Monday, April 18, 2016

Where have ya been Billy Boy, where have ya been charming Billy????

This is gonna be short. I betcha you heard me say that before an' then read for the next 14 hours of Billy Bob stuff.

Well let's start ff with a couple doctor appointments. I went to my back doctor an' he stick this big ass needle in my lower back. I was think'n it was gonna be just one shot, but he give me three. Inject some shit in there to help relieve some pain. Ha, it worked....but for just a short while. More on that later.
Now let me tell ya bout the nice nurse lady, or what ever. She come in to the little room where they ask me all kind of questions, take my blood pressure....stuff like that. She prepares to place a needle in my hand veins for the sedation stuff. By the tone of her voice and some the stuff she was say'n...."no Mr Billy Bob, I'm gonna place this big ass needle in the vein I choose....not your choice". Not think'n, I says to her..."I don't think I trust you". Big mistake Billy Bob....she hurt the hell out me. An' poooof, she was gone, just like that.

The next day, I goes off to the hernia doctor. He does some push'n here an' push'n there...."Yep, you got a hernia". I asks him all the questions I had wrote down an' he answer 'em all. Yes he can do local anesthesia with sedative. He says I don't HAVE to have surgery right now but he recommends it, as do all hernia doctors. I ain't yet decided if'n I will or if'n I won't. Ya see, with my age an' some risk with my health issues an' not know'n how much longer I'll live, I'm think'n maybe I'll wait. He says it may be years before I have complications....if any at all.

Then me an' Robert goes to Walmart. I'm gonna go buy me something to eat. We got us a couple more aisles to complete my shop'n....my back begins to pain me. I gotta git out of here. It's been hurt'n ever since.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout replac'n my awning material? Well, it arrived a couple three days ago. Me an Robert was sit'n out on the deck yesterday an' we decided to unwind the spring tension on the roller an' change the material another day. Well, we undo that tension so fast we still got a ton of sunshine left. We changed the material an' did the adjustments. Awning is finished.
 Big picture 'cause I'm proud of our work. Ha, looks just like any other awning you will see on a RV.

I'm at a complete loss as to what I'm gonna do. I'm think'n that my travel days are finished an' I need a place to live. I got two choices if'n I want to be close to family. Georgia an' Texas. My older children (5 of 'em) live in Georgia an' my younger ones (two) live in Texas. The two in Texas have no place available to park a big ass motorhome in their yard an' they are very busy with their lives. Watch'n over me 24 hours a day is next to impossible. Now here in Georgia, parked in "yo mama's" yard an' son Robert liv'n in the downstairs apartment, I have continuous "look after me". Get me anything I need, drive me to doctor appointments.....free eat 'em ups yum yum, all that good stuff.
Ok, I don't like Georgia, I like Texas. So what do ya do? I have applications to change residency to Georgia....man boy howdy, you wouldn't believe the hassle. But I ain't done nuttin bout fill'n 'em out yet. Decisions decisions.....!!!!

We finally got us some air condition weather. Be in the lower 80's this week. Ha ha, gonna sweat my ass off an' then complain "it's too hot". That's the way it works in a spoiled society. Too hot....too cold.

Ok, I'm gonna leave ya wonder'n "what's Billy Bob gonna do?" until next time.


  1. Nice to see a blog entry from you today. I would wait for the hernia to NEED surgery myself. Been up on the roof this morning cleaning off cracked caulk and replacing it with new good stuff. Hot up there but the job got done and my knees are shot for a few hours now. Looks like I will be heading to Rockport on the 4-25 for a year or more. I am definitely through traveling for traveling's sake. Have fun.

  2. Nice job on the awning !
    Nice to have family around when ya need it.
    We was over 80 here yesterday in Ontario Canada, awesome.
    Enjoy the warm weather, we do.

  3. I faced the same dilemma as you - I love Asheville, NC, but 3 of my 4 kids live in Sacramento, CA (the other kid is in NY). So I just suck it up and settle in CA, but I don't like the weather, don't like the traffic, worry about earthquakes, don't like the drought, hate palm trees, and I could go on. But I sure do love my kids.

  4. It sounds like they take good care of you where you are. That may be the place you will want to stay. Of course, you will have to make your own decision on that subject.

  5. hi BB. it was nice to here from your old buddy the old fat man barney , maybe you could join him in rockport ? and about the (our awesome travels) from canada , they do not even have 80°f , all they have is 26.5°celsius .The Liberal federal government of Pierre Trudeau first began implementing metrication in Canada in 1970 with a government agency dedicated to implementing the project, the Metric Commission, being established in 1971. By the mid-1970s, metric product labelling was introduced. only usa dose not use the metric system . and i agree with gypsy , anywhere is nicer than california .
    take care .

  6. if yer taking votes bb, i votes fer ga. you kin always get a plane to tx fer a visit spell of couple weeks then go back home to ga. flyin special you know real cheap.
    gipsy don't like nothin about calif. complained and didn't even like the trailer she get fer free.

  7. hi BB. yes you did a nice job on the very dangerous installment of your awning material ,i know the springs can do you a lot of damage to the human body .great job !

  8. My daughter says when I can't live here anymore she's going to haul me kicking and screaming to Montana to be near her. But she picked out a nice apartment for me where I don't even have to go outside to the restaurant or community center and someone will come in to do my cleaning and laundry so I think I'd be fine there. It's called assisted living. :) The owner of this complex developed it for his grandma so it has the kind of atmosphere he'd want for her. That sounds promising to me. And it sounds more like your version of Georgia than Texas does. I know we readers have appreciated Robert, yo mama, and husband-in-law looking out for you.

  9. Hey BB, I have the same awning as you on my Winnebago Chieftain and it has a rip in it and needs to be replaced. Would you mind telling me where you ordered yours from? Thanks in advance.
    misterclean2, Austin, TX

  10. Been catching up on your blog this evening or should I say this morning?

    I know you will make the right decision concerning your future residence as well as to what to do about the hernia.

    Be well.

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