Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's Gnome Condo time....

Boy howdy when you're work'n on a project, blog'n take a second place. I been one busy sum-a-gun....build'n stuff.....sip'n a cup, do'n a little think'n an' a few cuss'n words when stuff don't fit.

Ha Ha, I been work'n on a gnome condo....with a great view of "yo mama's" driveway an' some freak'n trees. The condo will be fac'n the driveway an' not the road. A lot of sip'n up an' thought went into the direction it would face. If'n people want to see the gnome condo, they pull into the driveway.

Betcha a dollar none ya thought I were a rooofer did ya? I builded 3 rooofs. Didn't do it in 1 day neither. Man boy howdy, that were a job. NOTE: Silicone will NOT stick to cedar shingles. Shoot, I was think'n silicone would stick to anything. No fear, Billy Bob can fix most anything. 

I can also build wood doors.
That ain't where the door will be located, I just wanted to show ya what it look like.

Winders, yup, I can build kitchen winders too....annnd, I can also install 'em in a tree stump

Took the 2 rooof pieces out to the stump in the yard. Holy cows, them suckers fit pretty dad gum good. Opppps, I forgit to take a photo. 

Gnome condo construction on the porch deck is finished. Tomorrow will be way the hell out there in the yard tak'n a chain saw to the stump. The above photo of the add on kitchen will slide into a groove cut by chainsaw.....it's gonna be awesome. Maybe even a photo if'n I remember. 
Granson Tim put me up a big ol' canopy over the stump so's I don't have to slave in the blaz'n sunshine. Still hot in Georgia....use'n electric fans outside to evaporate gallons of sweat. 

Just a short note on my back issues. DAMN I hurt. Aspirin....aspirin....aspirin, in that order. 

Oh, I forget to tell ya...."yo mama" an' HIL Harry went to Texas on some urgent deal'ns. Don't know how long they gonna be gone. Could be a month or more, hell I don't know. And....Robert an' DIL Mandi went on a week vacation to the beach. Think'n Florida. Tim is stay'n here to kind of sorta watch over me....and take care of Roberts freak'n  bark'n dogs. 
Speak'n of dogs, the dogs love their new dawg house.  


  1. Your Gnome condo gonna look pretty good, hope you remember to take pictures.

  2. U iz am azen, billy bob an' a perfectionist, undoubtedly 2 boot. My respect goes to those who do a good and perfect deed. My brother gives 100% too. Proud of you. Give us some pictures of those "freak'n bark'n dogs". I love all dogs.

  3. Looks like a good start on the Gnome condo.

  4. hi BB. looks good so far . lets see pictures ,pictures , pictures and more pictures of everything , dogs ,cats , gnome project as it's coming along . every body love's pictures , one picture says a thousand words or more .

  5. hi BB. pictures of your grandson tim , and the canopy , the barking dogs , ect....

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