Friday, June 15, 2012

Knit'n socks

Ya might be expect'n excit'n stories bout camp'n, fish'n an' explor'n the great outdoors, but old Billy Bob is still got work to do.

Ya see, it's like this, every time I sit down for a break, sip'n a cup, I get to think'n....."what if"? And that the reason I still got so much work to do. Scratch one thing off the list and add two. But boy howdy, let me tell ya, "Sally da house sure is look'n good. If'n ya would seen it before, you know what I'm talk'n bout.

Got most all the girlie flower stuff all covered up yesterday with man stuff. Ya see, all the winders and the door has valances, or what ever, covered with flowers, leaves an' tree branches. Ain't gonna see none that stuff no more.....covered with walnut flooring material. One winder to go for today for a job well done.

Have ya ever modified a "swiffer"? Well I did. Added a piece of 1/4 inches foam rubber to the bottom so that when I mop/shine/whatever my floor, I don't run slap out of water an' such. Gonna be giv'n it a test run here in a bit onest I pick up all the stuff what's lay'n on the floor and sweep with my modified broom. Get'n used to that ugly rug thingy I got lay'n in the living room. May just keep it.....after a modification.

Robert done got hisself another wild hair yesterday. He decided that his daddy needed satellite tv. He got cables, wires an' all kind of doodads run all over the place. The old Billy Bob was push'n buttons on the flip-it last night watch'n all kinds of cool programs. Alligator hunt'n in Louisiana.....them some crazy fools in Louisana. Alligator bite you one time, you gonna be knit'n socks at home.....with one arm, or a peg leg.


  1. I guess you CAN modify anything, even a "swiffer".

  2. Place is looking good! Always nice to have a project on the back burner to keep you busy during the slow fishing times!

  3. I hope Karen in the Woods takes the warning and stays out of Louisiana! I got a steam cleanin' machine to do my new pergo floors. I hear that if you leave water on them for too long they will warp. I'm ok because I don't clean the floors too often.

  4. Ya need lessons??? I can teach you how to knit socks!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Billy Bob if you run out of projects you can always come to Del Rio...we have plenty of work here :)