Sunday, April 19, 2009

60 MPG

Come Sunday morning, April 6th....09, Old Billy Bob hooked up the little Bronco II and skeedaddled south with a destination in mind...Port Aransas, Tx. a couple hundred miles to the south.
Weren't on the road very long and that little breeze turned into high powered kick ass winds from the north. And I were headed south. By the time I got a few miles south of San Antone, I figgered I better gas up since my last fill up was in Van Horn...over 500 miles. By the time I got back on the road (I-37) the wind was really kick'n.
Two hours later, I pulled into Port Aransas with a still full tank of gas. How bout that....60 miles per gallon....lol.
Made a bee line to the County Park where I paid for a week of beach front camping....water and electric and a dump station right over there.
Went to the new golf course on the island for a round of golf with Ron. My God, what a beautiful golf course. Everything in town is the same with the exception of a few more foreign owned tourist trap souvineer (lol...spell checker didn't even help)shops. Why do I ever come back to this place? The "little fishing village" charm was replaced with big city rules and regulations. They even make you wear a seat belt now.

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  1. Well holy cow, you are alive. I have been worried sick that you haven't had any nice, young ladies (your age) taking care of you. Miss you and love you!