Monday, February 20, 2017

I ain't got nop more projects...now what I gonna do?

I'm gonna start this post today, but ain't gonna guarantee I'll finish it today. I ain't in a writ'n mood this morn'n, but then I ain't got my first cup of coffee digested yet.

Ok, I got to slow down on these projects just a bit.

The shop doors are finished an' rehung. They are now solid like a rock. No more that rickity, crookit, don't close right, Billy Bob homemade shop doors. "You know some shit Billy Bob".

That pile of materials was just sit'n out there in the yard. I cain't have lumber lay'n in my yard like that....gotta do something with it.

 Robert digged me some holes in red Georgia clay. We planted two landscape timbers....and construction begun. I'm gonna build me a sun shade for the afternoon sun while sit'n out there on the porch deck....sip'n up a cup an' think'n ya know.

"What the hell Billy Bob, you forget to take pics during construction".
Ok, I got in a hurry....I am not a patient man. It's gotta be done right now, not tomorrow, right now.

I'm gonna stop this post right here an' finish it later.....hopefully today. AFTER I finish the sun shade thingy.

Well, here it is a few not wasted hours later....da Billy Bob done did it. The sun shade is done. Moved my Weber Q grill after put'n short legs on the platform...got it all level up. Hauled most of the building materials back to the shop.
"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob, you is slap out of projects"?

Now there is a slight possibility I may do some modifications to the sun shade. I'm not totally satisfied.....drawing board. That would be another project wouldn't it? But I could always clean up the porch deck....put some of that stuff where it lives.....vacuum up all the leaves and stuff.
"My God Billy Bob, you wouldn't dare clean up da porch". Well I will if I take a hanker'n. 

Looks like I gonna have to make me a appointment with a heart doctor. My heart has been skip'n a beat like it ain't never done before. Then it will beat at half speed....41 beats a minute. I'm think'n this could possibly be something serious. Then all a sudden it goes back to normal....80 beats a minute. Will let ya know as soon as I know.

Ok, post time.....Oh wait!! One my favorite followers asked me a important question. That would be the wonderful RunNRose what I named the Chris Craft boat after. I tossed the thought around bout building log cabin birdhouses an' sell'n 'em. But that's bout as far as it got.

Ok let's try this again. Love ya all and miss the hell out of Texas.


  1. I was checking to see if you answered me about taking orders! I would love to have a birdhouse built by Billy Bob. But, then others would start lining up and putting their names on a list. For you, it would be too much like having a job!! Horrors.
    I think your shade maker is great.
    I sure hope Robert gets his dad to a doctor to check on that heart situation. Sounds like it needs monitoring. I want my Billy Bob to be taken care of. Please keep us posted.

  2. Nice sunshade there BB. Yup be getting to the doc pretty soon, check things out.

  3. You don't have to take orders to sell your birdhouses. All you have to do is let people know you finished one or more and let them come to you. That's what I did when I was making string shopping bags; sold whatever was in inventory when people asked about them. If there was no inventory then they were out of luck as I made them to my schedule not theirs.

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