Sunday, September 9, 2012

Batteries again

One thing of importance to talk bout this morn'n is batteries. Most of ya only have one battery, so this talk won't interest you one bit. But for all you RV'ers out there in listen'n distance....here's the deal. Also noted by Karen (Rving Small House) in the comments. A battery bank is a combination of more than one battery, usually 2 or, as in my case, 4 deep cycle 6 volt batteries. When ya connect 2 6 volt batteries in series (positive post to negative post) you have one 12 volt battery, with an amp hour rating of the stated rating of either of the two 6 volt batteries. At this time, be it noted, that "house" batteries in an RV should be of the exact kind (no mixing), make and amp hour rating, no matter how many batteries you use. Mixed batteries are to be avoided.

Now let's talk bout characteristics of a set of older batteries, let's say 4 years old....like mine. The life expectancy deteriorates over time and use from it's new condition ratings. Eight years is an estimated maximum life expectancy for an entire set. If during that time, one battery is damaged, or dying from dehydration (subjected to low water conditions) or malnutrition (erratic charge), the entire set of batteries will suffer as though it were simply one battery. A damaged battery will be the determining factor for the entire set.

In my case, I have one 6 volt battery what spranged a leak from vibration and rub'n against a bolt. This affected my entire battery bank to the condition of this one battery....one foot on the edge of the grave. Ok, the other 3 batteries should have another 2 to 4 years if life left in them.....right? For a hunnert dollar, I can replace this one battery and expect my entire set to last another 2 to 4 years. Or I can replace the entire set for right bout $500....includ'n labor and last for 6 to 8 years. This is where logical Billy Bob think'n comes into play. I'm think'n a hunnert dollar investment for the 1 battery, and reap the full lifespan out of the other 3, would be logical. "Jesus Billy Bob, you is a genius".

Ok.....I sleeped in this morn'n. Way past my usual wake up call.....the bathroom. At first I had a slight feel'n of guilt that I might sleep my life away if this became a daily habit. I'm think'n somewheres in the Bible, God said to lay back on Sundays and sleep as long as ya want. Then, I took my first taste of my morn'n coffee. All signs of guilt left me at the first sip. Damn I make a mean cup of coffee...strong and bold. I am now guilt free.

Since I been back on my daily requirement of drugs as prescribed by Dr Fronkinsteen, I've been hav'n a digestion problem with the food I eat. Yes, I'm eat'n good nourish'n food. Plenty of fibre....lot's of fat (lubrication).  


  1. And at my age four years stands a decent chance of being longer than I live. I started cranking that factor into my guesses two years ago.

  2. Hey BB...

    Can you get by on only 2 batteries? Will that give you enough amp hours. Perhaps just leave your third battery out of the system, hold it as a 'spare', and buy 4 new batteries when the 2 finally wear out. Just a thought from a tightwad. Uh, make that a thrifty person.

    1. I think this could be a PLAN! How often do you run on only battery power and for how long may be the deciding factor. But two batteries should give you about 100ah of usable power.

  3. Ahhh let's see... you buy us six NEW batteries and we will give your four USED batteries, and we will all be happy, right?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. butterbean carpenterSeptember 20, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    Howdy Karen & Steveio,
    Girl, you got everything figgered out to the .05, ain'tcha!!! Y'all asittin' up there in a FREE electric spot and tryin' to Get ol' BB to buy your new batteries; ain't you ashamed!!! I know Steve is!!! Steveio can make McGuyver,
    (on TV;Not Donna's, Dennis)look uneducated when it comes to making things last forever!!! Poor ol' BB agonna get swoggled by a 'CHEESEHEAD'!! But that's OK cause she looks GOOD in the daylight!!!