Thursday, June 7, 2012

Countdown to fininshed

Tools are being picked up and put in their proper places. Trash bags are awaiting pick up at the curb. Extra lumber and materials are being stacked. Construction is complete.

The last few pieces of flooring were layed with care yesterday afternoon before the campfire was lit. All tools were transferred from every conceivable location to one lonely table sit'n out in the yard for division and storing. "My God, there's a hunnert pound of tools out there". Preparations are being made inside "da house" for the final photos of a job well done. Hopefully today.

Get'n back to travel plans and such, I been follow'n OFM Barney's travels and that man don't sit still for a minute. He just go, go, go....like the battery rabbit. One other blogger, BuggerBean 'n Texas....or something like that, is pick'n up a little travel trailer tomorrow. His travels will primarily be in and around the Ft. Worth/Dallas area.  One other blogger just buy hisself one them great big ol' brand spank'n new school bus motorhomes to travel in. Wait'n patiently to hear of his travels. Then Ya got's RV Sue and her doggie crew travel'n all over the southwest in a little Casita travel trailer. Good read'n an' well written. She go places I wouldn't take "that jeep".

Billy Bob's travels has slowed down the last few years. I'm get'n tired. I stay in one place too long. Not too much to write about when ya don't go nowheres or ya change your travels from fast pace rabbit speed to turtle speed. Don't get me wrong now 'cause I been all over the place in the last 10 years of full time rv'n. Not the most excit'n travels for others, but I sure did have a good time....almost.

One last trip on my "bucket list" of places I want to go before I hang it up, is my "Montana" trip. Up through Colorado and anything between there and Montana, off to the west coast in Washington State, south to Reno, Nevada, jump on the "loneliest road in America" to Ely, Nevada an' from there to where ever I started from.  Damn.....that's a long trip.

Alaska has never entered my mind as a place I would want to see. I went to school ya know and learnt there is snow in Alaska. That's all I need to know. Ain't gonna go somewheres where I got to run a heater day an' night and freeze my "willie" off if'n I go outside to pee in the snow. God invented snow for Yankees and Eskimos.

Ha....this was gonna be a one liner post this morning. Enjoy!!!
Maybe photos later.


  1. If my wife ever gets through with all her doctor appointments and such, and I get all my chores done maybe we will hit the road. The bus goes to the repair shop next week when the new awning will be delivered and also to repair the power driver's side window. Dang, BB, I just now got a telephone call wanting me to do a paying job. Gonna do it, will buy some diesel, right? That is the second customer that has called my in the last few weeks, just finished a job for another one.

  2. Alaska is a very cold state to visit, it is snow about all the time of the years..People cruise in the month of August and that is about all for the goooing. I live in Washington state it has broken all rain records for June and it is only the 7th day, I don't think we will get much of a summer if at all, sometimes the 4th of July is cold and sometimes it is blasting hot, never get much sun here, that is why killers and odd criminals flock to this and Oregon states, some fellow in the Portland area got pissed off with his roomate who owned the home they lived in, he stabbed him and cut him into many pieces never told anyone for about 3 weeks, he confessed and now will be on death row and or in the prisons forever..over what? like I said the weather makes people damn near crazy, never seeing the sunshine will do it for most people..All I know about Montana is that people are glad to be here from that state in Winters your exhale freezes it gets that cold and winter stays for a good long while..oh, my goodness love to read your blog, bet your rv is all brand new! take care! get out and enjoy yourself~!!~~~!!!!!

  3. We think Alaska will be on our bucket list, but we are not gonna beat up our motorhome to get there. Thinking we would park it at friends in Washington, and buy a pickup truck and pickup camper to go up and back with.. hopefully selling it for close to the same price when we get back.

    But there is a lot of great territory to discover in the lower 48 too, so we will see.... we will see....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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