Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mailboxes an' birdhouses....what a life. Gotta love it

This will be a short to the point post. Ya see, the old Billy Bob is a busy man an' he ain't got no time for lollygag'n with no blog post. Well really I do. But blog'n this early in the morn'n is hard. Especially with only one eye open an' your brain is still in "don't remember shit" mode. Man this get'n old stuff is get'n old.

I connected to UPS tracking yesterday morn'n to see where Rose's birdhouse was at. The tracking number was no good. I also sent Rose a couple emails with no return. Hope everthing is OK at Rose's house.
Update. Checked the tracking number again. The birdhouse in transit to Texas.

Instructions for putting a birdhouse mount together.

 This is what the base will look like

 Here are the 4 screws that hold it together. Base position is marked on that piece of "would". Standing it up like this is the easiest way to install the screws. By the way, do not install the bidhouse before installing the 2 x4 angle thingy to the base.

The cabin is screwed to the base. See that piece of wood under the cabin. I forgot to put it in the box. You should be able to see the screw holes in the bottom of the bottom logs.

See those screws? They hold the cabin to the base. Good luck finding screws (1 1/2" sheetrock screws).

UPS tracking number.



Ok, like I was tole you a while ago, I'm a busy man. I'm back up to 2 projects. A log cabin mailbox and adding 3 floor joist to my porch deck an' straighten'n it out a bit. You cain't see it from your house, But I can see it from mine. Crookit an' not level bugs the hell out me. I'm a LIBRA. I'm gonna fix that.

Oh wait....I forgit to tell ya. I builded a little roof to keep the pour'n down rains off'n my new BBQ grill....what I ain't used yet. It's very light....don't weigh much, made out of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).

 I got me some logs sawed out an' I got a mailbox.

Laying out the door and winders for one side. 

Glue'n them together to install in 1 piece.

See, I tole you, glued together in 1 piece. Probly won't do the same on the other side. Takes way way too much time to set up an' glue into 1 piece. Ha Ha, but I probly will.
Mailbox is gonna fit perfect...with a little modification MsB. Them logs on the mailbox door are glued and brad nailed in place. Even builded a handle thingy so's the mail lady don't tear shit apart try'n to open it.

No new health issues. But that dad gum heart started skip'n beats again. Not as bad as before, but yup, it's skip'n. Appointment in bout a week.

Ok, that's it for today. Hope everbody is hav'n themselves a great day. I'm do'n the best I can for great days. Weather been nice,,,,50's at night an' upper 60's day time. Well wait a minute....a few days ago we had us some real winter weather. Got down to 28 deg's a couple nights. 


  1. hi BB. nice to see your projects . can not hardly wait to see your finished yo mama and harry hil's log cabin / mail box standing there at the side of the road while the mail lady smiling as she is delivering and loading the log cabin up with mail for the first time . of cource make sure she says yes it's ok to take a picture of her first. i really want to see her big smile .

  2. Hi, Billy Bob. Thanks for all the info about how to mount the birdhouse. My Old Man has literally worn a track in the pavement from our house to Home Depot. Everybody in the store knows him by name. And, no, THEY don't call him Old Man. Only I get to call him that. He is very handy with screws, etc. When he was younger he built a few birdhouses. But not fancy log cabin ones!
    You told me where, from the pictures I sent, you think we should put the birdhouse. I thought to wait until we get it to answer. Old Man will have to decide where it would be best. We have to work around sprinklers in the ground, trees, fences, and roofs that would provide easy access for a couple of neighborhood cats. Looks like you are doing a fine job on the mailbox. But we expect Billy Bob to do excellent work. I will surely let you know when that box arrives, and will send pictures as soon as possible. Meanwhile, thanks! And, take care of you!

  3. Looks like you mail box will be another nice looking project, keep up the good work BB.

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  5. hi BB. if i were you i would block that last person forever from ever messaging you again . take care .

  6. Beautiful birdhouse!

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