Saturday, February 16, 2013

As my world turns.....

Tell me it ain't so. Holy crap, it's Saturday again. So where did the rest of the week go??? It ain't that I don't like Saturdays or anything like that, but DAYUM, I missed out on a whole week of days I could have done something productive. Kind of like Freddy Fender's "Wasted days-Wasted nights"....or what ever it was.

I done figger out I spend WAY too much time on the internet. If'n I ain't read'n blogs, read'n news, an' Facebook'n, I'm off research'n stuff that would make no difference in my life one way or a nuther. It ridiculous how much time is wasted sit'n in front of a computer. When I was over there in Ga. this last year, I was scream'n an' yell'n to my grandkids to "git off that damn computer an' do something". They walk round like zombies staring at a blank screen on a Ipad (or what ever them things are) an' a cell phone stuck to the side their face....text'n....stuff like that.

Speak'n of cell phones.....I tole ya bout this once before, but........I were behind this nice lady at the check out at Walmart. She had a cell phone stuck in her ear just gibber jabb'n away. She only had bout 4 bags of stuff what she paid for with a smile, just like anybody else would do. Then she turned away, still gibber jabb'n with that cell phone stuck to the side her face an' walked slap out the store. The check out girl looked at me. I looked at her. Then we both looked at the 4 bags of goodies still sit'n there on the counter. Cell phones....Gods special gift to stupit people. Now I ain't say'n that everbody what talks on a cell phone is stupit or nuttin like that, but we have some very "gifted" people out there. Beware of where you walk.....or what check out line ya get into.

Got me a wild hair last night. I were sit'n there on the couch an' I look at the floor. I grabs up a broom an' sweepes it again. Then I mops it again. Yes, it needed it already. Then I breaks out some hardwood floor wax stuff. I wax that floor. Hot damn, that looks good. But it ain't gonna last more than a couple days I betcha. Last time I wax the floor, two days later it were all mess up again. Dirt, dust, doggie tracks, hair an' stuff like that. Did I ever mention...."don't never install dark wood floors in a RV.....NEVER"???

Now here what I got in mind. Go off to the floor'n sell'n place an' buy me up some light color vinyl flooring to cover that dark wood floor. No, I ain't gonna cover all of it. Just the kitchen and liv'n room. But, I don't want nuttin that has to be glued down. Got to be purty too. Any suggestions from the floor'n professionals??? 

Ok, weather for Falcon Heights, Texas. Weren't too cold last night. Right bout 50 degs. Beautiful sunshine this morn'n, but it's still a bit nippy outside....59 degs at 10am. Bout a 6 mile a hour breeze out the north.....pick'n up speed. 

Wind was blow'n too fierce last night to fire up the grill....bout a hunnert mile a hour, so's I throwed a steak in a skillet. "MY GOD Billy Bob, look all the smoke in "da house". Well how else ya gonna burn a steak? I like my steak with a flavor strip on it (fat) an' I like that flavor strip close to catch on fire (charred). That where the smoke come from don't ya know? Cook that sucker up perfect med. rare. Yum Yum!!!!

Ok....things to do ya know....Laters.



  1. You're preachin' to the choir when you mention cell phones to me. I just worry where it's going to end, because technology comes up with something "new and improved" every couple of years. I refuse to walk around holding a phone out in front of me and never taking my eyes off it. Or worse.

    1. You just perfectly described my grand children hold'n a cell out in front of them. Not only does it look silly, ya fall over stuff or bump into other people do'n the same thing.

    2. Yea and what about those fools that talk to them self while your in line and I always say you talking to me!!! Cell phone gift or a road to hell don't know yet, but do know I don't need to know everything that quick....

  2. What's scary to me, is,,,them driving. Used to be drunks,,now it's phones.
    You just described my perfectly cooked steak..

  3. Did you cook me up one of those steaks, too? Boy, you sure do got me hungry!!!

  4. butterbean carpenterFebruary 16, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    Howdy BB#1,
    That sounds like a well cooked piece of bull, but if'n you cook it 'til the fat chars you done cooked it tooo much for my taste; just run it by the fire and singe it a little, let it beller & I'll eat it!!! I cleared the table in college in the football cafeteria(well, it was a room) when I cut into it and ate it, with blood running down my face!!! Hee hee!! At practice they steered clear of me and called me The Cannibal !!!! Now, I ain't got no teeth to chew it up and Joyce has to run my meat through the blender!!!
    Hope you put a pic of that 14#r on the blog!!!!

  5. When you get that vinyl, buy some double face tape to put all around the edges of it to hold it down and keep it from curling up.

  6. Stay with the floor you have and buy one of those robot vacuums. They work good and they're rechargeable.

  7. Can't offer any suggestions for your floor.

    However you like your steak just the way I do...medium rare, yum yum :D

  8. I do like me some steak for breakfast...or any other time, come to think about it!

    Sorry, no advice about the floor.