Friday, April 19, 2013

Little fish'n village...Port Aransas

Yeee Haaa, now that's what I call wind. I knowed a cold front was headed this way, an' I knowed there is always wind with a cold front. An' I mean to tell ya, the wind blowed. Temps last night were no where close to what was predicted. My Walmart special temp thingy says it got down to 55 last night. I can live with that.

After my "find dad" vacation, I returned to Charleston SC. to find a transfer offer from the United States Government. Ya see, they was put'n together a international good will ship to sail all over the world. To be manned by sailors from different countries. I was a electrician an' they needed a American electrician. So's I accepted their offer since I could read English an' I were a pretty good electrician too.

Arriving in Norfolk Va. to report to my new assignment, I got delayed a couple days....with military approval. That delay costed me my position on the "good will" ship. But fear not, the old Billy Bob was offered to be transferred to any US Navy port in the US.....as long as it was on a ship. 

Since I had found my dad and fell in love with Port Aransas, I chose a reserve training ship out of Galveston, Texas (Pelican Island). Close enough to hitchhike back an' forth on a days notice....bout 208 miles if'n I recall.
This was my last duty station (USS Haynsworth DD700) up to 1966....unsure of month. I spent 4 years 4 months rid'n these babies all around the Caribbean, Canary Islands, up an' down the east coast, France, Italy, Greece, Spain....places like that. An' boy howdy do I have some stories to tell.

I hanged around Galveston and Texas City for a few years before mov'n to Port Aransas.....for the first time. Back then, fish'n was excellent in Port Aransas. Catch tarpon an' jew fish right out of the Corpus Christi ship channel. Now I ain't say'n I ever catched one of 'em, but they was there if'n was I want'n to. A good size jew fish would tip the scales at 500 pounds with the biggest at 800 pounds. Damn, that's as big as a cow.

Today, Port Aransas is no longer a excit'n little fish'n village. It's a freak'n tourist trap what will drain you of every last cent ya got to your name. Developers have made a killing off'n retired suckers. Even if ya got your own house on wheels (RV), expect to pay from $400 to $800 a month just for a place to park it (RV Resort). A rented condo ranges bout the same. If ya decide to spend the day at the beach, ya got to purchase a "beach parking permit" or face a ridiculously high fine. Grrrrrrrr....Port Aransas sucks.

Well shoot, I were think'n bout swak'n up some golf balls today, but now it's too late in the day, an' earlier it was too cold (64 degs).    


  1. We have been to Port Aransas and few times and love the area and all that , have never spent any more at those tourist traps.
    Did park our Rv on the beach overnight one time thou a few years back, just to say we did.
    We hoping for a heat wave here, 60 degrees would be a lot better than 32. Maybe should have stayed south longer, wish we could.

  2. A cherry chocolate cake would make those temperatures feel a little better.

  3. I enjoyed your story.

    It has been YEARS since I have been to Port Aransas but I will take your word for it.