Sunday, April 19, 2009

Off to Texas

After spending countless hours "beat'n gums" on my Yahoo groups, it was decided I would participate in a GTG (get together) with other single, lonely, old folks in Fredericksburg, Texas.
Since there were others coming from the west, we decided to caravan from Deming to the GTG 600 miles to the east.
Well we caught the winds just outside of Van Horn, Tx. and all the way to Fredericksburg. Lucky for us, we didn't have a head wind.

We all arrived at the GTG 2 days before it was scheduled to start, but there were a few others that did the same thing, so we weren't alone. Another successful GTG by Carolyn and Terry....you don't know them, but I do.

After 4 days of eating too much, I was ready to head south and leave all these wonderful people on their own....most go'n danc'n in Bandera.

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