Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feel like a new $10 bill....

Boy howdy, "do'n nuttin" for a day sure did paid off. Not enough to go up to the golf course and be swak'n no golf balls though. Nope, not yet.

Yesterdays ride to the Island was a very enjoyable trip. Got what I wanted to get done and had a nice time. "that jeep" performed like a brand spank'n new Cadillac Sedan deVille....or something like that. Well, maybe not that fine a ride, but at least the dump truck ride has been eliminated. The slight vibration in the driveshaft is much better after the adjustment. Damn, it's almost like rid'n in a American car. But....when I replaced the great big "off road'n" 18 wheeler tires, I let the guy replace them with...Oh God, here we go.... hard rubber truck tires. So naturally, it rides like a freak'n truck.

Last nights little ride after dark to check the headlight alignment proved I need to readjust. Driver side light is shin'n in the ditch on the other side the road. Well, maybe not that bad, but it needs pointed a little to the right and up just a smiggin. When I turn on the hi beams, holy cows, the whole world lit up like it was day time. But I still couldn't see worth a crap. "Don't drive at night Billy Bob".

I rekon I'll go outside and replace that leak'n "o" ring on the dash air, blow them 2 cans of freon out and hook up the vacuum pump for a couple hour. Charge that sucker back up an' I be ready to go this summer. Ain't gonna be no sweat pour'n off'n the "Billy Bob" driv'n all over Texas in a hunnert degrees or so. 

Ok, here I go. Gonna go do something, even if'n it ain't right. Where my shoes Sadie Mae???
Details later......maybe.