Saturday, September 15, 2012

Laid back in Deming....do'n nuttin

Holy crap....what happen? It were downright cold last night. Jump out of bed bout 5am this morn'n with one them pain retch'n leg cramps....an' I had to pee too. While I was up, I looked at the temp. Yup, it were cold that for sure....41 degs.

Ate supper out there on the porch last night, grilled ham steak, grill roasted corn on the cob an' a big ol' mater all cut up in bite size pieces. It were 65 degs....and falling. I were begin'n to feel the chill. Nobody came to sit on "da porch" for the evening BS session. Sadie Mae is rolled up in a ball in a corner out of the wind. It's winter in Deming. Well just for a day or two. Warmer weather is on the way.

Many time in the past I would get myself stuck somewheres where it were too damn cold to walk to the outhouse. I remember the ice storm back in bout '79 when power lines tumbled to the ground, tree limbs broken off from the weight of hunnerts of pounds of ice, water lines froze solid....temps down in the minus numbers. I lived in a "holler" where the sun shine only one time a day.....right bout noon time. The road in was covered with ice and a foot of snow. Weren't no way in an' no way out. We was stuck.

Fortunately, the old Billy Bob was a maker of things. In this case he had built a coal burn'n stove. Sit right there in the liv'n room. For light we used candles and kerosene lamps. For water, we used melted snow on the coal burn'n stove. We cooked on the stove. Everthing for our survival was dependent on a fresh supply of West Virginia coal from down at the bottom the hill. Yup, the old Billy Bob know what cold feels like....an' he ain't never gonna do it again.

Not much go'n on here in Deming what would interest anybody. Do'n a few small repairs and modifications on "Sally da house". Mostly just to pass the time of day. Been wear'n out wire wheels on the Dremel tool sand'n that "mesquite eagle" project. Com'n along pretty good if'n I do say so myself. Maybe by this time next year it will be a finished product.
The "walk'n stik" project ain't turn out at all to my satisfaction. It's on hold, lean'n against the wall, until I either finish it or give it to old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. It's shiny and purty, but not what I was look'n for.

Next scheduled golf swak'n game is monday afternoon with none other than the old "pesky". He been driv'n me crazy with all his talk bout how he can swak a golf ball a hunnert mile. If'n he swaks one only 30 yeards, we will both be happy. Ya see, me and Wayne been play'n golf ball swak'n bout 7 years now....together. If I can make him feel good in some little way, that what I gonna do. But I sure as hell ain't gonna let him beat me. I suppose there will come the day when I am no longer gonna be able to play golf. I only hope I'll have someone to take me to the golf course to swak a few. 


  1. Old "Pesky" may surprise you and beat you if you leave your guard down.

  2. Billy Bob, have you been checked for PAD? http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/More/PeripheralArteryDisease/Peripheral-Artery-Disease_UCM_002082_SubHomePage.jsp

  3. Well Billy Bob, I've not spent winter in WV, but I've been in places that were pretty cold for a boy from the Piney Woods. I've seen ice storms, and some snow.
    But the coldest place I've ever been was one day in winter of '62/'63, on the parade ground at Keesler AFB, Mississippi where it was about 28 degrees with a stiff North wind blowing.
    That ham and corn sure sounds good.

  4. I have experienced both kinds of cold, high and low humidity. In the mountains outside Helena Montana one Christmas morning when it was 52 below zero by my thermometer, we was running around outside with a good coat and gloves and was good and warm. On the other hand a couple of years ago here in East Texas it got down to about 6 above with the wind blowing about thirty miles an hour. Had on long johns, sweats, jeans, heavy sweater and big ol coat and was still cold. I'll take Montana any time.

  5. Sounds like you made it through the freeze pretty good. But not somthing you would want to deal with more than once.