Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK....what day is it???

I ain't got no change in my pocket...spent it all at the bar. Dogs ain't got no food....they scrounge'n in trash cans. My tires are bald and won't hold no air. Whoa is me!!!! Boy howdy, them were some memories.
"Back to reality Billy Bob".

Holy cows, ya should 'a see the sun come up this morn'n. I grab my camera....but the damn batteries were dead like a doorknob. Bestest sunrise I see since I been here. So, ya say. What ya do'n up that early? Well it like this. Last night while I were sit'n round the campfire, the dogs got into the trash and was eat'n up anything what smell like food. Bout 4:30 Lug Nut was jump'n up and down mak'n "chug'n" noises....what woke me up. He had'a go outside and puke up "stuff"....right now. And of course, make his morn'n rounds....dogs bark'n everywhere. I fired the Onan generator and brewed me up a pot....neighbor hollered "HEY!!! Turn that damn generator off, I'm try'n to sleep".  Well, I was too fore that damn dog woke me up.

Let me tell ya bout a batch of biscuits I were gonna cook up yesterday. Oven were up to 275 degs and not to waste all that heat, decided I need to cook something. Biscuits. That were a mistake. First I put cook'n oil in the dough instead of Crisco. Then here come a great big ol' cloud. Then the damn pan were too big to fit. That were 8 of the things Lug Nut were chow'n down on last night.

Speak'n of cook'n...that brisket what I throwed in the oven the other day come out perfect. Pis ya say??? Well hell no. I done forgit to take some. Slice it all up and now I got sandwich mak'n for a week.

Just read a sad description from an old lady on her maiden voyage from one my "groups" I belongs. She 85 year old and bought her a high dollar Prevost motorhome what she took off for Florida. She back in her cozy warm home in New Jersey now 'cause it were too cold in Florida. This were her dream what were cut short by cold weather. Don't think she ever gonna have another chance to "on the road again". So sad.

Well shoot, got all busy do'n stuff and forgot all bout this post. New batch of biscuits come out just find but not browned like I like them...but they good. Then I started read'n a book. Then I went to sleep. Then I waked up and here I am all groggy eyed and grumpy.


  1. What were you thinking Billy Bob firing up your generator in the early morning hours? Your lucky they did not come punch you...

    That's sad about that 85 year old lady not being able to go back on the road. Did she drive by herself? Maybe one of her relatives can drive her back down.

  2. As Billy Bob's sidekick do you get to wear a costume (like Batman and Robin)?

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