Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My God, I'm alive an' kick'n

Ok, somebody want's to know what's go'n on at Billy Bob's house. Well let me tell ya what's go'n on.....nuttin. An' you can spell that with a capitol N.
But wait, there is something go'n on.....I'm freez'n my ass slap off. For the last 3 days it's been what I call cold. Low's in the mid an' upper 20's. Highs in the upper 40's. An' it ain't even cold yet.

Poor poor boat is just sit'n over there draw'n dust. Before I can do any more work on the boat, I first have to clean off the desktop. An' before I can clean off the desktop, I first have to clean out the hobby closet where I store all the junk stuff.  "My God Billy Bob, git off'n yer ass". I been gonna do that for the last two weeks an' it all still looks the same.

Did I tell ya that my wonderful son Robert hook me up to a couple three hunnert TV channels? I finded me bout 4 that I actually watch. The amount Robert had to pay for these 4 channels is not worth a plug nickle. In fack,, a nickle is over priced. Now I DO have a whole slew of movie channels. Went through 'em all an' only fount one I would actually watch. Ain't watch a movie on it yet.

Note to readers: I have to type Tejas 'cause the dad gum * (ecks) don't work on this computer.
A couple days ago, I registered the "billy jeep" online. It was quite simple......"send me money". What I did. Then I received a email that the registration was approved an' should receive it in 7 to 10 days. Well that ain't gonna happen 'cause the Tejas state inspection ain't been done. An' it ain't gonna be done until I get back to Teckas. What's gonna happen, they gonna let me know I need a inspection before they can send the registration. Then I will have to PROVE I an' out of state. Now how the hell I gonna do that?

I don't know what to do bout these damn stomach pills I'm supposed to take for another 6 weeks. Ever time I take 'em, I get all stopped up an' got to take some stuff to unlock me. Then in 2 days, I'm all stop up again.

Shoot, I been feel'n pretty dad gum good for the last week. If only I could git me a full breath. An' this damn hip didn't hurt so freak'n bad. Today not so bad. Cain't wait for Feb 6th to get here an' kill that nerve. The shot helped quite a bit, but I'm think'n it's bout wore off by now. We'll see after the ablation procedure.

I looked at (by internet) a little piece of property in south Georgia. With the old age health issues I have, I'm think'n I need to be close to family. It ain't like I can camp out in "yo mama's" yard for the rest my life. I do wish I was in south Tejas so's I don't freeze slap to death in the winter months. Decisions decisions. Sides that....I love Tejas. 

I've bout had it with computers. This one, the * (ecks) don't work an' the newest one, the Dell, it freezes up after upgrad'n to Win 10 an' downgrad'n back to Win 8.1. I don't like the Dell anyhows.

Ha, 'member when the battery was slap dead on the "billy jeep"? Well I charge that sucker all the ways up. A few days later I goes out to start it up. Nuttin. All it do is go wrrrrr, wrrrrr, wrrrr.....never hit a lick. Finally it start up...then die. Start up, then die. Finally it stay run'n. Hmmmmm, sound to me like I have a bad connection somewheres. Note:....hood was open when charging battery....it rained. Hold on a sec....I'm gonna run out an' see if'n it will run. BRB.
Ha, that sucker start up just like a brand spank'n new Jeep. Yeeeee Haaaa!!!

I got housework what needs took care of. I hate housework, so don't espect to read bout a bunch of work. Dishes is done.....Yeeeee Haaaa!!!

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. "I'll be bach".


  1. Wet engine hmm that do it.
    Keep yourself warm there BB.

  2. I don't run too well when I am wet and cold, and I guess your Jeep don't either.

  3. I'm glad to hear the nerve killin' shot helped you a bit. Yeah, go for it in Feb!

  4. Glad that jeep is running... frustrating to have a dead battery. Hope things are looking up and you get a bit warmer soon! (we are a lot colder, wetter and icier in Wisconsin, so you are more well off than we are!)

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (our Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Billy,our 96 grand cherokee does the same thing once in a while when I let her sit and battery goes dead.Somehow it affects the onboard computer damn things,can't live with or without.Drive her every day!!

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  7. Has anybody else noticed that when you start up a vehicle just to see if it gonna start, it start every time, but when you want to go somewhere NADA, unless it is feeling playful and waits until you are as far from home or any other kind of help that you can get.

  8. Yikes! I do not do well when the temperature reaches the freezing mark. I need to be wrapped up in several blankets and seated next to an open fire before I attempt anything. You are certainly braver than the rest of us, even if the temps did warm up slightly. I say start a huge fire and wait out the warmer weather.

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln