Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slide out repairs 101

I rekon we gonna be talk'n bout this slide out room repair again today. Yesterdays photos do not show the floor damage I have to work with. It's not good.

Here is the roller that was jammed up against the hardwood flooring. As you can see, it ain't jammed no more.
These next two photos are the best shots I can get of the rotted floor with the roller removed. Don't look too bad huh? Until you enlarge them.

So, as you can see, the old Billy Bob is got some engineering to do. Probably gonna be some redneck jigger rig'n by the time all is said an' done.

Before we get to far alone on this project, I got to splain one important item. Yes, the rotted flooring needs replaced. But to replace it, the entire slide out room would have to be removed.....fork lift. In order to remove the slide out, the lower cabinet has to be removed to gain access to the end seal trim, which also acts as a stop so's ya don't over extend the slide. Then the kitchen hardwood flooring would have to be removed and replaced. Not a job for a 70 year old what don't own a fork lift. "Jigger rig it Billy Bob".

I want to thank Riverhauler and BBC for their repair suggestions of using a steel or aluminum plate. This may be the end result if my plywood repair don't work out. Also want to thank BBC for the tip on making my own plastic filler. That will come in handy on many projects I get myself into.

Ok....time to get to work.....make sure you check back as work progresses.
Oh, did I mention I feel like I been beat "wit a stik".
Boy howdy let me tell ya, that old Billy Bob is one lucky sum-a-gun. Made my "redneck gigger rig" roller repair, let the weight of the room down on it, crossed fingers, toes an' eyes and hit the button. That slide out come slap in "da house" just like it were brand spank'n new. Made 4 test runs in and out....work perfect.  Although I heared a noise I ain't never hear before. The slide is right at 1/4 inches high on the kitchen side, but no one ever gonna know bout it. Now to finish the project off, I need to go to the lumber yard (Home Depot or Lowes) and find some nice look'n door sweep to install on the front of the cabinet.Then it a done deal. "Check that noise Billy Bob, may be something important".
Now who the hell gonna clean up this mess. Tools, boards an' sticks lay'n everywheres.

One last photo of a Billy Bob redneck gigger rig rotted floor slide out roller repair.

That was the bestest nap I had in at least 3 days. Boy howdy!


  1. I guess you're hell bent on fixing this yourself? I'm sure you can, but a 70 year old has reached a point where he can take things a little easier and oversee someone else doing the work. It works for me!

    1. Gypsy, you should knows me by now....I don't wait for help. Just jump in with both feet an' do the best I can. Works for me!

  2. The smacks were tearing up everything down at the pier this morning. Gotta get these chores done and get back down there to lose some more tackle.

    1. Well shoot Barney, look like I gonna have to go buy me a 48 quart ice chest for all them fish I gonna catch. But...work before pleasure.

  3. Be careful BB, you don't want to rebuild the whole RV. You are in a good location to take your time and get help if you need it. How much will the weather affect you? I suppose you could cover the top with a big tarp if it rains. I think fishing would be more fun. . .

  4. Too dad burn late Dizzy. I done got 'er done.

  5. Congratulations. Looks like we both are having success with repairs. You da man!

  6. Howdy, glad you got r done..Hope you don't mind my asking..What is the large white object with the holes and cable? passing through the holes?
    Thanks, Upriverdavid

    1. That large white object is flexable polystyrene with all the electrical and plumbing wire tied to it so nothing kinks or binds when the slide moves in or out.

  7. Don't do the plastic wood thing I suggested unless you have the time for it to set up good. Made with gas it will take a few days to set up good even in warm temps. Made with lacquer thinner or acetone it will set up faster but it will be hell for stout, I don't think you can destroy that crap. I've made fence gates with it and they just never sag or come apart.

  8. I'm an old country fart, we have our ways being as we don't have forklifts, I can think of two ways of taking that out of there.

    Lift it up with some jacks, build a 2X4 frame under it and lower it on my old washing machine rollers (or any rollers) and roll it right out of there. When I moved my metal lathe here I used those washing machine rollers to move it the half block to where I am now.

    Or maybe I could put my portable camper jacks on dollies on each end and roll it out that way. I don't know what my portable camper jacks will pick up but I know they'll pick up an eleven foot pickup camper.

  9. After inspection of the area, there's not much solid wood to screw into.

    Ah, that does present a problem, a trailer floor I repaired about seven years ago had that problem but I was able to get under it and screw a piece of plywood to the floor from the underside and then put my plastic wood on top of it.

    But I'm no fancy motor home expert so maybe you can't do that. Plastic wood is flexible, you know that if you know about Trex, so to stiffen it lay down some plastic wood filler and then a sheet of metal and put another layer over it.

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