Monday, April 3, 2017

Projects have kept me going

It's been a hard hard hard 3, 4, or 5 weeks. Have ya ever had that "don't give a shit" attitude an' throws everthing in the dumpster? Now that's what I'm talk'n bout.

We had us some cold weather. We had us some pretty darn warm weather. I took advantage of the pretty darn warm weather an' done me some projects. As best I could with these damn health issues. My arms is all bruised up. My lungs are full of sawdust. I ain't shaved in bout a month or so.

Had us some tornado warnings this morn'n. One hit in Carrollton, Georgia just 10 mile to the south of "Yo Mama's R/V Resort and Recreational Park" where the old Billy Bob is camped at. Had a ton of rain here an' some them sissy Georgia high winds (25 mile a hour or so). No tornadoes. 

So, what have I been do'n all this time?

 Just thought you might like one of my birds....him are pretty.

 Then Levi wanted his picture took.

See....I tole you, we gonna put some step'n stones on the porch deck.

Robert tells me...."daddy, go sit down, I'll do this for you".

He did a good job too......

A few months back I had builded a plywood storage rack outside the shop. But fully loaded, the bottom fell slap out. It was covered with my old R/V awning with no doors to keep the rain out. It needed rebuilding. An' that's exactly what I did. I have the bruised up arms to proof it too. It now has a solid floor, a wood roof, siding an' 2 homemade Billy Bob doors.
I'm think'n I did a pretty good job on this project. Robert is tickled pink.

In the mean time, my daughter Doris come over beg'n me to make her a bird feeder to go along with the birdhouse I builded for her. She said she didn't want a big log cabin feeder, just a little bird feeder. Well the old Billy Bob don't work that way.

So's I started build'n her a bird feeder.
Oh my God, Billy Bob is building a log cabin.

 This is a log cabin bird feeder....less the chimney.

This is a chemney.....yet to be paint washed to a beautiful sandstone finish.
Not the normal perfection you would expect from Billy Bob chimney construction, but what the hell, birds don't care what it looks like.

On other news.....the old Billy Bob is get'n older ever day. Health issues are tak'n their toll. I sit a lot. Even work'n on projects I sit on my ass....except when using the table saw. Breathing is still bout the same. It sucks.

Still haven't made a solid decision on building birdhouses for sale. I know I could be a millionaire in bout a years time, but what the hell would I do with all that money? It's never been a goal of mine to be rich. Just enough to get by with is just fine with me. My name ain't Donald Trump.

Camping trip in 3 weeks. It's a new place Robert found. He's gonna do some electrical work for the owner and the owner said we can come camp out any time we want.....even family camp outs. They got a 5 acre pond there, so's I'm tak'n the remote control tug boat with us. Can hardly wait. Hope my health is good that weekend.
Oh, by the way. I been work'n on the Chris Craft boat a little. Moved it back to the livingroom. Installed a servo motor in it to control the rudder....after some "modifications". Works just fine.
This is under the back seat.

I hope my next post is sooner than this one. It's hard. 


  1. Hi. I hope your next post is sooner, too!! I get worried. Looks like you have used your time well, building stuff. How exciting that you will get to try out your boat. Would love to see your boats in the water! Pictures! Take care of you, my friend.

    1. Ha Ha Rose, you get worried 'cause you ain't prepared. We all gonna die some day.....maybe even tomorrow.

      I been active my entire life an' try my darndest even with the issues I have. It's comforting to know I ain't dead yet an' can still do stuff.

      A few (maybe 4 or 5) year ago, I put the Mississippi riverboat in the water at some lake in Texas. I'll find a pic and post it for you.

      Do you have any residents in the birdhouse yet???

  2. hi BB. i guess you can not fool old BB. on april fools day .i guess you figured out that i was trying to fool you about the canadian prime minister . yes billy i encourage you to make a lot of BB. signature log cabin bird houses , bird feeders , mail boxes and what about some fancy wood plaques for under that yo mama's and harry hil's mail box . if you make several and take pictures of all your works of art you could rent a table spot at a flea market and you can sell what you bring or even take order's for custom works of art . keep up the great work BB. .

    1. I don't need the $$$$ Louie. Sides that, you talk'n WORK, the 4 letter word retirees seldom talk about. Although I do get much satisfaction out of each one I build. Dang boy howdy, if'n I only had me a place to build a log cabin R/V shelter. Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass?

  3. Man BB you been busy that camping weekend sound like fun , get them boats in the water an hope they don't sink.

    1. The only boats that sink are boats that leak.
      Good to see ya George. Enjoying your return home. You go to some really neat places.

  4. Good to hear from you! You have been busy. Looks like you've been keeping Robert busy, too. Slow posting happens, post when you can.

  5. hi BB. i want to ask you if it is true, that every body must follow and obey the law and that NO ONE is above the law ? if that is true , why does the united states post office mail men drive there delivery vehicles on our public roads with out any license plates front or back, nor( like in texas we need windshield inspection stickers ) those vehicles do not have neither ! is the constitution of the united state only for some peoples and not for every body ?

  6. hi BB. barack hussein obama the second gave his birth certificate to the public 3 years after he was in office which states that he was born August 4, 1961 at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children,in Honolulu, hawaii . now if you google kapiolani medical center you will see that that center was founded in 1978.
    approx. 17 years after obama was born . so how can that be possible that some one is born some where that never existed for 17 years ?

    1. Please. Let's not use BB's blog for political issues. That would mess it up for me really quick.

  7. Great to hear from you Billy Bob, Log cabin looks really good. Have a great time camping and boating.

  8. It is good to hear that you are still kicking and have some projects going on. We're still here in Quartzsite but are leaving for home soon. Keep on keepin' on! Max from Illinois.

  9. Your precision in building is awesome, Billy Bob. Yes she am very pretty; really sets off color of feeder. Lovely perfection. May I copy the picture? It can make me yearn; haha.

  10. Wow, I like your house, you are very talanted. My father and I made similar house in my chouldhood. Love that days so much

  11. Good to hear from you! You have been busy. Looks like you've been keeping Robert busy, too. Slow posting happens, post when you can.
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