Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chas'n wires with Tim

Ok.....yesterday the Billy Bob Construction & Repair crew took the day off. Aren't holidays special? While the crew was sit'n outside under a big ol' tree relax'n, Billy Bob was inside clean'n the construction site of saw dust, wood chips, dog hairs, desert sands, dust an' dirt and Georgia red clay. Boy howdy.

Oh boy, I'm stuck with two 19 year old grandsons this morn'n with nuttin to do. I put the smartest one changing a vacuum hose to the dash air system. Oh Oh, I done started cuss'n. Never mind, he got it all hook up and put back together.....under my supervision. Hmmmmm, since Tim did such a good job, should I give him another dash air job fix'n the motor speed control what don't work on hi speed. "Oh hell Billy Bob, turn the boy loose". That what I did. Crawl'n round under the dash and under the hood, the little resister control was finally located. But, how the hell do ya get it out? Stubby screwdriver.....anybody got a stubby screwdriver?

Me and Robert was sit'n out there under that tree and the subject of a round of golf ball swak'n was brung up. It's been 7 months since I swak'ed a ball.....me and OFM Barney in Sinton, Texas. If'n I remember correctly, he beat me a bad one that day.

Play by play action on the fan motor speed control repair. Tim fount a stubby and pull that resister control slap out. Tested out to be "nuttin wrong". What the hell...."Tim, pull the dashboard apart again". What he did, an' he say...."what the hell papaw, a burned wire". Billy Bob fix that right quick like. Now for a test run. "Tim, put that resister thingy back in".
Test run failed. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? Think I rekon. Holy Crap....wires go'n every direction.

Break time.....

I'm back with good news. While I were sit'n there think'n, I remembered "Google is your best friend".  After bout a dozen sites, I was able to determine that the hi speed don't work on the blower. Ha ha....just kidd'n with ya. I was able to locate a little fuse holder thingy way the hell down there on the frame what was all burn slap up....probably from driv'n in the rain. This folks is top quality engineering in the placement of a fuse holder by our highly trained college graduates of today. That's sarcasm if'n ya don't know. Anyhows I jumper that sucker to finish the test run. Hi speed fan go a hunnert mile a hour now. "Tim, put all this crap back together". New fuse holder and fuses on order.


  1. That last time in Sinton is when you warped your back into a broken pretzel shape swinging too hard and couldn't really play the last few holes. Have fun way up north where you are.

  2. You and your crew did a good job. Wish you had been here to help me instead of breaking into that ole piggy jar and paying out the nose for all the repairs. Glad to hear you got your rig in top shape ready for the road or just to leave parked there in Georgia.

  3. You're a lucky man. I won't be around long enough for my grandsons to be able to fix things, although the 6 yr old is getting close.