Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swack'n Golf Balls

Up at 5:30am after a restless nights sleep of about 4 hours. Some "high speed" dude/dudette smacked into a telephone pole right over there and all them flashing lights got me curious. After looking at the pretty lights for an hour, I went back to bed. Then I had to get back up and pee...sheesh, getting old sucks.

Met up with Ron at 6:45 and we headed off to Sinton for a windy (20 to 25mph) round of golf. Wonderful game, even hitting out from under the freak'n trees. Struck a nice 91 which is good for playing in a gale.

Got back to the island by 1:30pm and I was starved. Went to Subway for a $5 12" sub what I ate the whole thing. You talk bout bring'n on a nap....eat a 12" sub. Slept for 2 hours.

Checked the weather forecast for Sunday....yep, gonna be windy. But if it's blow'n from the south, I'll get 60 mpg all the way to Houston. You think I'm kidding don't ya?

Finally contacted my lost daughter in Houston....she's so sweet. Now my "other" daughter, I love her too....LOL. One of the best things in life is to have two daughters as beautiful and loving as mine. I'm such a fortunate and lucky man. Now the boys are a different story.
Signing off with a grin on my lips.

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