Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cold and stiff

Tuesday Dec. 6th

This may be long.....

Boy howdy let me tell ya, it cold. Just last night I says..."Billy Bob, put that other big ol' blanket on the bed". Slept like a baby with Sadie Mae all balled up under the covers with me. When I got up I says...."Boy howdy let me tell ya, it cold". It were 33 degs outside and not much better inside. Ya see, I don't use heat while I'm sleep'n. That's a waste of propane to keep "da house" warm when you're under covers. Fire up the generator for my morn'n coffee, two electric heaters crank'n full bore and the Mr Heater on full blast. It warm up pretty quick like.

Then here come "Michigan Mike" huff'n an' puff'n down the road. This is the guy what says 55 degs is hot and he ready to go fish'n. Ha....not this old bird. Anyhows, he ran out of batteries early this morn'n....pooof, nuttin. He done broke camp and headed off to the RV park for the next month. Silly man....don't he know he in Texas? It gonna be warm tomorrow, or something like that. So here I sit, all by myself, with no neighbors to pester. Unless ya want to consider "Grizz" the park host or what ever ya call him. It's a lonely life being retired with nuttin to do.

Speak'n of nuttin to do, I got to think'n this morn'n...on my second cup 'o. "What the hell ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? I were look'n at the map, Walmart special ya know, and there ain't no place I want to go. That it's warm anyhows. Were think'n maybe run over to Galveston/Texas City for a couple weeks, but put that out of my mind real quick like. Although, I could go camp on the Texas City dike for free, or ya used to could....maybe catch me up a couple speckled trout fishes for dinner. More an' likely I'll just head off to Port Aransas, spend a chunk of change for a couple weeks of liv'n on the beach, get all bent out of shape at all the "winter Texans" driv'n 10 mile a hour gawk'n at stuff an' ask'n stupit questions. Tourist towns suck.

The old blue eyed cat.
Yesterday I had written bout the old blue eyed cat. After reading it, I decided it contained too much personal information about old Billy Bob....so it has been deleted for a later date. Just to keep ya interested though, I still carry some the scars where that mean ass cat bite the hell out me.

Wednesday Dec. 7th

Do ya know what cold is? Well let me tell ya. I got up at 5am to do what most old folks do at that hour and checks the outside temp. It were 22 degs. So's I jumps back under the covers and go back to sleep in anticipation it gonna be warmer when I get up. Yup, it surely was. It were 26 degs outside and 34 degs inside at 8am.

But the cold temps are only part of my problems. I hook up the battery charger to my battery bank and the voltage go up to 14.97 volts at 40 amps charge. Inverter start sing'n a tune bout "voltage too high" or something like that. That ain't right. Today, if'n I don't go fish'n is to check out my battery charger on the "that jeep" battery. If the voltage still goes that high, then the battery charger has bit the dust. If not, then I have a "bad" battery bank problem. Will let ya know the results when it's warm enough to go outside.

Ok, went out there in the freez'n cold and check my battery charger on "that jeep". It bit the dust for sure....15.2 volts.

Talk to old "pesky neighbor" Wayne last night. He will be going to surgery friday morning. They fount something wrong with his heart and they gonna try to fix it like they done mine a while back. He also tole me that Deming got 5 inchs of snow....and there's a peacock run'n round the park. I ain't never seen no peacocks in Deming.

Crank up "da house an' head 'em up to town. Out of propane. Went first to Walmart for a brand spank'n new battery charger.....and they ain't got one like the one I gonna replace (Black and Decker 40 amp smart charger). I have a couple 12 amp chargers so I ain't in no worry bout the new one. So....I pick up a couple bags of dog food and head on down to the propane sell'n place.
Well I hope they are only out to lunch and will be back shortly. In the mean time, I'm mak'n this post from their front yard.

If'n tomorrow is a nice day, I should be out on the lake catch'n me up a big ol' bass fish. Ha....that's funny, ain't catch one yet.


  1. My son just got bit on the forearm by one of their cats, to the bone. The doc wanted to put him in the hospital, but no insurance, so he took 2 1000mg a day antibiotic. Took about a week to get well. He had to prise her mouth open to get her off. She was outside, watching another cat she had been fighting with, and when he tried to pick her up, she went ballistic. She's blue eyed too,,,lololol.

  2. You can tell it is near a full moon this saturday the 10th of december..Our sweet littlest cat likes to get into it with the cat that is fostered across the street, he would not come in monday it was very late, I tried to lift him to the door, he scratched me like he wanted to kill me, I threw him to the ground got some cold water and tossed it his way, he got soaked, sulked came in with his soaked body, my husband toweled him off, he slept by hubby for 8 hours, the room was scorching hot for me..I washed my arm up in soap and antiseptic I keep in a first aid kit, then took a nice long bath and soaked it well, put a cloth clear around it to keep it dry and clean..Today is wednesday it looks bruised but I am fine..If it swelled up and turned black off to the ER I would go I am a type 2 diabetic and never take any chances, we do have good health insurance, but only got some big scratches..Cats start to go nuts a few days before every full moon, I should have just tossed the water on him and he would have calmned down, but stupid me I wanted him in quicker and I got the blunt of it, I am wiser by far now.enjoy your blog..happy happy holidays!!!!!

  3. Hope you got the propane. You will need it. I got an electric heater running in my old Class-C and I have the furnace on and set at about 45 degrees in the class A. Got lots to learn about it.