Friday, October 8, 2010

Yesterday today

Yup....that means zackly what it says......yesterday today.

Ya see, it happen just like this. I were sit'n on "da porch sip'n a cup an enjoy'n the brisk air and beautiful sunshine. Here come old pesky neighbor Wayne mumblin'n something bout play'n golf. I says when and he says now. This was yesterday, not today. Well, now didn't work. There was a high school tournament go'n on and won't be able to play till after 2.....sheesh.

Ok, now where was I before the entire old population of the park was sit'n on my porch tell'n stories and lie'n bout stuff? Oh yeah....gold ball swak'n. While we was wait'n on 2 oclock to roll around, I was dig'n in the garden, burn'n weeds and fine tuning the engine in the airplane. All the while, Wayne was eat'n and tak'n a nap. 

Boy howdy, woke up this morning sore all over. Gonna have to be play'n more golf ball swak'n. No, I didn't have leg cramps last night. But I was expect'n some. 

Been roll'n round the idea of opening another restaurant here in Deming. More an likely, that's as far as it will get....just roll'n it around. Of course it would mess with my travels hav'n to be here every day with my 5 gallon bucket to go to the bank. As many businesses I've had, you would think in 69 years I learnt something. 

Baked me up an apple pie yesterday. Yesterday??? What about today? Well, today was another batch hum dinger biscuits...what I filled 6 of 'em with a sausage slab and a egg. Be eat'n breakfast for the next 3 mornings. OK...this afternoon, right after a fly awakening nap, I ate me up a big chunk that pie with bout a quart ice cold milk. Damn...that were sooooo good.

Be eat'n venison chili spaghetti again tonight. What reminds me of my old great grandpa William Perry Birchfied the first. He was a rancher ya know....horses for the Army and cows to feed hungry folk. Well, he had a cook what would brew up some soup make out of chili peppers what growed wild on the ranch. And that what they would eat...along with some ground mesquite bean bread. Old WPB told that cook one night...."tomorrow, you go out there and kill one them cows and put some "beef" in that soup". So....that where chili con carne come from. There are other versions on the internet, but I would believe old WPB before the internet. And yes...you put jalepenos in a good pot of chili.....bout a half a cup for 2 gallon....if'n ya like it hot.

Have ya ever fix a broke flag? Well I did today...two times. The big ol' American flag was com'n apart from all the wind and abuses it gets. And you remember that "expensive" Texas flag that guy said would last for 5 years. Well yeah, if ya leave it in the package. Anyhows, I got up enough nerve to break out my "hi blood pressure" sew'n machine. That machine is what got in the shape I'm in today. Anyhows, in lickity split I had them flags fly'n in the wind again. Knows some stuff bout sew machines.

That's it....ain't done a thing today....maybe tomorrow.


  1. Hey BB, I am leaning fast on the "doing nothing" thing. I am getting pretty good at it. Hardest decision is which side to lay on when I takes my naps. Guess I'll have to come out there and learn from the master. Of course Ole Ben, he knows how to do nothing, too.

  2. Dang!!! Sorry bout that Flag coming all apart,,guess they never tested them in a Deming wind huh? :-)

    WE ( your loyal followers) are gonna have to pitch in and find you a camera that will take pictures and upload to your blog automatically!!
    Course you'd have to remember to clip it on ..

  3. Wayne said that he was going to open a can of whoopass on you when ya'll are playing golf.