Monday, September 3, 2012

Winter look'n good

Ok, here's the deal. Did a little research on weather conditions for one the campgrounds/lakes I plan to visit when I leave New Mexico. Looks like right bout Oct, 15th is a good choice for a departure date. Average temps should be in the mid 80's during the day and upper 50's to lower 60's at night.....give or take a couple degs. I can live with that.

I been get'n backward leg cramps for the last few nights. I says backwards 'cause they ain't in the usual place, the back of my calves. These suckers go right up the front my leg....make my toes stick straight up the air. Hurt like a sum a gun. Well, I got to think'n, let some air out the bed. That didn't work neither. So last night I slip me some my winter socks on my feet. Didn't have no backward cramps, but my feet sure did get hot. Damn A/C came on at 2 am. What the hell, it been get'n in the upper 50's every night for a week.

Put me on some stain an' a coat of polyurethane on that stik I mak'n. Don't like it. Gave it a light sand'n an' another coat of poly this morn'n while I was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n up a cup. Still don't like it. Maybe one or two more coats. I love projects.

"Dad burn it Wayne, don't be bring'n that old golf cart over here". Well, he did anyhows....for the Billy Bob to fix. While I was miss'n in action from Deming, some jack leg professional golf cart mechanic done screw up the whole thing. He don't no nuttin.....rookie. Won't charge.....or that what Wayne says. Ok, I'll take a look see.....but later.

Did ya ever notice, them young fellers, ya cain't tell 'em nuttin. They think they know it all....macho think'n. Well let me tell ya right now, it's them old folks what know it all. They experienced an' they been there, done that. They been down that same road you are travel'n....probly didn't listen neither. But they learned. The hard way. Just like you gonna do. Listen now and save yerself some grief down the road a piece.

Ok, got a few things to do......laters.


  1. Hey, we got a front coming by Sunday,,,be about 90.

  2. I think I am a few months younger than you, so does that mean you don't trust me (grin). My father-in-law said not to let me handle tools. Maybe when I grow up I can.

  3. My thoughts on know it all young generation, they probably know more then I remember and probably different things that weren't relevent when I was a young know it all.
    Put aside the relevence, add what I've forgotten and I might be ahead of them but they learn while I forget so the scales are tipping drastically in their favor.
    Of course, Im only 73 so I havea lot more to forget.

  4. You had to go mention October 15th...sigh...that's final deadline for 2011 taxes :-(