Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sit'n on "da porch"

Some people think that "sit'n on da porch" is just that....sit'n and "do'n nuttin". But it ain't like that.

Ya see, it's like this......I got stuff to do and it's all outside....right next to "da porch". If ya don't have a "da porch" in your yard, ya ain't never gonna understand what a "da porch" is for. This is a gathering place for all the neighbors what don't have a place to sit sip'n a cup and think'n. On my "da porch", I have this very comfortable chair what I sit in. Next to it is a little table on the right....that where my coffee cup and ash tray sits. On the other side my chair is this bigger table....used to store tools and stuff until they find their way back to their proper place. Kind of like a workbench don't ya think? And then there's all the extra floor space for the bigger tools and stuff. You know, like tables saws, grinders, mechanic's chests, engine stands and stuff like that. 
So.....a "da porch" is more than a place to sit your ass down and "do nuttin".
Speak'n of hard work, yesterday old Billy Bob got this bright idea to build a solar powered night light for the porch and dashboard of "Sally da house". Ya see, it were like this.....I had this big ol' cow head lay'n round "do'n nuttin" but collect'n dust. I look at them empty eyes and says......light 'em up. So that what I did.
Next I will proceed to install some red eyes....or maybe green. Wonder if this ol' cow head night light will keep critters...snakes and stuff away from my door.

Also on the agenda for yesterday....after sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n, I decided my birds weren't happy with no place to get a soothing drink and a place to take a bath.

This is what they got.

Got the dish's soak'n for a good wash'n here in a little bit....but in the mean time....go sit on "da porch", sip a cup and do a little think'n. What I did. I was think'n bout fly'n that airplane, but it has to be balanced first. You know what I'm talk'n bout...center of gravity and all that stuff. What I did. It's now ready for it's first flight since conception 6 year ago. Where I gonna fly it??? Well hell, right over there on that paved county road. Ain't no tyraffic and if there is, they better look out...Billy Bob fly'n here. Gonna take a roll of duct tape to use for band aids just in case I run slap into one them big yuccas. I done that before ya know. Been 36 years ago since I flew one these things, so I'm expect'n a few mishaps. 

My "to do" list just keeps get'n smaller and smaller. Ain't say'n it's anywhere close to be completed, but it ain't near as big as it were a few week ago. Think'n of leav'n some of the list undone till I arrive at the "slabs". Something to do while I'm layed back enjoy'n a warm winter.....with no snow, no freez'n pipes...no nuttin to give the impression it's dead of winter.

Ok dishes, here come Billy Bob. God I hate dishes.


  1. I like the cow head with lit up eyes. You could put both green and red in each eye and put them on timers so you could have red for awhile and then green for awhile. I really like it and want to see a picture of it lit up at night.

  2. BB, I got to comment on that bird bath, looks more like an olympic size swim'n pool. You gonna have some spoilt birds.

    But, where is the high dive?

  3. Dizzy....I tried to take a night time pic of the cow head, but ya can't see the light.

    I take special care of my birds. Nothing but the best. Speak'n of diving board....yes, I did think of that and it should be ready to install in the next couple days.

  4. Neat looking birdbath/watering pond/what ever it is officially. :-) Has Sadie tried it out as a swimming hole yet?

  5. The birds need a water slide too.