Wednesday, June 6, 2012

About that leak

I done spend me the whole afternoon yesterday try'n to figger a way to 'esplain why I have a leak on the newly repaired slide out. I tried so hard I got tired n' had a take me one them big long naps.....what only made me all grumpy like when I waked up. Grandkids an' dogs kept their distance.

Well anyhows, here's the deal. The slide out repairs proved to be right nary almost perfect. Go in "da house" just like a brand spank'n new one when ya push that button up there on the wall, an' go outside "da house" just the same. So I'm happy bout all that. But.....when it rained, the damn thing leaked a little water on my brand spank'n new floor. Not much ya know, just enough to get my attention when I step in it with my socked feet.

Son Robert got all work up want'n to pull the slide back out the wall and replace all the gaskets and seals. There ain't nuttin wrong with all the gaskets and seals that they would need replaced. At the top of the slide out is a seal what ain't touch'n the roof. Probably been like that a hunnert years. Water can get under that seal, run down between another gasket and seal and finally make it's way to my brand spank'n new floor.....what it did. The seal in question is called a wiper seal. Looks kind of like your every day windshield wiper blade on your car (the rubber part). That where old Billy Bob is 'spect'n where that water is com'n from. What ya think???

Was want'n to take some more photos but now "da house" is full of tools, 2xsticks and all kinds of stuff. Big ol' drop cloth lay'n on the floor.....what should have been there a long time ago to keep from scratch'n the new flooring. Boy howdy it takes a long time to put stuff back together and fix the "little" items. In the construction trades that's called a "cut list". Spent over 2 hours cut'n, fitting and sanding a little stick to put on one the steps.....and it still lay'n on the workbench.

Today we plan to pull "da house" forward bout 15-20 feets to gain access to the bedroom slide out for repairs....or hopefully, just an adjustment. In the mean time, I'm gonna sit back, sip me up a cup and relax until my other son Ronny shows up in his work clothes.

Ha....son Ronny show up with his Sunday go meet'n clothes on this morn'n. He knowed what he was do'n when he said he was com'n over today to help. Stay bout a hour and he gone.....Pooof, just like that.

So's me and my other son Robert we pull "da house" forward and fix that bedroom slide out.....pooof, just like that. Was able to make a adjustment the the operator thingy bob or what ever. It work just fine now. Now I can finish lay'n the rest of the bedroom flooring. Yee ha, gonna be finish most my fix's an' repairs. Cut list is get'n smaller. 


  1. I have been told that the seals should be replaced every 7 or 8 years just like tires. How long have you had Sally da House?

    1. Don't know who told you that dizzy, but I have never heard such. The way I see it is if an old seal is just like brand new, why replace it. In my post, I stated that the roof wiper seal is not making contact with the roof. That is no reason to replace it. The correct fix would be to relocate the wiper seal to contact the roof.

  2. Glad you found that out, while you're still there. Get that supervisor chair back out.

  3. Glad to hear that, Bb., since mine is at that age. That is why I replaced all the tires.