Friday, June 8, 2012

Was just think'n

Yesterday I just layed around an' didn't do a damn thing. No work....no nuttin. That is unless you consider sip'n coffee an' think'n as work. Did a lot of that, so by mid afternoon I was so pooped an' wored slap out, I had to take me up a nice long nap.

That when that damn dog start bark'n. What cause me to wake up all grouchy an' stuff. Ok....who let that dog out the house while I was tak'n a nap??? And why is someone beat'n on boards with a big ol' hammer. Some people have no respect for the older generation.....sheesh!!!

Ok, so here's the reason why I took yesterday off. First, there ain't nuttin to do....other than house clean'n chores what you know the old Billy Bob don't get all excited bout. But mainly, I were in a hurt. Ya see, I was bring'n a piece of wood I had just finished varnish'n out of the workshop. I were admiring my handiwork when the sunshine struck that fresh high gloss varnish....send a beam of bright ultraviolet light right in my eyeballs......what cause me to miss calculate that last step. An' down I goes....fell slap on my ass on that concrete floor. I layed there an' says "what the hell....somebody pick me up". Weren't no good for nuttin the rest the day. Nor the next day....what was yesterday. Today, I'm think'n I might take just a day off an do nuttin.

With both slide outs work'n like brand spank'n new, all that rotted wood what was under that old carpet replaced, a brand spank'n new wood floor installed in "da house", a whole passel of "make life easier" chores done, there ain't nuttin left to do.

Well, yes there is more to do. Got to jack up the front of "da house" and repack (or replace) the front wheel bearings. Since the wheels is gonna be lay'n on the ground, might as well put some brand spank'n new brake pads on. Then go off down the road to the tire sell'n place and buy me up some brand spank'n new tires. And maybe a front end alignment. What ya think???

In the mean time, I'm gonna grab me a cup of coffee, head out to "da porch" and do me some think'n.


  1. ooooh that Sally da House is gonna be one spanking fancy beauty! First new innards and now new shoes???

    That is one lucky lady!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. That made ME hurt, thinking about you hitting that cement floor. How are you even moving now? Had to make your back hurt bad.

  3. butterbean carpenterJune 8, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    Howdy BB,
    What kinda varnish was you usin'?? Use non-gloss next time!! Some folks just natcherly get 'high' smellin' varnish, unh huh!! When are you leavin' them sweaty swamps and comin' back out here to the 'dry' country and go fishin'??
    We had 2 ainches of wet stuff day afore yestiddy and the horse trough come up about 1/2 ainche, so we got water to fish in, if you hurry!!! Barney has done found a snake skin thatz a booger out in the Datil or Mogollon mountins and Obama's cuzzinz has a pic on the internet of a little ol' crocidile that'd be a fair-sized one in Loozanna; only 22 feet and 2500#s.. The village was losin' people, so they called the Army in; shoulda called the Navy!! Son Ronny sounds about like my boy, dresses up to tear-down an engine.. Yeah right!!! Don't get his hands dirty..

  4. I am so sorry you took a fall. Hope you get to feeling better.

    The more I read about all that you have done and still have to do to "Sally da house" the more I realize I will never be able to own a motorhome, sigh :-(