Monday, December 19, 2011

What the hell.....

Boy howdy Billy Bob, don't ya watch the weather forecasts?

Here I are sit'n here in  Texas Rest Area on I-37 bout 75 mile north of Corpus Christi and ...."what the hell"? First, it rained all night long....just a little steady drizzle. Then this morn'n, the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour right out of the south.

Oh, did I tell ya bout what happen last night? Ya see, when I pull into the park'n area, I said to myself...."go down to the last space". What I did....but it weren't really a park'n space. I look in front me and behind me....yup, plenty room for them big trucks to get by. Well anyhows....I screwed up. Bout 12:30 I was awaked by a a hunnert angels blow'n trumpets. It was a line of trucks....all pissed off 'cause they couldn't get by. Boy howdy what a nightmare that was. I pulls up a few feet and goes back to bed. Next time I'm gonna park over there in the autos section where there ain't no irate truck drivers.

Ok....here what I gonna do. Well maybe what I'm gonna do. Who knows? I'm serious when I say I don't know where I'm go'n. I ain't got that many choices ya know.

Holy crap.....git down on your hands an' knees and praise the lord you made it to Corpus Christi. Ya see, it's like this, I swore a long time ago to never drive in a hurricane again after a close call with my life and a hunnert others. But I did it anyhows, think'n I was one tuff cookie. And let me tell ya right now, it were one scary ride. Never ever will I take that chance again. I was even scar'n them Texas cowboy truck drivers.

Now that I'm here, where the hell am I gonna go? Well that's an easy question.....to a RV park.....duh!!! Ok, in Port Aransas I have bout a dozen or more choices. All of 'em are high price RV resorts what I ain't particularly interested in. What the hell would I do in a freak'n hot tub? I ain't no lobster or a egg ya know. So I guess it's Google time to check some prices. Back laters......

3:30pm....or close to it
Boy howdy I done wore Google slap out. Spend the last 3 hour search'n rv parks in the area. They priced any where's from $150 a month to $650 a month.....plus elect. So here what I gonna do.....pick me out a space at the County park in Port Aransas for a week while I go look'n at reasonable rates by the month. The reasonable rates surely won't be on the Island. They gonna be either Aransas Pass or Rockport where Barney lives. Sure wisht I remember the name of the park where Barney is stay'n. Maybe they are cheap and have an opening.

Ok....headed for the Island. No not Padre Island.....Mustang Island and Port A.....much as I hate to. But business needs took care of before I go off play'n somewheres.


  1. I have spent a night or two at the Whitsett Texas Travel spot myself. Come on down I woke to pouring rain this morning.

  2. Check this out....fishing, bathrooms, only 4 rvs here and lots of room....free ....nice safe shell beach with clear water on Matagorda Bay......

  3. Sorry, I forgot the link...


    ps Uri wants to meet Sadie Mae

  4. Park on the beach in Port Aransas for nothing.

  5. Anony.....you can't park on the beach in Port A no more. That is unless ya go way down the beach to the free parking area bout 10 mile an' I ain't gonna do that. Really don't want to be that close to the salty, rust producing waters of the gulf anyhows.

  6. butterbean carpenterDecember 19, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    Howdy BB,

    Joyce, the owner & head honcho of the RunningStar Ranch in Coleman county Texas and the best cook around, happens to have a cuzzin in Holiday Beach on the #35 hiway WITH 3 RV HOOKUPS IN HER YARD and nobody hooked up!! Ifn you're interested shoot us an email and she can put you in touch with her!