Saturday, February 18, 2017

Projects projects an' more projects.

Often times we just don't have the capacity to sit down and write a blog post. *I just made that up*.

Not a whole lot has been happening here in the peach state of Georgia. Weather has been almost perfect if there's such a thing. I ain't a believer in "climate change", but it sure has helped me make it through this winter. While some Yankee states have been freez'n their yangs off, dig'n their cars an' pick 'em up trucks out of snow banks, I been sit'n out there on my porch deck sip'n up a cup in upper 60's temps. Not every day mind you, but this winter has been [this] close to perfect.

I think I mentioned in my last blog post that there was a possibility I would build a bluebird log cabin bird house for my daughter Doris. Some hows she got wind of it and she catched me in the construction of it. Tell'n me she didn't want a BIG ol' birdhouse...a small one would do. I don't do small!!!
As of today (what ever day it is today)....well a few days ago, it was completed an' ready for pick up.

I breaks out my Walmart special notebook an' do me some drawings. Yeah, this will do just fine.

This is the choice I decided to build.

It all started with a bunch of boards off'n some kind of shipping crate. A short time on the table saw, I got me a pile of logs for a log cabin.

Construction begins after each log has been stained and notched on each end to lock the logs together.

Have ya ever made board an' batten gable ends on a table saw. I knows some shit.
 Door and winders constructed......like doors and winders is a hard job.....HA!

Roofs installed. Now that was a chore get'n them suckers to fit right.

Billy Bob design homemade rock chimney is installed.

And we have a completed bluebird log cabin birdhouse.

But I ain't done yet. Other projects are in the makings.

One was to throws the bird feeder in the dumpster and build another one just like it. An' that's exactly what I did.

The next project is to rebuild the warped an' crookit doors on the shop. One is completed an' rehung. The other is sit'n on the roller table wait'n for the old Billy Bob to show up and fix that sucker. Photos there are none....yet.

Then I have another project to build before "sit'n on the porch time" rolls around in warmer weather. A sun blocker to keep afternoon sun off'n me while I'm sit'n out there sip'n up a cup think'n of new projects. Robert done picked up the materials needed.

"Shit Billy Bob, you been one busy man".


  1. Yup Biily Bob you has been a busy man, hem project looking pretty good ya know.

  2. Dang! thats some good looking bird house!

  3. bb, you are a master at telling tales and using pictures to prove em. please keep on keepin on and have a cuppa on da porch for me. em

  4. With bird houses that good looking, you should charge the birds rent for the privilege of living in one.

  5. "Shit Billy Bob, you been one busy man". That.

  6. hi BB. i knew you have always been a soft hearted softy and i knew you would be making your daughter doris a BIG log cabin bird house for her because of your BIG heart and love . that is why you are incapable of making doris a small log cabin because you do not love her small but very BIG . do not worry BB.i will not tell anyone that you really are not a big hard red neck . beautiful work as usual , love your progress project pictures . did you and wonderful son robert put in my septic tank and field and 50amp electrical plug and water supply yet ?

  7. hi BB. just remember that i like a nice shady area facing north on my rv spots !

  8. hi BB. a nice peach tree to shade me would be nice since it's in georgia .

  9. Good lookin' projects there, BB. It looks like you are enjoying life again, good on you! Max.

  10. Wow, Billy Bob. You do know some S___! Are you taking orders on the birdhouse? I would love to have one. You are just like my old Man. The doc finally put him on morphine. Now he can keep on being the Energizer Bunny without paying too high a price, He is not happy sitting around. He wants to be working at something. Nothing makes him happier than getting a "little job" done. He says if he has to sit, he might as well die. Now, if you will just keep on talking to us, I will be happy!

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