Sunday, December 12, 2010

American Legion Beer Joint and Grill

Yup...that where we headed off to this bright Sunday morning. Just up the road a piece bout 30 minutes eat 'em up some country ham, some fried eggs and a pile of fried taters....yum yum yum. Listen to some drunk beat up the piano, mumble a few tunes....drink'n a beer.

My mechanic dropped by yesterday for to fix some stuff on "da house" and replace the water pump on "that jeep". See, I tole you something else would go wrong with it.

Still t-shirts and one blanket weather. Boy howdy. All the rest of the country is already shovel'n snow and old Billy Bob is sit'n outside on "da porch" sip'n a cup and chas'n dogs with the remote control car. One big ol' dog, "Luke", bout the size of a great dane ruffle up his hair and here he come say'n "what the hell is that"? I rekon he ain't never see a remote control car before. He was chase it like it were a rabbit or something like that. Holy crap, if he catch it, he gonna kill it and eat it.

Since I restored this computer it's been work'n a little bit better....until this morning when I woke it up. Hard drive been run'n for the last 30 minutes and ain't done yet. What the hell is it look'n for???

Had us a nice campfire last night....bout 10 of us sit'n round BS'n and look'n at the flames. I went look'n to hear some "gossip" but nobody had any good news. Kilt feller got his stuff straightened out so I rekon that episode is history. Damn....I wanted to see a fist fight like back in 1914 when my great grandpa knock some guy on his ass. Weren't nobody mess with old Willian Perry Birchfield when he show up in town. He rode a horse name Snorter and toted a big .44 on his hip. That what they did back in them days. There was still Indians steal'n stuff ya know and kill'n people what they didn't like. Yep....them were rough times.

Ok....time to hit the road up to the American Legion Beer Joint and Grill for a hearty breakfast. See's ya laters.
Boy howdy let me tell ya.....that were one breakfast. By the time we got there, the place was packed....fill'n up 3 25 foot tables and 1 16 footer. Of course the old feller was plank'n away on the piano, sip'n a beer and attempt'n to sing a tune. Old man Leonard Knight was there sit'n right next to me. He's the guy what built Salvation Mountain. He were eat'n french toast what I suspect he ain't never ate before. Pick 'em up with his fingers and took a bite. He didn't know ya supposed to put surrp on them before ya pick 'em up. Twenty five year he been build'n that mountain and he ain't done yet. Oh go head...google it.....knows ya want to.

Now wait just a minute here....Dizzy. I can only write one story at a time and you want'n to hear bout old William Perry. I still got to write about "cotton pick'n" in jail. And then there was someting else I was suppose to write about....but no one reminded me....what made me forget what it was.

Anyhows, back at "da house" with nuttin to do. To dag nab hot to do very much. Somewhere's in the mid 80's I'm rekon'n. Finished another book bout some 6 foots tall Indian out here in Death Valley. Almost kilt his self with no water to drink, his horse done run off and some hippy dude was shoot'n a .50 cal. buffalo rifle at him. Funny how he surrived and saved all them people.......just like that.


  1. Hey BB, I want to hear some more about that old Willian Perry Birchfield. Bet there are lots of good stories there.

  2. OK, I guess I have to wait until you fill all my other requests. Course at my age (I am older than you are) I don't remember what I requested.

  3. BB you brought back memories of my dad when I was a lad .My dad read a lot. one I remember most was the stories by Zane Grey.I know my dad read every one of his writings.Good memories BB.

  4. No No No Dizzy....you will never be older than old Billy Bob. Ya know what dirt is made out of? Well I'm older than that. But only by a year.

  5. Thanks for drop'n by Ted. Seems like all the men like to go back in time and read old westerns. You know, kind of live them days again. Riding horses, shoot'n guns and chas'n wild wimmins.