Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another day in paradise

Today was a nice day....ran the a/c for a few hours to knock down the high humidity. What is it with freak'n islands having humidity over 80% day and night? My poor motorhome is gonna rust away unless I get out of here fast.
Spent the day surfing....the web. I can just see this old fart on a surf board....lol. Tried a skateboard when I was younger.....lol....now that was funny.
The best part of the day was spent unwrapping my dog Lug Nut from around the picnic table. Why does he even go under there for???? Sheesh!!
Still undecided where I'm gonna go after I leave Port Aransas. My original plan was to go to Houston....Steven F. Austin State Park to visit my daughter and grandkids. She lives in Katy, only 20 or 30 miles away. But.....what is wrong with her phone????
Tomorrow is golf day in Sinton, Tx. with Ron and a couple others. This will be my last day to play for a while until I find another golf course down the road. Sure do like swack'n them golf balls.

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