Saturday, June 16, 2012

Job well done...

"Ok Billy Bob, ya got all that repair and add on stuff done, an' from the looks of it, it's a job well done".

Now come the hardest of all construction and repair jobs....the clean up. Along the way, there will be a few touch up items to take care of, but "Sally da house" is finished. Well my part of it anyhows. There's no more jobs that need my supervision. It's all touch and go from here on out. Clean, clean, clean.....that the name of the game.

This was the final window valance covered with matching flooring material. Take notice that "Sally da house" no longer has "girlie" stuff in the living room. All the flower laden stuff is in the dumpster replaced with "man" stuff. Also take note that it took Billy Bob & Company 2 entire days to complete this final "cover up" job to the satisfaction of the critical eye of our supervisor. He's a hard man to please.

Still a little too early to be think'n bout go'n camp'n and catch'n up some fish. Gonna take a few days of much needed rest before my mind can switch into phase 2 of this Georgia trip. I'm tired to the bone, my back hurts and my mind is wored slap out. It's lay back time.

As a final reminder to any rv'er contemplating replacing carpet with wood floors , don't ever put "dark" flooring in a RV. That is unless you have someone on board what don't mind sweep'n and mop'n every freak'n day.


  1. ahhh time to kick back, relax, and sweep your floors!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Very nice. I've enjoyed following this work being done. I have to log in as A. Nonny Moose since I don't have one of the required accounts, so keep the blogs coming from a reader in El Paso.

  3. Wanted to tell you about the dark floors, but,,,,didn't figure you'd listen. Had to find out the hard way too. Got a dust mop? They are fast and easy.
    Looking GREAT!

  4. You could always paint the floor white or tan.

  5. We gave our little tin can to our daughter. She had such fantastic ideas for reinventing the little camper that I nearly took it back. It had never occurred to me to remake the insides. Well, five years later and it's still sitting in her yard with all the innards gone.

  6. I don't understand why these companies put all that flower and pattern stuff all over the place. I am a woman and I hate that stuff too.
    You and your Son have done a great job.

    Now relax and then enjoy.