Friday, April 24, 2009

Wasted Days

As I come to the end of another day, I ask myself "what did you do today", to which, the only truthful answer would be none other than...."nothing". It's so much easier to do "nothing" than to over exert and do many things. Since I'm not one to over exert, I had a wonderful time doing "nothing".
Since I have been considering finding my "place", I did some drawings of my RV shelter and patio. The first drawing was done over a year ago, so there will be a few changes....I may extend to 40' instead of 36' as the drawing shows. What would another 4' cost???

Well, I didn't do that right, but at least I got them on here.
This will be a completely "off grid" home base and get away. Where??? you say, "out in the west Texas town of" Terlingua. Don't know where that's at???? Google is your friend.
The way I see it is, the land is cheap, it's in the desert (which I love) and that's what I wanna do. And if I don't want to milk the cows, that's my business. Not that I would be milking Texas Longhorns in the first place.
Only one more day to enjoy the "island paradise" of Port Aransas. Had it not been for playing golf, I would have been out of here 2 weeks ago. Even the dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae, are ready to move on. Me thinks they don't like this humidity any more than I do.
Until tomorrow, I be signed off.

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