it Billy Bob, post something!!!

Today's post has to be extended until another day. But, I have wonderful news from my doctors appointment I can hardly wait to tell ya bout. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ballast installed in the tug boat

Only reason for a post today is....something excit'n happened. That dad gum tug boat has been filled with somewhere's bout 7500 bb's an' it sits in the water 1/8 of a inch from the water line.

Ya see, here's what I did. I took me a old empty aspirin bottle, a big one, an' I checked to make sure it fit in the bow of the boat....that's that's the front in case ya don't know. I fill it bout 2/3rds full. Oppps, just a tad too much.....removed 437 bb's. Sissy's formula works perfect for count'n bb's.

In the stern of the boat, I poured a gob of bb's into the hull bottom, adjust'n as I go along.

That's bout a inch of bb's right there.....

 We sit'n good on the water line....right at 1/4 inches below. Then I mix up some of the fiberglass resin an' I pours it on top the bb's. Put it back in the water.....look'n good. Then I put the motor back in.....stern goes down a bit. Bow looks great, but can always add or remove bb's from the aspirin bottle. Shoot, we ready for a test run in the little lake down the road a piece. "Ya got to charge the batteries Billy Bob....charge the batteries". Tug boat weighs right at 10 pounds....heavy sucker.

That was my excitement for yesterday. Then I lay back in "that chair" an' I thought I was gonna die right there. "Sum-body gimme a light, I need a smoke". Cough cough wheeze wheeze....gasp'n for air.

Had me a freak'n nightmare bout them dad gum big ass needles again. That sucker was big as a railroad spike an' they drive it in my back with a sledgehammer. God I hate needles. I'm gonna suggest/request sedation but don't figger they will do that. Oh wait, sedation is delivered with a needle. "Ain't no way round it Billy Bob, they gonna stab ya with a big ass needle an' you gonna feel it".  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Still alive an' kick'n....barely

The awning is out an' producing shade. How long will a duct tape repair last....shoot, I don't know. The floor is sweeped.

A kiddy swim pool was filled yesterday an' we placed the tug boat in it. It turned over. The battery mount was removed an' the battery placed on the bottom of the boat. It didn't turn over (lower center of gravity). The motor an' motor control was removed an' two 1" holes drilled in the motor mount. 3000 bb's were placed in the holes (ballast). A mixture of fiberglass resin was mixed an' poured in the holes to form a solid block of bb's. A float test was performed. My God, it's gonna take bout 5000 more bb's before the tug boat settles out on the water line. Actually, with the weight of 1 bb, it should take 7500 bb's to ballast the tug boat to the waterline. Do ya know how long it takes to count 7500 bb's???

The trim piece and seal under the front slide out were inspected. There's a possibility the slide out will NOT have to be removed to repair all that tore up stuff. But it won't be done today.

One of my electric heaters has bit the dust....to a normal person it has. But with the old Billy Bob on the scene, it will be fixed.....that simple. I mean, like how hard can it be to disassemble a electric heater, repair a set of burned contacts an' put that sucker back together.....with only a few screws left over?

Tensions are high. Ever time I see a needle make a appearance on the TV, I am cover'n my eyes an' flip'n channels. Kind of like a girl watch'n a old time horror movie. I don't like needles. Follow up doctor appointment is Tuesday. Not too nervous bout that, but when I get them big ass needles stuck in my back....Yooow-eeeee, I'm gonna faint. You can say all ya want bout needles an' how there ain't nuttin to it, but you ain't walk'n in MY sandals.

Let's talk bout blogs for a minute. Blogs ain't what they was just a few years ago. Hand held devices has a lot to do with that. People are put'n their computers in a closet an' do'n all their internet stuff on a smart phone. This equals less people read'n blogs. In case ya didn't know, blogs don't show up what ya write on your blog. At least mine don't.

Then there's the blogger themselfs, they don't write like they used to do. This is caused by readership...why write it if'n nobody is gonna see (hand helds), or read it. When you're old an' sick an' cain't do nuttin no more an' then ya write bout it, there ain't nobody wants to read that kind of stuff. I'm guilty an' old an' sick....chalk up a dy'n blog.

So here what I been think'n. Cut back on blog posts. Just write bout something excit'n when something excit'n happens. Or maybe when I find me a new project to be involved with. I like writ'n bout projects.

Ok, I'm out of here. Got the tug boat ballast project to work on ya know.     

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Holy cows....let's do something

If there was any excitement yesterday, I don't recall any of it. An' "hell no, I didn't git no housework done".

Yesterday was one of them days....hurt like a sum-a-gun all day long. But, this morn'n, I feel soooo much better. I'm think'm I could take a walk around Home Depot or Walmart....spend some pocket change.

"Yo Mama's" surgery didn't go as expected. She's fine an' back home. But, she had to wait for hours after her appointment time before they cut her open. Think'n she' gonna be a bit grouchy for the next few days.

Ok, I ain't got nuttin more to say. Get'n ready for a trip to town....pick up some parts an' just cruise the streets.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Third day in Georgia...whoop-dee-doo

Well here it is another day already an' all I been do'n is sit'n on my buttocks when I should be do'n stuff. By do'n stuff, I'm mean like maybe sweep an' mop the floor, make up the bed, vacuum the dead bugs off my desktop.....you know what I'm talk'n bout....freak'n housework. God I hate housework.

Cat is buried out there in the neighbors yard. Well, it ain't really the neighbors yard, but it'n not "Yo Mama's" property. Ya might say it's buried in the woods. Grandson Nick was kind enough to do that for his papaw. He's a good boy. At least the little kitten got 5 days of cuddles an' lov'ns from me an' Robert.

Holy cows, it was cold last night....58 freak'n degs. Would you believe if'n I tole you I turn on a heater last night? Was a nice comfortable 68 degs in "da house" this morn'n. Sleeped like a baby.

From the storm that hit south Texas. This is the street in front of "El Rancho Abraham's" (Billy Bob's camp'n site). Had I not left 2 days early, I would have been slap dab in the middle that storm. The old Billy Bob does make a good decision once in a while.

Darling daughter Doris drop by a bit ago an' brung me a piece of cake she baked. She's tak'n "Yo Mama" to her morn'n shoulder surgery. Robert is go'n too. Hope all goes well. Let ya know later.

Ok, that's the only new news I can think of right now. I'm gonna do something here in a bit. Don't know what, but it's probly very important I get it done. God I hate housework.