Monday, December 12, 2011


Thursday Dec 8th

Whoa boy howdy, it's still cold in Del Rio. Here's what I'm think'n....it's gonna get warmer....maybe. With no internet I have no way to check the weather forecast so all I can do is walk outside and say...."yup, still cold". Don't ya just hate winter???

That old blue eyed cat.
I arrived in Twentynine Palms, Ca. in the year of 1954. Stay'n with the filks of my dads 4th wife. Up the road a piece from where I was stay'n, there lived this lady what collected stray cats. Kept 'em in a fenced in pen out back under the trees. Had must'a been bout 20 or 30 of 'em. They wanted me to come stay at their house and help care for the cats, feed 'em an' such. Being a 13 year old, I were excited as all get out for a new adventure. I pack up my little ditty bag and move in. I was a orphen boy ya know, kick around from place to place.

Inside she had this house cat what didn't like nobody, not even his own self. Walk round through the house hiss'n, growl'n an' smack'n stuff for no reason. He watch me with his evil eye. One day I picks up a broom and start sweep'n the floor an' here come the cat fly'n round the corner...he attack that broom....all puff up, hiss'n, growl'n and bite'n that broom like it were a Burger King Whopper or something. I says...."Whoa, that one mean cat". So's I "pops" him a good'un with that broom, full backswing...hunnert yard drive. He take off like a lightning bolt up under the couch mak'n God awful weird sounds. This was the beginning of a "cat and mouse" game. Every time I pick up that broom, here he come out from under that couch or around the corner....hiss'n an' growl'n....bite'n at that broom. So's I pops him....part of the game ya know. This went on for a couple weeks....puff up, hiss, growl, bite'n at that broom an' I pops him a good'un. What else could I do, it was his game ya know.

One morning I were headed off cross the liv'n room to the kitchen for something to eat. That old blue eye cat come tear'n round the corner like his tail was afire. Grabs holt to my leg with both arms, toenails dig'n in, teeth bared. He were work'n my leg over a good'un. I were  kick'n try'n to get that damn cat off'n my leg and holler'n like I been attack by a mountain lion. Out from the kitchen come the lady of the house....broom in hand....scream'n all kind of cuss'n words at that cat. She whoop'ed up on that cat blow after blow with that broom. That old cat see he was in trouble an' heads for the back door, go right through the screen door like it weren't even there. Then he sit out there on the porch dare'n me to come outside.....all puff up an' hiss'n. I were skeered that cat. He was a mean one, I mean to tell ya. A week later, that cat was gone....pooof, just like that. 

Saturday Dec. 10th.....

Well shoot, I still ain't catch no fish. Me and "Minisota Mike" went out yesterday think'n it were gonna warm up by the time we got to the other side the lake. Forget that, it were cold....50 degs. On the way back, we run that fish'n boat slap agound, dead in the water. Nuttin but rocks under us. Hell, I ain't gonna spend the night out here am I? Well hell no. I gonna walk. But Mike beat me to it. He jump out the boat an' start push'n....right off that stick up we was in.

Oh, did I tell ya it been rain'n? Yep, been do'n it all day long. And it's cold outside. Almost make me pack up an' head south. But wait a minute, the rain has always stopped and maybe this is a good thing.

Ok, now I'm need'n some technical advice. Ya see, I got battery problems. When I wakes up in the mornings, by batteries are down to 12.20 volts or less. Ain't got nuttin turned on neither. I'm think'n I may have one bad battery, but what the hell do I know? I should know though with all the batteries I screwed up in my lifetime. My poor old uncle used to say..."Billy, did you use the battery out of the truck"? Well yeah, how else I gonna crank up my old jalopy what the battery ain't no good. Boy howdy, I could tell ya some battery stories right now, but I'll wait for a better day.

Sunday Dec. 11th.....

Well crap, it's still ugly outside. I were think'n today would be nice since yesterdsay sucked....rain and all. Now I got some think'n to do. Today is the day I got to make a decision. Do I pack up and head south, or do I pay another $14 for another week of camp'n?

Last night I were think'n bout "the rest of my life"....what I gonna do with it and all that stuff. Ya already know I want to find a new homebase. Somewhere's where I'm comfortable and of course, close to a Walmart. I were think'n real hard bout this and there really ain't no place I wanna to go. I feel like I'm bout wore slap out. What I probably am. Maybe I need to go fish'n an' catch me up a big ol' bass. That would make me feel better.

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne came through his heart surgery with fly'n colors. Still don't know what they did to him, but he's in recovery and do'n fine. But....they fount a couple plugged up arteries what they gonna fix next, so he gonna be at the hospital for a while...and then off to rehab again.

Monday Dec 11th.....

Well boy howdy, this weather in Del Rio sucks. I waked up this morn'n think'n I was gonne see some sunshine. It ain't no different from what it was yesterday. Drizz'n rain, cloudy and cold. You do consider 50 degs cold, right? Been like this long enough. I'm ready for some sunshine and 70 plus temps.

Well I decided I were gonna stay right here in Del Rio for another 7 days, just to see what would happen. Ain't no new news to speak of other than I have way too much idle time on my hands to do some think'n. Boy howdy that think'n too much can get ya in troube some times. Not that I'm in trouble or anything like that, buy damn, my mind is all mess up now. I were sit'n there on the couch an' look around at "da house". What can I do to change stuff and make it more comfortable? Then I got to think'n...."why". There ain't a thing needs changed and I'm comfortable just like it is. Then I got to think'n....open another business. Why? I'm too old for that kind of stuff. Don't need no money and to waste what little time I got left don't make good sense. Sheesh, I can hardly walk as it is and I'm gonna start up another business??? Don't think so. How bout I just lay back and enjoy what I'm do'n? Even if I don't catch no fish.

Ok.....I'm off to town for some WIFI so's I can post all this nonsense. Been a while ya know.


  1. What you need is a project that will take a long time, can be done a little at a time, and that doesn't take the kind of work to wear you out. If you can just figure out what that could be then you're good to go.

  2. Gotta have room to store those 'projects",,planes, boats,,etc.
    Wish i knew what i was gonna do the rest of my life, now u got ME thinking,,,lololol. Got that river right here, to fish in. Didn't quite dry up.

  3. I think you're doing pretty good and yes a project or business would keep your mind from straying off in all directions. You don't need money, business don't need to generate income, just peace of mind and enjoyment.No money can buy that.

  4. Well BB, I thought I was retired but have been working every day for the last 40 days except for two day. This working when I could be playing is getting old for sure. Don't wish for something you may not want.

  5. Thanks for the weather report Billy Bob. I am glad you choose to stay another week in Del Rio. Hopefully you will soon catch some fish, what with that big boat Mike has.

    Fifty degrees can seem cold specially when you don't have a heater, but that is not your case you have that HUGE Mr.Buddy.

    Why don't you drive to the public library everyday or so. You can use their computers for 30 minutes and if there is no one waiting in line they will let you use it for another 30 minutes.

    Keep warm. We are supposed to get in the 70's tomorrow here in NW Houston.

  6. You should be able to test those batteries with a Hydrometer, you know one of those glass things with a rubber ball on the end. that should tell you if the battery is any good.You know you should just wait the cold out where your at...Hell $14 week you can't drive that rig to the Dairy Queen for that.

  7. Glad to see your posting again. My day isn't complete until I read your blog. (I guess I need to get out more.ha) I am also glad that you are doing well. Keep warm and happy!! Catch a bunch of big fish.. Brownwood Ed

  8. Weather especially temperature is all relative. Like when I used to live in Montana and the company I worked for was in San Antonio. They would recall us for training every time we got any new equipment to work on. In the winter time it could be 35 below when I got on the plane in Helena and 55 when I got off in San Antonio, felt like a summer heatwave.