Monday, October 4, 2010

Another typical lazy day

Oh boy, it's monday morning and don't know what to do. One of the draw backs of being retired.... don't have a job to go to, get up at any time ya want, don't have to wear designer shoes, not a care in the world, nuttin to do. Damn, I love it.

Ain't look'n too good outside this morning. Clouds as far as the eye can see.... a cool 64 degs.

Speak'n of outside, yesterday I spent the entire day out on the porch clean'n that sucker up. My God, where all them tools come from. Ok, who the hell stole my big screwdriver?? After I got the porch look'n like "da porch" again, I tore my solar powered lantern apart and installed a new flame. Still ain't what I want it to look like, but better than no flame at all. Go head, ask me what the hell I'm talk'n bout.

Ya see, it's like this....a couple years ago I had this lantern hang'n on my flag pole what I would light up at night. Then it started leak'n gasoline all over the ground. It were dumpster ready. But old Billy Bob got him a grand idea....blink'n bright lights come on. Put one them solar garden/yard lights with the yeller bub on top and make a flame out of tin foil where that wick thingy come out. Worked great for two years and count'n.....on the same battery. Then another bright lite come on....change the flame. What I did. So there you have it...another great invention by Billy Bob and Company.

Speak'n of inventions, I already told ya bout the first weed eater and the first 12 volt coffee maker, but did I ever tell ya bout the first electric powered fish reel. It were a "hum dinger" of a contraption. Ya see, I used to do a whole lot of fish'n for BIG fishes in Galveston Bay and reel'n them things in got to be a chore. Since the boat already had a battery, all I needed was a long cord and a windshield wiper motor....a few pulleys, some duct tape and a little belt drive an that sucker was ready for a test run. OH shit.....fire and flames. Motor done burn slap up reel'n in a great big ole red fish (back in them days, a big ole red fish was something like 20 pounds). Back to the draw'n board.

Since I were already outside, why not start clean'n out the basement (motorhome compartments) what are plumb full of stuff I ain't used since I bought it years ago. One down and 7 to go. I do this every year bout this time, but in previous years, most everything is put right back in them compartments. You know, like table saws, roll around mechanics chest, extra TV's, enough tools to build a house, 5 gallon used oil from 3 years of oil changes....hell you know what I'm talk'n bout, just look in your garage. Anyhows, this year is gonna be different. If I don't use it, dumpster it. Dumpster diving allowed only on week ends.

Ok, look'n like porch time has arrived....got some sip'n and think'n to do.


  1. Good looking lantern,, but wha the hell ya need a lantern in the day time for?
    ( wish I could ah been there for the bus cleaning out... more "stuff" to put in the barn :-) )

  2. its about time you changed that flame, you were talking about doin that since last year slab time

  3. Well, just gonna have to start calling you Billy Bob Einstein, with all those inventions. Cool lantern, and I like the other ideas.

  4. Good idea on giving that old lantern a second lease on life.

    Wow you are even cleaning out the motor home compartments? That sounds like work to me...

  5. Nice looking lantern in the garden......