Thursday, February 18, 2016

Damn Jeep.....Grrrrrrr

It's been said by me an' it's been said by others, that daily blog writ'n is com'n to a end. There are many reasons you don't see daily blog posts any more, but the most probable reason be'n..."I ain't got nuttin to write about". That's the excuse I been us'n for quite some time now. I would love to change that, but....damn, I gotta do something to write bout it.

In my younger days, like just a couple years ago, I would see somebody sit'n in a easy chair watch'n TV at 10am an' I would say...."I ain't never gonna do that". Then things got worster. My fish'n poles ain't even been looked at in the last 2 years. My golf'n clubs are cry'n "let's go swak a ball". The poor old "bubba boat" is stowed out of sight an' it's registration is expired. The remote control boats are sit'n on shelfs collect'n dust. I ain't done nuttin.

Boy howdy you aughter hear me go into a cuss'n spasm when this freak'n Dell computer locks up in the middle of "surf'n". I did me some research on it. It ain't Dell's fault, it's that damn Windows 10 what caused it. Now the Toshiba laptop has been upgraded to Win 10 an' it's just fine. But in my research I find I ain't the only one that has lock up problems. There are thousands that has 'em. An' there ain't no cure. Win 10 changes something in the computer an' the computer says...."what the hell???"....then it just shuts down...all lock up.

Me an' "yo mama" jump in her truck an' head off to the back doctor. Take bout 45 minutes to get there. An' My God, "yo mama's" driv'n scare the hell out me. We get to the doctors office an' there ain't no cars in the park'n lot. I goes inside. The nice little girl tells me...."I been call'n you 4 times". "We have no doctors here today". She had the wrong number on the computer. Next appointment is Friday at 3pm.....a different doctor. All I'm want'n is a appointment for a nerve kill'n. Will see how that works out.

I don't like my new coffee pot. You cain't get a cup of coffee while it's brew'n....an' I want my coffee right now. It takes more grinds that the old Mr Coffee for the same amount of cups. Then it still don't taste right. I'll never ever buy me another expensive coffee maker.

This damn cat Leonard is done change his attitude. He's outside all day long an' the only thing he say to me when he comes inside is "I want some freak'n food". He don't jump up in my lap no more an' if'n he do, he's only there for a couple minutes. His curfew is 7pm, what he trys his darndest to make it to 9pm. Then he says...."I want some freak'n food". An' goes to sleep.

Got me some real problems with the "billy jeep". The battery is fully charged. I start it up an' it go crazy.....Rrrrrrrrr, Rrrrrrrr, Rrrrrrr......2500 rpm all it do. Then I shut it down. Restart....it don't start. I checks connections under the hood....wiggle everthing. Don't fix a thing. With the Rrrrrr, Rrrrrr, Rrrrrr I'm think'n along the lines of "it ain't git'n enough fuel"....fuel pump. Does Jeeps have a fuel filter???
Yup it does....an' it take a special tool to remove an' replace. Grrrrrrr. An' the filter cost almost half a hunnet dollar. Grrrrrrr.

Ok, while the engine was run'n, I turn on the heat. "What the hell????"....fog come out the vents. Smell just like antifreeze. The heater core has got a hole in it. Google google google, I can git it fix for $800. The dashboard has to be removed. For me, that would be a 2 day affair, an' then it has to be all put back together. I ain't do'n that. I'll bypass the heater an' freeze my ass off before I pull a dashboard. Do ya think a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited will fit in a dumpster? I know I should have bought one them little Jeeps what never break down. Grrrrrrrr.

I was sit'n here think'n last night...."how the hell am I gonna get back to Texas"? The way things are go'n, I'm almost too skeered to crank up an' head that way. Remember a year ago the most stressful trip I ever make go'n back to Texas? That was all due to a faulty ignition switch what was burn up. With my health issues, things just don't add up. I need a freak'n driver....nurse an' cook.

Ok, I know I ain't said nuttin excit'n or nuttin like that, but at least I said something. Would be great if'n I could get back to writ'n bout adventures instead of whinn'n bout this kind of stuff. Kind of reminds me of the year that everwhere I traveled, it rained 5 gallon buckets full when I got there.

Ok, see's ya laters......  


  1. If it is any comfort, the fishing has not been worth a cast here at Amistad since I got here on Feb 1. Most days the black top on the road has waves from the strong wind.

  2. Well still nice to hear from you Billy Bob.

  3. Good to hear that Billy Bob is still kicking it.

  4. I had a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd that was darn near plumb perfect! I hated to get rid of it when I bought my 5th wheel & Ford F-350. I ended up loving that F-350, and hated trading it in on my 2006 Toyota Highlander, but hey, I guess our needs change over time. What a bummer to get to the doctor's office and find out you can't see a doctor and have to make another trip back.

  5. Sure was glad to find this from you, this morning, Billy Bob. It is always good to hear from you, no matter what is going on, or is not going on! I know you were frustrated to get to the doctor's office & find out it was a wasted trip. I have had similar things happen. I made all kinds of noise last time my sewing machine was in the shop. They did not let me know it as ready. Turned up to be my fault. My home number was changed and I didn't realize that they did not have it.

    So your cat is the boss,now, huh?

    Here in TX, it is looking like spring already. Scary thing about that is that summer and HEAT won't be far behind.
    Don't feel like you are alone in this world where we have few choices. We are kind of in the same boat. Can't travel any more. Have to entertain ourselves reading blogs, watching crappy TV shows, washing dishes, cooking, etc. Being on the road was lots more fun. At least we do have th memories. We are more fortunate than some.

    Now, about reading blogs. Just got a total shock. Barney's blog is gone!?! What? With no warning? I hope it is a mistake!!!! It stinks having people we care about just go away. Leaves a big hole in our world!!

  6. Texas Ann (Hermit's Baby Sis)February 19, 2016 at 7:20 AM

    Looks to me like you had lots to say, BillyBob. Good to hear from you anytime ...

  7. And now, all of a sudden, I can comment instead of just replying on someone else's comment - what up?? Guess you were just in time for me, BB ...

  8. Glad to see the update. I had that nerve killing thing done, no help. Hope and pray yours works. Theres one more thing i can try,, that little implant thingy that zaps the pain before it gets to your brain. Has little wires hooked to your spine. Got the info somewhere, lol. Had to take a few weeks off, get this afib with my heart straightened out, and it is, under control now.

  9. Unfortunetly lots of us can relate to some of your problems and then throw in a few of our own. I don't blog much anymore cause I have nothing to write about since I haven't been anywhere since July. You at least filled your blog pretty good today. My post are small and not very interesting.

    Hang in there Billy Bob and hope this Dr. appt. works for you.

  10. Seems like many of us don't have the ability to do much besides participate in "an organ concert" nowadays. Mine currently sounds like a calliope with a leaky steam pump. It got so hard to breathe that eating became a challenge. At least that got me outside in this Minnesota winter to get prescriptions for meds. :) I've taken to publishing old writings on my blog just to have something to say.