Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stuck in low gear....

Although yesterday was a successful day of get'n ready for the road, there are still a few things need to be done. Procrastination does catch up to ya.

Nephew Joseph says to me this morn'n, "why is it that every time I come home, the weather sucks"? Ya see, Joe works in the oil fields all over Texas as a rigger and only comes home when the drilling is done. Make some big bucks too.

Got my blood pressure way down (115/63 pr 69) after my episode a few days ago. But I'm still feel'n the effects of the high rates. Weak, dizzy, see'n 2 of stuff, stumble round like I drinked one too many wine coolers and just plain ass lazy. Had a old boy tell me one time, tip'n his gallon jug of T-Bird, that the bible says wine is good for ya. Well I guess it is good for ya if'n ya don't feel no pain when ya fall slap on your face on the sidewalk.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....was back in bout 63' I think. We was in New Orleans for the Marti Gras or what ever. Sit'n in a little corner bar I done figger out a pint of cheap wine was a thriftier expenditure than a couple cold beers. By sunset when the festivities begin, I had done drinked me up bout 3 them pints of cheap wine.....I were good to go.....gonna raise some hell. We hit the sidewalks....in the fresh air.....what knock me slap out. I were down for the count.....out cold. The local authorities (NOPD) throwed me in the back of a car, what I may have puked in, an' drop me off at the Naval facilities just down the road a piece. Right slap dab in front "headquarters", where all the big wig Naval officers hanged out. By the time I get back to my ship, I done been chewed up one side and down the other by every officer in the United States Navy. Some was flew in from Washington DC I think. Anyhows, this was the year old Billy Bob missed the much anticipated New Orleans Marti Gras....wash'n dishes, mop'n floors and stuff like that for the next 30 days of restriction. 

Ok, got things to do. "How the hell ya gonna wash dishes when ya ain't got no water in "da house"?

2 hour later....
"Good job Billy Bob". The dishes is done. Took 'em out in the yard and break out a water hose from the spigot out there. No, I can't use that water to fill my fresh water tank. If'n ya ever been to Sinton, Texas, ya don't drink the water. Nasty tast'n stuff. Probably got bugs an' worms an' fish scales in it.

Now I got to load up Sadie Mae in "that jeep" and head up the road to Bro in laws to return the infrared leak detector thingy....what I didn't even use. Bought my own bout the size a Marks-a-lot.
Then I'm done....ain't got nuttin else to do but hook up and go....tomorrow morn'n. Let me see.....185 miles, that be right at 4 hours with get'n fuel and propane.....and find'n a place to fill the fresh water tank. Better make it 5 hours. 


  1. You better get moving, Barney might catch and eat all the fish before you get there.

  2. I though bout that Dizzy, but when it comes to "hurry up" an' get mov'n, the old Billy Bob don't do that no more.
    Barney is a very courteous fisherman, he gonna leave me a couple them fish to catch up myself.

  3. I checked this morning and there are plenty of spots available in primative, e/w and e/w/s. The fishermen are still sinking their boats from catching too many fish.

  4. I enjoyed that story. Is that why you now hate to wash dishes?

    Have a good trip.

  5. Two word verification? You are killing me!!