Monday, June 11, 2012

Another trip to Walmart

Well shoot boy howdy, here we go again....spend'n dollars faster than Obama can print it.

Three items were on my shop'n list when we left "da house" with intentions of spend'n under half a hunnert dollars. Ha.....guess again. Old Billy Bob not only know how to fix stuff, but he know how to go over budget an' spend way over a hunnert dollar.

First thing on the list was a new cabinet in the living room for my 500 watt sound system. Fount one right off the bat....reduced price. Upon opening the box, it was quickly discovered why the price was reduced. The screw and hardware package was miss'n. But that ok with Billy Bob 'cause he gonna figger out a way to put it together "as is".

Then we went off to a garden center what has all kinds of neat stuff. Bought me up a indoor/outdoor carpet thingy for the liv'n room. Put it on the floor and instantly, I didn't like it. But I'll have to live with it till it wears out in bout 5 year or so. Or I may just decide to throw it in a dumpster in some little hick town somewheres.....but not today. 

Then we hit Best Buy. Just look'n ya know.....at new TV's. Boy howdy, these new fangle tv's will do anything but make a decent pot of coffee. Not say'n I'm gonna buy a bigger and newer tv, but.....it gonna take some serious think'n. Sure would be nice to have a big ol' 32 inches tv hang'n up there over the dash what I probably ain't gonna turn on but once or twice a week. What ya think....should I or shouldn't I????


  1. What the heck Billy Bob,you only live once fer as i know,go for the 32"!!

  2. Circulate that money so my investments can get my share of it.

  3. DO IT!!! Only live once. Can't take it with ya. Time's a flying. Make the best of it. How bout now, brown cow. (Have i missed any yet?)

  4. I don't know Billy Bob,but sittin' round watching TV with a bad back might be a bad thing but, if the bad back has ya sittin' round, ya might as well be watching TV on a brand new 32"er!

    That new TV'd take yer eyes off the ugly rug thing ya bought.

    That would reduce your stress level'n the back would git better faster and ya could be out fishin' in no time!

    I'm guessin' here but, with a bad back'n all, it seems to me that the decision comes down to if ya can git Robert to heft the old TV outta the overhead cabinet and out "da house" without scratchin' up the new flooring or trippin' over the ugly rug thing.


  5. BB go for the tv. Once or twice a week is good enough. When we decided to go full time, my wife told me that if she didn't have 120 channels of tv, she would not go. Could not leave her behind so today seven years later, we have 120 channels of tv. One for the front and twenty feet away, one for the bedroom.

  6. Since I always use satellite, any TV will do. Most of the time when I travel I like to watch movies which I stock up on at the flea market.

  7. I say...go for it!

    If you do not like your new rug, you can always come down to the Chili Cook-off and donate it the last day of the event.

    Sunday all the local scavengers come around and pick up stuff one would think no one would want...

  8. cheapest TVs around are on Amazon....free delivery and no freakin state sales tax.


  9. Good thing you took a picture of that spiffy clean kitchen, probably the last time it will look like that until the next visit to Georgia. Go buy that new
    tv. Then when cleaning time comes you can always say you spent so much on the new TV, you gotta watch it, just to get your money's worth, ain't got time to clean.

  10. Hey, since you are in the mood for spending your money, want my Wal-Mart shopping list too? LOL

    Go for the tv... you only live once!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. butterbean carpenterJune 12, 2012 at 5:04 PM

    Howdy BB,
    I HATE TV!!! If you want to make your back act up all the time WATCH TV!! If you want to have a headache all of the time WATCH TV!! If you want to have an upset stomach all of the time WATCH TV!! If you want to waste all of your time WATCH TV;THERE AIN'T A DARN THING WORTH WATCHING ON TV!!! IT'S ALL COMMERCIALS OR PEOPLE YELLING AT YOU!!! Save your money and buy a new rod & reel... Or give it to Robert for working so hard, but don't give Ronny a penny... Grandson needs to get some, tho, he worked!!!