Saturday, June 26, 2010

My brain is broke

Have ya ever thinked so much ya couldn't think no more???

Ya see, it's like this.....this dagnabbed, cornpick'n blank blank "Sally da house" is got my brain twisted up like a chain on the neighbors pit bull. Have ya ever see a pit bull what is on a chain??? They go round and round and round. All in the same direction...clockwise. When a 50 foots chain twists up to 3 foots, ya got yourself a pissed off pit bull. Now ya might ask how comes we talk'n bout dogs when it's "da house" what's broke. That's what I'm talk'n bout.....my mind is broke.

But never fear, old Billy Bob done found some stuff he was look'n for. Wiring diagrams, photos and descriptions of operation. Ya see, it's like this....my wonderful motorhome, "Sally da house"...."da house" for short was built on a Workhorse chassis...Workhorse is the proper name for Chivvy in newer houses.  Well, Workhorse don't give out information how to fix broke stuff or even suggest how it might work...has something to do with the mighty $$$$$$. Backyard mechanics are in the unemployment lines from people like this. 

There is so much stuff up there under the dash. I mean wires and stuff. Little boxes, relays and gizmos. Stuff I ain't never see before. And I'm gonna fix it. Speak'n of fix'n stuff....have ya ever took an old timey wind up clock apart? Just to see how it works??? Well, guess what...old Billy Bob done it years ago before all households had a tv. The I put it back together and low a behold, it worked. So....do you really think Workhorse could be any more complicated than a Big Ben wind up clock??? Wish me luck....I gonna need it.

Yesterday was bass fish'n day. Son Robert says we have three choices, fish'n in Alabama,...............
Will finish this post later....back to work.

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  1. So? What'd you decide to do? Fix stuff or go fishin? :-)