Thursday, February 2, 2017

Well shoot, this post ain't what I had in mind

Ok, now where were we. Oh yeah, we was posting project pictures. But before we get into that....

It's hell get'n old and stuff wears out and breaks down. I been hav'n me a hell of a time for the last 2 or 4 years. Had it not be'n for my son Robert com'n to south Texas an' rescuing me a couple year ago, I might not be here today. I'm talk'n bad shape when he come get me.

But, in the last 2 years, more stuff broke down an' it ain't fixed yet. One of those break downs the doctor, he done prescribe me some medicines what is supposed to fix it. The side effects are terrible an' I cain't take the meds. It's hard to have to live with a break down what ya cain't fix. Not life threatening, but it do get quite painful bout 2 time a month.

I'm a retiree from the University of Texas an' they pay part of my secondary insurance what includes prescription DRUGS. Everbody likes drugs. Anyhows, they change my DRUG provider to the United States drug program. Medicare part D....or something like that. Ok, I'm not in Texas at the time and Georgia is "out of circuit". But guess what, I just called them while I was typing this....and my prescriptions are covered in Georgia. I wrote all the shit for nothing....LOLOLOL.

Ok....projects. But before I get into old projects, guess what happened to my latest. The log cabin birdhouse. Ya see, when I was building the chimney I had to make my own rocks....out of spackling. As a experiment, I placed a piece of the sampe rock thingy in a bowl of water. It turned to mush. The chimney will do the same thing in a rain. The chimney was removed and sealed with 2 heavy heavy, very heavy, coats of polyurethane. That should seal that sucker from drowning an' turn'n to mush in a downpour. First good rain, what could possibly be today, I'll let ya know how it worked out.

My daughter Doris say to me...."I want one....please daddy, I want one". Do I see another log cabin birdhouse in the immediate future? I need pallets, a bunch of pallets.

We been hav'n some pretty dad gum good weather here in Georgia. Upper 50's, 60's and a couple days in the lower 70's. For winter, ya cain't beat that with a stick. But, there is some colder temps headed this way. But still in the lower to mid 50's during the working hours.

Since "yo mama" an' HIL Harry are in Texas, Robert has been serv'n me up some pretty dad gum suppers for me. I ain't cooked since they left. If they stay in Texas long enough, I may gain some my lost weight back. Can anybody spell 1 inch thick Porterhouse steak med. rare, baked tater an' a pile of green beans [] this tall? Shit, now I'm hungry.

Ok, I'm gonna have to postpone my project pictures for today. But I ain't gonna forget to get back on 'em in a few days. Until then.....have yourself a great day. See ya laters.



  1. Good thing that Robert came a got you. Hope your chimney stands up to the rain.
    Pretty decent weather for Georgia this time of year enjoy it.
    80 here in southern California right now, loving' it.
    Things keep breaking down but with my fingers crossed I be good for a few more years yet I am 4 behind you.

  2. Having someone else cook for you is one of the best things about getting old and decrepit.

  3. So nice to have you back, Billy Bob. Don't I know what you mean about getting old and parts breaking down. In my life right now, it is watching that happen to my Old Man. He is so well known at the pain doctor's office, that I suggested they put his name on a parking space, three years he has been going for back pain after back surgery. At first he was getting shots every 3 months. With those shots, he could keep on with his Energizer Bunny routine. Then it got to be every 2 months. After a while. He was lucky to make a month. Then came Oxycodone. Helped a little, but not that great. A few weeks ago, to try to give him a little relief, he had the "nerve burn" attempt. Did not work. More pain afterward. Finally, yesterday, he got a prescription for morphine. He thinks now all is solved. He is going to be able to walk for blocks. All his troubles will be gone.
    You and I know that isn't so, but he keeps hoping.
    It's good that you are staying busy. Glad to know Robert is there for you. Hope the chimney fix works!

  4. hi BB. i am looking forward to seeing those old project pictures and the new ones that you are about to create for your daughter doris . i think you have never really been a tough red neck , i think you have always been a soft-hearted softee . don't worry BB. i won't tell anybody about your secret .

  5. It is like my old Mama always said, "Getting ole ain't for sissies", and I am now up in my 70's and sure do know what she means. Hang in there, BB.

  6. hi BB. i hate to tell you that atlanta georgia lost just now and tom brady is the greatest football player ever walked the earth . coming back from a 3 to 28 deficit to force a never before play-off over-time game with a touch-down . this was the greatest game ever .

  7. hi BB. roger goodel go booded mercilessly by the super bowl crowd . tom brady showed him for 5th times how is the true football super star . shame on mr. goodel.all kinds of historic records was broken by tom brady .the most incredible game ever . did you watch it BB ?

  8. Porterhouse steak one inch thick, baked potato and green beans? Can I come visit?