Friday, March 29, 2013

It's on fire Billy Bob....YIKES!!!!

Yes I am in Texas. To prove it, the weather has changed.
This morn'n I waked up, late as usual, to beautiful sun shine and clear skys. Of course the wind is blow'n like it always do. So much that I'm gonna have to pass on swak'n golf balls today. Maybe!

"Turn it off Billy Bob, the damn thing is on fire". Ya see, it's like this.....I hook up my battery to that smoke generator. A new gasket was installed and vegetable oil was added to the heater element wick. This is a test. Two minutes into the test, there was a "pooof". It catched on fire. Thoughts of a Mississippi river boat on fire crossed my mind. It's back to the drawing board.

A quick search on the internet proved that vegetable oil is a good choice to make lots of pretty white smoke. But it stinks terrible when it reaches the point of turn'n into flames. Not reach'n the point of flames, but still produc'n smoke, was yesterday ultimate goal. A new heater element was designed by Billy Bob Heater Element Engineering Specialities.....Inc. At 7.94 volts, there was a slight glow to the new element.

With all the professional engineers we have on the blogs, I'm totally amazed I haven't had any input to design. I could use some help here ya know.

Anyhows, a second test run was performed. Using transmission fluid as a smoke fuel, there was less smoke than vegetable oil. A trip to Walmart, I will pick up some baby oil. At least baby oil should smell like a babies behind.
The battery was hooked up....outside of course.....in the wind.

 That ain't look'n too bad is it?

A 20 minute test run was performed....with no fire. "Yee Haw Billy Bob, you da man".

Then I sits down on the couch. I got me a fresh cup of coffee by my side and I gits to think'n.... When this project is completed, what will I have to show for my efforts? Look'n at the boat, you will never know I spent a week, or more, build'n an' install'n a smoke generator. I will only see my accomplishment if'n I put the boat in water. Maybe I should have a boat launching ceremony an' invite all my blogger friends to attend. BYOB of course.

A "toad" is a vehicle you tow behind a motorhome. My "that jeep" is a toad. It's also too heavy and a POS. That's why I need to replace it (mostly 'cause it's a POS). Ya cain't just tow any old vehicle behind a motorhome. I must have a means of disconnect'n the transmission from the drive wheels. Placing a automatic transmission in neutral is not that means. A 4x4 Jeep has that means.....a RWD Jeep does not. Ya just place the 4 wheel drive selector in neutral and hit the road. My replacement toad must not only be big enough to haul all my stuff, it must have the above capabilities. Many thanks go out to RV Dan for his time and efforts to find Billy Bob a replacement toad. 


  1. It looks like you have the smoke problem in hand,I was going to say that I'd heard peanut oil was good for high heat stuff.

    You have a working paddle wheeler & that's something!

    1. Thanks Rob....I'll look into peanut oil.
      It may be a work'n boat, but it sits on the wall most the time....jist look at it.

  2. I looked at the new Jeeps while my old one was being serviced. They look a lot bigger than my old one. I think I will keep my old one.

    1. When you talk'n "new", you talk'n $$$$$$.....bunch of 'em.
      I would never consider new when I can get exactly what I want for less than $4000....if'n I can find the damn thing.

    2. Yep, the new one I was looking at had a 25,000 plus sticker. I will keep my old one!!!

  3. Got that smoke generator kicking out some good smoke! I think a big ol' boat launch is in order!