Saturday, March 2, 2013

Backards leg cramps

When ya get old, you know it. It don't make no matter how young you think ya are, you gonna get old. Or maybe we can say, "ya gonna wear slap out".

Ya see, yesterday I went off to town an' bought up some vinyl floor'n for the living room an' kitchen area in "Sally da house". Then I had to move everything outside out of the way to install it. Some was heavy an' I didn't have no competent help to assist me. Anyhows, I drag that vinyl into "da house" an' start cut'n. First try, it was a perfect fit. Or close enough anyhows. Maybe a little trim here an' there where it's obvious I screwed up somewheres.  

Although it did take me three long and brutal hours of back break'n work, I got 'er done. Well, not exactly done, I still got to tape it to the floor. Now before I started this project, I knowed I was gonna be on the floor for a while, measur'n an' cut'n stuff. Have ya ever seen the old Billy Bob get up off'n a floor? Takes a while ya know. It ain't like I can just "pop" up lickity split like a jack rabbit or nuttin like that. I got to roll over, grab holt to something an' rise slowly one leg at a time.

Today I am in high hopes of complet'n this project an' get all the furniture back in place. This vinyl flooring will not be glued down to the floor like you would expect. This is "special" loose lay flooring. Ya tape it to the floor with double sided fiberglass tape. That's what I bought anyhows, so that what I'm gonna use.

And then.....at 2:30am, I were wide awake. I had me one them backwords leg cramps what kept me up for over two hours. By 4:45 I was drag'n my way back to bed, know'n I weren't gonna get up till somewheres bout 9 or 10am. That's what I'm talk'n bout when I say I'm get'n old and "wore slap out".

Ok.....got things to do......finish the floor.


  1. Wow, looks like you did a GREAT job! I know you will be happier not looking at the dust on the dark wood. Just hope you don't pay too high a price for all that work! Getting old is not fun.

    1. Thanks RunNRose. I took my time so's I wouldn't have to do it all over again.
      Cost was really cheap compared to some the other expensive stuff I looked at.

  2. That is really a nice-looking floor! I'd say you did a really fine job!

  3. Replies
    1. You drive careful Barney. We still got another golf swak'n game to play ya know.

  4. Thanks Trouble....think I'm gonna love it too.

  5. You done good, Billy Bob. I am glad my RV has a white floor. My white hair doesn't show up on it. (grin)

  6. Looking good Billy-Bob hope your back is ok....

  7. butterbean carpenterMarch 2, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    Howdy #1BB,
    I thought the wood floor looked mighty nice, myself, but I don't have to 'keep' it!!! I don't 'keep' the one at home either, Joyce does!!! Yep, I know what you mean about gettin' up of'n the floor; rollin' around tryin' to find somethin' solid to pull up on and then tryin' to get 260# skyward with torn-up shoulders!! Did you know in my wild days I was a bull-faller offer, yep tore up my left shoulder, switched hands and tore up the right one.. Just a hazard of the trade, never let it bother me while I had muscles to hold it in place, but when them muscles got flabby they come all apart and hurt somthin' awful; full of ol' Arthir Itis, dirty rat!!! Watch out you don't trip yourself up on the edge of that 'stick-down' linoleum!!!
    Hope the cramps go away soon; Joyce has them too, also!!!

  8. Looks great, Billy-Bob! The light color makes the room look larger I bet. That flooring won't show dirt so you can go a long time between mops, especially if you squint your eyes or look up when you walk across it.

    Leg cramps are the worst! I hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight. Sue

  9. The floor looks great!
    Cramps... My wife read that pickle juice, like two tablespoons will stop a cramp within minutes.
    I had one that woke me up the other night but it only lasted a minute or three but maybe it's time to get a jar of pickles for the fridge in case I have to find out if it works... 2 hrs!

  10. mustard fixes it too

  11. You know that I told you how to fix those leg cramps with a full spoon of yellow Mustard. My wife has those cramps about once a week,and she now keeps several of those little Mustard packets in her night stand. From a full on leg cramp to sleeping like a baby in less than 10 min.

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