Friday, September 21, 2012

Look'n down the road a piece...

No, Bob from Athen, salt'n the yard was a waste of hard earned dollars and hours of back break'n work. Ya cain't beat weeds. Damn things even grow out of solid rock. And goat heads.....my God, poor Sadie Mae is always hop'n round on 3 feets.

What ever I did was a good decision. We talk'n batteries here this afternoon. Ya see, two day ago, I charge the batteries to full capacity. Change the charg'n wire from the solar charge controller to the batteries. Found no shorts or nuttin like that in the old wire. Batteries charged from the solar panels all day yesterday and this morn'n I had only used bout 6/10th's of a volt (12.64 volts this morn'n).  Go head....check my math.

It were so hotter an' hell yesterday I come in "da house". Break out my broom an' sweeps the entire floor. Then I breaks out my Swiffer mop thingy an' mop the entire floor. When it dry, I says...."damn, maybe I better wax it". What I did. Look like a brand spank'n new floor. Until I got up this morn'n. Little puppy dog feet prints everwheres, a few goat heads and some unwelcome sand.
Did I ever mention before, never install dark floors in a RV?

Went down to the floor'n sell'n place an' they got a piece of vinyl floor'n that would be perfect to cover most of the wood floor in the liv'n room and kitchen. Heavy duty stuff what should hold up to anything Sadie Mae and Mother Nature can throw at it. But....the install guy tole me it has to be glued down or it will curl on the edges. Damn!!! And I liked that stuff. There ain't no way to staple it under the slide out. I can glue it under there, but ain't no way to hold it down till the glue sets. Only one inches clearance.

Been read'n the news. Obama and Romney is really piss'n the old Billy Bob off. I want to hear what they gonna do for America, not throw'n big ol' rocks back an' forth at each other. Then we got all the upris'n in the middle east. Damn....there's crazy people all over the world.

Speak'n of crazy people. Remember I was tell'n ya bout the guy out here at the park what is stock'n up on supplies for "when it happens" (dooms day or some shit like that)? Well, the other day he went to the store and bought up $150 worth of pasta. Now that's a lot of pasta don't ya think?

I got all my plans made for the next 6 months or so. Meet up with the OFM somewheres in south Texas in a couple months or so. After a few stops along the way. By that time, Barney should be a competitive fisher man.....give the old Billy Bob a fish catch'n beat'n he'll never forget. "Ahh, Billy Bob, Barney all ready catch more fish than you do".


  1. Been fishin twices today. Caught one small skipjack. Dats no pirze to claimen.

  2. BB I'm sure that you are going to stop in El Paso for a while.

    1. Oh hell no. I never stop in El Paso.....go through there do'n a hunnert mile a hour.

  3. I bet that on a fishes per hour of fishing you are twice as good as I am.

  4. The problem is that you guys keep talking about "fishin", ya gotta switch to "catching". I know that catching don't sound as good as fishing, however fishing is just throwing something into the water, catching is taking something outa the water.

  5. BfA, BB don't like to mention catching cause he is so good at it others start to feel inferior if he mentions his catching abilities.

  6. Use double faced tape around the edges of the vinyl and it won't curl up on ya.

  7. Use double faced tape around the edges of the vinyl and it won't curl up on ya.