Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bitch'n post...

Port Aransas, Texas

First things first. She said....."your blogs are too long, ya write too much". That got me to think'n ya know. What if I was to just make a short post? Something like....
"I ain't happy this morn'n". 
That's it. Nuttin else. Well, somebody gonna be call'n me up on the cell ask'n why I ain't happy this morn'n. Then I got to go into detail with some kind of explanation....bout a hunnert times, an' probably run the batteries down on the cell. Seems to me that if'n I was to 'splain stuff from the begin'n, I won't be hav'n no dead batteries in my cell. An' sides that, I like to write as much nonsense as I can possibly put in a daily blog post. That make sense???

Ok, from what I can figger out so far....I ain't happy this morn'n. Somewheres back up the road a piece I got to think'n...."I sure gonna miss the desert". The farther I went east and south, the more I left the desert behind.....gone, poooof, just like that. And to end up in a place I don't like no more just adds to the equation. Something don't add up. Gonna be do'n some think'n on this in the days to follow.

Back to the question of where I gonna stay. My travel'n days ain't like they used to be where I would just plant "da house" somewheres and be content till I decided to hit the road again. The excitement just ain't there no more.....an' I worry bout little things too much. You know...the what if's an' stuff like that.

Wow, I just get in town and here come the weather right behind me, spoil'n any chance of a wonderful day. Not that I was gonna go down to the beach wear'n nuttin but my "speedo" and lay out watch'n babes. It seems winter brings out the worst in a person....kind of like drink'n half a case of cheap beer. Always something to bitch about. In that case, it's time to post this "whinn'n" and cry'n stuff and get on with my day. Things will be better tomorrow.


  1. Your worst nightmarea are about to come true. I am coming looking for you after I finish my lunch!

  2. WTH said ur posts were too long???
    I gotta agree, the desert is better than that horrible place u are. lololol. Of course, i'm here in God's country. So i'll shut up on that.
    Get outa that house and go eat some good shrimp somewhere, that's gotta be uplifting...

  3. butterbean carpenterDecember 20, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Howdy BB,

    Have you heard from Wayne?? He's probably got that nurse I had from Pakistan, who 'hated' men and would blunt the needle before giving a shot or step on your 'air' hose!

    The cuzzin don't need no long term renters, so see if you can do an in&out deal..Shez an x-18 wheeler driver, so don't get smart with her or you may learn some new wordz!!

  4. Trouble, how would you know Port Aransas is a terrible place. It' not. In fact, it's the #1 tourist attractions on the gulf coast. I just don't like it 'cause I lived here for so many years.

    Butter...yup, old Fat Man come to visit.
    Funny you should ask bout Wayne. Me and Barney was talk'n bout that just a bit ago. Then it weren't but 30 minutes after he left, Wayne call me up. He's doing good and hopes to be home by the end of January.

    LOL to truck driver language. I'm an old salt sailor ya know, so I ain't gonna be surprised to learn a few new words.

  5. Anywhere on the coast is a horrible place, far as im concerned.

  6. The person that said your posts are too long must not read many blogs.

    I love your posts and I could care less if they are long or not. They make me laugh and that to me make it worth reading.