Monday, March 12, 2012

Fish on.....

Well here it is another one them yukky look'n days. Nothing like yesterday where the sun come out and warm things up. In fact it got so warm I had to take my long sleeve off before noon.

Ha.....some folks think they know all bout motors an car stuff. But they don't. Rookies, that what I says. Ya see, when Corvair come out with their little flat 6 opposing cylinders air cooled engine, it weren't intended to be no rac'n engine. But low an' behold, some backyard rec'n enthusiast clowns start tinker'n an' modified them to produce humongous horsepower and torque, turn way up in the 250 hp range an' 8,000 rpm ....and not blow to smithereens as some may think. When ya got a Corvair Spider with a supercharged engine sit'n there out in the yard, what ya knocked all the winders out of with a ball peen hammer, ya got to do something with the still perfectly good motor. Ya put it in a 24 foots boat....that what ya do with it. Sucker go a hunnert mile a hour. So yes, a Corvair engine will turn 8,000 rpm rather ya like it or not. But it scare the hell out ya when it do.

Load up "that jeep", me an' Sadie Mae and head off to the lake yesterday right bout 1 a clock. Damn, the road is under water where I were park'n a week or so ago.

 Lake is com'n up maybe a foot a week from the way I figgers it. I were sit'n there watch this boat over there by them old bush stickups an' damn, they catch'n fish. Thought real serious bout put'n "bubba boat" in the water, but the wind was com'n up....again.
While I were sit'n there, these two fellers wade out there an' on the first cast I holler at 'em...."not there....over there by the bushes". On the second cast I just shakes my head. He done cast the same place. He don't no nuttin bout fish'n.
BAAZAAAAMMM, just like that, he catch up this big ol' fish. Who would'a thought there was a fish where he was cast'n? Bout 6 or 7 pound I would say. But then, a fisherguy like me always see the fish bigger than what it really is. Then he kilt it.

Maybe I do that today if'n the sun decide to come out. I got them brand spank'n new waders what come all the way up to my neck, so I ain't gonna get all wet an' catch me up some kind of deathly peemoania or something like that. Damn....I git'n all excitis.

Flat chunk that beef stew soup out in the tall grass this morn'n. Done ate up all that stuff I could handle. Maybe the critters will appreciate it more than I did. Note to self.....'don't make a hunnert gallon next time'. Sheesh, ain't nobody can eat that much soup.

Ok...I got things to do....laters 


  1. There's just NO WAY to make a small amount of soup.
    I'm ready. So get busy.

  2. That was a nice bass. Now, you go get its grandpa.

  3. When I was young I bought a brand new Corvair Monza Spyder - it was red and it was a convertible. I never would have another convertible, and Mr. Nader assured that I would never have another Corvair. That Spyder was too much for me, but my little brothers loved to keep it clean and washed, and then I let them drive it in high school football parades. My daddy loved it the most though Those Corvairs were unbelieable in snow.

  4. Boy howdy that's some fish story about that Corvair going 8000rpm but I guess I can believe that if I believe you can't swim... now I bet you were swimming at Lake Isabella when you were the terror of the valley. Anyway I love that Redneck spare tire mount on "da Jeep". From the looks of things and for the price I would just set right where your at until they tell ya to move.

  5. But low an' behold, some backyard rec'n enthusiast clowns start tinker'n an' modified them to produce humongous horsepower and torque, turn way up in the 250 hp range an' 8,000 rpm .

    Yeah, as a master mechanic in Ford dealerships I built and drove race cars so I wasn't exactly the backyard mechanic as you seem to think I am.

    And you failed to point out in the post that it was a tricked up Corvair engine.

    Wow, 250 HP out of six banger, am I supposed to be impressed? We can squeeze 500 HP out of a six banger these days.

    Okay, Smokey Yunick could do it with a four banger but he was above my league.

  6. If you had a tricked up Corvair engine that could spin 8000 grand and stay alive you must have had some good money cuz that shit doesn't come cheap.

  7. I've screwed my stock 3.8 V6 up to five grand and it was willing to give me more but I'm not wanting to abuse it that way.