Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tasteless tales of the west...

I were really disappointed....an' that's all I have to say bout that.

A quick look out the winders this morn'n reminded me that all days aren't always good days. It's foggy out there and I do mean foggy. 100 feets visability. But....as always, the fog will go away. Always has, always will.
Low temp last night was 62 degs. This is what boondock'n is all about. Camp'n in a well known area that is "warm" when compared to the colder climates of the north.....where water lines freeze and it snows. Presently it is 64 degs....and the fog has lifted. See, I tole you!!! 

If there were a rating system for blogs, I wonder where my blog would stand in such a system. Realizing there are different kinds of people with different backgrounds and different tastes, I attempt to cater to them all. Since there's a possibility I may have a little redneck in me, I tend to swing that way as I type. You know...."hey Bubba, watch this".

I don't publicize my views on politics, of which, 50% would be in disagreement. Religion is a subject in which I keep to myself. No discussion there.
I write as if the words were roll'n off my lips....with a little spicy seasoning and a touch of humor added. I spell by the way the words sound. There ain't no violence or mayhem in my writings, or in the way I speak....matter of fact. Although, you may find a slight hint of "mischievous deeds". Guns? Oh hell yes I have guns. I love guns. "Hey Bubba, watch this". Bout 50/50 here don't ya think?
I'm not a crazy person. But I do attempt to give that illusion of confusion in my writing. I'm as normal as any other redneck raised in the south.

And that brings me to question, is the story of "Billy 'the kid' Bob" the correct (PC) piece of historical literature to present on my blog. It contains a slight hint of violence (bully'n), guns are mentioned and of course, it's strictly fiction.

Yesterday even'n I was sit'n outside sip'n up a cup and had me some chicken on the grill. The damn grill catched on fire.....pooof, just like that. But you already knowed that would happen. Chicken has to be grilled at a precise temperature. Low enough so's it don't catch a fire and high enough to thoroughly cook the meat. There is no in between. But I ain't talk'n bout MY grill here. The "billy grill" has a mind it's own....gonna do whatever it damn well pleases to do. Don't have to adjust nuttin. Just turn it on an' it slap burn up anything ya put on it. Chicken come out perfect by the way.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I got banned from the St. Holiness Catholic Church???  I'll keep that story in mind until after I finish the tasteless tale of "Billy 'the kid' Bob". So stay tuned....don't touch that dial.  



  1. Hey Billy Bob,

    I just came across your blog yesterday, I am adding it to my blog list. Most of them blogs are long on photos and short on literary merit so I'm expectin yours will help balance things out.

    You just cannot please anybody and they don't get it anyway. When I lived in San Francisco everybody thought I was a redneck (some truth to that), now I live in rural Shasta county and I am considered some kind of elite city liberal hippy even though I am riding around with my two dogs in my pickup with guns, wearing cowboy boots and listening to the country music.

    I guess this means there is only one thing for me to do, move to Austin TX. Hell, all the good country music comes out of there anyway...

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  3. The older I get (BB's age and I'm glad to be there) my philosophy toward politics, religion, the state of the country, the state of the world, I could go on... has become, "I don't to give a s**it, I used to give a s**it but I don't give a s**t any more." I like reading BB's blog because it's down to earth, the writing is good and it's free of a lot of the BS one finds in blogs these days. I sit here in my RV, (Quartzsite at the moment, hidden among the other 50,000 rigs) do exactly what I want, completely free of guilt, and watch the world go by. Once on a while, I write a little something to fill the coffers. That's my story and I'm sticken to it!


  4. Chicken sounds good BB had it last night, now if you like I can send down some pene pasta with sausage made this afternoon and consumed 30 min ago....

  5. butterbean carpenterJanuary 24, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    Howdy you consarned ol' redneck.
    I don't think Sister Hilary will approve of all of your drivel, HOORAY FOR BB!!! Neither will ol' Slick Willie!!!
    As long as you want to you can say anything' until Nancy passes her SHUT YORE MOUTH BILL!! Now you ain't sayin' nuthin' about no crummy folks in DC, but I did, so folks don't get on the wrong BB about it!! Have you heerd about the big town in Arkansas where you can't even discuss the football scores with your nabors without breakin' th' law!!! Yep, two or more folks are a FACTION in that town; there's less than 1,000 citizens and the council is scared of all of'em!!!
    Sure do hope you catch that LUNKER and get in the newspaper!!!