Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A visit to Rockport

New glasses and a well deserved fish'n reel is a good decision. But.....did you know you can put the fish'n line on the reel backwards. Well, that what I did. On the first cast, I got me one them "birdsnests" like ya ain't never see in your life. A great big ol' wad of fish'n line all tangle up on my brand spank'n new reel. I says...."My God, would you take a look at that".

Me and Sadie Mae loaded up "that jeep" and went off to take a look at the water. We was go'n fish'n ya know. Well the tidal current was go'n out through the ship channel bout a hunnert mile a hour. So we ain't gonna be fish'n there. Then we discussed go'n to to the Packery Channel, an outlet from the bays to the Gulf of Mexico. It gonna be boil'n out there too. So we jump on the ferry boat an' head 'em off to Rockport. We gonna go visit with the OFM Barney. On the way we stopped a few places and chunked a few lures in the water. That where I got that birdsnest. We had a nice visit cruis'n round Rockport look'n at stuff. Holy cows, the changes in the last 10 to 15 years amazed me. Nuttin is the same as I remember it.

Don't know what to do today. It's a beautiful sunshiny day bout 70 degs...so far. This is outside weather. I rekon I aught to charge up the battery for the "bubba boat" just in case I get up enough nerve to launch that thing. I sure don't like the idea of get'n wet, but with a "bubba boat" there ain't much choice. Why the hell didn't I but me some waders???

Well "that jeep" done popped up with another problem. I was go'n down the road, hit a bump an' the freak'n motor quit. Not once, bout three times. Then I see the little "check engine" light is on. What the hell is the deal now? I'm at the point that I don't trust this thing to drive to the grocery store 2 mile away. If'n I had a big enough gun I would blow that thing to smitherines...or whatever. Then probably go to jail. Gonna reset the computer and see what happens. I may even yank the performance chip out of it and throw it in the dumpster. But that's like work, so maybe I should leave it for another day.

Oh yeah....Barney was tell'n me yesterday the finer points of my little camera. Well, it's worse than that now. Ya see, I were gonna take a pic of Sadie Mae on the ferry boat an' I drop my camera. It hit the asphalt deck of the ferry boat and broke something.....the lens protector thingy. It don't open no more when ya turn it on. So old Billy Bob fix it right up. I yank them lens protector thingys right slap out of the lens with my trusty switch blade knife. Springs go fly'n. But, the camera still works. I can fix anything.

Ok....got things to do.


  1. LOL.. done the same thing to my camera when I dropped it at the Grand Canyon. Pried off the little metal ring thing and now it opens and shuts just fine. Looks ugly, but oh well. I keep it in a case to protect the lens now.

    Reading about your fishing reel fiasco, don't feel bad! I worked a few years in a sporting goods store and wound spools for guys. If they didn't bring in the reel so I could check the exact direction, there was no guarantee that I wound it on the right way.
    Some do clockwise and some do counter clockwise, even in the same brand of reels!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I drove through Rockport this afternoon....motorhome looking like a war wagon and a big dog sitting in the passenger seat.

    Actually his seat is made into a large dog bed which is covered with his many toys.

    Traffic and more traffic on 35. I was so glad to get out of there.

  3. Sorry about your camera but at least you have two back-ups.

    "that jeep" is begining to sound like my parents cars. You have worked hard all your life, why don't you treat yourself to a new vehicle and make it easy on yourself.

  4. Which way ya go'n Andrea?

    MsB, I have been look all day and ain't fount nuttin in my price range. A new would be a waste of money just for something I'm gonna tow behind "Sally da house". So...it's gonna be used in the price range of less than $5000. Ain't gonna never buy another vehicle.

  5. I can fix anything.

    I can fix more than you can, and make and build things you can't. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. :-)

  6. I think I am sort of going in a circle direction. I just woke up in a parking lot in Aransas Pass. (actually I was lost during traffic time)

    I was going to FL but decided not for now. (Sun came out and wind died down so I have hope)

    RV parks won't let me in because of Uri's dog breed. I think I will just wander around and stop a night or two on a beach.