Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in Business

Holy cow, where have I been for the last 8 months. Well let me tell ya.
When I finally got back to Deming, NM. someares bout Sept. 08, I decided to take a trip to southern Ca. where the winters are warm. Decided to go to the "slabs", an old deserted military base, and boondock for a couple months.

Boondocking is nothing more than having no electricity, water or sewer. Well, since it has to be cheap, LOL...right, I bought a 2000 watt generator ($500) to recharge my four brand spank'n new 6volt golf cart batteries ($500) with my brand new 40 amp "smart" battery charger ($100) and a brand new Cobra 2500 watt inverter ($200). Well, since I was gonna spend a couple months, I needed some groceries to last my stay ($400). If that isn't cheap, what is?

After 2 months of preparation, Old Billy Bob was ready to hit the road (I-10) headed west. Arrived at the slabs just bout the last week of Nov.....08 that is. After an hour of look'n round, I picked out this really good looking spot and set up camp right next to a couple little trees. All was well with the temps in the mid to upper 80's....that is until here come a rain storm. Rain in the desert in Nov.?????

My camp site turned into a freak'n lake overnight....what I named Lake Billy Bob. Mud everywhere for 4 days. The good look'n site I had chosen to set up camp was a few feet lower than any of the other available camp sites and the water run off from those, filled my site. I was not a happy camper.

During the flood, one of my neighbors placed an old duck decoy in my 6 inch deep lake....what I named Fred. Then someone else deposited three little duck puppies right next to Fred. All the duck puppies ended up dying from exposure to the elements, but Fred survived after his surgery.

Spent 2 1/2 months at the slabs before heading south to Yuma, where I spent another month at "da pond" catch'n fish. After the second day, here come the rain....all night long. I was skeered my motorhome would end up in the pond as I had parked only 10 feet from the waters edge.

Arrived back in Deming on March 1st...09, only to find it was still winter there. I mean like in the 20's at night and 50's during the day. A few rounds of golf, a doctors appointment and fix'n broke stuff, I was ready to hit the road again. This time back to Texas, just like last year.

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  1. (reading all your back posts now that I found your blog!)

    Ahhh I know all about Fred the duck and the puppies! I am a good buddy of Mary n Rich, Chili Bob and Seann.... Glad to meet ya!

    Was hoping to get to the Slabs for a few weeks this winter, but now the kids are all having grandbabies and we might not get out there afterall. Still work-a-day world for us.

    Enjoying your posts, and laughing at the lingo. You sound like the Yoopers around us (residents of the U.P. of Mich are called Yoopers)

    Karen a.k.a. Woodsie to some of the Slabbers