Sunday, April 28, 2013

Remember'n dig'n dirt

I got me a little 10 year old grand niece who keeps bug'n me all day long yesterday. She grabs holt to the broom an' sweeps the floor. Not once, but bout a dozen times. Then she wants to finish wash'n the dishes, picks up stuff lay'n on the floor, puts groceries away....all kinds of stuff what is just fine with me like it is.  Then she sweeps the floor again. Sure do wish I could find me a little girl like that bout 35 or 60 year old.

Yesterday I was sit'n here look'n at the "billy bike" sit'n out there in the yard. Weeds grow'n up all around it, tires rotting, paint fading....rust....stuff like that. I ain't rode that bike ya know. Ya see, I'm a sucker for buy'n stuff intended for younger an' "physical specimen" people. Then I just sit back sip'n up a cup look'n at the damn thing. But anyhows, and besides the point, I jump up on that thing yesterday even'n, give them peddles a pump an' ride all the ways to the gate....100 feet. That's bout all I have to say bout that.....I jump right back off an' park it. I got to do something bout that bicycle.

Had us a pretty good rain last night. It were suppose to be a severe thunderstorm, but that didn't happen. It just rained. Warnings on the TV for hours. Hope the golf course is dry by Monday.

A few years ago, I was a prospector. I would go out early in the morn'n an' dig up a bunch of dirt an' sand, shovel it into my homemade "gold machine" an' get me some gold. That's all I would talk about....dig'n dirt I called it. Well, I cain't dig dirt no more, so I don't talk bout it no more. Have ya ever heard bout get'n bit by the "gold bug". Gold fever is what they call it. That's what happens when ya see your first glimmer of gold in your pan. Ya get bit right then. Ya don't never lose thoughts of that excit'n moment. Dang, sure do wish I could still dig me some dirt.
Old 1894 gold mines. Randsburg, Ca. 2004
The "gold machine" in operation.Red Mountain, Ca. 2005
Designed and constructed by Billy Bob Mining Equipment Inc.

Now I ain't say'n that I struck it rich or nuttin like that, but with gold prices what they are today, I got bout $300 in a little bottle somewheres back there in the bedroom. So, if'n you are still young enough to dig a ton of dirt, gold prospect'n is a great hobby. I knowed one prospector what would dig dirt all day long an' take home bout $10 or $12 worth of fine 92% gold. That don't even cover the cost of the beer he drinked. I don't drink beer, so my gold was all profit....after expenses ($20 a day). 

As you can tell, I ain't got a damn thing to talk bout today. Sooooo....I'm out of here. Got things to do ya know.


  1. There was a gold rush here, tent city of about 10000. Around 1900, or so. Then about the 70s?,,, a gold mine opened out W of town, big secret place. No telling what they were doing.
    But you can find little bits of gold in places.

  2. I love prospecting. It like hunting and fishing. Kind of fits into that category only sometimes it pays you for the effort.

  3. "Sure do wish I could find me a little girl like that bout 35 or 60 year old."

    I think if you want anyone in the 35 year range you better have a lot of zeros to the left of your bank account statement...just saying :)

  4. at least you talking about interesting stuff.

  5. Hire that niece! Sounds like you have a little gold in a small package with her; a learning experience for her, cleaned place for you. Small amt. pay$! will do wonders for her esteem too. I started keeping house @ age 10, so I know. I agree w/MsBelinda. At 60, we begin to wear out....just sayin. Get my drift? Hmm, send that child to me!

    Enjoyed this post tremendously and see exactly where you are coming from. Getting old brings us lots of "Yearnings to do it all again". My bike and such have broken down too. Dang it.

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  7. butterbean carpenterMay 5, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Howdy #1 BB,

    I've got a one-legged friend, that's a gold prospector and can find gold anywhere; not much, but some... He has a claim in the mountains, he 'visits' ever once in a while; like every 10-12 years and hauls a load out...
    He just has one leg, but he can get around on it and a crutch better than I can with 2 wore-out ones... He says he ain't no prospector, cause he's found his!!!! GO SWAK A GOLF BALL!!!

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