Friday, December 23, 2011

Walk'n on rocks

Don't be let'n that title fool ya, I gonna get to it in a minute.

Bout 11am yesterday, I decided to take advantage of a purty nice day...I went off fish'n. My first stop was an old "secret hole", where in the past, I have caught some nice eat'n fish. But yesterday at the "secret hole" proved unfavorable. In fact, all my old secret holes proved the same. Out of all the different places I throwed the pole in the water, I never seen one fish caught by nobody.

Then.....I went to the jettys at The University of Texas marina. Just 10 years ago I could scramble all over them rocks get'n to a good fish'n spot. Well, old Billy Bob won't be scrambl'n round on them rocks no more. When I got half ways to the end, that's when I knowed I done made a big mistake. It wasn't that I couldn't find a place to put my feet, but the fact I've lost a good deal of my sense of balance. Feet just refused to go where I intended. Walk'n out on them rocks was harder than walk'n on water.....what I gave up on years ago.

Speak'n of walk'n on water......there was a fish'n pier what went out in Galveston Bay just outside Texas City what I fish'ed off of on occasion. I pulls up where it supposed to be and what the hell, it's under water, by bout a foots. High tide ya know right after a storm in the gulf. There were a bunch of wade fishermen close by....waded out bout up to their belly buttons. Well, I didn't come to wade fish, I gonna fish off the pier. So's I start walk'n out on the apparently missing pier....to the amazement of the wade fishermen. From a distance, you could a swore I was "walk'n on water". Not being able to see the submerged pier ya know. That was cool.

Another time I attempted to walk on water was in an old swim hole when I was just a kid. I see them big ol' snakes headed my way an' I was out of there right now. Bout a hunnert mile a hour. But that's another story for another time.

What the deal with all the insurance advertisements in the mail? I went and picked up bout 3 months of mail from my mail people, Port Aransas Business Center, yesterday and more than half of it was offers from insurance companies. The insurance I have now could be considered the best in the world (Medicare and BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)) and probably the cheapest. I think Medicare is $99 a month and my secondary insurance, BCBS, is $124 a quarter. Any medical needs that may arise costs me nuttin. My perscriptions are super cheap, I have dental and vision coverage.....what more could I want? I'm covered 100%.  Remember my open heart surgery bills for close to $250,000......paid 100%.

Today is windy. Nuttin like Deming New Mexico, but still to windy and chilly to lay'n out on the beach in a speedo.

Got a big pot of beef stew soup brew'n on the stove for the next few days of cold weather and go'n out for sizzl'n fajitas with nephew Joseph tonight at Old San Juan's Mexican Restaurant. Will be mov'n "da house to "el Rancho Abraham" in Sinton, Texas come bout monday afternoon.


  1. Sounds like a good day, I used to walk on water a lot back in ME this time of year. Lot of people back there still do in order to get to their fishing holes, cut in the frozen water water.
    Question about your insurance, is BCBS premium paid by your retirement benefit?
    I lost that part by being medically forced to retire (disability retirement)6 months shy of full benefits.

  2. I have good insurance too - Medicare and BCBS - and I don't pay any additional costs. Prescriptions are terrific - some generics cost me less than $1 for a 3 month supply. I just hope they don't go messing with my healthcare because it's the best thing ever done for me.

  3. When you throw the "pole" in the water, do you hang onto the lure ? Just guessing, but you might catch more fish if you did it the other end around.

  4. MeCa, yes, the University of Texas pays something like 90% of the total costs. Cain't beat that with a stick.

    Ain't it great Gypsy not to worry how much a major surgery is gonna cost? I don't like pay'n $99 a month for Medicare, but it's better than pay'n some hospital $300 for an aspirin.

    LOL Bob, you know me....do everything backards.

  5. Billy Bob,
    Thanks for taking the time to do a great blog !
    I'll leave the water walkin to experts!
    Medical insurance is great if the govt don't screw it up !
    Have a safe holiday!

  6. All I can say is you are very fortunate to have medical insurance. It sucks when you have none.

    I can't even qualify for Medicare at 65 have to wait till I am 66 and 4 months young. My cousin says she has to wait till she is 67.

    Glad you took advantage of a nice day and went fishing. Enjoy your fajitas.

  7. Merry Christmas to you, sir. Thanks for the last few years of entertaining bogs!

    I met you briefly when you were camped in Sally da' house....across from the Grub Shack a couple of years ago.

    Have a great pile o'enchiladas tonite.

    from the Foots fam